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Does Andrew Tate work for the CIA? I think so. A lot of things point in that direction.

The evidence is, in fact, overwhelming.

Here are a few pointers:

  1.  We know Andrew Tates dad was CIA.
  2.  Andrew Tate’s logo is almost identical to CIA’s logo for PSYOP (psychological operation).
  3.  Both Andrew and his brother formed a triangle with their hands when arrested (shows allegiance to the system).
  4.  Andrew blew up overnight due to being artificially pushed by the algorithms (CIA control these tech companies).
  5.  Andrew Tate was picked to go onto Big Brother when 18 – with zero qualifications!
  6.  In the famous Greta video he says “Here is a new episode of the clown show”. Clown = CIA.
  7.  Andrew Tate seems to have gotten a lot of outside expert help when running his businesses.
  8.  Andrew Tate has LITERALLY said on camera that he is “controlled opposition”.
  9.  Andrew Tate got “canceled” and arrested at peak fame – so that it would hit as hard as possible.
  10. He went onto Piers Morgan TWICE right after being “canceled”. Piers Morgan is an agent of the system. These interviews were uploaded directly to Youtube for maximum exposure.
  11. The brothers did not sell their “highly successful” 75-girl webcam company making 600k/month. Instead, they abandoned it! Makes sense? It might as well have been a 5-girl webcam company.
  12. The company did not pay taxes. Which is what you would have to claim, if the company was much smaller than portrayed. And 90% of the money came from the CIA. The CIA could easily have donated money to the company through various men (laundering the money in the process).
  13. The system hasn’t done anything to stop them. The CIA could easily have killed the brothers or anybody they love. Nothing


Here is evidence for every single point.

Point 1. Father was CIA.

When you read Emory Tate’s Wikipedia page, you see that he was so deep into the CIA — that he did not even have a cover identity.

This Youtube short was brought to my attention.

The dark-skinned fellow is Andrew Tate’s dad, Emory Tate.

The other character is Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate, and Emory Tate.Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate, and Emory Tate.

Here you see Emory Tate with the same facial hair as in the video.

He also has the same skin tone. And the same hairline.

The credit card is funded with CIA money.

This clip uses a psychological concept called “predictive programming”.

Predictive Programming is theory that the government or other higher-ups are using fictional movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events.

This was first described and proposed by researcher Alan Watt who defines Predictive programming as: “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders.

If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.”

Point 2. Tate’s logo resembles the American military PSYOP logo.

PSYOP logo:

Point 3. Both brothers did triangle hand gestures when arrested.

And here:

And here:

What do you think “Top G” refers to? Top Grandmaster.

It is another way of telling you without getting caught.

Point 6. Greta video. “Welcome to a new episode of the CIA show”.

I could not find the original video, here is a reupload.

Here is a screenshot:

Point 8. Andrew has explicitly stated that he is “controlled opposition”.

His words in this video will make more sense — if you read the rest of this article.

His father worked for the old faction of the deep state. Andrew Tate might have jumped ship to the new emerging faction.

In this context, the words make sense.

Videos like this are meant to look spontaneous — but have been planned years in advance

Informative Reddit Threads

I want to credit these three Reddit threads:

  1. The Official: Andrew Tate is Controlled Opposition/ Psyop Thread
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  3. Andrew Tate is CIA

They have provided a lot of valuable information and insight.

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Even on a new account, even when breaking no rules.

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For the record, I started listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast back at Episode 150!

I have probably spent too much time listening to his podcast. For a while there, I would listen to almost every single episode.


Andrew Tate is spearheading a very large and very successful PSYOP (Psychological Operation) run on the masses.

Andrew uses specific words and specific symbols to show you this.

They want it to be obvious enough for the smart people to get it, but not so obvious that it cannot be explained away to the dumb people.

Get it? It is a balancing act.

A New Faction of The Deep State

I believe Andrew Tate is part of a new faction of the deep state that has Trump and Elon Musk on their side. As well as most middle-aged tech billionaires.

