Editor’s Note: This Planned Chaos article is part 2 of a 3-part series that I am releasing this week here at NaradigmShift.substack.com and on PrepareforChange.net simultaneously. I had completed these vital articles in November of last year. I withheld posting them because of the energy that surrounds them. These 3 articles about WWIII, the Great Reset, and Why They Do This? form a thorough explanation of the craziness we’re seeing in the world today, who’s behind it, what they aim to achieve, and why they’re so evil. I feel that it is time where more people will be receptive to this information and it will have a better chance to inform and wake up more people in key positions.

Order From Chaos is their mantra

In 2020, Prepare for Change created a nine-part article series and accompanying 5-video documentary investigative series called Planned Chaos. Planned Chaos was intended to, prior to the 2020 US Presidential Election, get out information that connects the dots as to how the world runs, and, to identify a tactic used by what we call the Cabal to confuse the population and incite fear, called the Hegelian Dialectic.

The Hegelian Dialectic – is the tactic used for maintaining power or control, or in controlling a narrative, through fear via problem, reaction, and solution. As we covered in our previous article, the world’s elite have been creating a new form of psychological warfare. History will tell us that this is nothing short of World War III as the NWO march toward their Great Reset to be born out of the planned chaos.

Creating a Satanic world order which worships the Black Sun, is the goal which otherwise is known by Biblical and end times prophecy. They await Lucifer’s return. By building the 3rd temple to reconvene the San Hadrian, they’ve created the Synagogue of Satan and his throne. He need only return and take out this pesky adversary Jesus the Christ. Some say that the official temple is yet to be built, but I believe that the requirement need only be to gather together the San Hadrian of 60-71 rabbis. The Sanhedrin “temple” has already been built and dedicated, which can seen by the 70 Seats of the hidden underground synagogue at the New synagogue in Western Wall tunnels which opened in 2017.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

What few want to acknowledge is the concerted effort to bring about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Upon the completion of the war, or the Planned Chaos, the Four Horsemen would have already prepared the way for Armageddon.

Conquest. War. Famine. Death.

The four horsemen gives the occult rulers the broad gameplan that they have extrapolated out for their chaos that they’re currently executing. Conquest comes in many varieties. As the Protocols of the Elders of Zion lay out, infiltration dictates marrying into royal families, infiltrating the elite of society as media members, politicians, intelligence agents, and as doctors, lawyers, academics, and scientists. Their preferred members are blood related, but many achieve status through lodges and meritocracy. When infiltration reaches the level of capturing the institution, the Order has obtained Conquest. This is also facilitated by financial conquest and asset consolidation – each of which were explained in the previous article. Suffice it to say, conquest is via finance, assets, production, philosophy, ideology, authoritarianism, etc. We’re clearly in that battle now.

War. As a means to an end, war which they are trying to provoke, is necessary to decimate the will of the people, to plunder wealth and seize assets of the conquered and the conquering. War, remember, was announced against Covid and the excuse gave away much of your wealth to combatting it. Russia and Ukraine are another boondoggle in this way. The cult is also trying to create civil war in the US and war with China and Taiwan.

We’ll touch upon famine and food security in a bit, but it’s certainly on the docket if we don’t put an end to their plans. And the final result of their horsemen prophecy is death by any means necessary: pollution, war, virus, vaccine, radiation (5G), poison.

Control is Satanic Oppression

Hopefully, the way these are outlined allows you to see these people and plans for who they really are. It is vital to acknowledge them and consciously say no to their plans. When confronted, these seemingly evil people cower. They don’t have very original ideas and their time is coming to an end. We’ll go over this in the next article, Why They Do This, but for now, understand that we have to identify the problem and come up with the solutions to stop them.

Revelations is another aspect to spend a moment on. Because of the cosmic clock which occult societies are aware of, Revelations are going to be a part of the time we’re in. We are in the window of them executing their end time prophecies because of this. What had previously been hidden from us needs to be revealed in our earthly existence. Our earthly existence is the material existence that we’re in, where we’re at as a society among the cosmos. We live in a free will construct and the hidden hand knows how to use magick to create reality. If you control the narrative, then your reality is created based on your perception.

