Jimmy Dore is taking his message today to a pro-peace rally called Rage Against the War Machine at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC where he will be joined by a cross-party coalition and speakers such as: Ron Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Scott Horton, Ann Wrigth, Gerald Celente, Roger Waters, Kim Iversen.

The groups demands are:

  1. Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine
  2. Negotiate Peace
  3. Stop the War Inflation
  4. Disband NATO
  5. Global Nuclear De-Escalation
  6. Slash the Pentagon Budget
  7. Abolish the CIA and Military-Industrial Deep State
  8. Abolish War and Empire
  9. Restore Civil Liberties
  10. Free Julian Assange

It’d be great to give them support and find the event streaming where you can.

Dore also goes into deep truths about politics and the military industrial complex. He joins Tim Pool on this 2-hour long conversation that covers NATO and Ukraine, media hypocrisy and bias, and what it’s like to form political alliances between parties. Definitely a sharable video.

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  1. As a lifetime and Life Member Libertarian with a big L, I wholeheartedly agree with the outlook being presented. I would add in "Free and exonerate the J6 victims of the State.

  2. Trump is the same as the rest of them he was deep state he was a member of the death cult the order of the black sun I say was because he has been dead for over a year and there are masked avatars being used to keep him and the narrative alive they are also selling things to the patriots to bring back a man they know not even alive. Is that honest! The political game is and always has been theatre for the masses they run programmes to keep a narrative going. The whole thing is a beast system run to keep the rich elites in power we are no more than cattle to them and that all needs to be changed from a few rich people running us and the world on deception and criminal keep us all down and enslaved to the people being represented and everyone on the planet being benefitted. These politicians are run by agencies who get their orders from covenants from these rich elites either order of the black sun or dragon families . Stop fighting over who wins the presidency or what party is in; the system is run for their control it is not for us and does not and never was meant to benefit the people . Trump was playing the saviour programme they are trying to say he went down into the underground and he has saved babies (baloney ) you need to wise up if you think that anyone is going to get anywhere near those underground secret military bases unless they let them . it is all lies and they know full well where these children and people are being trafficked from and to nothing is done because they are run by Mafias for bug bucks. Trump knew about the Covid programme well before he stepped on the stage and he knew what he was doing when he let the DOD go ahead with this world holocaust – they are all the same – wise up. Everything needs to be completely replaced and you all need to stop voting for your own demise. You are giving them permission to do all their criminal activity against you when you vote for them.


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