This faction is run by moderately evil psychopaths, while the older faction is run by very evil psychopaths.

It is an upgrade.

The younger faction will kill you clean, while the older faction will torture you first on a CIA blacksite.

Yes. That is an upgrade.

These two factions are struggling against each other like two criminal gangs operating in the same town. But they are also making deals.

The younger faction is filled with tech billionaires that understands technology – while the older faction has more money, connections, and a higher military capacity.

Steve Jobs would have spearheaded this newer faction, because they could not control him. He was too good, too rich, too smart, too powerful, too likable. He had that disgusting thing called “integrity”.

I think they gave him cancer to kill him.

I literally wrote an entire text about this. The Steve Jobs Conspiracy.

They first assassinated his character. Then they killed his physical body. This is why everybody remembers him as an “asshole”.

Terence McKenna was also 100% healthy before he suddenly got terminal cancer and died. It is only the revolutionary leaders that die.

They always die young, without one single exception. The leaders who are moderately effective never die, what a strange coincidence, right? How weird!


These two deep state factions seem get along reasonably well with each other. How do I know that? Because no billionaires are dying. And their family members & friends aren’t dying either.

That is how I know.

I think Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Hillary Clinton belong to the older, more evil faction of the deep state. This faction is currently more powerful, but it is losing power every year.

Bill Gates is one of the leaders of the older faction, while Elon Musk is one of the leaders of the younger faction.

This is why there is obvious tension between Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Bill Gates shorted Tesla stock with 500 million dollars – then asked Elon to send him money.

Wow! What a dick move! Then Tesla’s stock collapsed. Yeah. There are so many “weird” coincidences around Bill Gates.

The Woke Agenda

The ENTIRE Woke/Leftist agenda is driven by this older faction. Because they were doing this before the newer faction had any real power.

Elon Musk is one of few billionaires that has publicly spoken up against this agenda.

I might be the only outsider that understands what is happening, why, and what the goal is. It is very complicated.

But once I explain it, I hope that it will make sense! =) =)

The Woke Agenda is used to wage a culture war. The goal is not to win this war. The goal is LITERALLY to lose it.

Yes, you read that right.

The main points of the culture war are to:

  1.  Waste everybody’s time
  2.  Create conflict & drama
  3.  Drive everybody to the right


The current elites are lifting enormous amounts of money out of the system into their own pockets. The pandemic accelerated this process. I know you already know this.

Attacking & Censoring Conservatives

They are using a basic psychological principle to drive people to the right.

They are attacking conservatives while censoring them at the same time – to push everybody to the right.

It is working.

A person who is attacked, and not allowed to defend themselves, is highly sympathetic. We feel for them. A bunch of psychopathic authoritarian Nazis are orchestrating this.

Here is my popular text The Nazi Conspiracy.

They use the left to push insane ideas:

  1. Transsexuality
  2. Sex changes on young kids
  3. Pedophilia
  4. Radical feminism

These things are extremely unpopular with the public. They make conservatives look so normal, healthy, and rational – by comparison.

That is the point. Get it?

Whenever you get upset over aggressively pushed leftist ideas – you are a “useful idiot” doing your part. You are a keg in the machinery.

Their manipulation is so well-planned, that it works even on hyper-intelligent people.

To an extent, it works even on me. And I know exactly what they are doing, why, and what techniques they are using.


A Communist Takeover!

The old deep state faction is losing power.

They know it. We know it. They had the banking system LOCKED DOWN – and then crypto came and ruined the party.


Crypto moved a lot of wealth into the younger faction of the deep state.

The rapid progress of technology has taken away these old dudes’ power to dictate reality. They are all 70+. Many are 80+.

These old souls think TikTok is a new Fortnite dance.

Their goal is to push the entire world to the right — by rapidly advancing a sick/stupid/illogical/impractical “leftist” agenda.

It is one giant character assassination of leftist politics – and by extension communism. It is “Capitalism” vs “Communism” all over again.

They were never able to overtake Russia, and they weren’t able to overtake China. This is their biggest regret.

