This article resonates well with my teachings on word magic. If you want to solve the riddle game of the Dark Forces and free your mind and soul from their matrix system, you need to study how word magic is used to cast spells on you. – Pao Chang


By Laurel Airica

So what do I mean by the secrets spells of the English Language?

Well let me share with you, what I call Our Premiere Life Sentence, and it goes something like this:

We awake each morning and go off during the week-daze to earn the living
At various Jobs and Undertakings, until we come to the Weak-end

And this seems perfectly acceptable to most people
However more people die between 6 to 9 on a Monday morning than any other time of the week

So I do what I call a Translation of the English Language
And I spell that T-R-A-N-C-E with the idea that words cast spells

So when you translate that life sentence you remember that:

A-Wake is a funeral party for the dead

Morning is a state you’re in when you attend A-Wake

And you would have to be in a Weak-Daze to earn the living
Since Earns are for the ashes of the dead

We call our Jobs undertakings
Job itself is a Hebrew word for ‘Persecuted’

And what we get at the end of this perverse bargain with life is the Weak-End of the deal
As we become progressively Weakened ourselves

And so our most prevalent greeting to each other is Hell-0
The reverse of which is 0-Hell

And at first I suspected the hands of collusion
Entangling the language to foster illusion

And I think it’s quite true that a culture’s Theology
Has a great deal to do with the word Etymology

And how it evolves over time
To combine incompatible meanings that may undermine the original thoughts it was meant to define.

But now, I don’t think it’s planned

For the thing that I found is that light concepts can gravitate toward the same sound
And vibrate at the rate that our thoughts designate

Because words are Electromagnetic vibrations
Who’s fine Alphabetic Tintinnabulation’s
Can take on the tint of our true Expectations

Which they then imprint on our Metal of Mind
Causing sounds to Adhere when they’re of the same kind.

Secret Spells of the English Language



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  1. It’s a scientific fact: http://www, The foundation of the meaning of every word in every language is encoded in its sounds. The meanings of the letters are archetypal in nature.

  2. I have experienced spells in a form of prayer.Words are indeed used as a form of casting spells.Lest we take cognizance of the power it creates,will unknowingly creates more bondages on our souls

  3. Oh: that’s really true , In the language specially English most of the times , it was so hard for me to assemble words properly as they resonate so much adversely and blunt . Hello is, O hell , these cabals , these dark souls has created so intense vibrations through these words and the educations of all lies. Thank you very very much for this outstanding information. Nmastey. Victory of light , love and peace forever more.

  4. oh man this is great timing – I just found a blog by a guy named Zachary Hubbard all about coding and gematria and this article is a perfect way to introduce it. I encourage everyone check out Zach’s blog – I think he is showing us something very important about our fictional world.
    there is a youtube channel as well


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