Congress and Disclosure need our help. Contact your Representatives to protect UFO/UAP whistleblowers – a calculation

By Gerry Gomez

Dr. Steven Greer has an important message for Americans and humanity. Since the US congressional UFO hearings in July which Dr. Greer played an important role behind the scenes by briefing three Congressmen and having met two of the three witnesses, he helped set the tone of the questioning. Given the results of the hearing and the high profile/spotlight on UAP and UFOs, security concerns to the planet, and the possibility of extraterrestrials, Dr. Greer finds himself in the middle of the whole hot topic.

With his disclosure project, Greer has been revealing and debriefing government officials, including presidents for the past 30 years. I met him briefly in 2018 at Contact in the Desert. With a critical eye, we know that he had met with Laurence Rockefeller along with Linda Moulton Howe in 1993, which I’ve previously reported.

However, he has been running CSETI and CE5 protocols that bring about interaction with UFOs for decades, and he has been actively running disclosure hearings for years, most recently this year on June 23.


Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI): CSETI, founded by Dr. Steven Greer, conducts research on UFOs and claims to promote peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Though we may not know his ultimate intentions – he tends to be the “good cop” saying that extraterrestrials are benevolent, whereas Howe says they’re bad. Howe reported for years on cattle mutilations and alien abductions, which Greer says were done by black op programs. Greer does present information that can be used to a positive ultimate conclusion, if that information leads to transparency regarding UFOs.

Ultimately, we all need to get involved in the effort. This requires waking up more people to the presence of extraterrestrials. And we can do this the easy way – through more revelations and support, or we can do it the hard way – through the fake alien invasion agenda.

Greer’s new plea – carpe diem

Greer in a recent push has made it his mission to ask Americans to write their Congress person and demand two things:

To urge Congress to create a Select Committee with Subpeona power for full disclosure of UAP issue.


To support extensive whistleblower protections for the UFO/UAP issue


Given the recent momentum of the hearings which also largely affect financial oversight, waste, and order of power, there are bills circulating in DC which could include protections for UFO/UAP whistleblowers. Many whistleblowers do not come forward due to persecution, ridicule, loss of wages, loss of status, loss of benefits, loss of their positions in government or military.

Dr. Greer speaks of all of this in this video presentation. He also is a very important figure because he is at the intersection of Congress, government, black op programs, military, research programs, extraterrestrials, and the public. What Dr. Greer is asking for is that the public put pressure on the newly awakened Congress. If you remember the hearings there were Congress people like Tim Burchette (R-Tenn.), Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) who made the claim that they went to Everton Air Force Base – a black operation site – and were denied entry.

We’re wasting a shit ton of money on black ops and secret governments

Dr. Greer explains that going to a black op site will be completely ineffective without police backing (I’d assume military muscle and an enforceable order) and the will of the judicial system or the military or police enforcement arm to actually enforce laws prohibiting black op programs. He also denotes a difference between black ops programs and deep black op programs and who gets read into these programs.

“Deep black ops” programs would be those kinds that are off ledger all-together or in the realms that Gary McKinnon found when he reported on documents he found hacking NASA in 2002. His hack noted payments and funding to non-terrestrial officers and it was also the first time the Solar Warden project name was mentioned. McKinnon would be just the kind of person who needs whistleblower protection – hacker protection would be another distinction.

Corey Goode refers to these programs as the ICC or Interplanetary Corporate Conglomeration. You’ll never find this incorporated anyplace, except maybe in the Akashic records, or the Hall of Records, or with the Office of the Guardian, or the archivist that Kim Goguen speaks about.

If we recall that on his departure speech in 1961 President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex being a secret black hole or opportunity for secret operations. He expressed the fear, that opportunity is there to funnel all kinds of money into black ops.

The shadow government was called out by then Senator Daniel Inouye in 1987 as Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition which held hearings on the Iran-Contra affair. The Senator of Hawaii discussed the private government who held a private police force, private military, private air force existed behind the scenes.

These public revelations of a secretive government or cartel illustrates along with trillions of dollars of debt burdened on individuals over the years, the operating hydra that requires trillions of dollars to operate. Remember Defense Secretary Rumsfield‘s admission of $2.3 trillion missing prior to 911.

NASA and Mexico getting into the act

What I find interesting about Dr. Greer coming out right now and the reporting that I have sustained recently at Naradimshift is a merging of narratives. After the US Congressional hearings, I felt compelled to pick up my coverage of the topic, as it’s really setting a new course in history. My guides also made themselves clear with nudges to report on this. The hearings were the seed to grow the tree. Of course Monday the Mexican mummified aliens were presented, but also yesterday was the debriefing from NASA about their findings concerning UAPs.

Two major things came out of NASA‘s announcement in the positive.

1.    NASA Administrator Bill Nelson admitted up to 1 trillion earth like planet scenarios exist that could sustain life similar to ours. Consider this life third density type of life. That’s a pretty big admission.

2.    The second admission was about the website which is a Pentagon run website that they will use to document reported UFO sightings. As such that website released 8 official DoD videos, which are the limited-disclosure Tik Tac kinds of imagery. I had read a report that there’s 1000 images released by the Pentagon, but I didn’t see these there. I will go into this little bit deeper overtime and see if this is a repository of disclosure or not.

