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He Said, “the trust goes even broader, we don’t trust the institutions, we have misinformation and its getting worse not better”. He really said that. And at Davos no less… Interesting. Very intere

Watch video – DAVOS LIVE: Moderna and GAVI CEOs at World Economic Forum ‘State of the Pandemic’ session

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance CEO Seth Berkley among speakers at World Economic Forum session on ‘State of the Pandemic.’

At the 18:42 mark GAVI CEO Seth Berkley states, “and then you could say well do I want to take this vaccine that has a side effect, or is it organic, or does it have this or that.. and that was where were were that was so interesting,

but what you didn’t mention was the intentionality, the politicisations of the process. There was also attacks that were done, there were bots that were putting out mis-info on both sides.

Sounding exasperated he mentions he is from America and it was amazing the amount of misinformation that was there.

19:44 “the trust goes even broader, we don’t trust the institutions, we have misinformation and its getting worse not better”.


At 22:25 Speaker Epidemiologist Willams : “On Global Health governance, we know this and we knew this before the pandemic, that WHO has a mandate that far exceeds the budget to execute on that mandate. But its not just funding, it’s the multilateral agreements that has to be brought forward.” She calls for real improvements in infrastructure with people committed to global health diplomacy & multilateralism.

She calls for more funding of science and tools to explain scientific method to people and cultivate trust.

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  1. Yes we certainly do not trust you because we know the truth and it speaks for itself. The light has won the war officially as of Sunday 22/1/23 and the AI system is now Alfa 1 and Alfa 2 Omega has been ended. Your one world government from hell has no chance of succeeding. People have their free will back and I hope and pray they start making good life choices and taking responsibility for themselves. I choose God and the light and the restoration of the planet. It is now up to us. Lets all make a difference!


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