When we said that the gridwork/framework for the old physical realities had dissolved, this is what we meant. What is occurring right now for each still living beneath/in the unconscious matrix program. This unraveling is necessary to bring all things into light. Out there and inside, for both are the same.

Photonic light amplifies, distorts and brings through “bizarre”. For each dimension it is different though. Bizarre is the appearance as photons distort one’s current reality, leaving the old matrix program and entering into a higher dimensional reality now. Once on the other side, the bizarreness only exists when observing that which is still asleep. This is foreign (alien) to us, for it’s not reality here. It’s a program that continues to play itself out in those timelines/dimensions with those who are not fully awake yet. The bizarreness of the unconscious realms shall continue to increase, to amplify distortions to become visible and to awaken each faster to what’s not in-alignment with the PURITY of a UNIFIED/LOVE existence here. (Click on Read More Below) ↓↓↓

These Galactic Holy frequencies (yes they are both, not just one now) continue to increase substantially to make all visible so that each will CHOOSE TO PULL OUT OF THOSE SYSTEMS while they still have choice. Where one waits until there is no choice, then realities appear to be harsher. They are not harsher, they are what each require to wake up, as unconscious timelines continue to collapse and conscious ones converge, all in the same space in “time” now. Time = vibration. Humans exist in time. We exist vibrationally and time ceases to exist. We are aware of it “out there”, yet we do not function within the constraints of anything here. Time is relative to the amount of separation or unity one exists from. A fully Unified Light BEing functions vibrationally and as Energy in form here. We just focus on the energy and that which we transmit/create vibrationally, which takes form for us. It’s just one of our highest mastery skills here.

The reason all of this is happening, is because all who still hold separation inside, all who are not ready to unite through love and work together for what has already been created and is already stable and in-place, will continue to experience realities to clear all of that separation energy until it is all gone, until the only option is to leave the old unconscious realities behind and come on-board with those who are already doing/holding NEW EARTH REALITIES in place, continually creating, continually uniting, continually SHOWING THE WAY. Until one is ready, they remain in the old matrix realities. Our “job”, if you will, is to explain this so each can see that waiting until there is no other choice is what creates suffering ….

We are observing the dismantling of the old and the reconstruction all in a shorter time-frame, if you will. These highest frequencies speed evolution up. Observe on a grander scale to truly see, yet if you only look at the lower dimensional timelines, all you will see is collapse. You must look beyond that, and include the higher dimensions and all of the beings that are here in the physical, look for that which creates polarity to push up separation and where beings unite and work together for our “future”, if you will. If you really open up to see, you will see that not all is hopeless. That is a limited perception. Widen your view. Look for higher existences already working. This will show you what is not only possible, but is already working and in-place. It is you that were asleep, could not yet see, because your heart-mind was closed or focused on the old instead of the new/what is already out there. It is you that has to come on-board… it is you who must choose, do the work and physically invest and support. You do not get a new existence handed to you. You have to do the work, just like everyone else does and many have done. Open your heart and your inner eye will open too, you will finally hear what has been being spoken all along…. as a guideline for “now”.

In 2012, the Crystalline Matrix Grid activated for NEW Earth and has grown substantially, stronger and stronger by the moment where magical heavenly realities are more solid, because each who signed on for this huge task  to “lead the way”, stood up and embraced their missions, working on themselves and honoring their own Galactic Soul Embodiment Evolutionary phases. They unraveled and decoded the matrix from inside and went on to CREATE a whole new existence here. They/WE focused on our contribution to Humanity and knew why we were here. For all of us, for this time (vibration) that we are always now in.

