The world should never go back to normal with the Congressional UFO hearings and their 3 handpicked intel providers – if key points come out: 1. Most UFOs are of off-planet origin. 2. The government already knows this, and 3. We’re not alone in the Universe and our MIC are already working with non-terrestrial beings.

As we are going through revelations now, aka as the Quickening, the end of the age, the Great Reset, or other names…once we pass the bridge that we accept we’re not alone in the universe, we need to elevate the conversation. Or it will quickly devolve into pandemonium.

The simple lesson behind the ages old UFO misinformation campaign comes down to power. If you control the message, you control the people. 1. The government will never come clean about this information as it implicates them in high crimes. 2. The revelation that we’re not alone in the Universe changes society structure regarding religion and politics.

I promised you UFO videos and there’s even a bunch of UAP stuff in here. Please circulate, as seeing is believing, even if seeing raises only your consciousness.




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