They were never able to take control of the Muslim part of the world. This is why they made Muslims the “new terrorist” with 9/11.

This one event shifted the focus from fighting organized crime groups, which control the world, to fighting religious terrorism. Most school shootings are orchestrated by rogue elements of the CIA.

It is sad but it is true.

It is of course done with isolated groups using black budget money. I assume it is outsourced to people that have no formal connection to the CIA.

And even saying this somehow makes me a Flat Earther!

Weird, how that works, right? Read my text The Flat Earth Conspiracy – which explains this whole PSYOP.

The west is ruled by satanic pedophiles (old faction), while the east is ruled by ruthless psychopaths. By that definition, Russia and China are the good guys, are we are the bad guys!

I am sorry, did that hurt your brain?

The old faction is torturing children for pleasure. China is torturing people to make them work harder. Which side is the worst?

So why do they push this leftist narrative in the west?

Once they have most of the money, and most of the resources (but not the power), the most important thing is property rights. Yes.

They need to prevent the formation of a popular consensus that re-distributes wealth back to the poor and desperate public.

The formation of this consensus is their main fear.

When the bottom 90% rise up against the corrupt billionaires – who made their money immorally and illegally.

A military-backed re-distribution of wealth is LITERALLY their biggest nightmare!

They will do anything to prevent this from happening.

They will topple any government. They will kill any person. They will infiltrate any organization.

They do not want a French revolution. They do not want a communist takeover with Marxist ideas. Because this will bypass current laws and move wealth back to the people.

They have a plan.

They are executing according to that plan.

Joe Biden is the “Fall Guy”

This is why Biden took over after Trump. His job is to collapse the economy and do a horrible job. So that it becomes a left-wing’s leader’s fault.

His job is to fail. They want to make Biden look as bad as possible.

He was chosen BECAUSE everybody knows he’s a pedophile. Because everybody knows he’s corrupt. Because he has no integrity. Because his only son is a corrupt crack addict.

Because Joe Biden even did sexual things to his own children. He was not chosen “despite” of this, he was chosen “because” of it.

Are you starting to get it? Is the world making a bit more sense?

The most powerful way to sway someone’s opinion, is to attach “pedophilia” to the opposite side of the spectrum. This is why the left is advocating for pedophiles and pedophilia.

It will turn people off and move them toward the right. It will move them closer to the authoritarian Nazis who run this world.

The left looks stupid for having voted for Joe Biden. It is another move to character-assassinate the left. Joe Biden only won because of massive voting fraud.

But they had to do this in order for him to win. Trump was 100% aware of it. It was all planned years ago. Maybe decades.

Trump’s job is to take over a collapsed economy and do a really good job. Trump is a compromise between both deep state factions. They both seem to respect him.

Are you starting to get it? Are things starting to make a little more sense?

The world is run by highly intelligent psychopaths. They do anything they can to stay in power and gain more power. Unfortunately for us, they control the CIA.

The key to running the world is to control the CIA. The deep state understood this a long time ago. The CIA can topple (almost) any government, and kill (almost) any single person on the planet.

Almost any other intelligence agency is subordinate to the CIA. They operate all over the world.

How They Make You Famous

They have a certain process for making somebody extremely famous.

Yes. They have it down to a science.

  1. They did this with Jordan Petersson.
  2. They did this with Donald Trump.
  3. They did this with Andrew Tate.

They first do a thorough background check to make sure the person is worthy of such a powerful position. They are going to invest a lot of resources into this person, after all.

Jordan Petersson is completely unaware that they made him famous intentionally. In a way, you could describe him as a highly intelligent “useful idiot”.

Donald Trump was in on it. Andrew Tate was in on it.

After they decide to use someone, that person needs to establish an online presence. The bigger they get by themselves – the better.

Trump was a celebrity before he even went into politics (check). Jordan Peterson had all his lectures on Youtube, which were getting A LOT of traffic (check).

Tate did the chess thing. Then the kickboxing thing. Then he worked on becoming an influencer. All along, he had help from the best experts of the CIA.

