Time for a review.  These are the notes from 2012 Cobra Conference where he gave a lengthy history of this earth, solar system, galaxy, Atlantis, The Event etc. etc.  41 pages long.




The four core goals for the up and coming New Age are:
1)         A fair, balanced, and transparent monetary system
2)        The release of new technologies, especially free energy
3)        The release of suppressed information regarding the true history of our planet and evidence of ET’s
4)        The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet
When it takes place, will determine how long we have before The Event, but it will be a gradual process, although rapid as well.
We need to ask ourselves “what can I do to liberate the planet?”  Each of us will discover our own answers.  If we ask, we will receive an answer.  We also need to balance ourselves in the 5 areas of the 5 pointed stars, spiritually, mentally, socially, work-wise & financially. 
Cobra will be releasing new information between 12.5 and 12.8.2012 about the quantum leap.
There will be a convergence of all timelines on 12.21.12.
Cobra himself is healing all negative timelines.  He has spent a great deal of time doing this.  All negative timelines will be gone by 12.21.12.
DNA change is a reflection of spiritual growth ( this was stated in response to a question about scientific/nutritional/healing modalities advances in effecting DNA change ) In other words…it’s an inner thing…not an outer thing.
Commander Thor  is from Venus
There is an EVENT that will happen – it could happen tomorrow, a month from now, or conceivably longer ( although this not so likely).  There is no real requirement for this Event to happen before 12/21/2012 but it very likely could.  “The Event” will include contact with the Pleiadians first.  This will be considered the official first contact.  Mass landings will follow and then ascended masters will appear.
Go to GalacticConnection.com (Rob’s close friend’s web site) for interviews with Cobra and Rob.
All galaxies will be liberated. We are living in one of the most special and unique times in history.
Earth is the last planet under the occupation of the Dark Forces.  We are the last planet to be liberated.  We are the most skilled.  We are working for the Victory of the Light.  This is the most complex liberation ever, here on planet Earth.
Negative timelines have been created by certain events.  Theses time waves have influenced humanity’s thinking and humanity’s processes.
We have been taught 1) polarity, and 2) duality but they are no longer needed.  The key is balance.  Through happiness and true light, the Light doesn’t need anything to define Itself.  We will have health without illness.  We will have eternal happiness in paradise when the veil is lifted.  This is our natural right in the universe.  We have almost forgotten this.
Yoda was quoted as saying, “you must unlearn what you have learned.”  A comparison was made between Yoda and Cobra.  A vast majority of the information we have received is not true.  We need to clear our minds and re-boot our systems.  We need to open our minds because truth will always remain.  We need to release the old, the belief systems we have.  We are now going beyond our old programming.  This is NOT about another mind program.  Check with your own Higher Self to see what truths work for you.
When the event happens, there will be no outside sources.  You will need to rely on your own inner senses.  You will have to know what to do and rely on yourself.  People will react with fear and confusion.  Therefore, you will be  pillar of strength for these people.  Rely on your discernment, which will be needed in this time of change.  We can go into nature to free us of electromagnetic matrix.
If you let go of everything you know the truth will remain.
The 3 days of darkness are not going to happen now.
Regarding the Armegeddon scenario, that timeline was created at the end of Atlantis.  We will never be destroyed again.  However, humanity put so much pressure on Planet Earth, that She must be relieved.
The Sandy Storm was a natural event, but it was magnified by the Dark forces.  The good news is it cleared all of the birth certificates stored in NYC and it helped in the switching over to the new financial system.
The St. Germain trust is almost ready to be received.
We are part of the Galactic Resistance.  We have stabilized the tectonic plates of the planet, which has prevented a major polar shift.  We have prevented nuclear war and missiles.  Although CME’s have increased, they will be balanced at the moment of the galactic burst.
All the changes in The Middle East are The Dark’s last delay, that is to delay The Event.
Russia plays a very important role.  Putin is working with the Russian Military Light Resistance.
