By Brandon Smith

There is absolutely no doubt – Elements of our own government are deliberately encouraging the acceleration of illegal immigration across the southern border and they are actively sabotaging any attempts to stop the madness. There are two questions we need to ask: Why are they doing this? And, what can be done to stop them?’

In a move that I think debunks any claims that the Biden Administration wants a secure border, the federal government recently challenged Texas efforts to install border fencing and barbed wire to prevent the massive influx of foreigners raiding the US. This is after several incidents in which convicted criminals and terrorists have been identified among migrant groups. The measures were working, so obviously, Biden felt the need to intervene.

A majority of the Supreme Court has also taken Biden’s side, forcing Texas Governor Greg Abbott to declare the situation an invasion that threatens the security of his state and America at large. The conflict is leading to a showdown between federal agencies and Texas. I would argue that it is a showdown that NEEDS to happen, the sooner the better.

The expulsion of unwanted or destructive groups of people has been an emergency measure used by civilizations for thousands of years. The cultures that don’t protect their own gates end up being erased or absorbed into a completely different population that may not hold the same values and principles. The majority of nations on the planet today have strict immigration rules, yet, America and the EU are the only regions attacked for wanting to limit the flow of illegals.

Why is that?

The open borders propaganda common to the corporate media and Hollywood movies is part of a larger establishment agenda that has been active for many years in the US, but it has been accelerating since 2021. The Biden Administration in particular has overseen the largest spike in illegal migration in US history, with over 300,000 border violations in December alone (that we know of). To put this in perspective, that’s the equivalent of a city the size of Pittsburgh moving across the US border and demanding welfare, subsidies, housing, jobs, free food, etc., every single month.

This is unsustainable and the establishment knows it. In fact, Biden has actively tried to hide the crisis from the view of the American people for years, denying that there is any threat and claiming that the border is more rigid today than ever before. Anyone who questions the validity of this claim is immediately accused of racism, white supremacy and conspiracy theory.

Border states have become so angered over leftist denials that they’ve started busing thousands of migrants into blue “sanctuary cities” like New York, Washington DC and Chicago. The result has been a calamity for their welfare programs and local economy. Even progressive voters in these areas are enraged by the flood of migrants into their neighborhoods.

Schools in New York are being emptied and shut down to make room for migrant housing. Homeless shelters in DC have been inundated with migrants begging for handouts and the citizen homeless had far less food over the holidays because the illegals ate it all. The Chicago O’Hare Airport is being turned into a migrant shelter and the city is trying to prevent the media from documenting the situation.

Democrat mayors are finally calling the event a national emergency; funny how they refused to admit to the problem until they were directly affected by it. Of course, they blame conservative governors instead of their own sanctuary city policies. In other words, Democrats are indignant because they are being forced by red states to suffer the consequences of their warped ideals. Leftists have a rule: Never admit when they are wrong, even if it means self destruction.

And though low level progressive politicians are made to look foolish in their continued defense of sanctuary status, there is the greater issue of engineered crisis. Why have establishment elites and the Biden Administration been lying despite the clear and present danger? And why is it considered particularly wrong for western countries to defend their borders?

Perhaps because certain groups of people within the centers of power benefit greatly from the continued migrant invasion.

We’ve all heard of the Cloward-Piven Strategy by now, and it’s not all that difficult to understand – Create social destabilization by using migrants as a weapon. But there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Cloward-Piven is almost too simplistic an explanation; it doesn’t really define the bigger picture. There are a few ways that this strategy could open the door to authoritarianism in the US. Lets examine these scenarios to better comprehend why…

Operation Garden Plot And Martial Law

In 1968 the US Department of Defense at the request of the government drafted a civil disturbance plan called ‘Operation Garden Plot’ which outlined what was essentially a martial law response to large scale social breakdown. One of the main factors listed in the plan as a trigger for martial law was the uncontrolled mass migration of minorities into the US, as well as riots by minorities in light of economic uncertainty.

Garden Plot has provisions designed to install a long lasting domestic military presence in the US if deemed necessary, and was even tied to programs like REX 84 which planned out the installation of “FEMA camps” or detention facilities meant to hold large numbers refugees during a mass migration crisis. These programs were accidentally exposed during the Iran/Contra hearings of 1987 and were kept secret from a majority of representatives in Congress.

In other words, political elites designed a set of operations to swiftly impose martial law if a migrant disaster occurred. But were these measures meant to solve the crisis? Or were they meant to use the crisis as an excuse to put boots on the ground in the US and permanently end whatever constitutional protections we have left? That is to say, it may very well be the plan of the establishment to keep the borders open until illegals overwhelm the system and the public is willing to accept martial law.