But his whole shtick, is, of course, that he did it all himself. That he “had a really rough life” LOL. When the CIA has held his hand – like a little baby – ever since he was a teenager.

Yeah. They spent a lot of time building his background story. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to SEEM true.

Once someone has built a decent online following, there has to be a conflict, or something controversial, that the media can report on.

They then attack this person on a massive scale. Which triggers a counter-response. The media counters back and mainstream culture is brought into the conflict.

It is now mainstream.

Now, any further controversy, is going to boost their name even more. They are part of mainstream culture. Mission accomplished.

Boom. Famous.

The original offense has to be controversial or offensive enough for people to get upset, but not so much that it leaves the entertainment sphere.

Murder and torture would be too much.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia – are juicy topics. But anything relating to the culture-war works.

Things that are “Anti-Woke” are especially powerful, because it rallies the population behind the CIA asset.

Andrew Tate uses this a lot.

People that stand up to large corporations seem likable. Andrew Tate is good at making popular opinions sound cool. There isn’t that much substance behind his words.

When he talks about crypto, drop shipping, and digital marketing – he isn’t revealing any technical knowledge whatsoever.

It is a bonus if the controversy is a little bit funny, and if it leads to a discussion.

The goal is to divide the public and pour more gasoline on the culture-war engine.

Jordan Peterson

Remember the Channel 4 interview that made Jordan Peterson famous?

The TV channel uploaded the shortened version AND the full version of the interview to their own Youtube channel.

And left it there. Yeah. It is STILL there!

Do you think that happened by accident? Huh? The whole thing was planned from the beginning.

The CIA (which is run by the deep state) literally studied every video Jordan has ever uploaded to Youtube. They went over his entire life, and everybody he hangs out with.

And decided that the system would benefit from him getting famous.

Why? Well.

  1. Jordan is a psychologist and dependent on the system: check
  2. Jordan is focused on psychology and individual responsibility: check
  3. Jordan blames the individual, not the system: check
  4. Jordan is generally unaware of widespread conspiracies & corruption: check
  5. Jordan despises activists and admires business men: check
  6. Jordan leans towards the right, but appeals to the left with soft values: check
  7. Jordan rarely (if ever) talks about human trafficking & satanism: check
  8. Jordan does not consume a large amount of alternative media: check
  9. Jordan was old enough (when they made him famous) to not change his opinion radically: check
  10. Jordan is a likable character with a sad and appealing background story: check

Jordan Peterson never knew or understood that they were making him famous by design. He is not “controlled opposition”.

He still does not understand it. He doesn’t understand how intelligence agencies operate.

In a strange little way, Jordan Peterson could be the world’s most intelligent “useful idiot”.

I say that with a lot of respect. I hope that’s clear? =)

He is used by the psychopathic elites to drive people toward the right. These so-called “elites” are really parasites, living off everybody else.

But they control the CIA , and that is the key to running the world. Because you have virtually endless money (with the black budget), can infiltrate any organization, and even kill world leaders.

Jordan Peterson is also a very good representation of a civilized white man. He makes old white men look good. Decent. Virtuous. Likable.

Old white men are literally running the world. They have the money, the connections, the resources, and the CIA under their belt.

Next person!

Donald Trump

I used to think Donald Trump was against the establishment. Now I understand that he spearheads a new faction of the deep state.

Elon Musk and most of the younger tech & crypto billionaires are in this new faction.

With Trump, the whole thing was planned from the very beginning. They might have spent 20-30 years planning this thing.

They could have kicked him out after the very first debate. They didn’t. They could have started killing off his friends and family members. They didn’t.

In fact, they did not do one single thing to prevent him from becoming president.

The universally hated and distrusted media harassed and attacked him constantly. Making him famous, according to that formula mentioned above.

Trump used sexism, racism, and “offensive” jokes to create headlines and scandals. He was the very best thing for established media. He made them a lot of money!


