Join Kim Goguen, Tank and Global Assembly Members from Life Force and Project Speak for an engaging and informative presentation about the current state of affairs. Kim outlines the structure of power control that has existed on the planet and how that is changing right now. She introduces a special guest, The Viking, who is a former insider turned whistleblower and Life Force member. In addition, they discuss the plan for humanity as we move forward through these challenging changes.


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Kim “Possible” Timeline

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  1. This is fantastic. Thank you! I’ve been wanted to understand the inter-connections better.
    Look at the web below to see ‘Societal Communities’ that are the next step for human freedom and fulfillment. The site contains 9 years of work, an on-line open source site, with all the information mirroring the site in 6 books available on
    Please see:

    Looking forward to a world for the people in the right way.

  2. ‘Jews For Hitler’ videos, explains King Solomon in detail, can be found on ‘Bitchute’ episode ‘Phoenica’ explains how 2 races mixed for commerce reasons, The Aryans & Phoenicians. Kim’s prejudice against blond hair & blued eyed people is troubling, these people are on the verge of extinction due to people as herself targeting them by means of genocide, namely through WW1 & WW2 & Holodomor in Ukraine & Bolshevik in Russia/USSR. In the century that just past, there was 100 Million Europeans that had been Genocide. What other race has been so well covered up of such atrocities against a people??

  3. Very informative – thank you all for the presentation, especially Kim. My goodness, what a tangled web has been woven….


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