This is an unlearning of everything one thought they knew and a surrendering to a higher existence as love, peace, unity and a deep inner profound connection to all as ONE again. This is a REMEMBERING that goes so far beyond human existences and this is an evolutionary process to becoming a Quantum Light BEing here. This unlearning and relearning takes our openess to “go back to school” if you will. An openness and readiness to really want to know. A desire to embrace a higher dimensional existence and to do the work required. There is much to do by each and where there is resistance, this disrupts the flow that must occur…

There is a trust factor involved, one the human aspect does not have. Old unconscious realities destroyed this, because trust is different here. It’s not a trust in anything outside, it’s a trust and honor from within. It’s a feeling, a knowing and our ability to truly listen and see what isn’t visible yet.

Quantum Existence is very different and human’s have a hard time with this, because their human’ness is the issue. It’s a dissolving and resolving process where each must see their own human’ness and transcend this from within. It’s a continual process of listening to your feelings over what your ears/eyes show you. You used your inner gauge for what is really true and if something presents in your own reality world that is not totally in alignment with your highest aspect reality/you, then you have to choose. Choosing the highest path always will resolve any barriers for you and open up realities you do desire to experience here. Any struggle inside will show you things are off. Alignment is achieved when you are at total peace and one inside (unified). This is a process of learning how all of this goes. The human doesn’t want to know. It will wait until it is forced. The old 3D/4D matrix has no stability because it is not supposed it. It was built on unconscious programs, because each incarnating here chose that experience to transcend, to awaken to the untruths to point each inward to learn to love themselves, to learn to respect themselves, to learn to honor themselves and each cannot do this if they continue to compromise and play in the old realities. Each must choose a higher existence, one of love and unity with/as all from within. Each must embrace a higher existence, by choosing to live this from within. Each must apply the absolute highest consciousness to their own lives if they desire to exit the matrix and move to one of Divinity, Peace and Love, one where unity is the foundation and everything is FOR US ALL.

Here there is no polarity, no duality anymore. Where polarity becomes visible, it is used as a navigational/mastery tool. Human aspects need polarity, as it’s what causes them to go in a different direction. They need that opposing force to make them see what they would not see/listen to before. We use polarity to see and not require it in our world. We do not need a polarized experience. Humans do. Experience is what teaches us. Eventually, each tune-in to the energy of all. When one is fully in-tune, the answers are very clear. Here we tune realities by intentionally changing the vibration of them. We tune all to love and we start from there. This is where each’s power comes from, their own love as a SOUL. NEW Earth is Souls existing in unison. Human’s cannot exist here, because there is still too much separation, resistance and opposition inside of them. They still operate from obsolete programs and beliefs that are no longer true. The ways of the old must be let go for the new to come through.

Relinquish your struggle, fight and need to control, need to scream to hear you, need to resist anything at all. Surrender to the love and magnificence that you already are. Embrace that pure place inside of you to open those portals and walk through them as love. It’s the only way to get to the other side and walk in the higher reams. The lower density programs cannot come with you. You must release them if you desire to walk in the new. The unknown is scary to your human, exciting to your highest aspect you. You must choose which existence you desire … one of unity and love or one of chaos, confusion and loss. Loss is only the old going so you can move on. When your heart is open you do not lose anything at all. You are ready for the next vibrational reality to unfold. You greet it with anticipation of the awesomeness that it brings forth. You let go of the fear, as that was an old matrix illusion program that you held within. It will release from the cells of your body (conflict, chaos and victim mentalities will too). You will realize that all just waits for you to reach up, open up and embrace your highest aspect you and all of the realities that come with this.

See the outside and let it show you what you hold. If it’s distorted, then that’s good, as it shows you whats true and not true for you. Resolve inner conflict, raise your vibration as high as you can. Keep it there, all of the time and observe what happens each time you do. Your physical body vibration will lower each time something is ready to release. Honor this process, for once you’ve released the energy/program/mentality/belief, your body will raise it’s vibration higher, you will be lighter and experience more love and peace. The outside will be re-aligning for you, as you hold your highest realities in place. With your thoughts, with your words, with your actions. You are Love and this is the most powerful force there is. Everything else must align fully with this. ♥

From my soul to yours…. see what’s happening to bring you into your highest consciousness existence here. Becoming Quantum will challenge your human. That’s the point. Leaving an entire existence and embracing and energetic one where you see all energetically/holographically before, intentionally jump timelines and move through portals and StarGates is not “typical” human anything. It’s not supposed to be. You are to go beyond your human existence for one that’s beyond magical, amazing and derived from the foundation of unity first. You/WE are all to come together to hold the HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL REALITIES in place… for us all.

