Reverse Galileo, Force Fields & What Einstein Didn’t Know

Nuclear physicist and alien contactee Charles Hall maintains there exists in nature force fields which western science can easily duplicate, that could allow us to travel in space, even faster than light.  Reverse Galileo However, according to Hall we are living in a time that is exactly the opposite to how it was during the … Read moreReverse Galileo, Force Fields & What Einstein Didn’t Know

Top Two Technology Group Requests

Just a brief note to say that the top two Technology Group requests are to receive funding for new energy inventions and for distributing those. Those requests are both being addressed in the upcoming weeks and months, please watch the videos that follow, below.  Prepare For Change and  Portal 2012  have always had a close association with … Read moreTop Two Technology Group Requests

Water Power, Zero-Point Energy and the One People Absent Limits (O.P.A.L.) Tour

   In Water, Plasmoids and Zero-Point Energy, on Day 1 of the 2013 Global Breakthrough Energy Movement,  Moray B. King stated   “Unlimited energy is embedded in the fabric of space, fluctuating at a very high frequency with incredible energy densities.  It’s in our physics books. All we have to do is learn about what is actually … Read moreWater Power, Zero-Point Energy and the One People Absent Limits (O.P.A.L.) Tour

Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies

Free Energy Technology editor Sterling Allan, of Pure Energy Systems News ( provides a valuable service to humanity and very possibly the most comprehensive listing of unconventional energy technologies in this Directory: Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Best Exotic FE “Exotic” is a catch-word for clean, free energy technologies outside of conventional methods such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave, river. Notable subsections of Best Exotic … Read moreBest Exotic Clean Energy Technologies