Amnesty And Creating An Illegal Immigrant Military

Democrats have fielded multiple bills including legislation in 2022 to give illegal immigrants the option to serve in the US military and gain citizenship as a reward. Representatives mention the growing shortfall in military recruitment as a rationale for the policy (a shortfall which they created after allowing woke cultism into armed forces curriculum).

I have mentioned this in previous articles and I continue to believe that one of the main purposes for the establishment to leave borders open and entice illegals to enter is to create a migrant army; a situation in which millions of illegals will be offered easy citizenship in exchange for service. I also believe that this migrant army will be used against the American public (the real citizenry) to impose martial law measures in the wake of a national disaster.

Look at it this way: With the current military around 70% conservative and independent it is far less likely that the armed forces will follow orders to subjugate the populace, especially in the name of an increasingly unpopular leftist/globalist president like Joe Biden. It is much easier for the elites to use foreigners with no inherent regard for American culture or the American people as a suppressive force.

Cultural Replacement Theory

“Replacement Theory” is often denigrated by the media as a racist conspiracy held by white people who are “afraid to lose power.” This is nonsensical for a number of reasons, including the fact that if “white people” were a monolith and we had all the power, then we would simply snuff out any threats to that power and lock down our borders. There would be nothing anyone could do to stop us.

The truth is, there is no white monolith, there is no patriarchy and there is no such thing as systemic racism. Do some leftist activists clamor for mass migration to replace white people in the US and Europe? Absolutely. They call it “decolonization.” Is this the real purpose of mass migration? Probably not.

The replacement going on is not so much about replacing white people as it is about replacing western culture. The goal, I believe, is to open the floodgates to foreign elements because most of them come from more socialist systems that have no understanding of individual freedom. In this way, the establishment can dilute the American culture of independence and use the tyranny of the majority (democracy) to erase our values and principles forever.

This is why you will hear Biden and his ilk constantly pontificate on “democracy” and the “defense of democracy’ and the conservative “threat to democracy.” This is very deliberate terminology. When they say “democracy”, they are talking about the rule of the mob; the tyranny of the majority. They are talking about collectivism, socialism and ultimately authoritarianism for the “sake of the greater good.”

Migrants are being used to phase out the pillars of western civilization. This is why the borders must be secured now and illegals must be kicked out of the country with haste. No martial law, no FEMA detention facilities, no amnesty, no asylum, no welfare and no subsidies. They just need to be removed and sent back to where they came from and if they return illegally they should be severely punished.

In order for this to happen it would appear that southern states will have to enforce their own border security. But how to do this without federal interference? The American public will have to step in and step up to help states like Texas. The movement will have to be so overwhelming that the federal government is afraid to intervene.

The shape of this secure border action will require trial and error, but as long as Texas is willing to continue arresting illegals and shipping them out of the country, all that is needed is a contingent of deputized Americans to help watch the border and catch people trying to cross. There may also be a need for people to defend border walls and fences from federal sabotage.

Some will argue that this constitutes a violation, a defiance of federal authorities, and I would say yes, it is, and that’s a good thing. The Biden Administration is in dereliction of its duty to keep the country safe from foreign invasion. Doing nothing and leaving borders undefended from mass immigration is no different from refusing to defend the border from a foreign military.

If the current trend is allowed to continue, the stage will be set for a host of emergencies that will be exploited to give elites the excuse to erase what constitutional protections we have left. This cannot be tolerated. It’s time to end it.


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  1. M. Harrison, The Sack of Baltimore, Ireland, June 20th, 1631. When the village in Baltimore, West Cork Ireland was attacked by Algerian pirates & Ottoman Turks from Barbary, Coast of North Africa. The attack was the largest by Barbary Slave Traders on Ireland. Arab/Muslim pirates from Marocco empty the entire village to take them back to North Africa. They castrated the men (as that was their custom to do to their captives) & sold the Irish men, women & children as Slaves throughout.
    As I stated: "Stop Playing the Victim" we whites, no matter European or Slavik Know our history & were tired of your side being told, which has many holes.

  2. not hard to guess who will be the new armies a knocking on our doors and with what stashes of our own hardware. Think it was an accident leaving shy a billy buck of USD highest tech weapon systems in a failed attempt to pull out of one nation that bashed all too long and feel it was their right in 1st doing such. as true they are paid by our own tax dollar we thought was going to be used in our own foot print. Guess again. Plans within plans within plans within…. The beat goes on.. Tik-Tok.

