Posted: Monday, April 23, 2018

We had very little time to gather people for our Peace Meditation and the critical mass has not been reached, but the meditation still had a deep impact on the geopolitical situation in Syria, minimizing the effects of the military escalation on Friday April 13th ( a very important day on the Templar timeline), stabilizing the Syria goddess vortex and bringing more healing and peace to the region.

Deeper occult reasons for Syria conflict are explained here:

The REAL Occult Reason Behind The April 2018 Syria Missile Attacks

Now that this particular military escalation has failed, the Archon black nobility families / Knights of Malta / Jesuit forces behind Erik Price are trying to steer Trump into another military conflict in Syria:

It is interesting to note that most US troops in Syria are located in the northeastern corner of the country, which is the exact location of Hassuna-Samarra goddess vortex:

Situation in Syria is the battlefield of the last phase of the proxy war between Galactic Confederation / Pleiadian fleet supporting Putin and Assad, and Chimera / Draco forces supporting Erik Price and negative military factions in Saudi Arabia and US, with Donald Trump being caught in the middle:

This is as much as I can say now about the planetary situation on the surface of the planet.

Our Ascension Conference in Budapest was successful beyond our wildest dreams. We have secured the new positive timeline for the planet by activating the planetary Sisterhood of the Rose network on a totally new level. It is now of the highest importance to create as many physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups as possible. Those groups need to meet once weekly at a physical location and anchor Goddess energies into the planetary energy grid by doing both Goddess Vortex and Return of the Goddess meditations:

Successfully formed Sisterhood of the Rose groups can contact me at [email protected] and they will receive further instructions.

Sisterhood of the Rose rainbow graphic

Our conference has awakened many people, brought many members of soul families together and has anchored massive flow of energies of Love into the planetary energy grid. This experience has been deeply touching, as you can read in this report:

The powerful Goddess energies anchored during the conference may or may not be the reason Soros has decided to relocate his Open Society office from Budapest to Berlin just a few days after the conference:

Little does poor Soros know that Berlin is a powerful Goddess vortex as well, and he may need to relocate soon again. Berlin is also the location of one of the main European underground Resistance Movement bases that does have an influence on the surface space programs:

Since the death of Isis Astara, the Resistance has been working from behind the scenes to expose the existence of electromagnetic weapons, directed energy weapons and other weapons that are used by the Cabal to target the most awakened civilians, through the alternative media:

And now “accidentally” also through the mainstream mass media, such as Popular Mechanics and Russia Today:

Expect more exposure soon.

Now that the new positive timeline has been secured, I am open for interviews again. Please send your interview requests to [email protected]. All interviews will be conducted after May 25th.

Victory of the Light!



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  1. Thank you for all your important information. I felt initially very good about the Syria effort. I felt that it was a difficult achieved success. I also read elsewhere that it was a barely won effort there. This seemed to be true then. Later on I felt and saw the Dark take over again. Yet I kept clinging to the notion that somehow I was wrong, and all was well. Apparently I am still not comfortable enough in my own abilities. Even though the mass meditation is over I am still continuing my focus there. This is a war, after all, and even though this is not a traditional 3D war in the most part, it still possesses it’s uphill and down momentum shifts that ebb and flow. Let’s not forget this important focal point, as the days pass into the coming Event !

  2. Thankyou for the update. I believe that more false flags will be coming in Syria ( chemical attacks) as this will be used again to justify military action being used to remove Assad. One question: It has always been noted on this website that Trump is not one of the good guys but from the very powerful Jesuit faction. I wouldnt have described him as being stuck in the middle.

  3. Dear Cobra, I thank you for this information. We are all impatient for more as we strain and yearn so deeply for Liberation. As an empath I feel way too much as the darkness is getting darker in it’s desperation. So I understand people jumping out or freaking out. But, it seems a bit strident again toward you as our messenger………
    One thing is clear to me…this is the first conference since you lost your beloved. I feel this to be ever so bittersweet. Progress was made, but it must have been so empty without her there by your side.
    Your courage brings me to tears. I honor you, jeriAYA

  4. Sashwat pranam, namastey, salute dear Cobra, Thank you in gratitude and much much love , always , forever. Vcitory to the light.

  5. “Little does poor Soros know that Berlin is a powerful Goddess vortex as well, and he may need to relocate soon again.”

    So that could explain the disproportionate amount of probably colonial masjids in western Germany and a small amount of them in eastern Germany.

    Also, please consider sending the Germans, the German diaspora, and possibly any German you may know, perhaps personally, your highest love energy possible.

    For guidelines on that, consult this guide:


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