Cosmic abandonment

Physical, Mental, Emotional Imprisonment

I was imprisoned my entire life. As a child I was trained in the underground bases and taken all over the world to experience and sometimes live with remote societies as well as sometimes breakaway civilizations.

We have seen battle, contact, exploration, great travel, soul journey, death, and self-discovery.

The Dawning Of The Truth

At first, for many years, I thought there was such joy to be found but also that I and the others were imprisoned by these military faction who sought to control the world so they can drive the innocent into the dirt pushing their faces into the ground as they struggle into obscurity.

When I grew into my teens my earlier suspicion that there was more to that story was beginning to come to light. The people I met in school and various aspects of this society were anything but appreciative of their calm and easy lives.

A Slave Surface-Level Population

Everything is taken for granted, from health to family to the technology that is used on the surface to prolong life and make tasks easier. The greatest tools are used to solve the ultimate problem of “boredom”. Boredom in a society that is be purged of all innocence and ignorance. That doesn’t exist.

First ignorance is built up, then it is purged.

I realized, as I grew, that I was most hurt by people on the surface. I was most emotionally damaged by those who pretended to be who they wanted you to think they were.

Who’s Who

These are people who are truly products of their environment. There is no forethought or afterthought to their existence. Everything “just is”, but not in the Zen sense of being accepting of everything, even the darkness. This was in a sense where they couldn’t be arsed to deal with something if it wasn’t pre-packaged with bright colors and flavored to their liking. If it wasn’t half-way done for them, then it wasn’t worth doing.

Spiritual Laziness…or Blindness?

If it caused them any form of emotional, mental, or physical discomfort, then there must be an easier path to be found that would offer near instantaneous gratification without so much as having to build new muscle, experience undesirable emotional sense, or re-organize a neural-network. As long as they wouldn’t immediately die as a direct result of the outcome of avoiding the challenge to know themselves, their reality, or those around them, they would avoid all at costs.

This was the way of the Earth Human circa 2000. There has never been a time like this in history.

A Society In Downfall

I slowly began to realize that the teachers, the bosses, the peers, the social pressure, the public places and the toxic foods and products that were found there, those are the carries of the plague of Earth and this is not without good cause.

The truth dawned on me that while learning to accept harsh realities of alternate methods of taming the mind was difficult by definition, that I had never known torture greater than living in a world where everyone is seemingly asleep while they are awake.

Zombie Land

Imagine going around trying to shake people awake, physically shaking them by the shoulders and only getting blank stares in response as they walk off into the distance mumbling about some mental input that they had received from some form of technology or authority that had coated their mind stripping away the essence of what it means to be alive and unique.

Imagine waking up to that one day, with no other place to go, no way to get as far away as possible, and no way to rationalize what had happened.

This civilization has jumped timelines more than once.


The truth dawned on me that the major sources of my pain were in the early youth from earlier conditioning scenarios and from the continual pain of having to know what I learned about the mind and reality while everyone on the surface is content with simply being told what to think, how to feel, and why to exist. People live for a cause, and most people live to serve the cause they are indoctrinated with.

Most people would say that I am the one indoctrinated, but I do not fear what those people fear and what they do fear I see from a different perspective, a perspective that offers me self-empowerment and the ability to see my place in the universe.

Difficulty In Knowing

I feel continually appreciative knowing my place and there are bouts of extreme denial or insecurity, yet this is inconsistent in comparison to the knowledge of what I have seen as self-empowering by default and in reference to the alternative. That is, the alternative where people do not know why they are alive except to gather materials and status in a world of people who are equally confused and frightened of what may be out there to be discovered (or in here).

Truthfully, the trauma in this world is not any secret, oppressive control system, it is people’s willingness to follow the illusion of power as if this is the true power of the self, to buy from and sell to the lowest bidder of possibilities, and to accept for themselves and role where they have to try the least to receive the least in return. All quantity, ever reducing quality. Can you see where that leads?

