How would you like to jump-start a change in consciousness?

Well, the answer can be found in Gregg Braden’s book, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief. In the The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden lays out 20 keys about the universe. One of the keys is key #16 on how each of us contributes to collective consciousness. I have found it interesting to understand how it only takes a minority to create an impact on the larger population and how it can be measured so precisely.

“Key 16: The minimum number of people required to ‘jump-start’ a change in consciousness is the square root of 1% of a population.”

Gregg Braden cited several studies showing how the computation came about.

Scientific studies show that when people within a group share an experience of consciousness such as peace, the effects are felt outside the group and even beyond the building where the individuals are meeting. In one landmark project, it was found that when a small number of participants applied Transcendental Meditation, peace was reflected in the world around them. This experiment took place in a specified time frame during the Lebanese war of the early 19080s. Interestingly, when the participants stopped their practice, the violence returned.

The Formula To Calculate A Change in Consciousness

The following is illustrated in Gregg Braden’s book on how to determine the number of people needed to work together for peace and healing in a group (such as a church congregation, a community and so on)….

1. Determine the total number of people present.

2. Calculate one percent of the total number.

3. Calculate the square root of the one percent.

Gregg Braden Quote Change in Consciousness
You will realize that when you apply the formula, the number of people to effect mass changes is much smaller than expected. One more thing to note is that the above formula shows just the minimum needed to begin the process of change. Hence, the more people involved in the change in consciousness, the greater the impact.

Gregg has already computed that in a world of 6 billion people, it requires only 8,000 to jump-start the shift. Amazing! Although I cannot personally prove the exact formula, it is not difficult to fathom the rippling effect from just one individual.

As I reflect on key 16, I recall the examples of sages who had contributed to a massive change in consciousness. Take Buddha, for instance. Buddha spent years in meditation and became awakened in the process. His wise teachings continue to impact us even after 2,500 years. Other examples include Aristotle, Lao Tze and Paramahansa Yogananda. In one famous parable, Jesus had also used the power of the mustard seed to illustrate how a little faith can move mountains.

We can also think of the various conscious leaders of today, who have influenced our lives positively through their work. People who come to mind include Louis Hay, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr Bruce Lipton and Vietnamese Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. I have grown in awareness ever since I came to read their books and listened to their teachings. Millions around the world have awakened because of their teachings.

Change Begins from Within

Change does begin from within. Mahatma Gandhi famously says, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Many of us do not take enough responsibility. We automatically blame others for our misfortunes when things do not go well. We go into the victim mode. We point the finger at our parents, children, spouse, our cats and sometimes, even God. We feel sidelined and slighted.

Yet, if each of us can just take responsibility for the part that we contribute, a lot can change. Taking responsibility means that we stop all that blaming. Instead, we look into what our true fears are. We may even begin to realize that our greatest enemy is not someone else but how we have been sabotaging ourselves.

The Ripple Effect in Consciousness

One great way to transform the planet is to use the power of love. We shift from a fear-based to a love-based consciousness on a collective basis. We do this by individually learning to love ourselves unconditionally, first of all.

With unconditional self-love, we start to feel good about ourselves. Thus, instead of being negative, we exude positive energy. It is a natural process. When we love ourselves, we are apt to becoming more loving and compassionate towards others.

Others feel loved by us. They are drawn to our positive energy. They, in turn, affect the people whom they meet and come into contact with. Love is free, and readily available. I assure you, love is also very contagious. The rippling effect we create spreads to affect faraway corners of the world.

It is in all of us – the ability to shine with love. This ability is not confined merely to a few chosen ones. We have the ability because each of us has a heart center that we can connect with. We radiate from our core being with the aura of love. Consequently, our individual radiance contributes to the collective illumination of the world. A world that vibrates with love energy is truly an abundant one 🙂

Love and Abundance always,
Evelyn Lim

Abundance Alchemy Coach

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