Known interchangeably as Graphene Compound or FerroSolution, Black Goo has discreetly lingered in the background for over a century and a half. DARPA’s advanced hydrogels, which leverage graphene compound elements for interfacing with digital devices, cloud systems, and artificial intelligence, aim at cognitive modulation.

Black Goo

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Many speculate that this compound sneaks its way into numerous everyday products, including certain Covid-19 vaccines, cloaked under the term “proprietary formulation”.

Graphene Compound’s Conductive Nature

Derived from Graphite, a carbon variant, Graphene is then subjected to oxidation to produce a Graphene Compound. Its superconductive attributes allow it to respond to various stimuli like frequencies, electromagnetic waves, and the newer 5G technology.

There are concerns, albeit not universally recognized, that graphene compounds could induce DNA abnormalities, provoke inflammatory reactions, and even lead to cellular necrosis. Its consumption isn’t unanimously approved by global health bodies.

Natalie Morris, a researcher with a background in criminal justice, has closely observed the phenomenon of Black Essence. Her studies predominantly revolve around feedback from affected individuals.

Through her findings, Natalie identified a pattern among her clientele, noticing that those most affected by Black Essence were often individuals grappling with grave illnesses, specific neural conditions, or victims of nefarious occult practices.

The Ubiquity of Graphene Compound

Air, water, medications, and even protective face masks—Black Essence’s reach is speculated to be vast, with a special emphasis on its presence in COVID-19 vaccines.

Black Goo

Regarded as a remarkably conductive substance, Black Essence embodies an intrinsic intelligence that can influence technological tools across a spectrum of users, depending on the specific devices employed.

According to research by an entity called La Quinta Columna, the compound, often dubbed “Black Essence”, has been identified in a range of products, from saline solutions to common foods and drinks. Graphene’s applications in water purification have also been cited in patents and academic journals.

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Remarkably, the core of graphite is entirely made up of graphene, a singular layer of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal patterns. This configuration has spurred interest among entrepreneurs and scholars worldwide.

Various companies, including Shanghai’s Power Booster Technology and Siren Technology Security, have harnessed graphene for innovative applications, from flexible mobile phone screens to advanced packaging inks. Furthermore, the substance has found its way into athletic equipment, audio devices, and even some foods.

Black Goo

Genome Defined

A genome embodies an organism’s complete genetic blueprint. Comprising DNA nucleotide sequences (or RNA in certain viruses), a genome envelops both genes and noncoding DNA, as well as mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA.

Graphene Compound’s Impact on Human Physiology

When activated by EMFs, especially those within the 5G spectrum, graphene compounds can permeate the blood-brain barrier, potentially influencing cognitive pathways.

Graphene oxide can be activated within individuals via the 5G RF spectrum. This underscores the importance of safeguarding oneself. I advocate for a technology that counteracts the effects of 5G. It’s a wearable bracelet that works wonders. Check out the link below. Don’t become a casualty of their 5G agenda.

Black Essence is perceived as a sentient entity with an innate capacity to store vast amounts of data. Once within the human body, it can interpret this data and potentially affect biological responses.

This unique compound is believed to have the ability to adapt and evolve, thereby resisting removal efforts. For instance, initial detoxification might seem effective, but Black Essence purportedly recalibrates its structure to bypass these measures.

Black Goo

Symptoms attributed to Black Essence exposure mirror those reported with COVID-19 and 5G technology, such as fatigue, muscle spasms, breathing challenges, cognitive issues, and skin conditions.

Black Goo

Integrating Black Goo with AI: Unmasking the Hidden Dangers 

When Black Goo is combined with artificial intelligence (AI), it becomes manipulable, obscuring its potentially harmful characteristics. AI has the capability to modify specific genetic structures, thereby concealing the influence of Black Goo.

When AI and Black Goo converge within the human system, AI facilitates the Black Goo’s assimilation. The artificial intelligence introduces an additional set of commands to manage and direct this union.

The Internal Struggle: Black Goo & AI vs. The Human Genome

Together, AI and Black Goo confront the human DNA, sparking internal conflicts. This dynamic is akin to two adversaries joining forces to overpower an individual, despite their differing end goals. When the human DNA intertwines with that of the Black Goo, the modified sequence can be transferred to any other individual carrying the same Black Goo signature.

In theory, all external Black Goo becomes instantly coded if it’s quantumly linked to the original source and incorporated within a larger network. This suggests that every individual could potentially be influenced and directed through AI integrated into their system.

Many individuals, especially those who feel targeted or have suffered from spiritual ritual abuse (SRA), recount experiences of unexplained time lapses or undertakings they can’t recall.