Some reptilians have been cleared from the astral/etheric planes.
It is true that some of the Dark officials have been arrested.
Planet X is NOT Nibiru.  Planet X orbits the sun beyond Pluto.
Planet X is where the Resistance operatives originate from.
The Eastern Alliance includes Russia and China, who are pressuring the financial system, especially the Rothschilds.
Obama is a Light Being but has no free will at the moment since the Dark is squeezing him.
The Resistance makes up about 3-4% of the population of the planet.
Petraeus is not of the light.
No one is allowed to play the dark game any longer.
The concept of duality will not be existent any longer. It is a mind program.
Oneness goes with free will.  We are always one with Source.
Our natural state is to feel good.  Light does not need a reflection and darkness is not needed to define the light.
The physics of exiting the black hole is we will see a tiny bright spot beyond the pool of the black hole.
Reality will then change requiring us to go one way or another.  80% of us will change and become one with all of Creation.
The quarantine was the artificial creation of the Archons, but this quarantine will be lifted and communications will open up at first contact.  Our perspectives will change and expand greatly at this time.
After The Event, we will use more of our brain, the part that has been inactivated.
A temporary financial system will be put in place after The Event for some time.
Any questions about ascension details are classified and can not be discussed.
We will experience the purifying of our personalities and enter the 5th dimension after The Event.
Arcturus is the midway station for humanity.
There is definitely a level of cooperation amongst all Positive Groups.  We are in a state of clearing chemical weapons from the planet.  We are also clearing the etheric planes of Archons and Reptilians.
Since Gaia is moving forward, we have to move forward with her.
The sun is changing because it is in the middle of the galactic pulse process.
There is much progress in clearing the astral plane.  There was a great big activation (11.22.12) yesterday, which created cracks in the matrix.  Diamonds connected us to the 8th dimension.
Every star is a stargate.  And yes, more ships are going in and out of the sun at this time.
There is a unification of different dimensions.
The Event is defined by:
1)        The removal of the Cabal
2)        The introduction of the new financial system
There are a few reptilians left in the physical plane.
Evil is defined as the absence of consciousness.  We will experience real health, and happiness, which is our natural state of consciousness.
There are bases on the Moon and Mars that were dominated by The Dark but are now held by The Light.
We have to clear the surface of the planet in order to fully heal.
It is said that we will live up to 120 more years after The Event.
Cobra is suspicious of the Keshe Foundation because Keshe is giving free energy information to governments instead of individuals.
Every individual has received implantations after WWII through vaccinations.
Channeling is not reliable because the programmed subconscious mind effects the receipt of the information and Archons do as well.
As of 1996, there were no new Ascended Masters.
Some of us have already ascended before coming here.
The global collateral accounts are not yet at the final breakthrough.
We are transforming the 4th dimension right now (the astral plane).
Increased energy comes from the galactic central sun.  It is like a heartbeat and increases every 25,000 years.  From 1975 to 2025 there is a 50 year window which opens up a door of opportunity.  We were all born for this specific time.
The sun is the source for all light and life for the whole galaxy.
The highest form of energy is tachyon energy.  The first source of matter was created after The Big Bang. The layer of the ionosphere absorbs tachyon energy.  The Dark is blocking this energy through the various technologies.
We need more light!
There are instructions for tachyon chambers that need to be brought to humanity.  There are tachyon chambers on each spaceship.  They are quantum generators that filter space and time.  They have many benefits:
1)         They detox the body
2)        They balance the immune system
3)         They balance the chakras
Crystals absorb tachyons the most.  Amethyst purifies the emotions and addictions.  Amethyst increases the presence of St. Germain.
Clear quartz provides a spiritual connections with Source.
Opal is an inner child healer.
The heart is a stargate.
There are 13 energy rays for spiritual healing. Seven are stellar rays providing a star system connection.  Six are master rays provided by the ascended masters rays.


