With our meditation we have reached about 70% of the critical mass. Although all goals of the meditation have not been achieved, our accomplishments have been substantial.

The process of our meditation was reflected in these Gaia Portal messages:

Participants in the Ascension become aware

Explosive Light remedies are presented and applied to all Gaia conflicts

With our meditation, one aspect of the deadlock that holds Earth in quarantine status has been resolved. This has triggered a cascade of clearing sequences that will last for about a month. After that time, the situation will be evaluated and a new report given.

As a result of our meditation, most anomalous plasma and plasma toplet bombs in the Near Earth orbit have been cleared. Anomalous plasma with all remaining toplet bombs now tends to gravitate towards the surface.

The head of the Yaldabaoth entity is almost completely disintegrated, with lesser plasmoid entities in rapid disintegration also.

A few more layers of toplet bombs will be removed in the coming month.

When Mjolnir has touched the surface of the planet on March 8th, the Pleiadian feet has begun with surface clearing operations. Surface clearing operations have proven to be far more difficult than expected because in vast majority of cases, the surface population is not following their spiritual guidance.

People are not following their inner guidance because they have been programmed with selfishness Archon mind program. This program gives people a distorted understanding of Nash equilibrium. People incorrectly assume that the will be better off if they only take care of themselves and exclude all others. This creates a highly entropic society that is extremely difficult to predict, because chaotic free wills of surface individuals pose a n-body problem:


Since March, the Light Forces have developed much more efficient strategies and protocols to deal with the surface population and these will be implemented as soon as the critical mass of toplet bombs is removed.

The main occult secret that the dark forces were trying to hide is that they always had a planet where they tried to accumulate the highest amount of suffering possible and that planet served as the central point of the accretion vortex for the primary anomaly of the whole universe. This planet of suffering was in the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation until 1996 Archon invasion, and then the maximum focus of suffering was transferred to Earth and since 1996, Earth is at the central point of the primary anomaly accretion vortex for the universe.

Earth-based dark forces tried to redirect the primary dark plasma flux from Orion to our solar system and especially to planet Earth with the Nazi concentration camps pentagram of evil during World War 2, with nuclear explosions after World War 2, with trauma-based mind programming in underground military bases since 1960s, with Draco infiltration into our Solar system through the Solar Warden secret space program front also since 1960s, and were finally successful when they opened a dark wormhole portal between Earth and Rigel in early 1996 after the Rwanda genocide of 1994.

Since then, primary dark plasma and dark anomaly flux is flowing towards the surface of the Earth. The energy of Al Nilam stargate and the White Fire of AN is the antidote to this flux. For this reason, our meditation was successful in finally beginning to address the root of all evil and started the process of removing it from the universe forever.

Since our meditation, Galactic Command forces have started the next phase of the planetary liberation and now have a very strong presence in our Solar System that is relatively accurately described here:


Galactic Command forces in our Solar System are comprised of:

1.Jupiter Command, located in the outer Solar System beyond the asteroid belt with the primary purpose of processing all negative entities that get cleared from the Earth quarantine through the Ganymede sorting facility towards the Galactic Central Sun.

2. Ashtar Command, located in the inner Solar System with the primary purpose of liberating planet Earth.

3. Atlantis Command, about which nothing can be said.

Many years ago, Ashtar Command has given quite accurate guidance for the Ascension process through a channel named Eric Klein. Here are the recordings of those channeling sessions that were given to us trough a contact inside the Brotherhood of the Star:



The next few weeks will determine many details of the final intervention and liberation plan, and therefore you can sign this petition if you feel so guided, to make our voice heard:


Here are instructions for people in China how to sign the petition:


The Light Forces have requested to replace Weekly Ascension Meditation with our new Key to Freedom Meditation, as our new meditation is much more focused on the real issue and will have a much greater effect on the planetary liberation.

We will be doing this meditation each Sunday at 3 pm UTC. Instructions are here:


The Light Forces have communicated that there might (or might not) be a second planetary Key to Freedom mass meditation coming in a few months. We are hoping that the critical mass can be reached then.

Victory of the Light!


Source: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2018/08/key-to-freedom-meditation-report.html

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  1. So many times have been stated it is so confusing. I wish we would stick to one time. The 3:00 in London doesn’t tell me wht time that is in California. Please someone tell me if you know.

    • ” london 3:00pm ”
      ” Califonia 8:00am ”

      Type this in google and the time shall be shown to you.
      This works for any counties.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

  2. Thank you cobra. I feel like we are a part of the Light forces when we all meditate in order to help free up our planet. I feel much love for all when I meditate with you all.
    I will continue to focus on helping by meditating with everyone. Victory of the light!

  3. My Dear Cobra, 1,000 blessings be upon you. Your leadership and that of your late wife, Isis Astara, have touched my heart and spirit. I know and sense that we are close to the compression breakthrough. I hope to meet you one day and break bread and talk at great length. I was a military intelligence officer during the American War in Vietnam and my training has given me great insights to the war that is now ending with the removal of the final plasma toplet bombs and the releasing of the hostages (earthlings). I await further instructions with a joyous and open heart.

  4. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey , salute my dear Cobra, it was , is , the time and this time is ending as millions of us are together again , towards the “Mandira” the doors of heart , and the beauty and joy like a pilgrim , so close , we can feeling the heartbeat of each other so in love, the home inside is so in clarity , wisdom , care and love despite all the way of deception of this manifestation. Thank you from the core of my heart for the meditations and the enlightenment of knowledge and this is freedom we are all in , all of love and from love
    Victory to the light.
    Lots of love , hugs and kisses .

  5. of course I do not consent this planet to be a planet of sufference,nor any kind of negativity to come here from Orion or any other place of multiverse .Mother Earth doesn’t,too.And I do not consent any kind of attack on me or any other people related to me.

  6. I am so happy you reached 75 % and I think it is a marvellous idea to keep the meditation going and one day we must reach a point where a lot of the negativity will have gone.
    My question: Is the meditation every Sunday the same.
    I am confident to hear from you and thank you very, very much.
    Victory of the light will be with us. We are that we are and the Power is within us!
    Namaste !

  7. I’m still glad that there is important breakthrough with this though.

    I shall work hard in this mediation and become more open to others around me.

    May the LOVE be everyone always!


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