To innerstand what a birthday is really about, you need to study the legal definitions of the word birth and use the art of homophone to find other words related to the word birth. Furthermore, you need to study the occult (hidden) meanings of the birth certificate. After doing these things, you should come to the conclusion that a birthday is an event for celebrating the birth of a corpse, a dead baby or a still-born child.

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote titled The Law and You: How the Birth Certificate is Used to Take Away Your Natural Rights that explains why a birth certificate is a death certificate:

In my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words, I said that a birth certificate is actually a death certificate. Bill confirms this by saying that the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995 defines the word birth using these exact words: “includes a still-birth”. Here is a screenshot of the interpretation section of that registration act:

Picture of Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995

In the legal system, when the word include is used in an interpretation or definition, it excludes everything else that is not in that interpretation or definition. In other words, the phrase “includes a still-birth” means that it only includes a still-birth and nothing else. The “product” of a still-birth is a still-born child, which is a child incapable of living or dead. Therefore, the hidden meaning of a birth certificate is a certificate of a dead child or a death certificate.

By agreeing to sign a birth certificate/death certificate, your parents have agreed to turn you into a still-born child/dead child. A dead child does not have natural rights and cannot own property. This is why the government can take away your property and punish you for not paying taxes.

The Occult Meanings of the Words Birth, Ship and Vessel

Phonetically, the word birth sounds almost the same as the word berth. As a noun, the word berth is defined as “a shelflike sleeping space, as on a ship, airplane, or railroad car” or “the space allotted to a vessel at anchor or at a wharf”. As a verb, the word berth is defined as “to allot to (a vessel) a certain space at which to anchor or tie up” or “to bring to or install in a berth, anchorage, or moorage”.

Two words you need to pay attention to in the previous paragraph are ship and vessel. The word ship is defined as “a vessel, especially a large oceangoing one propelled by sails or engines”. As for the word vessel, it is defined as “a craft for traveling on water, now usually one larger than an ordinary rowboat; a ship or boat” or “a person regarded as a holder or receiver of something, especially something nonmaterial”.

Phonetically, the word vessel sounds almost exactly like the word vassal, which is defined as “(in the feudal system) a person granted the use of land, in return for rendering homage, fealty, and usually military service or its equivalent to a lord or other superior; feudal tenant” or “a servant or slave“.

The previous paragraph is an example of how the art of homophone is used to trick you to agree to be something you are not. This art of using words to trick you to do something is known as word magic. To learn more about word magic, read this informative and empowering article about words and magic spells.

To connect the dots, you are the ship/vessel/vassal that has been turned into a slave using the birth/berth certificate, which is a certificate of manifest used by the doctor to record the date of your birth/berth. To berth a ship/vessel is to secure it inside a dock. Phonetically, the word dock sounds like the word doc, which is the informal version of the word doctor. Hence, the word doctor/doc. The doctor’s job is to deliver the baby (ship/vessel) onto the dock/doc. This is why the room for birthing babies is called a delivery room. In other words, you (the baby) is a “product” of a ship/vessel/vassal.

Picture of a Ship, Moon and Fetus

All commercial ships are registered corporations. Every registered corporation has a name, which is used to identify the corporation. Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition defines the word name using these exact words: “The designation of an individual person, or of a firm or corporation“. How does this relate to you, you may ask? It relates to you because you have a name too. This name is recorded on your birth/berth certificate. To be more specific, the name on your birth/berth certificate is a legal name of a registered ship/vessel/corporation owned by the Crown of the Vatican.

Why a Citizen is a Member of a Ship

One important thing you need to know about corporations is that they are not limited to ships and names. In legal terms, governments can also be called corporations. Like governments, countries are corporations too. This is why the state of being a citizen of a “country” is called citizenship.

When you split the word citizenship into two words, it transforms into the words “citizen-ship”, meaning a “citizen of a ship”. At a deeper level, countries represent ships. This is why every country has a flag to represent its territory and identity, just like how a ship has a flag to represents its identity. Do you still need more evidence showing that countries represent ships?

For more evidence, let us investigate the occult (hidden) definitions of the word passport. defines the word passport using these exact words: “an official document issued by the government of a country to one of its citizens and, varying from country to country, authorizing travel to foreign countries and authenticating the bearer’s identity, citizenship, right to protection while abroad, and right to reenter his or her native country” or “a document issued to a ship, especially to a neutral merchant ship in time of war, granting or requesting permission to proceed without molestation in certain waters”.