Society’s Struggle

So the truth may be hard to bear, but regardless of what any plans are to change the world, THAT problem is NOT going away on its own and the people MUST change if this civilization is to continue existing in any format.

So the harsh truth is that these various factions saved us and every other person out there that has been involved even though there is not a clear line outline of who is who and, what and why this is happening. Sure, there are some wayward events and agendas but that is not the entire situation.

Behind The Curtain

For the record, these people generate your society and your future for you, because people lost the ability to do so a long time ago as a result of experimentation related to “time wars” or what was referred to in the bases and in other colonies as “the electric wars”. Another name is “the 1000 years war”.

Yes, these people influence your daily news, who you see and watch on TV and in the movies, what you read and where, how you think and what you fear. These people are related to the original society and the original civilization and there is so much more than can be said without completely confusing you because this goes into other civilizations and ultimately the true nature of reality which is that humans are not humans.

The Mind-Virus Awakened

Whatever the case, the idea is that people on the surface are infected with a disease that makes them destroy their own civilization while listening to music, ignoring all attempts to bring them to focus, while talking on the phone and taking pictures at the same time. That is the most traumatizing scenario everyone in the bases has ever seen. Oh and if you entangle with them, they’ll try to eat your soul and convert you into a zombie without ‘time-gate’ access to ever leave this place.

Your ticket into the real is by remaining true to yourself and ultimately fighting your way out of the BS by ignoring it until you know how to convert it into knowledge. These people know how to pass knowledge and seemingly generate knowledge but this is impossible. We found that knowledge exist within a person once they are born and this must be unveiled through the trials of tempering the human soul.



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  1. Afortunately The Event comming soon, now we only need to encrese our frecuency of vibration to be not continious to remain trapped in the matrix. The tools I use for it, is which Saint Germain teach to humanity and we need to enfold us every day in big flame of Violet Flame.

  2. This is the hardest time in human history, this time is harder than any of the ascended masters had to go through before on this planet because this is 2017 and technology is growing and the amount of distractions out there is now is a lot different that it was 40 years ago let alone 2000 years ago, it’s been stack that way. So those that are awakened now give your self’s a pat on the back because they can’t fool us any more and our numbers are growing by the day so don’t be to hard on the ones that are still asleep to day, send them all the love you can when doing your meditation to help lift the dark vail which they are under. When I joined this group last year there was only 3,645 now there are 10,000
    of light works.

  3. For the first time, I am in agreement 100% with Mr Morgan’s post, well put, particularly the last line, thank you for taking the time to write it. I know some, won’t get it but, that is, the message here, it is the reality breaking thru the veil, that comes by experience of the worst this world has to offer and seeing ‘the light’. Often, I’ve found, the most awakened people, are those that have had the hardest or most ‘complex’ lives the ones with long storiies to tell of their life experiences. On the other hand, the ‘zombies’ are the one’s with what, those of us that are awakened, could call, ‘easy lives’ be thst by wealth or privilege or just ‘simple lives’. I believe the only way to awaken these, is by ‘the Event’ a real shock to their psyche, must come, to shake people frim their trance because these people cannot ordinarily live by circumstance (though they might believe they have had) the real, hardships, physically, emotionally, psychologicslly, that those of us that see the matrix (even if in an albeit varying degrees) see. Again, well put, thank you.

  4. it is somewhat unclear as to the “bottom line” message here. Much talk about the misalignment of human soul yet not much in the form of a clear definition or way of liberation. aug, i have read better essays from you. thank you for your efforts

    • If I may give a little point of view of mine, peterpansblog. The real key in all this change and shift of the ages, is in the realisation that we are the living change, the living shift of the ages. We’re living it right now. No one has a manual for this. It’s a journey within, that needs to be chosen by each of us and also the highway or byway manner. There is no other way if we’re excersizing our free will, see? You’re holding the answer to your liberation within your own heart, your own soul. Celebrate it, for it’s yours 😉


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