There is an entire network of us who have already done this and continue to do this in every moment of every day. We do not compromise integrity, love, unity, honor, respect or sacred anything for unconscious realities and we uplift, inspire and work with those ready to do this too. If you really want to know, if you are really really truly ready, then you will open up, you will look, you will do the research, you will commit your RESOURCES to support, you will support, become a part our THE NEW EARTH TEAM that already exists, is solid and growing exponentially in every nano-second here. No one is asking you to, because it’s already occurred. Your soul will prompt you, urge you, nudge you from within. You will have to determine which aspect you are being. Your Higher Self You or your human. The one you allow dictates the reality you experience here. ♥ All options are available. You have to see them, desire them and commit to you/your existence from within. ♥


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  1. I’m so appreciating this conversation with you all here, thank you! What I feel about the future tribulations, these last weeks, in an optimistic, peaceful feeling and trust, is that what may seem
    to be a future battle now, might not be experienced as such, when we’ve raised our vibration.
    That’s all I have to say, for a change lol

  2. Well spoken, it will take this raw unknown change of mass humanity to ensure a blending of positive energy’s for which we all will prosper in a well thought out dream of everlasting peace and harmony.

  3. Thank you, Edward Morgan, for a beautiful and wise article. This part is ringing so very true to me, in every word:
    “This is an unlearning of everything one thought they knew and a surrendering to a higher existence as love, peace, unity and a deep inner profound connection to all as ONE again. This is a REMEMBERING that goes so far beyond human existences and this is an evolutionary process to becoming a Quantum Light BEing here. This unlearning and relearning takes our openess to “go back to school” if you will. An openness and readiness to really want to know. A desire to embrace a higher dimensional existence and to do the work required. There is much to do by each and where there is resistance, this disrupts the flow that must occur…”

    I witness the unlearning within myself and the grumpiness was present through all of January and halfway February. After that I had made steps of unlearning and specially beginning to have a good laugh about myself and leave the analysing of those in bizarre and weird conditions, in the home where I lived. It really felt like the confusion of a child, in distress and disbelief that life can show up that way. Seriousness can be such an obstacle for creativity, it’s a stuckness really, I found. How to lift oneself out of one’s own melancholic solitude?

    For many who are on a path of spiritual devotion with a guru or teacher, comfortably sitting on cushions on stage, in a role of assistant in the closest circle around such a person, the challenge has arrived that many in the audience begin to wake up and leave the game of giving away one’s power. Suddenly the props on stage begin to move and the actors begin to doubt themselves, for tomatoes and eggs begin to rain on the stage, metaphorically speaking.

    What to do now? More tricks in the sleeve are needed, more arguments and explaining arrive in order to keep the remaining part of the audience in the room. This is in essence a give away, naturally, also an unlearning, though it may be experienced differently in those on stage. Loosing their grip on status in an identity-crisis.

    It’s a dark humour, for it’s also a crisis in members of the audience walking away. Insecure and afraid for punishment and ridicule by others in the audience and the one on stage. Oh my, suddenly many Facebook friends turn away from them. It’s only hilarious when looked at from the outside. Nothing is the same anymore and to those who are set in their ways and mind, it’s purgatory!

    This is experienced in individual lives as well, with many of us asking themselves “Who am I?” and slowly beginning to learn the ropes of a state of being where reference points and familiar objects in one’s mind- landscape are gone or begin to fade away.

    How to find the trust to surrender into the unknown? An inner battle of 2 armies both ending the war in Victory.
    In the end there are only winners, when compassion is the eagle spreading its wings over the battlefield.