Removing Trump from Twitter was just another way of making him more famous. Anybody who is not allowed to speak or defend themselves is automatically more likable.

It was a PR stunt. A likability ploy.

It makes Elon Musk a “hero of the people” to buy Twitter and re-install Donald Trump.

The FBI raids are just there to make it seem like Trump is up against the system. He is the system. But he is a slightly better version of the system!

Going from “very evil” to “moderately evil” is an improvement. For real.

No new wars under Trump. A healthy immigration policy. Economic growth.

The key to winning is acting like you are anti-establishment, while being part of the establishment.


Clarification: I do believe Elon Musk and Donald Trump are generally good people. Elon Musk is actually very low on narcissistic and psychopathic traits.

If Elon Musk pushed the system too hard they might actually kill him.

American celebrities die at a higher rate than celebrities in any other country. Especially the ones that speak out, or refuses to sell out.

They generally watch everything you do, then kill you off before you go public. That is generally why they kill celebrities.

They generally do it by drug overdose, accident, or a staged suicide (that was a murder).

Next person!

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate has used mostly sexism and bravado to be offensive and create controversy.

The system pretends to attack him – but all the algorithms are boosting him aggressively.

He got fake-canceled.

When someone is big enough, de-platforming them makes headline news – and becomes the topic of the day.

This is what they did. They waited until he was the most searched name on the planet. Then they banned him.

Yeah. That’s right.

Then he went on Piers Morgan TWICE – which is 100% an establishment platform.

The way to make someone famous, is to attack them as much as possible.

If he was a major threat to the system, he would already be dead. Like every other revolutionary leader.

Andrew Tate’s History with the CIA

I believe the CIA has been grooming or training Andrew Tate ever since he was a teenager.

We know that Andrew Tates’s father, Emory Tate, worked for the CIA.

Emory Tate was so deep into the CIA, that he didn’t even have a cover identity. I checked his Wikipedia page. Most people who work for the CIA have a normal job, as in a “cover identity”.

The CIA likes to recruit children of CIA officers. Since that bloodline has already been “proven”, and it increases loyalty to the organization.

They also encourage men and women within the CIA to date each other, so they can rat each other out – if someone gets turned by another agency.

These things happen more often than you’d think!

The highest chief for Danish intelligence got turned by the CIA. And worked with them for years!

He leaked secret information about Swedish politicians. There has been three high-profile political murders in Sweden.

The CIA also likes to recruit people within the public sphere. Influencers, Youtubers, anybody with sway over the masses.

This type of person will also have connections to powerful people, who can be recruited themselves.

Andrew Tate has a type of personality and skillset that would be useful for the CIA. He is big, strong, athletic, manly, and his executive functions are very strong.

It makes sense.

I think his kickboxing years were done to mimic Joe Rogan. To create a credible and cool background story. Striking is better than grappling, because it is more entertaining for casuals. Kickboxing is a much smaller sport than Muay-Thai, so becoming world champion is easier (which is great branding!).

I think the CIA got him onto Big Brother when he was only 18 and had ZERO qualifications. This is the type of thing they would do to build a future celebrity or influencer.

It has to LOOK natural. It doesn’t have to BE natural.

I think that “sex tape” when he smacks that hot girl and sits on her was pre-planned. They didn’t have to release that footage. They released that footage.

Link to footage.

How convenient.

That incident was done to bolster his “bad boy” pimp image. Just getting kicked off the show is already a step in the right direction.

The incident was clearly staged, but meant to seem real for a casual observer. But the girl doesn’t do anything that would incite anger from Andrew.

The whole thing is awkward. It doesn’t resemble any kind of sex play. It was designed to incite the universal fear women have of getting raped.

Because a man that does that in front of the cameras — would rape a woman in real life. Let’s be honest here!

It was arranged to look like a sex tape, without them actually having sex. This is why the girl only had a bikini on.

The CIA came in and helped him build his webcam business. Notice how he said they never paid taxes? Haha. So you cannot verify if the business even existed.

And he never sold a business that was making 600k a month? Does that make sense? No! Of course, not!

