What are the revelations of the UFO hearings? Deep dive and implications.

With the US Congressional Hearings that took place this week, we’ve entered new territory. The world won’t go back to what it was – we have official disclosure entered on the record about non-human technologies, biological entities in possession of dark programs, and that we’ve been visited since the 1930’s by off-planet entities.

This is according to the witness testimony that is on the official record and obtained under oath, which means under penalty of perjury.

Critically, from our perspective on the weaponization of the UFO card as a means to creating the New World Order, the UFO phenomenon has three parts:

• The governments coverup part

• The black budget

• The public disclosure part

In pitting disclosure-demanding citizens against secrecy-maintaining governments, the “elite” are creating a conflict that will find resolution when the New World Order and Disclosure are publicly unveiled. This is probably why Chuck Schumer and Marco Rubio and other high profile cabal puppets have gotten behind disclosure recently. We know that the alien invasion card is the last act of the cabal. And the time to execute the plan is upon us.

From this perspective, the Rockefeller Plan is clear that they will attempt to consolidate global power under the threat of an alien invasion. I personally think they don’t have a chance at this and most deep intel, contactees, channelers in the space agree that the battle between negative extraterrestrials and the positive forces is over and won’t allow for this, but doesn’t mean they won’t try fear events.

We should understand that the acknowledgement of extraterrestrials was planned to happen shortly before revealing them either malevolently or benevolently. I believe that there’s several potential paths and that revealing our cosmic cousins will be a positive, but we have a higher perspective on the subject, primarily, Universal Law. And like I said above, many experiencers and extraordinary experiences among our many friends and members of the community are aware of the possible scenarios.

The majority of people, however, do not have this understanding and plenty of debate is circulating regarding the information that came out of the hearings.

What did we learn from the Congressional Hearing on UFOs:

Under penalty of perjury the whistleblowers under oath, in particular Grusch said that:

• We have non-human intelligence, which is “craft” and their accompanying tech, in possession by the US government since the 1930’s

• We have recovered non-human “biologics” – which could mean bears or squirrels – but was implied to mean extraterrestrials, also under possession of our government

Speaking on behalf of the physics of the craft, the former Navy pilot and Commander David Fravor who was commander of the “most credible” UFO sighting ever – the “Tic Tac” UFO sighting where Naval teams saw and recorded the “Tic Tac” UFO during a 2004 Navy training exercise said:

• The Tic Tac sighted craft performed unlike any known human technology with physics capabilities unknown to us

• The material sciences were at least 40 years ahead of what we have and the technological maneuverability’s are at least 10 years away

• They all agreed that the crafts pose a potential threat to the public – though in Cmdr. Fravor’s experience, he didn’t feel threatened at all

• Fravor added descriptions about the movement of the craft and their ability to go from 80,000 feet (space) to 20,000 feet in a snap of his fingers – moving straight up and down. He also added that they could disappear out of range in a snap, saying they could achieve Mach 2 in an instant.

• Fravor’s incident also detailed that the UFO/UAP went roughly 60 miles in less than a minute as reported to him from the ship’s controller.

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, added:

• He’d witnesses a craft 50 feet away

• He described the craft he witnessed as a dark gray cube inside a clear sphere

• He also described that the size of it was as large as a football field

• As a liason with military and commercial pilots, he said military has better radar capabilities to see more incidents that commercial pilots and that he estimated that 95% of reports go unreported in the military because of the negative connotations – ridicule, lack of transparency and process.

Altogether, the 3 witnesses agreed that we could not defend ourselves against aggressive acts from these objects. They also believed that the ships and occupants are monitoring our military activity and are concerned about our nuclear programs.

Hearings revealed the expense and coverups

The questioning from the panel of Congress went further to question the budgets of these retrieval and reverse engineering projects. These questions went to Grusch as his intelligence role provided oversight of spending. Grusch could only refer to generalities but outlined a way that defense contractors get budgets over their contracts that allow them to carry out their programs. The Congress members were concerned about this oversight and lack of transparency.