  4. I’m going to simply apply a religious dogma a bit differently with this article; ‘There are many words but, one truth’ as the saying goes and within this article of many words, one truth, is 100% undeniable, if your listening. This near final line stands far above all for me:
    “Your soul will prompt you, urge you, nudge you from within”.
    This is the foundation of my spirituality, it has guided me well. The path is not an easy one, and promises nothing but the truth but, though sometimes confusing and difficult to listen to, it truly, is the only way. Using meditation, awareness, and yes some prayer, it will bring you closer to what we call “God” than any religion ever will…At least that is my experience the last couple decades. May those whom are awakening find the truth in it.

    • Thank you for giving words to your style of a religious dogma, Tye A Hampton. Although I find it hard to call it dogma, for the prompting, urging and nudging of one’s soul is present in freedom, as I perceive it.
      I’ve often found those pointers when my stubborn mind was shaken to its core and lost its grip.
      How many times I felt like going 3 steps forward and one or two back! Now I look at it with a smile and know that by all that moving forward and backward, I had a chance to have a good look at all the details on my path.
      And at the same time learn to be more patient with those around me, moving forward and backward 😉

      • Marian, not sure you caught my meaning (we seem to do that a lot) so I’ll explain; I’ve been in a couple of religious organizations where if you ask too many questions outside the pre programmed paradigm or set dogma – teachings- as I put it, which they cannot answer, they tell you: “There are many words but only one truth” meaning from their viewpoint “you can question a lot of things about many subjects but, this is a waste of time, the one thing that matters is obedience to God” ie: unquestioning obedience to the religious paradigm of that particular group or organization. This was usually when I left, such a group because that is a tip you are in a cult. That was why I followed this immediately in my comment with the idea: that what was said near the end of the article, about “soul nudges”, or what I call the silent, inner voice, that nudges you to do the right thing, is the most important thing, and only true path to wisdom for any of us, individually. We can listen to what others say and consder these things which can often confuse but, our most true guidance, comes only from within, was my point.
        Thanks for your comment, I hope this helped explain.

        • I think I caught your meaning in the first place, by not applying dogma to your description and point of view, only the value of nudges from within. But it helps to catch it more, after reading your personal experiences described in your latest comment, Tye A Hampton. I’ve explored several church institutes that never included the exit door myself, including the one I was born into, in Holland. Though there are even more strict and also several hell-elujah raising church institutes, in that frogpond.

          I’ve witnessed a conversation in my young life, where two elder male members of the church-council talked to each other, throwing lines of Bible texts to and fro as a response, nodding their heads in confirmation. Ending with “God is great, brother”

          Fully secured with their promised heaven in the afterlife while treating all tribulations in life as “God gives one the right amount of power so that one can bear one’s cross”
          While their sons were pondering suicide due to threats with “God’s thunderbolts” a harsh treatment of spanking at home, behind closed doors.

  5. Very wise and I agree with you very much so, especially in the goal of raising your frequency. That is essential to move into the “New Earth” perspective.

    For anyone who wonders how they can achieve the best outcome of the next moment, take everything in perspective, view from higher awareness where you are and where you wish to be, then act upon it. The positive excitement, the happiness, joy and love; the virtues of life, open the mind to higher frequencies.

    Just became we are rising in frequency, doesn’t mean we don’t want to reach a helping hand down and pull one up to your level. Showing them the ropes, teaching them to “fish” rather than just “feed”, is very benifitial to others whom walk along side us.

    To make a benifitial and positive society, reaching Critical Mass can be in the summation of enough of us sharing the Light, lighting a candle and passing the Light on to from the one you received it from to those whom are ready to receive.

    Love and The Heart guide the compass of mastery, of the wise and spiritually adept. We have more battles to fight ahead, but if we stay strong together, no future of negativity shall overcome us.

    All the best Edward Morgan, I appreciate your well written articles, keep it up for humanity knows now, the time is right.

    – Fates


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