The upcoming equinox is an ascension portal – Here’s how to be prepared and why its so crucial

By Gerry Gomez

This is going to be a long post with a bunch of critical information in it that’s been given to me and a small team from source and our guides. Please review it all as a lightworker. There are instructions included within that are needed at this time.

We’ve been made aware that it is our job to get ready and help our family members to start waking up. Because of our reach, we can get this information to a lot of lightworkers and the general population.

At the end of last year, some of us at Prepare for Change where I am a Council member, noticed that there was a shifting of energies compelling some of us to:

      1. Deal with deep trauma healing
      2. Move on from current situations or organizations
      3. Focus in specific areas of our missions
      4. Learn some specifics about the ascension shift

This manifested in people moving from our organization to others, or to go on to personal projects. This has been a regular occurrence with PFC over the years, where people come to the organization, learn what they need to learn to awaken and then move on to do their light work and missions.

It has been a blessing to see many succeed and an honor to help early awakening people go through the process of learning, healing, then leading.

I am now being guided to broaden the message. I am creating regular posts on and invite you to check out more ascension info there. I’ll circulate important posts on PFC (with their blessing) also when there’s a vital bit of information to share. However, what I’m covering here has been provided by higher planes work, guides, and source through myself and a few friends.

Important Guidance

The messages and opportunities I’ve personally received have pushed me very clearly to leave some old things behind and to jump to a couple new missions. Where PFC has been there to wake up people at the “tip of the spear”, a few of us are being guided to try to get more numbers of people awake. Maybe this is happening with you too?

I’ve written a Naradigm Shift blog about this called, Good in theory, WTF in practice. The point of the blog is this: UNDERSTANDING IS NOT THE SAME AS KNOWING.

What this means is related to ascension in a very tangible way. As a lightworker, you’ve been aware of the several key topics that are out there like ETs, the Event, the reset, using higher energies, meditation, spirituality, etc. The time is here to assimilate those ideas into the mainstream consciousness. To do so, is to help prepare humanity for the revelations that are now coming forward. If a majority understands the potential of our reality more, they will raise their frequencies high enough to move forward as ascension is happening now – for those prepared to see it. Even if they’re not “ready” to see it, it’s coming and we’re here to help them out, so the sooner, the better.

For those that are still in denial, they will stay in 3D until later – and come along perhaps after another cycle or period of time. They say we do all get there, but that it’s a matter of individual choice and readiness.

We’re at the opening of the window and sightings and public discussions of UFOs reveal who’s ready to expand their consciousness. And even those MANY of us who accept or understand that there is a lot of intelligent life out there – even helping with our liberation – there’s a different reality of interacting with them and KNOWING that they exist and are here.

Source says that 1/3 of humanity are ready to go to 5D per our contact.

Among the lightworker community, the above should be a massive headline seen everywhere. Because of this, it’s game on!

This group in Thailand meditate to make contact: Khao Kala group meditates to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence

Our guides keep telling us to prepare people for ascension.

This report covers:

a) Why this is important
b) What tools can we use
1. Breathing Prana
2. You are a portal
3. Universal Laws
4. Galactic Codex

I’ve recently done a Weekend Awakening episode with Kat, that goes over Universal Laws and the discussion of why this is so important – you can find the post on the home page of

Here again is the key reason for the information in this post:

You have to be conscious to vibrate high enough for the incoming ascension frequencies. Being conscious means being aware of the reality of our experience.
This is physical and emotional.

Regarding Portals

Over the weekend of March 12, there was a solar flare large enough to have easily sparked our DNA awakening. This flare went off from the sun AWAY from earth. Had it come towards earth, we’d be talking a whole new game today. We would have experienced the SHIFT.

Higher density beings are telling us that the upcoming Spring Equinox will be a game changer. Perhaps the cabal is aware of this and that’s why they’re going forward trying to crash the global banking system. You should know their game by now: Create the Problem, Get a Reaction, and come forward with the Solution. In the Silicon Valley Bank crash, this is the plan:

1. Crash SVB, a regional bank
2. Create a run on all banks – in particular regional banks, fail them, and the whole financial system
3. Say that only the large banks should be trusted and move all assets there and then bring in the Central Banks Digital Currency

NOTE: This is absolutely a cabal or Black Sun Order event as they tell you in the designed percentage loss noted from “” where the stock price dropped 66.6% or 666. There are no coincidences.

