Richard GorrisPopular and controversial Author, Lecturer, and Radio talk-show host, Dr. Richard Gorris is the well-known nutrition authority and creator of numerous health products. From Oral Surgeon at the age of 25 to guest personality for such celebrities as Geraldo Rivera and Art Bell his amazing life has led many to regard him as the Indiana Jones of Health and Nutrition. Dr. Gorris globe-trotting lifestyle and maverick quest to educate others in safe natural and nutrition-based healing have made him a recognized authority on Herbal, Indian and Chinese medicine. Regularly appearing on National TV and radio he continues to educate others in health and nutrition while acting as spokesman and product developer for leading nutritional supplement companies.

Dr. Rich says his experience is From garden to gullet and from gullet to garden

  • Over 55 years experience in Organic gardening, Aloe vera, and miracles from the Beehive. Recognized as one of the leading authorities in the world on Medical and Dental, animal and human uses of aloe vera and beehive products.
  • Dental surgical practice
  • One of the pioneers in Weight Management without drugs and surgical intervention?using Nutrition and the ability of the Human Body to maintain itself.
  • College Professor?Life Sciences and Nutrition
  • Nutritional and Food Scientist/Product Formulator
  • Technical Consultant to Regional HAZMAT Firefighters
  • Author and Developer

Personal Interests and Projects

  • Studied Vitamin C since late 1950s with Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Ewan Cameron.
  • LA Zoo and Griffith Park Zoo – Veterinary Dentistry, Nutrition and Oral Surgery
  • Wild Animal Training Center – worked closely with movie industry and performing animals.
  • Executive Chef for the largest home in Lane County, Oregon.
  • Dedicated to working with Boys and Girls Clubs of America since 1972 and developed their model *Lifestyle Enhancement Program.

Dr. Richard Gorris Known for his passionate presentation, intense performance and quote: Health is Your Most Valuable Resource?Preserve It

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Part 1 – 11-01-15 Richard Gorris  Gateways to Youthfulness – Your Choice


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Part 2 – 11-15-15 Richard Gorris  Gateways to Youthfulness – Avoiding the “itis” Consequence


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  1. Hi Rich this is Della McHenry, wife of Jan McHenry. I have been looking for you for some time. Send me a email if you see this. Its been a long, long time.

  2. Are you saying doc G past?
    I wondered why I hadn’t heard from him in a while and one of his phone numbers somebody else answered.
    He came and visited Us in Ohio.
    My condolences.

  3. Richard, I can’t believe I found you. Looks like you have led an amazing life. I haven’t listened or read anything about you yet but I wanted to say hi. I look forward to reading all about you. I just happen to be at my fathers house in Redding. He unfortunately passed away on March 24th leaving his 4th wife a widow. He would have been 93 in July. He led a very long fulfilling life. He worked until he was 90 years old. He had 4 wifes (not at the same time) and even flew on his 90th birthday.
    I live in Reedsport, OR and am retired from being a medical assistant. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I enjoy a peaceful life on the Oregon Coast. Well that’s about it for now. I look forward to hearing from you.


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