Trump Does The Unthinkable

Liz Crokin is an extraordinary investigative journalist, staunch supporter of President Donald J. Trump, and HERO to the many thousands of children who have been rescued from sex trafficking worldwide. Liz wrote an article titled Trump Does The Unthinkable in 2016 because she was so disgusted at the lies the mainstream media & loud-mouthed celebrities … Read more

Election Reflections and an Open Letter to Donald Trump from Foster Gamble

{TZ here; Before introducing this article by Foster Gamble we at PFC would like to point out that the focus of our work at this time besides spreading information needs to be on the energetic transformation of things. We can do this by taking part in the weekly Ascension Meditation. This we have learned is … Read more

Rigged Election: HILLARY & TRUMP Caught Partying With Kissinger In Jesuit Gala

We have been very, very suspicious of Donald Trump since he began his political run. Many believed he was an outsider who was our “only hope” to tame the US federal government beast.  But it has become very clear he is not. First, Wikileaks showed that Killary herself actually approved Trump to be her competitor. … Read more

Pleiadian Situation Update ~ Cobra Update ~ October 17, 2016

 The Pleiadians are regaining territory inside our Solar System fast and have already recovered to the degree that is comparable to the situation in May 2016. The Sirian and Andromedan fleet was not affected so strongly by the events in September and early October and was able to hold their positions better. Every major setback … Read more

Cobra / Prepare for Change: September Interview

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Donald Trump – Why Aren’t You Killed Like Jeff Bradstreet Or Other Opponents Of Vaccinations?

Donald Trump – Why Aren’t You Killed Like Jeff Bradstreed Or Other Opponents Of Vaccinations Which Not Only Cause Autism But Also Aids And Ebola? (This article is dedicated to Jeff Bradstreet; written by Johan van Dongen) The above question is raised by me and many others, because recently in the United States of America, … Read more

10 Stories More Important Than Anything Donald Trump Said Last Week

Just remember if you do watch or listen to major media sites, beware of what you are being told.  This is especially true for the never-ending political bad mouthing campaigning distractions.  It’s all a distraction.  I’d like to thank for bringing us back to the issues being covered up. Click this link for the … Read more