To find the hidden definitions of the word passport, we need to split it into two words, transforming it into the words “pass-port”. The word pass is defined as “to move past; go by”. As for the word port, it is defined as “a city, town, or other place where ships load or unload” or “Law. any place where persons and merchandise are allowed to pass, by water or land, into and out of a country and where customs officers are stationed to inspect or appraise imported goods”.

To connect the dots, a passport is a document issued by a government that allows a person/vessel/vassal to pass a port, so that he can go into a country/ship. One of the reasons why you need a passport is because the government sees you as a slave. The evidence of this can be found in the definition of the word vassal. A slave is a person who has no natural rights. Because of this, he needs to ask permission to go into another country/ship. If he is granted permission, he will be given a permission slip by the government, which is known as a passport.

Let us turn our attention back to the relationship between a corporation and a country. A corporation is an artificial person and therefore is a dead entity. The word corporation can be abbreviated to the word corp. Phonetically, the word corp sounds like the word corpse, which is defined as “a dead body, usually of a human being”.

When you agree to be a citizen of a country/ship/vessel/corporation, you agree to owe allegiance to the DEAD! You also agree to support the dead and their legal system, which is a system that deals with artificial persons, also known as corporations/corps. To innerstand why the legal system deals with the dead, read my empowering article titled The Occult Definition of Mortgage: Why You Should Never Get a Mortgage.

Why a Birthday is a Magic Ritual for Celebrating the Birth of a Corpse

By now you should start to innerstand why a birthday is an event for celebrating the birth of a corpse, a dead baby or a still-born child. Every time you celebrate your birthday, you unknowingly consent to participate in a magic ritual for worshiping the dead. Furthermore, you unknowingly agree to be a dead person, which is a corporation/corp/corpse that has no natural rights. Without natural rights, the government can legally claim jurisdiction over your body and punish you for breaking its so-called laws.

The act of celebrating your birthday/”berthday” is evidence that you support the dead instead of the living. If you want more evidence of this, study the occult meaning of the word cake. To find the occult meaning of the word cake, you need to use a Latin dictionary to search for the Latin definition of the word placenta. In Latin, the word placenta means “cake” or “kind of flat cake“.

In English, the word placenta means “the organ in most mammals, formed in the lining of the uterus by the union of the uterine mucous membrane with the membranes of the fetus, that provides for the nourishment of the fetus and the elimination of its waste products”.

Picture of Placenta and Bloody Cake

Another evidence to back up my claim that a birthday is a day for celebrating the dead is candles. Why do you think you are taught to light candles and stick them on a cake during your birthday? It is because the cake is a symbol of the dead!

When it comes to a corpse, people light candles to guide the soul of the corpse through the darkness, so it can find its way home. Another reason why people light candles is to keep evil spirits away, so they cannot take possession of the corpse and reanimate it.

Pictures of Candles During a Memorial Service

When you light candles during your birthday ceremony and stick them on your birthday cake, your actions tell the Dark Forces that you CONSENT to be a participant of the birthday ceremony, which is a ritual for celebrating the dead.

Every time you eat a cake during your birthday, you unknowingly consent to energetically participate in cannibalism and eating a dead baby. Why is that you may ask? Because the cake represents the placenta, which is the afterbirth material. In their sick world of legal fictions, the afterbirth material can be defined as a still-born child, which is a child incapable of living or dead. It is all about using symbols and the power of words and numbers to trick you to agree to live in the land of the dead.




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  1. I feel like sharing a bit too here… I have chosen not to celebrate ‘my’ ‘birthday’ from the realization that I am truly an infinite being. That the ‘me’ in this is not the full me who I am and I have decided to live the I am (which is an ongoing process obviously). I have reclaimed my souvereignty by writing a decleration of souvereignty on the back of the form I used to apply for a passport. When the very friendly woman who received me asked me what it was I just told her this. And she accepted the form and I got the passport. Yes the story above is quite dark, and a bit intensified I’d say. It still may be the process… Yes focus on light and what you want to create… for me ‘the dark’ has somehow become a playmate, an inspiration to play…. Yes I left the tax system in The Netherlands, I was taken out with my address at least, 7 years ago and never heard from them again. Not by studying law…. I studied reality creation principles… And then I wondered: “How am I creating the tax system?” So I wrote ‘them’ a letter and send it to… myself! I received the letter, read it, acknowledged that all that I had written was reflecting me something I was doing myself, changed this in half a year, then wrote my letter to them… and was taken out. Universal creation principles apply everywHere. I just didn’t create this relationship anymore. Similarly I solved 23.500 Euros of debt (all with ‘natural persons’) by using Ho’oponopono. It was all forGiven without paying. So to me ‘The System’ has become an inspiration to step up, to be inspired in wHere I still can grow. I actually also lived a rich life without money for five years. This got me into system integration and transformation. So we can use all of this as conscious creators who have been exploring the non self and make a conscious choice again. I love celebrating life and my existence whenever I feel like this.

