The beliefs of humans over time emits out of the physical plane and coalesces into higher dimensional realms of consciousness where the specific beings that reflect the ideals or spiritual entities in the minds of the people.

The dark entities don’t exist physically but are holograms of consciousness. Whenever one feels one way or another in giving credence to the entity or god that they want to nurture they are creating a pathway from the physical plane to that being on the immaterial planes. The physical plane then is the ‘seed’ or ‘ground’ where the seed of the ideas can grow to become spiritual beings or feed already created spiritual beings.

Simply through the generation of the ideas, symbols, stories, entities, labels, names, deities, are these beings given life and this is the magical game that is played out over the population by influencing imagination, desires and fears.

Benevolent Entities Exist

If people believe in the entities that are stronger than the darker entires that are of a vampiric nature then these entities come into existence and can entirely overpower the darker entities.

A Game of Conviction (faith)

This all becomes a game of conviction and this is why there is so much emphasis on faith and belief in the ancient spiritual texts describing the other layers of existence.

Thus the ones who worship the dark lords and perform ritualistic events to continually pump belief energy into those dark spiritual entities that are created by such belief must be matched and overpowered in conviction by those who place their power and self-motivation in the existence and spiritual nature of those healing entities that do not correspond to a malevolent or vampiric nature.

To Protect Humanity

They say they are keeping the entities at bay through this, and that the entities plan on invading but are held off as long as these processes are performed.

Truth, Wholeness, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Positivity Overpowers Deception, Partiality, Automation, Chaos, Negativity

Spiritual wholeness always empowers over spiritual partiality and deception. Truth is always stronger, wholeness, harmony, self-awareness, self-empowerment through unity is always more empowering than delusion, vanity, chaos, fear, and other lower-emotional emission based methods to produce and sustain higher dimensional entities.

The Requirement of Rituals (repeated faith fulfilling and generating ceremonies) to Produce Unnaturally Generated Beings

Humanity’s True Power to Overcome via Self-Awareness and Choice

This is why there is a need for continuous ritual and a continuous feeding of these entities, because it is known that all humanity has to do is come to realize the true nature of the universe and consciousness as an energy construct related to mind and spirit and thus the majority of people would not choose to be a part of a subservience system where everyone is energetically entrapped and enslaved to lower-dimensional vampiric entities but would choose to generated a system of harmony, balance, and congruence throughout all planes where individuals get a chance to be productive and co-exist to produce greater and greater works that can remain into what could be called eternity.

Life is Naturally Self-Sustaining, Life is Harmony, Self-Awareness is the Basis for Knowledge and Truth

Once a self-sustaining cycle is developed, then this cannot be overtaken and life is a perfect system that can continue itself indefinitely. Only by circumventing the natural development of energies, desires, profession, and natures can one produce a side-reality that will suffice for personal reasons like greed, lust, and violence for a period of time, but the larger mechanism of existence to always flow towards order and higher-level organization and truth will always overcome those darker systems which must be personally and forcefully generated through these ritualistic processes.

In other words, the natural flow of existence is to produce harmony, truth, self-awareness, compatibility and unity. One must apply extra energy to divert that system, like a river, into many side-channels that then twist and feed secondary sources that then intended original aspects and this is the imitation system of the Lucifer Rebellion that began thousands (if not millions) of years ago.

The Unnaturally Generated Spiritual Entities are Secondary and Partial to the Original Whole of the Spiritual and Material Planes

That secondary system is a leech system, it is operated as a counterpart or imitation of the original system and is not the aspect

The original protectors are connected to Earth and humanity in just this way.

Some say there will always be rapists, murderers, and sick-minded individuals. The truth is that these are symptoms of a disease and the diseases are produced and edited into the genetic material so as to produce chaos and profit from that chaos.

Very naturally, people could develop stronger spiritual and physical immune systems and society can maintain control, to the point where the unimaginable futuristic technology of the underground bases would not even be required to live as awakened spiritual beings in control of the aspects of existence in full self-awareness of the possibilities.

The possibilities are within, through our ability to adapt and choose the path of discipline and only when people choose to ignore that on a mass scale do we get these unnatural experiences and so this means eventually those experiences will fade away while the original essence or blueprint of spirituality, life, and self-awareness will surely return for they are sewn into the very nature of existence in the first place. The premise cannot by overcome by the conclusion. The side-effects of reality and deception cannot overcome the original truth of the existence of life.

Living in the Spiritual Oppression System

Those who accept and live by an oppression based system of servitude and lack of critical thinking are feeding into that existence in the higher planes beyond the physical realm.

The ideals we hold when we interact with others, when we view and relate to others, and how we view and relate ourselves to the world depict the frequency of the energy that we emit into the universe and thus the layers of the spiritual planes that we are building our body and our ‘houses’ unto.

The Lower Emotions Generate the Lower Spiritual Realms and Entities

Any lower emotional emissions such as jealousy, angst, hatred, oppression, disrespect, combativeness, miscreant, mischievousness, greed, disharmony and other expressions construct and etherically tie one to those higher layers of existence and ‘make’ their abode there in that light.

The Higher Emotions Generate the Higher Spiritual Realms and Entities

So to produce harmony, respect, self-respect, healing, unity, clarity, neutrality, joy and acceptance produces that on the higher planes and builds ones spiritual existence and home in that light.

Discipline Enables Self-Empowerment, Challenge Enables Discipline, Contrast Enables Challenge

Another aspect is that one essence never seems more well-defined and true when viewed in contrast to its opposite. So the most powerful way to produce these energies of harmony, self-respect, and healing is to produce such responses in the face of adversity and disrespect.

Thus is the other aspect of the gang-stalking system where this is a universal opportunity to make the most powerful shift in the existence of the human race towards the higher end of the spectrum where peace and abundance is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and thus physically present in this realm.





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  1. This resonates very much with me. More practice and experimentation and joy in doing it for the blessings of creation and to bless others with your hearts kindness and compassion brings all into ONEness.

    Victory of the light!

    Namaste all

  2. The essence of that natural law that says “As above, so below” is hijacked by those who know this law well, but use it, or rather abuse it and create a form of manipulation with it, the essence of religious belief systems that demand submission to its creators, who speak in the name of their Lord, or so they say.

    “This all becomes a game of conviction and this is why there is so much emphasis on faith and belief in the ancient spiritual texts describing the other layers of existence”.

    This game will be changed when we excersize our skills of transformation and transmutation, which may seem complicated and seem to require knowledge of difficult formulaes or reading and excersizing.

    It may be that excersize is part of it, in the sense of paying attention. To me, transformation is in essence the freedom of choice to change one’s attitude and the freedom of choice to act upon it. Which comes first, freedom or choice? That’s only to be found out by practical choices and try outs.

    Now, that doesn’t require a guru, a teacher and dusty books bound in leather. Just a Mother Superior lol

  3. The tough one for me is well when in unity and comes in contact with someone who does and comes to me to be the answer for that …be the protector ..i end up with… knowing that…personally having a rewind as previously different people different things… so for me the answer is ….

    Hmmm no answer …giggles based on the articles above
    For me to read as others in unity..then

  4. Truth be there…
    Lets start with

    And finish it off with


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