In the last few weeks more and more information is coming out to the surface that shows that both the covid virus and it’s engineered vaccine are in fact a partial owned government bioweapon that was unleashed on the unsuspecting public.

We say unsuspecting, because in reality, it was declared back in 2015, that the gain a function research on the Corona virus was ground breaking. The Patent for part of the mRNA is owned by Moderna. Most the population isn’t into reading BioMedical Journals where this was posted.

Watch this video:

Here’s a quote from a well regarded and famous international lawyer, who drafted the US Domestic BioWeapons Act!

Dr. Francis Boyle Really has had a distinguished career. Having drafted the Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act of 1989. This is someone well placed to make this claim. His draft was unanimously accepted by both houses of congress and therefore his words should be taken with more than a small grain of salt.

I will leave this here, sometimes less is more and we really need this information to get shared. I shared this with a loved on recently, and they apologised for being neieve. I knew many years ago, we’ve been warning people for a long time now. Yet so many friends and loved ones suffer cognitive dissidence, in that they can’t believe the complicity of the governments in harming the mass public. Of course it’s not all who are complicit in the government, but the truth is the truth… Bless all who now can see the wood for the trees.


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  1. 1. naive, not "neieve"
    2. cognitive DISSONANCE, not "dissidence"!!!

    Not to mention the widespread confusion of using 's or s:
    it's = "s" is abbreviated in "it is" or "it has",
    its = possessive pronoun,
    girl's = possessive "s",
    girls = plural "s",
    girls' = plural + possessive "s"!

    My first language is not English, but such basic spelling mistakes and confusion of words are really bothering me, especially in published articles written by native speakers!
    More awareness and accuracy, please!


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