Justin Deschamps: Discerning and Analyzing Claims in a World Full of Deception

In this episode with Justin Deschamps recorded on the 23rd of September 2019, we had a conversation about discerning truth and validating claims. We discuss Groupthink as a serious problem for our world. Herd mentality is challenging to overcome because, psychologically, we’re hardwired for social attachment and acceptance. The powers that be know that if … Read more

Power to the Corporation! Run CEO’s for Office

By Jim VandeHei CEO/Co-Founder of Axios; Former CEO/Co-Founder of Politico   The Business Roundtable today made a small, symbolic but significant move: 181 of the nation’s top CEOs agreed that driving shareholder value is no longer their sole business objective. Why this matters: They expanded their mission beyond mere wealth creation to include everything from taking … Read more

Truth About Power

By Melinda Siebold Some think that power comes from sitting at the head of a conference table presiding over a corporate board. They survey all they have ‘built’ and find false pride. They take credit for work done by others – even though they are incapable of doing any facet of that work themselves. They … Read more

Kevin Annett Interview: Pope & Ritual Sacrifice Exposer Seeks Reformation of Church

In this interview recorded in late April, we discuss with author and whistle-blower Kevin Annett ongoing investigations into corruption in the Roman Catholic church, status of the Pope and church revelations, historical abuse and murder of Native Indian school children, the Junipero Serra subjugation during the mission period. We look for solutions and conceive a … Read more

Join Our Event Webinar Sat, Feb 23

Dear Prepare for Change Members, A lot of information is circulating and the new energies are creating activity among many, so we think it’s a good time to offer a webinar to provide information about the Event, as we understand it from our sources. Sharing information that gives us a deeper perspective is a primary … Read more

Malawi Orphanage Update – January 2019

New Year Affirms New Spirit and New Calls for Assistance Our orphanage in Malawi celebrated New Years with renewed hope and smiles as they danced and sang together as a group rattling the walls of their village gathering hall. While there’s plenty of things that are needed at Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi, good spirits … Read more