Knowing the difference between the words lawful and legal can one day free your mind and soul from the illusion of the Matrix. The word lawful is related to Natural Law (God’s Law). It is used to communicate things of substance. As for the word legal, it is related to laws created by man and is used to communicate things of form.

In simpler terms, something that is lawful is of substance so it is real. On other hand, something that is legal is of form so it appears to be real. In other words, the word legal deals with fictional things. A fictional thing is not real and therefore it is DEAD.

One of the ways they secretly tell you that you are playing a role of a dead character is the all caps name. Hence, the name in all caps on tombstones. You can find the all caps name on government documents, such as a state-issued ID. For more information about the all caps name, read my empowering article titled The Legal Name Game to Enslave Your Soul.

If you agree to participate in the legal system, you also agree to be a dead person, and therefore you have no natural rights.  – Pao Chang

What is legal is of “form”, what is lawful is of “substance” (Blacks Law 1st Edition).

That which is legal has been formed by man. A legal entity has been formed by man. That which is lawful is of substance/essence and is a creation of God. A lawful man is of substance/essence.

Natural Person: Any human being who as such is a legal entity ….. (Amon v. Moreschi, 296 N.Y. 395, 73 N.E.2d 716.” Max Radin, Radin’s Law Dictionary (1955), p. 216).

What is legal is of “form”… therefore a “legal entity” is an entity of form.
Since “any human being who as such is a legal entity“,  a human being is of form as well.

Human. Of the form and characteristics of man. (From Ballentine’s Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition).

Form. The antithesis of substance; the appearance or superficial aspect rather than the substance or the essence. (Ballentine’s Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition).

Natural Person = human being = legal entity

Legal entities are a conception of man; they are known in legalese as legal fictions.

The creation of a civil or legal person out of a thing, the investure of a chattel with toga civillis, may be an achievement of the imperial power, but it is beyond the compass of an American congress. Congress must first emancipate the slave, before it can endow him with the rights of a citizen under the constitution, or impose upon him the responsibilities of a legal person, or compel him to pay money, or part with liberty. United States v. Amy, 24 Fed.Cas.792, 794 #14,445 (1859).

The creation of a legal person also creates responsibilities and liabilities for this new legal person… responsibilities and liabilities due to a nation/country, which is also a legal entity.

Legal is defined as”the “undoing of God’s law” (1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica, a dictionary of arts, sciences and general literature / The R.S Peale 9th 1893).

James 4:12 There is one lawgiver, who can save and destroy: who art thou that judgest another.

Ecclesiastes 1:15 That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.

A fiction and a lie can never be a reality and a truth. That which is empty cannot be measured or counted.

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  1. three little phrases:
    no consent,
    no jurisdiction,
    the CORPORATION known as the UNITED STATED, makes all Americans sick, this thing has caused all of the people of Gods green earth to fight with each other, over rules and regulations pre-engineered for fictions, not real people, did it without full disclosure to us, which makes everything they do null and void, all of god’s people need to stand together and defend the rights of each and everyone of god’s people, god knows his hand is changing his earth back, he uses all of us for what he needs done, when god breathes life into all of us he puts the holy spirit into us as a helper, god did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love, power and self-disciplen, so it’s ok to call stupid people that believe they have more rights that any other man woman child
    men who think themselves wise will become fools, the B.A.R. associate members are to blame and are the same CORPORATION as the I. R. S. the good news god is in charge pay attention, his is cleaning the earth of many bad people, many will not be allowed to live, by 2019 the news should be coming out but do not depend on main stream media to tell the truth go onto youtube independent reporting
    go to anna von reitz she knows and explains things so you can comprehend it and she outlines exactly needs to be done to secure your self, god has shown me a lot but what has been done to all of the people of god’s green earth is personage-buggery done ungodly, unlawfully and illegally, the law of creation is you are responsible for what you create, they are responsible for their actions against humanity refer to DOG-LATIN, anyone doing such things can be taken out back and hung or coming onto your private property uninvited threading you can be killed lawfully, all police are by-law/legal enforcement, they do not have any authority over any man or woman created in the image of god
    motor vehicle- is an electrical vehicle-a rail road vehicle, people travel do not drive, we have been lied to about everything, things are changing, when you see the military tribunals start do not be afraid these are for the bad people not the good people

  2. I’m with you there and would also like to know how to do this in the NZ context – assuming the situation here is the same as in the USA which the article seems to be focused on . Anyone????