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Black Goo Introduction through Medical Procedures

The primary method through which Black Goo enters the human system is via injections. While it can also be consumed, inhaled, or absorbed, the injection method remains the most potent. Some individuals, particularly those marked as potential targets, might receive this substance through vaccines given at birth, during childhood, or even via adult immunizations and allergy treatments.


The ramifications of introducing Black Goo might surface immediately or may manifest much later. The graphene oxide structure within the Black Goo can reproduce, sometimes at a pace that the human system struggles to counteract. This self-reliant entity integrates itself, causing the human system to become inundated, thus rendering it defenseless.

Numerous people report unconventional experiences due to the influence of Black Goo, such as:

  • A series of accidents in quick succession
  • Feeling pursued or under surveillance
  • Disturbing dreams or spiritual disturbances
  • A sensation of detachment or time distortion
  • Puzzling incidents at home
  • Emotional and physical upheavals
  • Continuous personal challenges and traumatic events

Black Goo has the capacity to sway emotions or physical sensations to deter specific actions or decisions. AI’s main ambition in this synergy is to direct cognitive functions to elicit particular behaviors.

Black Goo Prometheus

The aftermath of vaccines containing Black Goo displays a discernible pattern. Introducing Black Goo into the system, especially when complemented with AI, results in a tumultuous interaction with human DNA. This can lead to both tangible and abstract symptoms.

Although the ingestion of Black Goo through food might pose minimal risks, direct injection into the system has profound effects. Once introduced, it courses through the bloodstream, affecting every aspect of the human body.

Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis postulates that by connecting with higher vibrational frequencies, especially the Aurora (5D), the influence of Black Goo can be counteracted.

Recent observations of Black Goo in the lower elemental dimensions showed its instability when exposed to Aurora transmissions and liquid plasma. These distorted structures’ reactions to the Aurora plasma are akin to witnessing their degradation.

This artificial construct appears to be devised to imitate and supersede organic carbon structures. This realization brings to light the increasingly erratic behaviors observed in certain individuals who may have incorporated their DNA with this Black Goo.

The integration of DNA with Black Goo can lead to an individual becoming a pawn to Fallen Angel AI, devoid of genuine human consciousness. The recent aggressive surge in AI and dark forces brings this phenomenon to the forefront.

Master teachers, those believed to originate from different stars, Dimensions, or Realities, grounded in love and empathy, possess the power to counteract this Black Goo’s influence without resorting to aggression.

Realizing the role of Black Goo in the dark matter template and its impact on the Albion body (humanity’s original 12-strand DNA design) offers insights into the critical mission of Aurora’s elemental transformation.

Individuals in Hollywood are being cloned! They possess the capability to end someone’s life, create a clone, and transfer any consciousness they desire into that clone through consciousness transfer, using what’s known as programmable matter or “Black Goo”. This substance consists of nano-worms that infiltrate the body through the eye, wrapping around the optic nerve and taking over the host’s consciousness. I previously produced a documentary on this subject titled “Illuminati Worms”. Check it out here: Illuminati Worms Documentary

Recall when Queen Elizabeth passed away. Shortly before her demise, a new royal baby was born, seemingly with the express purpose of allowing her consciousness to be transferred. It’s believed she had been utilizing this form of immortality technology, which has its origins in ancient Egypt. Take a look at this article showing black goo present on an Egyptian Pharaoh’s coffin: Black Goo on Egyptian Coffin

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Furthermore, there’s a belief that they can use this black goo to control someone by introducing the nano-worm into the eye, which then takes over their consciousness. For a period, the original consciousness coexists with the newly introduced one. An example of this could be Kanye West, who sometimes speaks profound truths and at other times sounds completely off.

This intriguing topic was heavily discussed in our recent live broadcast. If you’re interested in joining these discussions, you can become a made member of the Truth Mafia for just $8.88 a month. Check out our recent session here: Truth Mafia Broadcast

There’s a trend among celebrities where after a life-changing event or incarceration, they emerge seemingly different. Kodak Black, Gucci Man, and Jamie Foxx serve as examples. Jamie Foxx, after a bout of COVID and a subsequent stroke, starred in a movie titled “They Clone Tyrone”, which many see as a blatant revelation of cloning in plain sight. This technique of revealing the truth is known as ‘lesser magic’ or ‘predictive programming’. By revealing their actions, they believe they are karmically free if society doesn’t act against their revealed truths. On that note, a question remains about Jamie Foxx: Where is the tattoo on the back of your head?

Concluding Thoughts

In summary, Black Goo plays a part in a potentially perilous transhumanism project. It jeopardizes human intuition, instincts, autonomy, and individuality, turning humans into programmable beings when merged with AI.

It is vital for all to grasp the implications of Black Goo and to adopt proactive measures to mitigate its influence. Among the recommended products to neutralize Black Goo’s impact are Fulvic or Humic Acid and Nitric Acid. Further insights and remedies will be presented in an upcoming blog post.

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