The Ajna chakra, which is better known as the third eye chakra, is the chakra number six. Another name of this chakra is the Inner Eye chakra.

In fact, this particular chakra is connected with the mental place of existence of people. It controls people’s ideas, thoughts, values, dreams, and goals. When it works properly, a person will start achieving higher consciousness states.

The third eye chakra helps us understand this world all around us. When it does not work in the proper way, we can experience stress, delusions, and headaches.

We find it hard when it comes to our understanding of spiritual worlds if this chakra is imbalanced. However, there are specific balancing methods which are really helpful in bringing back harmony.

Here are the best five balancing methods for the sixth chakra:


There are a lot of meditations, particularly for this chakra. We can even choose the use of mantra. Some of the most appropriate mantras for balancing our sixth chakra would be: “I think clearly,” “I understand,” “I clearly see the solutions to my problems,” “I am one with The Universe,” “I am the creator of my own reality,” and a lot more.


The healing crystals usually find their uses in methods for chakra balancing, and this is for thousands or more years.

Some of the best healing crystals for balancing the third eye chakra are the following: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Angelite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Sodalite, Lazulite, Blue Aventurine, Clear Quartz, and Blue Tourmaline.


Walking in nature during sunshine and blue skies will probably be the best balancing method for this particular chakra. The blue skies are going to bring harmony to the third eye chakra as well.


This is a fantastic practice which may help us in balancing our chakra with the use of our imagination. Also, the color which is connected with the sixth chakra is the indigo color.

Everything we need to do is to relax and imagine some indigo lights surrounding our third eye chakra or our whole body. We should also feel how these lights penetrate every body cell. This will be the best method for balancing the under-active sixth chakra.


In fact, there are essential oils and aromas which have some healing properties. We can activate and heal our sixth chakra with the use of potent essential oils.

Some of the most appropriate essential oils meant for this chakra are the following: bay laurel, clary sage, cypress, angelic root, juniper, and patchouli. We can utilize them as an essential oil or as incense.

Some other balancing methods for our third eye are connected to our nutritional habits. We should include into our diet foods which have high omega-3 levels.

Dark chocolate can also help us. We can even choose wearing more clothes colored indigo.

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