  3. This is terrific and makes very specific legal arguments in part. However, knowing these facts and doing something about them ie; Doing away with your legal (All Caps Named) “Strawman” or Legal Entity and claiming your human rights under God, in the eyes of the Legal Corporate Entity US or any other state, EXACTLY how does one achieve this in step by step definition. Its fact that these elites, obviously have done this, the Clintons visiting various states as an example have been reported to seriously break the legal state laws, and yet if pulled over by police go away wothout ticket, as do many elites breakng state legal statutes. They then, must be exempt from prosecution. So somehow, they have a heived this, how do we the people also acheive this in step by step legal instruction to end our own dead corporate entity we were born into and assigned without our permission or even knowledge, and assume our status as free people under God?

    I wish someone could answer this question, very specifically.

    • First of all, Free people everywhere, there’s no compact manual with steps to be taken, which you hope someone can offer you. It’s a trailblazing process and still relatively young. I’ve studied it briefly about 10 years ago, but chose to take my own steps towards living in sovereignty as far as I could succeed. If I lived in the US, I could’ve become a wild witchy women with long flying hair, foraging food in nature, hopefully near the sea too, fishing and pottering about in a comfortable large cave, with a tame wolf and talking with the ravens.

      I’ve told my siblings and friends in Holland, when I left that frog-pond “Please, if you find I’m lost in the database of addresses, imagine me living at the seaside in the UK, dressed in a selfspun woolen outfit with a seaweed tutu, chatting with the beach-combers, enjoying a cup of coffee with a lonely tourist, at times, sharing the latest news lol

      People with a mind of their own, all over the world, try to find out how to restore sovereignty. In many different ways. Some go live in the wilderness, alone with nature, disappearing from the radar. Like me in my seaweed tutu, ha ha. For sure I’ll be a local character, when I stay in one place long enough. And make the kids laugh.

      Some people go through extensive reading of the laws and study all the regulations, in order to understand and argue in effective ways with the taxman at the door or the judge in court, when matters grow too serious.

      Information is spread out in bits and bops, nuts and bolts, on the internet. It’s the choice of terms you type in when using Google as a friend. Here are a couple of suggestions Freeman Society, Claim your Name, Reclaim sovereignty.

      Here’s Menard, the chairman of the US Freeman Society in a short interview with US news readers:

      And here’s more about the impact of your birth certificate and the value that is given to your existence on planet Earth. Expressed in money.

      I hope that’s a little step to where you want to look into, good luck!

      • Thanks for your thoughts, visions, and info. Some of us, unfortunately cannot go live in the wilderness as you describe, though personally I am about as close as I can get geographically (in he wilds of northern WI.), considering age, health and family ties…(but yes I like to envision myself in a cave or a treehouse a hundred feet in the air, chatting with the squirrels and animals -which I do here anyway :-). I have read much of the ‘Sovereigns’ information and other bits and pieces out there, Which is why I’d just hoped there was someone in the US whom had gone through the legal process that could give very specifics. Otherwise it all seems just wishful thinking from what I have read, unless one has the $$$ to succeed in this, unfortunately again, in my iwn case, not so wealthy. Thanks for myself and people everywhere whom read these articles.

        • You could possbily find a welcome surprise by leaving all the structures of your life, deciding to step into the unknown. Sometimes it’s the best step one can take, to learn to know parts of oneself that were in hibernation and take a distance from the Matrix.

          I’ve done it, taking a step into the unknown, in april 2012. It’s what can bring out the best in you with the worst and that’s a fine balance lol


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