  3. Mexico registered more than 180,000 murders in 6 years, marking the most violent period in the country’s recent history.

    Illegal immigration leads to 2,200 deaths, 118,000 rapes, 138,000 assaults

  4. The “Replacement Theory” is written in multiple prophecies and is just one way that the “Times of the Gentile’s” dominance is brought to an end.

    There are a lot of good White people in this world but unfortunately, there are a lot of bad White people who control every sector of this matrix. What has happened to White people is of no fault of their own as they were victims of an experiment by Extraterrestrials. We have all been programmed by the ideology of White Supremacy, Black, Brown, Red and Yellow. This is why you have Blacks who straighten their hair and bleach their skin trying to look as White as possible and others who will claim any heritage but their African roots. The ideology of White Supremacy is of ET origins and by design it is global in nature. It is designed to use Whites to terraform the planet for a new species, destroy and/or modify all existing species and to destroy Whites themselves. But it done slowly over millennia of time so as not to notice the various ways in which it destroys.

    For instance, the ideology tells Whites they are “Superior” to others, but it causes Whites to progress at a snail’s pace without recognizing it. It has taken Whites almost 400 years after ridiculing indigenous and slaves for squatting while defecating and billions of dollars in research to understand its benefits and design the “Squatty Potty”. It has taken Whites almost 400 years after ridiculing Blacks for greasing their skin for Whites to understand the benefits of oil moisturizing to reduce aging. It has taken Whites almost 400 years after ridiculing indigenous and Blacks for walking barefoot, to understand the benefits of grounding. Everything NASA thought it knew about the COSMOS has turned out to be wrong. The formula for the speed of light turned out to be wrong. The formula for calculating time and space turned out to be wrong. The theory of the Big Bang turned out to be wrong. Whites have made no progress but they can’t understand why. In the meantime, their warmongering ways have destroyed the planet’s ecosystem, robbed nations of their mineral and natural wealth and dehumanized peoples all over the globe.

    All superiority complexes demand suffering. Someone must suffer less so that the one who holds the complex can feel good about themselves. The one who holds the complex cannot accept or entertain any ideas or concepts that do not reinforce their sense of superiority, hence they cannot learn from others they deem outside of their group.

    The ideology of White Superiority is cruel crime that the Fallen Angels played on the whole world, and Whites have suffered as much as others. Whites are so programmed to chase material things that they are practically incapable of going within and tuning in to source. This makes them unable to make the change necessary to survive the Solar Flash and Ascend, thus ensuring they remain under the control of the Fallen Angels on the Wheel of Incarnation.

    Whites must face a most difficult future. They must be able to end their denial and face their origins which is extremely painful to a people who harbor great pride. Then, they must be willing to change and stop trying to lead or instruct others. Then they must be willing to listen. Very few will make this leap. And this is exactly what the Fallen Angels wanted.

    • Harrison, Clearly you refuse to see the past in your own racist idea that white supremacy exist, which is does Not. I do Not have to apology or even try to care to find logic to those who have a problem with their own race & project it on us whites. I do Not owe an apology & refuse to bend for a slave trade that was committed by another race of people, namely the Arabs in the Sub-Saharan, that folks like yourself tend to ignore & ignore the fact that the Africans were selling their enemy tribes to the Arab's.
      We Europeans & Slavik's are analytical innovators. We build with our knowledge. We Create, & we are followed & attacked in our Homelands by insecure people as yourself. Why do you want to live among us, because you like what we build. So either be a peaceful guest in our Homelands or go back to where your ancestors came from.
      We will Never forget the Bolshevik(that were Not white) that killed over 60 Million Russians. So Stop playing the Victim.

  5. This was an order from the Vatican they wanted UK to be an Islamic Nation as part of the agenda of the Black Nobility and sources says once these Jesuit trained mercenaries they are paying to come in i.e. the men of fighting age coming in in boats illegally along with other migrants they had planned for them to remove us and after we were destroyed by the Muslims they planned was to kill the Muslims – these people do not favour any group they hate humanity and especially certain religious groups that they call heretics.

  6. This article is Spot On. I have also read that the migration is to force the Mexico/U.S./Canada into one Region. Which is actually what Derek is bringing out about erasing our Independence (writes: Cultural Replacement Theory section).
    Derek also brings out that "They" use racism as a means of deception. One needs to ponder on the numbers that the last Century has brought us with the two World Wars & the after math. This was a (planned) decline of the white race then. The number is as high as 100 Million. That means 100 million was never here to Procreate.


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