Here’s a good summary of the whole NASA report:

NASA announced Thursday that it has appointed its first-ever director of UFOs, stressing that they’ve yet to find proof of alien spacecraft — while conceding they still have no idea what the mysterious objects actually are.

The space agency released the findings of a yearlong independent study in UFOs Thursday in a 33-page report and cautioned that the negative perception surrounding UFOs has long hindered their ability to collect data.

“The top takeaway from the study is that there is a lot more to learn,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said of UAPs, or “unidentified anomalous phenomenon.”

“The NASA independent study team did not find any evidence that UAP have an extraterrestrial origin.”

“But we don’t know what these UAP are,” he said.

“The mission of NASA is to find out the unknown … Whatever we find, we’re going to tell you.”

As you might note, the report was 33 pages, so they’re signaling that this is approved masonic or controlled info. Don’t ever expect something groundbreaking or useful for planetary liberation from NASA (Not a space agency).

Revelations create new opportunities for collaboration

What they do present though gives an opportunity for others to come in. In other words, they planted seeds that can be grown for those with eyes to see it. Those people are you and me.

I’d like to connect these threads with Kim Goguen and note that some recent work I’ve presented would ask that there would be more coordination between Goguen‘s team with other high-level sources that are out there. This week curiously Thomas Melville, US Deputy Director of the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) posted that they were looking to get in touch with Dr. Steven Greer.

I support this idea given Dr. Greer very specifically asked for help in providing access to the black programs facilities. He also described many conversations that he’s had with black ops operators and military personnel who feel trapped within the system behind lines.

Dr. Greer has also asked for $100 million of investment – which he is trying to get commitments to – that he would be able to set up a research facility to look into the technologies that they are aware of from black ops. If Kim has the access that she claims and if Dr. Greer’s people get together some positive results can come out of it. Dr. Greer is putting together a legal team to defend whistleblowers and protect them in their coming out as well.

Open the floodgates!

If legislation does go through that protects whistleblowers, then we possibly could see a lot more people coming out. That why is this important. It’ll provide the “proof” that naysayers are so quick to point out.

This is important because after the Mexico stunt and the NASA report that are both easily setbacks to the new interest in the serious nature of UFOs and UAPs. There’s obviously competing factions at war here: those that are supporting a disclosure and those secret government factions that stand to lose their cover. Hence, the battlefield is seeing attacks on the information that has been coming out.

Readers of this blog would note that there are sightings all over the place. From the information of Benjamin Fulford and others, the leaked videos of UFOs are designed to create the opportunity for the fake alien invasion and project blue beam type operations.

War of the Worlds – the 1938 psyop

Think of it this way: Dr. Greer also mentioned the War of the Worlds radio broadcast of 1938. If we remember how many people literally panicked and soiled their britches during the famous Orson Welles radio drama, that a similar type of psyop is being coordinated now as the pieces of the board are getting put into position.

This we know of as the false alien invasion scenario, where people will go crazy. This would be the problem and reaction in the Hegelian dialectic.

We remember that Dr. Werner von Braun said the last tool that the rulers of the world is the fake alien invasion. Unleash that operation and you’ll achieve the third phase of the Hegelian dialectic: Solution. The solution would be one world government under a unified planetary military force. But even without an invasion, the “threat” of one, which is being primed is going to allow a huge military buildup. Where’s that money going to come from? Taxes. And new global digital currency.

A counter narrative

One could say that these revelations are leading towards this scenario and the awakened experiencer community would say that the extraterrestrial presence has always been here. Given that we are going through this shift of ages, or consciousness shift that we are on the cusp of learning we are not alone in the universe. Of course, the common theme there is that our cosmic cousins and neighbors are all helping us ascend and go through this cosmic cycle fueled by the sun.

It is important to get this information out and seeded that there will be a positive path for our planet and humanity, solar system, and local star cluster because this is a natural evolution point. We stand at the cusp of the great mystery which is the change that Prepare for Change has long spoken about.

Though we are in a galactic war involving our solar system and our planet, we are in a real war for assets and control of this planet in the 3rd density. As a correspondent of this war, it is my responsibility to report these threads and issues that are springing up in real time. Hopefully we grab the opportunity and make headway in our battle of planetary liberation and human empowerment. The opportunity is there.

Here is how to reach a Congress person or senator to urge them to support UFO/UAP whistleblower protections.


Now I haven’t always been an advocate of Dr. Greer, but war creates strange bedfellows. In a sense, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Our enemy is the hidden global government that is using nefarious actions to fund and keep their hold onto power which they derive from darkness. To shine a light on them, means setting aside some of our differences and exploring how we can work together for this greater good.

As we break down the walls and break out of the chains that bind us – largely mental chains and gag orders – we can quickly turn the ship around and chart the path toward the ultimate goal: planetary liberation and human empowerment.

It would be out of integrity to not try to assist this goal. With that comes the opportunity to use the inertia Dr. Greer has built up. We never really know exactly what this freedom or war looks like, or what crazy turns it’ll take. Dr. Greer mentioned a lucid dream that he had when he was in a desert environment and first contact was covered widely by the mainstream media. I suggest that this is an event that will happen in Sedona, Arizona. Perhaps in the next few years. There’s reports out there about this. Private contact is happening as well, so it’s not far off from my perspective.



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