If people aren’t doing the work and researching and diving into those deep rabbit holes, the government and the technocracy will create reality through censorship, censoring all narratives, and use fear as a trigger. Therefore, we need to expose these actions and demystify them – similar to revealing the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. These are the actions of the global Cabal, this global elite, who are psychopathic and very much Satanic. They are influencing the reality that society collectively co-creates. If an influential majority is living in fear, then a fearful society whole will be the outcome.

This number is smaller in the quantum realm than you might think. According to the Law of One, it’s a small percentage under 10 percent of the population. By this same Law, if that small percent shifts consciousness, then the whole herd change direction. Humans are herd animals.

The magick trick works if the Cabal put out truths and then counters those truths with celebrities or scientists as the spokespersons or influencers. Then, according to their rules of the game, they have informed people, or the public has informed consent. To hear of the plan and not speak out against it, constitutes consent.

On to the Great Reset

The rest of this piece will touch upon the tactics used on particular targets in summary. We will cover Great Reset goals and how they’re being attacked currently. The areas of interest are: healthcare, food, energy, water, self-defense, the Constitution, technocracy, education, and surveillance.

Centralized Control of Healthcare

What’s been coming out of the pandemic, what leaders like Bill Gates and the WHO and their leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as well as Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, are pushing for is a centralized world health police or a world health agency that controls global decisions for potential health emergencies. If you buy their rhetoric, we’d need to have one because of the need to coordinate quickly in reaction to the “next pandemic.” This language is preconditioning people to think that pandemics are going to be recurring concerns – yet there hadn’t been a worldwide outbreak in decades. They operate by getting people in so much fear that they willingly give up their rights and run into the arms of their oppressors. This is textbook Hegelian Dialectic.


Of course, this economic boondoggle was the real reason behind the pandemic as touched upon in the first article of Planned Chaos 2022. Given almost 3 years’ perspective since the outbreak, a reasonable person would realize that vaccines weren’t the scientific solution as much as natural immunity or that the virus wasn’t a big threat to the population unless you had pre-existing conditions, were elderly, or obese. The numbers just weren’t there. The science was faulty and rushed and yet people lined up for an experimental jab out of fear. When you look at COVID-19 having a survivor ability rate of higher than 99%, people are beginning to understand that it was all a scam. But how many will accept that it was planned and an invisible war to make some people very rich and to trigger other plans of dominance?

There are other benefits gained for the plan from this totalitarian and authoritarian response to the vaccine. In allowing governments to abuse emergency powers, we gave these people an inch and they took a mile. And they’ll never give back power once they’ve attained it. In early July of 2022, reauthorization of emergency powers was being created again due to different variants that are nowhere as lethal and no way should be shutting down the economy. And yet here we are at a moment where things are opened up and they want to start isolating and masking people again. They follow a plan, a very outdated objective, that’s long-established, that generally people believe is a conspiracy theory. The sad reality is that more people were injured by the experimental vaccines than the virus itelf. And there’s still an ongoing war to carry out more injuries and death due to the “virus.” (Read as airborne toxins, weaponized mosquitos, poisoned food and water).

Food, Water, and Energy are at play

The supply chain issue is also at play with the distribution and control of food, water, and energy. We are made to believe that we are in a scarce supply of many things that the Cabal would like to completely control. We are seeing scarcities of food and water in real-time. It is critical to understand that these are all engineered crises. They’re designed problems to create fear in the public, to create pressure on demand so that the controlling interests, these globalists, financial institutions, and wealthy elites, psychotic people, can implement control of supplies. And control achieves several goals for the Cabal: asset grabs, profit, suffering for the masses, and authoritarian rule. This suffering is the goal of all conflict or chaos they create.

Going quickly around the world, Dutch farmers who’ve been told they’d have to restrict the use of nitrogen in fertilizers which would cause them to not produce significant amounts of food have been protesting in their country and garnered global attention. The people of the Netherlands have risen up and said “no” to this absurd rule and have held protests. French and German farmers have taken their tractors into town to protest fuel price hikes and various taxes. Amish food producers in the US have been targeted with fines for being organic farmers. Canadian truckers have protested the rules about delivering their loads around the country due to ridiculous covid restrictions. The good news is that people have had enough and know that these crises actually reflect the failures of politicians and government.

