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October 22nd- October 28th

The energy subsided a little last week, but will pick up in intensity again as we get closer to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus this Saturday.  This eclipse will be the final eclipse of the Taurus-Scorpio series that began in 2021 and is the culmination of something in our lives that is no longer serving us.  These last couple months, we’ve all been doing the work to identify the changes that we need to make in our lives.  It hasn’t been an easy road, but the hard part is about to be over.

Take advantage of the beginning part of this week to make progress on some goals you have.  The universe may present an opportunity for you to grow in some way that could potentially increase your income.  Make sure you read the fine details on anything that’s presented to.  This would be an excellent time to have a serious discussion you’ve been putting off and to solidify your long term plans.  Whatever is you set in motion during this time will lead to permanent results.  If you’re looking at changing up your daily routine or diet, now is the time.  You’ll have the mental discipline that you need to focus on the details.

Be prepared for an increase in your mental activity.  As the eclipse energies intensify, it may be challenging to find peace.  There may not only be some shocking developments around your personal values, but also with our current financial system.  Some of you may hear news that challenges your beliefs about the way you view the world.  With all the Scorpio energy, there is a high potential for hidden truths to be revealed.  The news may make some of us feel impulsive and want to make rash decisions.  Do what you can to stay grounded and remain calm.

For more insight into how this Lunar Eclipse may affect you, take a look at the areas of your life that I’ve highlighted for both your Sun and Rising signs.  Eclipses are extremely powerful celestial events, but you will feel them significantly more if they are aspecting any of your personal planets in your birth chart. See where 5 degrees of Taurus is in your birth chart by going to and typing in your birth information. Contact me if you have any questions!

Aries:  Your Income or Material Assets and your marriage or partnerships

Taurus: Your Identity and your hidden secrets or shared assets

Gemini:  Your subconscious, dreams or mental status and your work, daily routines or health

Cancer:  Your hopes & dreams or social networks or your pleasure, creativity or children

Leo:  Your Public Persona or Career or your home or family

Virgo:   Your beliefs, higher education or foreign relations or your communications, short trips, neighbors or siblings

Libra:  Your hidden secrets or shared assets or your identity

Scorpio: Your marriage or partnerships or your income or material assets

Sagittarius:  Your work, daily routines or health or your subconscious, dreams or mental status

Capricorn:  Your pleasure, creativity or children or your hopes and dreams or social networks

Aquarius:  Your home or family or public persona or career

Pisces:  Your communications, short trips, neighbors or siblings or your beliefs, higher education or foreign relations

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