Nice try cabal, but we’ll note the plan and counter it with the knowing that we can control the effects of their wishes with our desires.

Guides have told us this regarding portals:

“Each portal has its own function intensity and frequency.

Monthly on every equal day and month date in your annual cycle we place a portal so that the frequencies can reach this planet more intensely and powerfully.

Vibrate high as possible. Try to match the frequency that comes through the portal.”

They tell us to be very aware of our bodies intake of food and energies.

“Drink plenty of water. Eat living foods only on portal opening days. Stay as natural as possible on gateway days.

Be in harmony with the universe. Connect to nature, Mother Gaia.

Don’t clog your body with artificial things.” And they continue commenting about the importance of eating living foods, which are, “Uncooked foods taken from nature and eaten. Vegetables, fruits. Make them your support help and balance into your physical body.

Repeat every gateway day.”

Our guides continued by telling us about dealing with stress, “Whenever faced with a stressful situation if you physically do nothing to expend this energy, it starts to react on its own. (It) causes tension and stress resulting in agitation and anxiety.”

The lesson here is to deal with your energy intake. By grounding and being mindful, or by exercising and meditating, we must address the energy and neutralize it because energy is shared by us all. Because we are sending and receiving the same energy, we are connected to the divine oneness (Universal Law of Divine Oneness). The very high energies that are coming this equinox has the power to throw us off balance and create stress if we’re not prepared.

Why is this important

We are in the shift. As it’s upon us and especially with the gateway portal of the equinox on March 20, our consciousness is spiking and so is our awareness. Enough of us are awake to allow the transition to 5D. We are aware of:
  • The past control system
  • The crash of the financial system
  • Out with the omega and in with the alpha system
  • We are aware of our cosmic cousins
  • We are becoming aware of our own abilities as creators

Because of this, we can’t hide from judgement. But judgement is a personal thing. And it means that you can raise yourself up to the higher frequencies of love and everything from courage and above on the 17 Levels of consciousness scale.

With that rise in vibrations, you are ready to begin on the 5D path.

Mental Awareness

With consciousness, you attain the mental awareness to ascend. You already are far down the ascension path. Your mind has done the shadow work, you have experienced healing, and know what it’s like to quiet your mind and meditate.

Sovereignty comes with understanding the Universal Law, Galactic Codex, and Natural Law which gives you control over yourself. This allows you to graduate from the lower vibrations to the higher where others are already waiting for us.

To go further, you need to have physical mastery – some of which comes with your diet which has been included in this post. Another method in the toolbox is breathing.

Breathing – The only way to awaken, ascend, and make contact with other civilizations is through DNA Activation.

Breathing is our connection to all that is, each other, and oneness

Lifeforce connects you to Divine energy by bridging the gap between 3D and 5D.

The Spring Equinox portal is an opportunity to expand your consciousness and break through to higher planes energies. I think this makes sense, if all things are energy and frequencies and vibrations, this wave of high-energy vibes will be the wave to ride like a surfer who waits for the perfect wave.

To catch the wave, you’ll have to have yourself prepared. You being conscious is part of the preparation. So is your body’s readiness. Prepare your body by being hydrated and by eating living foods. Right? They have higher frequency than dead food (which of course, ain’t that active).

To counter this energy influx and to help prepare us for ascension the guides continued, “Your breathing is controlled by your mind. Your breathing is in synch with your thoughts. The rhythm of your breath is affected by the changes in your state of mind – and it changes your state of mind.”

“You can change and transcend your thinking by merely watching particular spots on your breath.

Simply keep an eye on it.

Feel the breath.”

“You must comprehend the science of breathing.”

“Understanding not the same as knowing.

Specific rhythm of breath non-rhythm of breath. Know the difference.

You will truly transcend beyond something if you truly understand it.

If you truly understand it, it will become second nature.

You will master your emotions once you master your breathing.”

The guides gave a scenario which I’ve had translated into this paragraph explaining the bodies nervous system reaction to stress:

When the amygdala in the brain detects a potentially harmful or stressful circumstance, it sends a signal to the hypothalamus, which then activates the body’s stress response through the sympathetic nervous system. The hypothalamus communicates with the adrenal glands to release hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, which can increase heart rate, blood pressure, energy levels, and blood glucose levels, among other physiological changes. These responses are part of the body’s fight-or-flight response and are intended to help us respond quickly to potential threats.