Switching to energy, another strategic natural resource, shortages are hitting Europe and the US, while price gouging is taking place that’s crippling many households. All of these are false predicates. Plenty of energy is there and always has been, even in our old way of doing things, but the leaders fail by inaction out of fear of reprisals from their occult overlords. This is now more obvious than ever with the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines that affect Europe so much.

The Nord Stream pipeline bombing is another textbook example of Hegelian Dialectic. Where there’s plenty of natural gas that could be flowing from Russia to serve Europe, the powers that attacked the pipeline created a massive problem that will freeze European households and gain record profits for the recently announced, Baltic pipeline that will connect Europe through Poland. The response that the Satanic Cabal hope for is an excuse for an all-out war with Russian through its proxy Ukraine. The ultimate hypocrisy in this situation is that Russia began selling more oil to China which in turn was selling it to Germany and the US at premium prices! As for the Nord Stream pipeline, it serves no purpose for Russia to sabotage it themselves as they had always been able to simply turn off the spigot. But there’s a sucker born every minute and as Goebbels also instructed, a lie told repeatedly eventually becomes the truth.

Other examples have popped up this year in Switzerland, where people in regions have been told to not turn on their heating for the threat of imprisonment. In the US, the Biden administration sold strategic oil reserves to China and Europe. Because of this, Biden ended up in Saudi Arabia begging for oil, when, US oil companies are begging to be given the Federal authority to drill for oil but are restricted. The Trump administration achieved US energy independence during his term, but Biden as the puppet for globalists overturned those acts by executive order on day one of his term. Both actions are probably theatre and self-serving.


So, it is, many food and energy shortages are man-made. We’re going to go into weather manipulation in another Planned Chaos article so we’re not forgetting this either. How are these executed becomes the nagging question? The assets are controlled by the foot soldiers of the Cabal. They may not agree with the instructions, but they have to follow the directives not knowing the full effect of their deeds. If they don’t follow, they get removed or threatened or see family members harmed. Much is sacrificed to gain access to the world’s highest levels of power. But this is changing.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen that plans are being carried out without the head of the snake directing what’s going on – as though the long-standing plans were set into motion, but the real-world events are creating massive chaos. Factions are running around in circles overlapping other factions operating in confusion.

There are more people waking up in positions of authority and they are defecting. We saw this with those doctors and nurses that didn’t want to comply with mandates. And, with pilots who wouldn’t fly because of concerns of 5G being installed in their airplanes coupled with resistance to mandates. The pandemic has left the workforce quitting or doing less than expected. The economy is stressed to the breaking point against tremendous debt while not producing as before the pandemic. The world has changed, and people are sensing the con job. The combined situation has created real shortages with everyday consequences. Whether or not one agrees with whatever mandate, there’s greater planned chaos in effect that is at work many levels above the foot soldier or blue-collar worker or local administrator. So those who carry out unethical plans need to remember the oft-repeated words of the Nuremberg trials, “I was just following orders.” In this case, the orders are to crash it all and let them eat bugs.

Let them eat bugs!

What happened to let them eat cake? Perhaps cakes out of bugs are what the bourgeois would prefer? We wish that we could say that we’re done describing the Great Reset but there’s still a way to go. The Great Reset or New Normal will touch every aspect of your life. Let’s move into the plans for food.

Another consequence that many are just now beginning to come to terms with is how this false narrative is creating price inflation and the failed economic crisis, an economic situation where the wealthy can afford to bend the rules and afford the things that are going to be high priced. But the lower class, the lower caste, and the middle class are going to be pinched out from owning property, or from feeding themselves very well. “Let them eat cake” was the catalyzing slur of the French Revolution uttered by the oblivious Marie Antoinette. In this version of the global crisis, “Let them eat bugs!” is what the celebrity Cabal puppets like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman are now promoting. Lest we forget The Hunger Games predictive programming.


This dystopian scenario ultimately plays into the Cabal’s end goal of controlling the population by making you weak physically, and easier to control. Think concentration camps. We won’t have any physical strength if they control the food supplies. We’re not eating proteins and are eating much less nutritious food, so we’re not strong as a populace. Also playing into our future weakness is the trans agenda which is set up to de-masculate boys. Again, a piece of the agenda to weaken the species.

