Cobra Update – Peace Meditation and Budapest Ascension Conference Report

Posted: Monday, April 23, 2018 We had very little time to gather people for our Peace Meditation and the critical mass has not been reached, but the meditation still had a deep impact on the geopolitical situation in Syria, minimizing the effects of the military escalation on Friday April 13th ( a very important day … Read more

The REAL Occult Reason Behind The April 2018 Syria Missile Attacks

(Author’s Note – the most urgent need RIGHT NOW is to spread awareness of the meditation coming at the instant of the New Moon on April 15th-16th.  Here is the link to that post – and it can also be found on Prepare For Change as well: The rest of the text below can … Read more

April 15-16 Syria Peace Meditation Videos & Visual Assistance

On April 11th, 2018, Cobra posted an urgent request for a “Peace Meditation” regarding the situation in Syria: As of Friday, April 13th, the situation is reaching to a new climax as US has made a first strike on Damascus. Therefore, please join us on April 15th for a GLOBAL SYNCHRONIZED MEDITATION for … Read more

We All Need To Unite Against War in Syria, Regardless Of Ideology

Last night Fox’s Tucker Carlson did what may have been the most amazing thing that has ever happened on American television. As the drums of war beat louder than they have in years, Carlson stared right into the camera and did the exact opposite of what every mainstream US pundit is doing right now: he told … Read more

Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 08.17.2016

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Since mid-July, the concentration of toplet plasma bombs has fallen below a certain threshold which allows cracks in the Veil to appear. This means that plasma free of primary anomaly began to appear on the surface of the planet. This allows clearer vertical energetic communication with non-physical spiritual guides … Read more

Understanding the Proxy Galactic War in Syria – An Overview/ Where Ought Our Priorities Lie Now until The Event

A Very Short Historic Overview 25000 years ago dark Galactic forces quarantined Earth and took humanity hostage.  They created a virtual reality control system so that no one could escape. We have referred to this system as the Matrix and it’s still functioning to some extent but it is coming to an end very soon. On the surface of … Read more

Orwell’s Razor: All of 21WIRE’s predictions come true days after ‘Paris Attacks’

knowledge is power Orwell’s Razor: All of 21WIRE’s predictions come true days after ‘Paris Attacks’ NOVEMBER 18, 2015 BY 21WIRE 7 COMMENTS 21st Century Wire says… How predictable is the globalist imperial agenda? We are now witnessing the final stages of a long-term plan to induce another economic recession and erect a new high-tech police state throughout Europe … Read more