Similar to the crucifixion, we are being asked to expose truth

By Gerry Gomez

I got hit with a tough truth this week, but then a day later was given support. I was instructed to tell others about the need to stand up against tyranny. But that doing so means getting more people to call out tyranny in public.

What this means is that we have to save ourselves. We have to turn the tide. We need to stand up against tyranny and for justice. And the war got amped up.

The War in Heaven – As Above, So Below

So, many of you are aware of the War in Heaven. A third of heaven fell and there’s depictions like the above where angels are casting out demons, or Arch Angel Michael is shown defeating Satan. I wanna propose that this image be considered regarding the war here on earth. Yes, the war on earth has been ongoing for millenia. And “yes,” the forces of evil are pitted against the forces of good.

What we, or I, have not seen is how the battles are similar here on earth. We are fighting evil here. And if we are silent, we allow evil to fester and day-after-day, gain souls. Though the outcome is a done deal, we could be there sooner with more people awake. Make sense?

This video of this poor girl haunts me.

There are many scenes like this out in our world right now. There are many events that show the inversion that demons are trying to push in our reality. Are these demonic possessions this not the scenarios we were told about? That in the end days, we’d see the bifurcation and will see the struggle openly? Is this not similar to the war in heaven where the open rebellion took place and angels had to make their stand?

There are many examples of the dark side trying to assert their will. As they face defeat, they are getting desperate, and their plans keep backfiring. Many have lost the battle and I’ll explore this in a bit. Right now, let’s visit the sentencing, crucifixion and events that led up to the fateful events of Christ’s last days.

Battles between good vs. evil

History repeats itself. When darkness tempts Christ in his 40 days in the desert, what I understand happened according to Mystic Christianity by William Walker Atkinson under the pseudonym Yogi Ramacharaka, was that Jesus is offered the kingdom of earth – if he becomes king of Israel and takes on the Romans. But, as he wanders the dessert on his vision quest, he sees two paths: the one to being king involves massive amounts of death and destruction. The other path requires his suffering and persecution. He chooses to let humanity learn from his example rather than do harm to the many for egotistical pursuits and returns from the desert to choose his fate. Realize, that he could’ve left the region and travel elsewhere as he had done all his life, but he chose the moment for its significance.

If we think about this quandary and story, it’s one that we see again today. The people turn against Jesus as they are quite lazy in their role in their own lives. They look to the miracles of Jesus and think that he is the be all, end all. They see him as their provider and savior. When he’s producing miracles, he’s where it’s at. When he’s not providing for everyone what they could do for themselves – he is their scapegoat. Their mass formation hypnosis doesn’t work out so great for the guy.

The Jewish rabbis that bring about the charges against Christ know that Jesus is a threat to their order. He is brought up in the court of public opinion as they ask Pontius Pilate to try and sentence Jesus for violations as a Jewish Rabbi. Remember, that Jesus was a rebel who, not dissimilar to today, rebelled, er – called out the corrupt banking going on in the Jerusalem temple.

That story goes, that Jesus finds bankers set up during Passover offering loans to all those who made the required pilgrimage to temple. They are there to make a blood offering. The faithful believe that if they make a greater sacrifice, the greater their blessing of crops, or fertility, or favor will be. Thus, the bankers are extending loans to buy doves, fowl, lambs, or calves for slaughter! Now what god demands blood sacrifice to curry favor? The larger the animal, the more expensive, but the greater the favor. Do bankers ever change?

The San Hedrian (a high council of rabbis) who’d been struggling with their Jesus “problem,” bring up charges against Jesus. Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi himself after proving his aptitude as a religious scholar as a child when he visited the temple at age 12. Jesus’s violations were held as the opportunity for the San Hedrian to ultimately get rid of Jesus, because he threatened their rule. The charge of being an unworthy rabbi Pontius Pilate held the position of it being an internal religious matter. Pilate did not want to determine Jesus’s fate. But, neither did the rabbis who brought the charge. The rabbis of the San Hedrian, took their political sway to King Herod who had also come to Jerusalem at the time. He didn’t want to decide the case and orders that Pilate must do it. Pilate is forced to levy the sentence on Jesus, but he also sees an out. He does an interesting thing that tries to assuage his guilt: he asks the public to decide a death sentence between two criminals: one a murderer, and the other, Jesus the public nuisance. As a tradition of Passover, a criminal is given clemency.

Pilot perhaps thinks that the public would obviously judge the murderer worse than Jesus, but, we know how it turns out.

Betrayal is the only truth that sticks out

– Arthur Miller

Forgive me, that I’m not a master biblical scholar. I’m relaying what I’ve found in many accounts and from conversations with some high level mystics and review of occult materials. Please consider your own data and create or affirm your perspective.

Important lessons about Christ’s crucifixion?

Christ taught us great lessons in his last days. He saw that he needed to walk the path of integrity. By that, I mean that he chose the path that served the people better. Rather than feed death and blood to the gods of war, he allowed his death to occur.

There’s lively debate on his real fate and resurrection. It seems that, at the very least, Mary Magdalen was pregnant at the time and had their child. There are other accounts that Jesus and Mary left to the far east and lived out their lives. The account is that Jesus was resurrected as the mystic who he was, was able to heal his body. The spirit of course lives on. There are esoteric stories out there that say Jesus and Mary more than one child. And I’m not referring to Dan Brown as my informant on this information.