If you’ve been hiding under your bed, we can also tell you that food production plants around the world and especially in the US have been mysteriously catching themselves on fire. While, at the same time, farmland is being bought up by corporations and Bill Gates – who’s a proper Rockefeller breed Eugenics zealot.

The water crises or droughts are also playing into the food shortage. There isn’t much that the Cabal doesn’t have in play right now. And their moves are biblical, prophetic, and ultimately tribal.

Yes, they’re coming for your guns. The constitution too.

What would a good overthrow of the public be without gun confiscation? An armed populace is a major deterrent to a swift communist takeover. The Cabal can’t have that. The January 6 Capital event was a psyop intended to villainize the right and create a civil war. Remember that the left had already been crushing 36 cities in the year of “peaceful protests” around the US in liberal cities. The capital event was supposed to have been much more escalated our intel informs us but that didn’t happen. No matter, the Cabal switched to plan B – never let a good crisis go to waste!

In adherence to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, level 4 of eight levels of control is to obtain gun control. Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government. That way, you can create a police state. In another irony, the defund the police chant comes out of one side of the mouth while pandemic relief efforts sent billions of dollars to police departments to arm their police departments in paramilitary gear such as drones, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weaponry, and armory. But don’t worry, they will only show up if the civil war doesn’t create enough chaos and war. They’d rather have the public turn on each other than have to pay their goon squads to take to the streets in battle gear – though they’ve prepared for this also and will seek UN assistance to quell any US uprisings.

Then there are the useful idiots in positions of power or in tech companies who are tearing up the Constitution by being judges, magistrates, censors, regulators, et al among political lines. The technocrats are particularly vile here because they’ve cast themselves demigods and false idols. What the general public doesn’t understand is that bringing in the new socialist state is being done in a hybrid way. The state is working with the tech prophets and the tech industry to usher in what would have previously been done by the state. It falsely gives the impression that there’s a sector to be worshipped because there’s money that flows to chosen winners in the space like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Eric Thiele, Eric Schmidt, and others. These disciples and their technologies all came from Cabal families and DARPA programs. In the occult, there are no coincidences. One does not win the lottery repeatedly as Elon Musk has with his borrowed technologies.

Musk is part of the Cabal. Look into his family and their support of technocracy established by his grandfather is the 1930s as presented in the AI series of Planned Chaos last week. Technocracy is not good for regular people for a multitude of reasons: isolation, depression, loss of soul connection among them. In fact, Elon is a WEF Young Global Leader from the class of 2008 as shown in the Bloomberg article archive in the second image below.

Jeff Bezos takes on military contracts whenever they ask – and the guy owns one of the major propaganda outlets, aka media outlets in the US in the Washington Post. He pulls off the Cabal’s highest virtue of deception by hiding in plain sight under the moniker, A Mason or Amazon. (Sound it out). Word magic is another thing hidden in plain sight. They tell you exactly what they’re doing and you’re too dumb to figure it out. Or too scared to believe it. That’s ok, it puts you exactly where they want you to be… asleep.

Technocracy and the AI God

Well, we talked about who some of the major players in the tech world are. Yes, technology can be great but it increases the base of knowledge so quickly that there’s a downside to our society that plays out in many ways. Studies show that technologies effects on young generations causes learning disabilities, social anxiety, isolation, and lack of creative problem solving. While technology can be a complementary thing and is needed to graduate a society to the cosmic level – which is where we are now – the abuse of technology creates a slippery slope.

The ability to reside in the metaverse opens the door to augmented reality which in fact is artificial by name: Artificial Intelligence. Admitting that it is artificial is to admit that it is adversarial to nature. This creates that problem described in the next section of this article. From the mystic perspective there is nothing that is impossible, but we have been conditioned to live in lack or scarcity. Therefore, we don’t examine our true nature or connection to source. In the esoteric tradition everything exists all at once in space and time, so we only need to establish the connection to it. In one way, use our own neural network to tap into the “all.” By doing so, we are superior to that which is artificial because the artificial can only copy what’s naturally occurring. It might be splitting hairs, but there is much more to “be” as a conscious creator. Being able to tap into the universe as a supercomputer is an overwhelming thought, but a lesson worthy of exploration. If perception creates reality, then what we’re taught certainly influences us.