When asked further about who these departments or contractors were Grusch claimed that he could provide specifics to Congress, but only in an appropriate SCIF or A Sensitve Compartmentalized Information Facility. In fact, though much was provided, many more specifics would need to be followed up on in a private hearing.

The congressmembers were keen to propose more hearings and to assert their right to obtaining a SCIF, which they had previously been denied. So, in the end, there was a display of power by those present congressional leaders. The key players in congress held a Q&A after the hearing and seemed concerned about matters of oversight, transparency, whistleblower protections, budgets, and who’s running the show, them or the military?

The hearings were historic in the simple fact that they even took place. Their taking place makes us wonder about the motives? Why have them? Why now?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

For the awakened, the hearings were pretty standard fair. It was interesting to see the reactions. One reporter said there was an audible gasp from the reporters when Grusch admitted that the government has recovered non-human entities in their possession.

Grusch stopped short of impugning himself. Much of his evidence is beyond his approved scope of information release given to him by the DOD. That is to say, Grusch obtained approval to speak on certain issues he was given high-level clearance to in his operational duties. As an intelligence officer, he was looking into black budgets where he could see projects revealing the craft, programs, and crash recovery projects that were covered up and/or given to defense contractors in black budgets.

Some people have wished him well in making it to another hearing. Such as has been the way of the world. But, I find the hearings to be a key opportunity for the disclosure movement. I think that this might be a desperate last attempt to usher in an implausible event.

What does this mean for disclosure?

What this means for the disclosure community is that we’ve removed the main barrier to truth regarding the last great mystery. We are not alone in the Universe. This was made clear.

Disclosure is a series of events. This piece is central to the cognitive dissonance that the world is held hypnotized under. Accepting that we are not alone is the piece that changes the way one looks at their world. It is central in how they create their reality. Because of this, it is a highly hidden secret.

Now that the door has been opened, the opportunity exists to flood the room with information that exists in massive quantities among experiencers, awakened, the new age, and spiritual movements. Is this a good thing? By and large, I think it could be the final piece to fall that will allow people to wake up.

What does this mean for humanity?

It has been the mission of myself and Prepare for Change to wake people up. This is one of the primary changes we’ve talked about all these years. Personally, I feel a great sense of relief that this hearing took place. If you’ve caught my work, it’s always laced with this understanding.

UFOs and extraterrestrials ARE the occult. Their information is occulted. Has been. That’s been the great magick trick. Create a vision of lack by saying that we’re alone in the Universe. Or let people’s minds wonder to a place like, “if we’re not alone in the Universe, then what does that mean?”

Did the rulers know about this? If they knew about this, why did they treat us so badly? If there’s beings that are above our rulers, then why haven’t they show up? How is this all this craziness on the planet allowed? If they can travel great distances, then what are we doing limiting our travel? How do they travel? What types of energy propels them? And on, and on…

Shift in consciousness and the narrative

When you’re able to envision a much-expanded version of reality, your perspective grows. Your consciousness shifts. I would argue, that you have to be able to visualize or see this unlimited potential of a Universe, to dream bigger. I suggest that one eventually gets to a point of understanding that there are bigger benevolent things in our reality than the limits that we’ve allowed ourselves to see.

We are part of something much bigger than all that’s seen. If you keep a slave on a farm, the farm is all they will ever know. When one breaks free, eventually the people will all seek their freedom. If only to want to be managed again. But, at least, we will have that choice to make instead of being funneled down the New World Order path. That is free will.

That is the potential of what comes out of these hearings. Consciousness expands with the sprinkling of seeds. Yesterday, a whole pack was released.

Much deeper information is out there

If you’re interested in this topic, please see other work I’ve done just in this past year on Disclosure and extraterrestrials in the blog: naradigmshift.substack.com. Also, please visit Prepare for Change at prepareforchange.net where there’s lots of credible information compiled over years. As stated in the above video, we’ve crossed the rubicon.

Join Us Saturday on Weekend Awakenings to Discuss the Hearings

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