  2. Buying a shirt is so far from celebrating the joyous day that you were born onto this earth to fulfill your purpose. To joyously celebrate the day that you were brought into this world (as I said before) because you have a purpose and your life has meaning. I cannot see in my deepest thoughts how that would be a satanic ritual. I know in my heart my birthday deserves to be celebrated. For there is a reason I was born to this earth. I have a purpose and there is meaning to this life even if not revealed to me presently. Look to the light and not to the dark. Spread more love and less dark evil thoughts and then see how THAT feels. I beg you, seriously, don’t buy into this crap.

  3. What is the “real” meaning of the word “death” or “Satanic” or “Ritual”

    If re-defining (or making up) the meanings of words, then you can’t use “words” to re-define. Some of us take these things a little too far. Did you really write or (is it right) a seriously long email “with words” that you are saying have a satanic meaning? What about the “words” you used? Satanic? Do they have an “angelic” meaning? I am all about the “change” and the event that will take place. But I’m not sure I want anyone like you teaching me the meaning of words! It’s people like you that make “my world” a scary place. Lighten up. Celebrate Life! Celebrate the day you came into this world because you have a purpose! Celebrate your “Birth Day”! Instead of spending “research” time to look up these “CooCoo” results, spend your time giving love and good will! I can only imagine where you got those peoples organs to make a cake! GEEEEEEEZE!

    • Virginia Johns, apart from the fact that this article isn’t written by Edward Morgan but by someone else (it’s annoying that the author’s name isn’t displayed at the start) I think I can follow your argumentation insofar you don’t want the meaning of words explained to you by others. I agree with you that one can go too far in between the beanstalks and become the beans.

      I felt the same sensations like you, when I was reading this article and also I can’t go with the advise to not celebrate one’s birthday. I’m sure that when positive and high spirits organise a joyful birthday that nothing is wrong with it. It’s after all what we make of it and give meaning to. The cake is of course a dark humorous joke, sort of Halloween style, you shouldn’t make too much of that, I suggest. We’re no cannibals here 😉

  4. This is only valid if you allow it to be valid energetically. Paper means nothing. Nullify any and all prior contracts with dark forces known or unknown and you’ll be fine. Don’t over dramatize.

  5. While I find the above very interesting, I wonder a bit about the poetic license used to exchange vessel for vassal. Also, other mammals eat the placenta as it is both rich in hormones and nutrients which help bring on milk for the infant. While this is not usual in our cullture.,some Humans also do this and for the same reasons. Not really sure that I’m a slave.

    • In Holland there’s a group of people who’ve called themselves “reclaim your name”
      I’m sure you will find it with the help of friend Google, there’s a procedure that you can follow
      and as a result you’re declared sovereign. Some people combine their reclaimed freedom with
      a refusal to pay taxes, but that’s quite a wild ride, requiring study of law and regulations,
      plus the ability to present a strong argument, as you may imagine. I know one person who I’ve
      met in real life, living more than 10 years without paying taxes, in Holland. I suggest, explore and
      find what serves you, okay?

      The video included is an explanation of the nature of our birthcertificate
      used to make profit, in the stockmarket of New York, offered by our knowledgable Jordan Maxwell.

  6. Yes, I it was felt , always like a person really dead almost invisible if say ‘No” to the dark manifestation and if there is any condition in you of love and kindness and that the most unbearable for them, so then ultimately get extortioned in every level they are until they enjoy killing the soul. Thank you . Victory of the light love and peace forever more. Namastey

    • Yes, you must legally reclaim your sovereignty as a free & individual soul from the “Source/ONE Creator” through a “common Law Court”. You need to do your own research within the “Common Law” system.

  7. Its so crazy im starting to get afraid, but still I always didnt like celebrating my birthday, like wtf if I was in cloned body it wouldnt matter at all, i dont celebrate date of buying favorite shirts i wear them instead.


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