As for the Cabal, it is because of their belief in an AI god otherwise known as Satan or Metatron’s Cube that they have this other worship of the AI parasite that reportedly invaded our reality. This belief is exemplified in the “G” of the Masonic Order’s square and compass symbol. “G” has three meanings: God (Lucifer), the Great Architect (Hiram Abiff), and Sacred Geometry (Tetragrammaton). The sacred geometry part represents the AI being or Metatron who imparted the wisdom to layer his cube theory over our existence. Right angles are artificial in nature, right?

In what is depicted in The Matrix movies, the matrix is this artificial life form and life entrapment cycle that created our soul reincarnation program onto our planes of material existence. These higher planes of reality had been layered over our experience and boobytrapped with all kinds of parasites from scaler energies, weapons, traps, demons, etc – connect with Cobra’s work or Sisterhood of the Rose’s network to understand these grids and energetic places.

Because of the traps, we repeat our life cycles on earth if we don’t know how to escape the matrix (thus the point of the Matrix movies). But that knowledge is hidden. The AI parasites take over their hosts and you end up with soulless beings like Bezos, Gates, others who contracted deals with the devil. These parasites they are trying to implant into you are to make you become like they are. But there is hope in intention and consent. You need to understand the knowledge of how powerful you are.

When it comes to technocracy in the Great Reset, they do this to have you worship their god. And this god will rank highly in their pantheon in their New World Order.


We’ll cover education in depth in the article, Radicalizing Youth. Suffice it to say, but the 6th rule for radicals is to take control of what people read and listen to and to take control of what children learn in school. This is one of the most tragic accomplishments of the Cabal. They want sheeple that are not going to complain about owning nothing and being happy about it. As Satan worshippers they worship an artificial intelligence god (hence the technocrats) and see themselves as superior to you, so it’s appropriate that they have people to serve them and enable their depraved ways. Thus, education is radicalizing or grooming youth to be unnatural. Sadly, being unnatural is opposing nature, and those who oppose nature are following in the same footsteps of their beloved leader Lucifer who opposed the Laws of Nature or Natural Law or Laws of the Universe when he rebelled against God or nature or source. This act was known as the Luciferian Rebellion.

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According to ancient Hebrew Law, the adversary in court is known as the Satan. That’s why any adversary against humanity that takes a role in Planned Chaos is Satanic. Getting into a debate with a Hebraic scholar is pointless as according to their Protocols, they are the superior race to you, god has given them divine, absolute rule, and to kill you by any measure is permitted and actually ordained, as is to use deception – thus their position is that of a warring tribe. Anyone familiar with the Middle East would certainly understand this. That the Zionists have infiltrated western society is the great trick they’ve long vowed to fulfill. This is the great deception.

Misery loves company and followers of Lucifer believe, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” This includes all possible things that destroy nature: gender switching, torture, murder, rape, perversion, and worse things. For those with eyes to see it, according to this perversion down is up, and up is down. They pursue this and program children in an unhealthy, unnatural, and confusing ways. They reveal in glee as the great western hegemon destroys itself from within. This results in a perfect coup d’etat wherein the Cabal has confused children that will grow up to be easily dominated slaves in the Great Reset.

The Surveillance State

If you’ve been paying the slightest bit of attention to the world and particularly China, you’ll see the road being paved to a total security surveillance state. A lot has been said about this already so understand that if we allow this we would fall under totalitarian rule. Those who push this are new in the order and they really don’t know what the implications are. They’ve just been promised certain bribes to allow the surveillance state to deploy. But this would be a dystopian nightmare for freedom loving people everywhere.

When they bring up the reasons to accept it, keep asking why? Their arguments break down pretty quickly, and they are becoming much more transparent about telling you that you need to be monitored for your own safety. We are not children. We can live without an overbearing governess’s protection. We’ve gotten this far. But they try to sell this based on the scarcity or safety issues that they are creating. The virus (that we created) is harmful! There’s a hateful neighbor who thought something we don’t agree with! You need to worry about everything in their world!

