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The Secret Truth to Frequency Nets
With Guest Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Teacher, & Author Laura jeH (Hamilton)

What if Frequency Nets were the CAPS on our consciousness that we weren’t warned about?  What if they stunt our growth?

When the emotion is too great a stretch to feel compared to what is normally experienced we retreat back into comfort instead of expanding into growth.

Frequency nets are often set at a really low level to captivate the masses who filter into dangerous territory because of the school they are chumming around with. But we didn’t see it before.

We are the metaphoric fish swimming in the waters of consciousness and through the streams of consciousness that go all the way back to the root wyrd. This reflects the destiny or fate that words would seal our fate if we weren’t paying attention and able to correct any threatening inclusions before we could be included once again.

The web wyrd is associated with the Norse tradition of the Matrix of fate (skuld‘s net) serving as a symbol for the interconnectedness of time, fate and existence, or past, present and future tenses.

If the web of wyrd is connected to the frequency nets of consciousness that have been built into the very sociological structures that Western culture is based on, what we’ll find is  every emotion has its own frequency net that connects with related emotional states differently.

We realize that life is not only full of the obvious, but also the underlying energetics that are easily dismissed or passed off, as if they weren’t anything significant. The reality is that we know that they matter far more than we could afford to admit!

That keep ‘em diminished so they keep coming back for scraps theory goes out the window because the way we relate to one another is based on self-respect and is fundamental to the whole experience.

So often we think about ‘The Matrix’ in broad and general terms that have apparently little to do with real life. It’s just that we didn’t realize what the Matrix of Fate is or why the merging of all timelines into the present moment is the necessary next step for us to ensure our own survival.

We must look at all of what presently exists and find what works, what does not, and what we can do to replace the options that may not work out for us as well as we originally thought. This is how progressive change takes place, one small change at at time.

Frequency nets often seem larger than life because they bring the whole storm in with the cloud they roll into our lives on. It serves us to keep in mind that that every emotion has whole storylines that go with it, waiting to be acted out or released. If we do not express it then we often impress it into our subconscious for later reenactment. I’m going to suggest that learning how to move through the emotional spectrum more comfortably will be a huge asset to your journey.

CAPS is significant for another reason and has to do with how we have all been capitalized on for the sake of ’the man’ and at humanity’s expense. We can get into the forms of capitalization that have limited us to a legal fiction that has outlived its purpose for being created in the first place, and we will also use the opportunity to mention DOG-LATIN and the mixing of jurisdiction when two or more languages are said to be noticed sharing the same page. A claim for territory is always presupposed and so it is us who must get better at noticing where we are holding our position for good reason and go from there.

A gestalt, paradigm or other thought pattern, operate in a similar way because the idea then becomes the metaphoric lid on our ability to expand or express ourselves. We wish to be interpreted and normalize the concept of ‘frequency nets’ in general which will be a service to the masses who might register the idea of assigning values to the energies in motion that we have a responsibility to move in order to assist our INNER & outer transformation.

Individual Needs Necessitate Emotional Resilience, Resonance, and Respect while outer transformation is when rubber really meets the road of personal growth and development.

Frequency nets are the energetics we embody emotionally until we express or expel that energy from the body.

Learning to work with the Emotional High Rise of Awareness alongside the Active Choice Point theories that were shared in my first book FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW”, is key.

The next part of the puzzle is “Leveling the Playing Field” by introducing the “Ode to L’auralease” that I published to Udemy on June 5, 2024 and will soon be offering a MASTERmind based on too.

The frequency net sailing this ship is one of possibility and unbridled potential and the real golden thread weaving timelines together is community and the common unity we have a shared desire for.

Laura has a meetup group! If you’re interested, click here to see what it’s about and join if  your so inclined:

This call should last 60 minutes to a max of 90 minutes. Jot down your questions or type them in all caps in the chat to make them easy for the speaker or moderator to find. If you prefer to speak, wait till an appropriate time to raise your hand when she is done speaking and we’ll call on you.

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Thank you very much and we hope to see you there!

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