So many lessons

Regarding this summary, it’s no wonder we are limited in our abilities. But Jesus also said, “these things I do, you shall do and greater.” Or something similar in meaning. This is what we are told will be our future abilities in 5D.

Another lesson out of his suffering, is the one about having the people stand up for what’s right. In his anguish, Jesus was let down by the people. Not too dissimilar today; the people are not standing up for what’s right. They are letting darkness fester. They let the great master down. But they really let themselves down.

Let’s bring this example back to current times

There are moments that clearly are wrong. Confusing children about their gender is wrong. Proposing that a 9-yr old is old enough to consent to sex with an adult is wrong. Having what can be deemed as pornography in elementary school libraries is wrong. Family trans shows are wrong.

This is wrong:

As is this:

As is this:

And this:

You know, I could post these obvious agenda items ad nauseam, but I’ll spare us all.

What I think we can agree on, is that the cabal are pushing their final desperate end games because their end is near. They have to grab the innocent slaves while they can and get out. Lower level cabal minions intend to lower the population of the planet and this should be clear to the majority by now.

Many are making choices in their personal path about ascending or not.

In the sped-up timeline we’re experiencing, we’re birthing a new reality. As such, we’re on the potential path of planetary liberation and human empowerment – if we choose to be.

Who I am counting on to get us there is you and me. I’m told that this is already done in heaven, and we’re waiting for this to manifest on earth. I sense it will happen soon. How it shapes up? I’m eager to find out.

But bottom line, we need to stand up united for our future. This is the test. This is the moment.

What has happened – as in the last days of Christ – has given us the opportunity to rise up. The future is based on multi-variant conditions and we are where we are.

The main thing about waking up or ascending is self-reliance. This is the path to our sovereignty. We have the opportunity to call out bs when we see it. If we do not, then our silence is our consent. This is the lesson we are being told to get out to the public.

We are the ones we are waiting for

If we see that earth is in peril, then we have to defend her. I talk all the time that my goals are: Planetary Liberation and Human Empowerment. These are states of being, that we only have to see in our minds and feel in our hearts to create. And as we create for ourselves individually, we also co-create things for our collective.

We need to stop the bleeding. These demons are taking up our lifeforce. They are corrupting our children. They continue to ask for sacrifice every day. And we are so close to the final outcome.

The time to act is now

Getting back to what’s been lost by the dark side. The other part of this massive equation is significant to consider.

My friend called and was really worked up one day this week. “We have to stand up now!” She went on for a bit. After allowing her space to vent, we more or less hashed out what was really bothering her.

This was the big pill. We discussed that the leaders of the dark have been returned back to source! Yay!!! That’s a good thing, right?

Well… depends on your perspective. For humanity and our planet, it’s a great thing. For the Orion Draco bloodlines, um… not so much.

The war in heaven is a long, long, long war. The Draco faction were rulers of our planet. That is for a very long time, up until recently. What happened recently? Source returned their leaders Anu, Marduk, Enki, and Enlil back to source.

Well, the Draco aren’t very pleased about this. It’s been reported also that the Abraxis have also been removed from their claims over aspects of our reality. They ain’t too pleased either.

Now, what do you think you would expect the Draco to do upon hearing that they lost their precious planet?

Yeah, they are thinking to retaliate. Now, I won’t get ahead of anything, and I take the position that very soon, the Draco who would do us harm aren’t going to be able to hold frequency here. We’re gonna be all happy and stuff. We may be too busy celebrating good things! Plus good forces should keep them at bay.

Whatever the question, the answer is “love”

We will repel the dark force with love. But, there are things we can’t worry about. As for the dark entities still attached to our friends and loved ones, we need to cast them out, with understanding, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, and thankfulness. We are thankful that they have taught us the lessons they have. We must remember that we are in this together. We are one. And many of us are suffering.

As we work this out together, we must show the dark ones among us on earth that they are not welcome anymore. They had their time. They had plenty of warnings. We hear that some are giving up the fight.

The greater news we hear is that with all their failures, the egocentric controllers are finally turning the corner. Many promises have been made, and many promises have been broken. With the failure of the financial system, they are broke. So, all is well.

This Easter weekend, let’s resolve to stand up together and empower ourselves with human empowerment. We need to stand against deception and further harm. Remember, that we are one, and we are only harming ourselves when we allow the demonic deception to continue and claim lives. The lives that are being claimed aren’t going immediately, but they are slipping away from us.

We need to honor life. We need to honor ourselves. We need to honor God.

Christ has Returned

In truth, he never went anywhere. In a very real sense, Christ has returned which we understand as an energy. The timeline we are establishing is the crystalline timeline. This is where we evolve from a carbon-based lifeform to a crystalline-based one. We also jump onto the crystalline timeline. This is how we become gifted. This is our ascension.

It is rumored that this process is happening now. With all the energies and the speeding up of events, we know something is changing. With the changes, we will be able to process more information. We become super computers.

We will need to be supercomputers to defeat the rest of evil existing on the planet. In the next posts, I’ll be discussing the new evil of AI.

Source: Naradigm Shift

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