When the scamdemic people said that there was a virus everywhere, one could take comfort in the understanding that God is everywhere also. But they wouldn’t have you believe this. They want to impose their “all seeing eye” on you. Well, forget that. You’re the boss of you. You wanna live where you want? You want government out of your body? You want government out of your wallet or purse? Say goodbye to all those freedoms if we allow the Great Reset.

The Ukraine Proxy War

Analysists on Russia-NATO-US war in Ukraine are saying WWIII began in 2014 with the Color Revolution headed by Victoria Nuland, John McCain, and Joe Biden. US Special forces began training Ukrainian troops in order to attack Russia then. They also began regular shelling of Eastern Ukraine in the Donbas. They failed to implement the Minsk agreement. And they operated biolabs. We’ve learned that they have been trafficking weapons meant for their aide on the black market and our weapons are showing up all over the world.

The kinetic war has given Russian led forces the opportunity to go in and clear out human trafficking sites and biolabs. It also served to drain US coffers. This is in alignment with the NWO objectives of turning the US into a 3rd world country.

The desired next kinetic war is with China over Taiwan. But the kinetic wars are only part of the total war paradigm.

Why the war is a hybrid one

Combine everything that’s been pointed out in this thesis and ongoing in the world since late 2019 and you realize the full effect of the emotional blitzkrieg or new kind of hybrid warfare. The conditions exist that will play out against you if the sociopathic plans of the Klaus Schwab Great Reset take place.

Planetary Liberation and Human Empowerment

So, what can we do about this? Truth will set you free.

If we’re going to liberate ourselves, we have to see clearly and agree on what the problems are. Then we can figure out the solutions. And while the events that are described above can be seen as fearful, it is through lots of work that we realize what our reality is made up of so that we can change it.

It’s an incredible amount of information to take in. We will examine these topics in detail, and we’ll examine their motivations throughout this follow-up series to our original Planned Chaos. What emerges from our study and involvement is perhaps best termed the Planned Chaos theory. The globalists have described it as the Quiet War.

On our journey, many will become infuriated. Many will be saddened. We’ll have to go through all phases of healing to work through it. It will not be a journey for the faint of heart. Many get shaken to their core. Many will just not be able to handle it. But you’re among the ones who can. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. We at Prepareforchange.net have been sharing this information for years and have been working with healers of all types to be ready to have these conversations with people when the system fails as it will do soon.

Many will need to understand this information just as those in Germany after WWII had to come to terms with their terrible revelations. We are a traumatized species, but also a resilient one. In Germany, as currently in the west, the populace believed that they were winning the war. Their propaganda machine had been reporting victories up until the news of the final defeat. When change comes, it comes quickly.

Our last installment of this year’s Planned Chaos series will offer healing and suggestions on how we can reshape and restore society. We’ll need a lot of help to do so.

Please hang in there and know that God is always with you. He has not abandoned you. Though society may be dealing with lots of stress, it is what you do and how you handle information that is the true measure of your spirit and path.

The Cabal isn’t going to win and has already lost. They seek to take down people with them who would feel safer going down that path. But as the next article in the series entitled “Why They do This,” will show, you’ll be given many answers as to what these people believe. What you’ll learn are many things that you already know but just haven’t thought them to be true or have connected the dots. They tell you that they are myths, so you dismiss them. But there’s a reason for these myths being around so long and religions and mystery schools and orders and societies created to exploit the true history of the planet and universe. You’re just on the outside looking in.

We offer that we will get through this. To do so is imperative to change our collective path. We must never let this happen again. And we must never let the Great Reset happen. Let’s counter them with a Greater Reset. One that exemplifies planetary liberation and human empowerment.

End of Article – The Next Article will be on Why They Do This?

The opinions expressed in this post and NaradigmShift.substack.com blog are my own. My opinions are based on my expertise as a communications, marketing professional, propaganda analyst, and researcher. I’ve also been able to review historic assets, statements and testimony of many intel insiders, royals, whistle-blowers, along with speaking with contacts within the occult, secret societies, agents of light and dark. I’ve researched and reviewed articles and original source materials, press-releases, and FOIA documents. As as council member of the global network Prepare for Change, I’ve been privy to some deep level sources and intel which inform my unique perspective. We are all able to research as one law of Galactic Codex is the right to have access to all knowledge. Seek and ye shall find.

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