How to breath to calm a fight or flight response:

1st spot:  Inhalation – then as the breath is in

2nd spot: Stops for 1 short second

3rd spot: When the breath turns and goes out. Once the breath is totally out:

4th spot: it comes to a complete stop for a fraction of a second

The rest of this article was provided by guides:

Guide: “You will reach a new level of feeling if you can “watch” all four spots.

Suddenly there will be a rhythm and your breath will be in harmony with the universe.

Watching is not a mind thing, it’s a property of consciousness.

When you watch your mind stops and frees you from the constraints of the 3D world vs. 5D infinite possibilities.

5th dimension teachings you need to unblock chakras and connect to the Divine Source Energy

The only way to awaken ascend and make contact with other civilization through DNA Activation.

“Practice Breathing Exercise brings karmic balance into your life.

Most vital oxygen needed for all living things to function properly.

Breath is symbolic of life itself.

Prana Sandkrit – original primordial lifeforce – connects you to Divine energy by bridging the gap between 3D and 5D.

This bridge must be utilized.

Pay attention to your breathing: poor mood, worry, anger – quick and eratic vs. Love when at peace and tranquility

It will have a specific beat with melody to it break the balance.

Create harmony.

Let go of all that does not honor earth, life, divine feminine

The more you bring awareness into your life the more you expand.”

4th chakra, heart chakra – the silver chord located behind heart next to spine, on right side. Another name for the etheric realm.

Get to know the word: The One

Meaning connection to source to God to the everything

A 1/3 of humanity will be ready to shift to 5D

As we move into the new era of abundance its coming for all who recognizes the concept of value. Prosperity will reach all who are ready at the level of cooperative consciousness.

Grounding becomes magnetic. Helps with transformation in consciousness.


I AM vs. I AM Not

Monitor your thoughts and still the mind in order to reprogram your subconscious and conscious minds.

Understanding is not the same as knowing. Just like love, can you give a “true” meaning on what love is? Once you know you’ll always know – 2nd nature.

You will master your emotions once you master your breathing.

The 5th dimension is the realm of your imagination coming to life where all your wishes manifest.

Imagination can also manifest something physical into your world if you dream it.

Thoughts affect our physical bodies.

Emotions affect our spiritual bodies, astral bodies.

Become your best friend.

Be in spirit.

Change your perspective.

Compassion and forgiveness is the energy that heals, transforms energy.

Triumphs over negativity and inequality

It is Divine Consciousness. Divine Spark.”

So it is!

Well the guides have had a lot to say and are very excited to share this learning with us. They want to help out and it is said that many of us have teams ready to guide us through the ascension. It has become more and more obvious to me and our little team that we’re being guided and working with their help.

To close out the contact with our guides, they finished up with these messages. As compassion and forgiveness helps heal us, we will transform energies that will increase synchronicities and provide immediate manifestation.

“Focus and total tranquility and awareness will be experienced by those who are in harmony and completely trusting of the universe.

We recommend meditation, breathing exercises – “watch your breath.”

Drink water.

Establish objectives.

Wear crystal to help you during this time – as the energy input will be strong.”

They then recommended these crystals:

      • Amethyst
      • Labradorite
      • Citrine
      • Obsidian
      • Moldavite
      • Quartz

And they closed out this message by saying that the use of crystals will “significantly aid any upcoming body changes.”

Finally, they remind us to: “Align with your greatest good.”

And that they would be happy to assist.

Be mindful that the equinox is March 20! Get yourself prepared and get rest. Utilize these tools and prepare for some great advances.


More information regarding ascension and messages can be found on

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  1. Beautiful and loving share of principles/tools, to express/flood all " crystal Light Energies "
    For all to receive and be fulfilled. May we bless and exhibit such influence for all those unwilling to yet change.

    in a quiet mind and meditation by the moment or quiet thought, Push out the Loving Wave in 360 degrees and many Conscious Antenna shall receive in hopes to see change. Smile and send it off. Repeat.

    Maybe that Solar Flare in the opposite direction of Earth was a true exhaust "Fart" of the Dark Energies as an example/expression indicating darkness is to be Gone. Repulsed from the rest of the solar system. Just Let Go! and see what becomes to be-fill "thy cup".

    "our Gracious Universe – help us see to the things we cannot change, Grant us the strength and Powerful Energies we need to make Loving change, And grant us the rightful knowledge to ensure we know the difference."
    Time to Step into the Light!

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