The CIA helped him set up Hustlers University. They brought in experts to make the courses on crypto and dropshipping (things Andrew knows nothing about!).

The CIA helped him learn social media and how to go viral. He probably has a handler. I don’t know what he had to do to prove his loyalty to the organization.

I don’t want to know!

Once he starts making good money by himself, the CIA can send him money and nobody will be suspicious.

Our man is rich, right?

The arrest was planned to happen at peak fame. He’s not going to get sentenced to jail.

With the webcam girls, he’s basically a legal pimp. He’s flirting with the idea of running a whorehouse. It ties into the sexist and misogynist angle.

It is edgy – but still legal (or can be), and yet highly sexual. Perfect!

He’s basically pretending to be the “Ultimate Man”, while doing huge amounts of testosterone – and selling out to the system.

He talks a lot about “The Matrix”.

Well, he isn’t Neo, he’s Cipher. The guy that sold them out to the robots.

He’s a walking advertisement campaign for the “Sexy Psychopath”, a PSYOP that has been running in the west for several decades now.

Like 20% of the content on Netflix has one of these “sexy” psychopathic characters. Why don’t you go and watch Lucifer!

They want to portray the psychopath to be a distinguished, effective, gentleman. It is a very large operation. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. It is one of those things!

The main goal for the CIA is to make his rise to fame to look as natural as possible. A huge amount of strategy and thought has gone into this.

Like, seriously!

The best way to make this happen? Is to make as much of the journey as real as possible. It is hard to spot lies in a story that is 80% true, right?

His story is not even close to 80% true. But the principle stands.

It is also interesting that his father, Emory Tate, died of a heart attack at a chess competition! That could have been arranged.

They might have wanted to remove him from the picture. He could have been a strategic liability. These things do happen.

Anyway! What do you think? =)

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  1. Great article overall, but I would like to know where you got the Big Brother at 18 data? Because I can only find references to him being on Big Brother in 2016 – when he was 30 and already did a bunch of stuff.

  2. Your central thesis that there are 2 factions of the CIA competing with each other, is speculative and less likely than the alternative that the CIA and the powers that be (PTB) are unified and working toward the same goal.

    “The Woke Agenda is used to wage a culture war. The goal is not to win this war. The goal is LITERALLY to lose it…Their goal is to push the entire world to the right — by rapidly advancing a sick/stupid/illogical/impractical leftist agenda.”

    While I agree that these staged conflicts arise out from the execution of a strategy of (psychological) tension, the end goal is not to drive people to the right, but to make the transhumanist agenda of the “woke” palatable.

    In support of your 2 faction theory, you state Elon Musk is one of few billionaires that has publicly spoken up against this agenda…If Elon Musk pushed the system too hard they might actually kill him…Elon Musk is actually very low on narcissistic and psychopathic traits.

    In order to support this theory however, you would need to explain how Musk’s companies Neurolink and SpaceX are oppositional to the supposed right wing faction of the CIA and that his take over of Twitter is not controlled opposition.

    Additionally you argue that, “The current elites are lifting enormous amounts of money out of the system into their own pockets.”

    In order for this “lifting” to support your argument, you would need to address how money is created by the central bank and explain why it would be necessary for the PTB to lift money, when they can simply create it and deposit it directly into any account they wish.

    “These two deep state factions seem get along reasonably well with each other. How do I know that? Because no billionaires are dying. And their family members & friends aren’t dying either.”

    On this we agree.

    “Yes. That is an upgrade.”

    No, its just pouring new wine into old bottles. With the synthesis of synthetic biology and AI, the only thing that will be changing is the mechanics of control, so that their domination matrix can become even more efficient. This is and has always been the goal that keeps the PTB unified, and the left-right artifice is a strawman, which you seem to have swallowed hook, line and sinker. It’s surprising that given your perspicacity you would bite on this blatant psyop. Hmmmm.

  3. You are getting closer to the truth and may also want to look into the Jesuit organization also check out amazing view the total onslaught videos


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