We know that no product in the history of the world has been promoted with as much force as the COVID shots. We also know that no group of people has been more maligned, discriminated against, and punished than those who rightfully chose not to get those shots. And we know the government badly wants to track your vaccination status across a spectrum of health care and governmental databases. What exactly do you think the feds will do with that information and why do they want it – if not to discriminate against and punish those who don’t comply? The latest news of the CDC tracking immunization status with new ICD codes should spawn a torrent of ironclad legislation in red states to prohibit such tracking.

Recently, the National File uncovered audio from a September 2021 CMS meeting in which medical officer David Berglund expressed an interest in the feds using new ICD-10 codes to track those who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. “We have had interest in coding people who are not immunized for COVID-19,” said Berglund in his presentation. Well, it turns out that in April 2022, CMS implemented the following codes in the subcategory of “underimmunization status”:

  • Z28.310 Unvaccinated for COVID-19
  • Z28.311 Partially vaccinated for COVID-19
  • Z28.39 Other under-immunization status

But the most jarring point is the note placed at the bottom of these new codes on page 1915 of the new ICD catalogue. “Note: These codes should not be used for individuals who are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines, as determined by the healthcare provider.”

Now, according to this perverted logic, not getting the gene therapy is somehow synonymous with an illness, disease, or diagnosis that would make the status eligible for an ICD code. That in itself is very disturbing. But what this note reveals is that they are only using the codes for those who refused to get the shots, not for those who were somehow ineligible. But why? If they believe that someone remaining unvaccinated is tantamount to having a vulnerable condition, then the important fact is just that they are not vaccinated, not why they are unvaccinated.

What this clearly demonstrates is that they want to track those who refused to get the shots. What do you think they will do with that information? It’s quite evident that they want the ability to identify the critical thinkers in this country and retaliate against them by engaging in medical apartheid. We need not imagine that. We already have the warning of the nightmare from the past two years of denying travel rights, entry into stores, and even organ transplants based on this personal decision.

What is also peculiar is that they rushed to get codes for the mythical disease of “unvaccinated,” but despite 1.5 million VAERS reports of COVID jab injuries, there is still no special ICD for COVID-19 vaccine injury. As Dr. Jessica Rose points out, there are now injuries associated with 14,000 of the 24,289 Preferred Term (PT) MedDRA codes reported to VAERS, yet they still refuse to code one generically for the shot itself.

As an aside, if you add up all the vaccine injuries reported to VAERS for all the shots for three decades combined, they only account for 21% of the total MedDRA codes. The COVID shots chewed up 58% of all medical diagnosis codes in just two years! So clearly the fact that they are diagnosing under-immunization but not vaccine injury demonstrates this is not about medical billing or academic research, but the imposition of a biomedical tyranny.

It’s therefore quite evident that there is an urgent need for red states to block the transmission of private immunization information to the federal government. Consider the fact that states like New York passed laws making it a felony for state agencies to pass along information about criminal alien sex offenders to federal immigration officials. The Second Circuit even upheld the constitutionality of the bill, even though immigration enforcement is a legitimate purview of the federal government and immigrating and remaining here illegally are not constitutional rights. If blue states can protect criminal aliens from the feds, shouldn’t red states be able to protect Americans from medical apartheid facilitated by spying on vaccination status?

At a minimum, all red states should:

  • Abolish their state immunization registries or at least require consent to be placed in them.
  • Ban all immunization tracking.
  • Preclude the health departments and medical professionals from including a person’s immunization records in any interstate or federal immunization tracking system without obtaining consent from the patient. Specifically, the ICD codes used for vaccine reluctance should not be included without the consent of the patient.
  • Notify the citizen immediately if any federal agency pings a state or local office about an individual’s immunization status.
  • Codify immunization status into state civil rights anti-discrimination statutes.

There has never been an issue that is a bigger direct threat to our existence than the biomedical security state. We already know what the feds have done to us and what they are planning. Maria Van Kerkhove, the lead author of the WHO plan to copy China’s lockdowns, recently warned, “We need to strengthen the systems within countries around surveillance.” We are forewarned. Now it’s our time to plan and fight back against this tyranny. This time, we won’t be able to contend that we didn’t see this unimaginable degree of tyranny coming.

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