Tachyon Healing Powers, Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project & CRITICAL Mass Meditation announcement.

Tonight’s guest for healing … empowerment … & RE-ACTIVATION, Dr Joseph McNamara of Tachyon Counseling,  will go over important details about the crucial role tachyon particles play for healing, clearing & re-activation of our powers, building upon what he explained previously on Ground Crew Command Radio.

You’ll find out about:  

  • What tachyon particles do for your plasma, etheric, mental, emotional & physical bodies to bring you far closer to experiencing your real power.

  • Why the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project is so important to win the war for Gaia’s grids

  • How a visit to a tachyon chamber can activate you to live your soul purpose.

  • Testimonials of people who have healed their physical bodies after a visit to a tachyon chamber.

  • … and much more

And then in the 2nd hour news analysis segment:

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World Mass Meditation Shockwaves Still Felt. Doom33 STOPPED … Decoding Cobra Intel & The Revolutionary Chi ‘Machine’ for clearing & healing

Join us this Wednesday night at 9pm EST/EDT, the 19th of April, for another mind expanding (some say bending) … clarifying … but calming & empowering episode on the latest of not only world-events (as it relates to the secret war of planetary liberation)… but also the revolutionary Chi “Machine”.

Chi = The Life Force … of all manifestations of energy.

Has a brilliant, multi-award winning Chinese physics genius automated the clearing of negative chi (energetic blocks)?

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Hurricane Patricia – How Participation in Mass Meditations Can Make A Difference


Hurricane Patricia – How Participation in Mass Meditations Can Make A Difference

On the afternoon of Friday, October 23 one of the most powerful storms ever was bearing down on the Western coast of Mexico. I had just spent an hour or so posting Cobra’s blog post on the same day to as many Facebook pages as possible:


I was worried I would annoy people, but with one exception I was successfully able to post a link on many pages – some of which may have been relatively ‘new’ audiences. I do this during key meditations because it is a quick way to expose thousands of people to a concept without being too intrusive or disruptive, and to get the ‘viral’ momentum building such that it becomes self-sustaining.

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Pledge to Meditate Weekly for World Peace (Make This Viral!!!)

Avaaz Petition: Pledge to Meditate Weekly for World Peace (Make This Viral!!!!)

If you are willing to sign the above petition, please send an email or post the above link on Facebook to anyone whom you believe may be willing to participate.

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Saturday August 23 – Prayer For Peace (Make This Viral!)

(Many thanks to Judy Bowden for passing this on!)

Please send this viral through your social medias, websites, blogs, emails and to hosts of websites you frequent. 100,000 is the goal!

On Saturday, August 23, please join together to pray for peace to become dominion in our world – no more wars, no more pain and suffering.  That beauty, joy, health, abundance for all is our new reality. Hold the vision of purity and magnificence for Mother Earth. The heart’s electric field (EKG) is up to 100 times stronger than the brain’s EEG and the magnetic field is about 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field, and with thousand’s of us breathing life into our visions with focused heart centered emotion, the unified field of All That Is will respond!

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