The Pleiadians –  heal deeply personal relationships, and good for self-love.
The Sirians – bring inner joy
The Orions – integrate shadows, that which is suppressed.
The Andromedans – good for the physical environment.
Lyrans – good for creativity.
Antarans – good for awareness, changing duality to oneness.
The Central Sun – good for our purpose and free will.


Kuthumi=wisdom and higher levels of consciousness
St. Germain=inner transmutation and manifestation
Serapis Bey=angelic realms
Dwajl Kuhl=etheric body


Star Seeds are Light Workers
We made our choice to be chosen for this time.
Earth is unique with its biodiversity.  It is considered an eden with a mixture of species.
The DNA activation is the consequence of spiritual transformation, not the other way around.  It is a consciousness process.
Putin is helping in the removal of the Rothschilds.
The White Knights are a Templar oriented group.  All the Light Resistance groups fall under the White Knights category.
Pleiadians will arrive first since we look a lot like them.
The order of events will be as follows:
1)        Increase in awareness
2)        Announcement of first contact procedures
3)        Mass landings
4)       The Ascended Masters will walk amongst us
We need to train for the changes coming up.  We need to take an active role in the new reality.
The Victory of The Light never happened on this planet but has on others. When it does happen, all galaxies will be liberated from darkness.  This was predicted in ancient prophesies.  It is now the time of the Victory of The Light.  Suffering is not needed to define happiness.  Light just is.  There will be light without shadows when the veil is lifted.
We have all been searching for this and been told it is not achievable, but we have the power as a collective to reach this paradise.  We will need to unlearn the disinformation we learned from the past such as in schools, science, etc.  We will go beyond belief systems to receive the Light.  Our lessons are discernment, intuition, and inner guidance, where we will have to rely on ourselves – not on outside sources.  We will be the pillars of strength for others in this time of change.  We will reboot the system and open our minds, releasing the old to bring in the new and find truth inside.



8 million years ago, there was a conscious group of archangels that were very powerful. They were so curious that they wanted to try new things.  One of them wondered what it would be like to be cut off from Source and see how it would feel. They wanted to experience the feeling of being something else such as a floor, a tree, an object.
They put themselves in a chamber.  They created this technology, a dimensional chamber, of a strong electromagnetic force.  They exposed themselves to magnetic fields to experience this feeling.
There was immediate regret at the feeling of being cut off from Source, but the archangel could not go back because he got trapped and couldn’t find his way out.  He decided to elicit help from other archangels. He ended up trapping other angels and beings.  When they realize what they had done to themselves, they couldn’t find a way out.  This group eventually decided they wished to conquer the galaxy.  They started invading planets and spreading darkness.  This was the beginning of The Dark.  There are 100 billion galaxies.
When the Light Forces found out about this, they immediately took action to prevent a rogue archangel takeover.  Archangel Michael put up energy barrier fences/force fields around the areas affected by the rogue group of archangels to prevent the spreading of darkness.  Other Light Beings started Galactic Forces to liberate planets under the Dark Forces.  This was the beginning of The Galactic Light Forces.
This was the beginning of the Galactic Wars and many planets were destroyed.  Starfleet started to fight for the planets being captured and taken over by the archangels. We have these memories in our consciousness.  We have a memory of this in movies such as Star Wars, which is an actual story of millions of years ago.
The Galactic Central Sun is a stargate at the center of the galaxy.  Souls are created there and expand to all directions.  When certain beings became aware of Oneness they began a central  Brotherhood of Light.  Those who are ‘one’ created a central civilization and spread a message of oneness to all. Some civilizations evolved enough to form a Central Civilization in order to spread the Light.
The galaxy is a double spiral, like a vortex with about 100 billion stars, creating a galactic network of light which spread to other races, with a wish to liberate the galaxy from non-light or darkness. The Light Forces were always winning but there are billions upon billions of planets to protect and assist.
About 25 thousand years ago, the darkness had to concentrate themselves in one small area to avoid The Light Forces.  Their headquarters ended up in our planetary area, in Orion Constellation and Earth.  These planets and star systems became their main fortress.  They took humanity hostage and they declared a quarantine status where no ships could land without pre-approval.  This is the reason why The Ascended Masters retreated 25,000 years ago as well, and why no ET’s have come either.
Because of its diverse eco system. Earth was a highly valued piece of real estate. They took the population hostage with the threat of nuclear war if the Light Forces came in. The area was quarantined, so no other off world race was able to approach. Now that time has passed, it is time to lift the quarantine, remove the Darkness, and rejoin the Galactic Federation.  We are completing an Atlantean cycle.


FIRST ATLANTIS: The first Atlantis was on Pleiades and not of a physical nature.  It was an etheric planet and the home of Pleiadian angels. Their purpose was to explore and discover vibration of matter, different dimensions of consciousness, merger of male and female polarities. Angels decided to densify the planet and become more of the physical plane.  However, the planet exploded, sending fragments of moldavite everywhere, landing on Earth.  Much of this landed in the Czechoslovakia Republic.
SECOND ATLANTIS: One billion years ago, Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic Ocean for an advanced civilization. About 900,000 years ago, The Dark Forces from Orion introduced implantation or mind implants.  They had implantation dentist chairs, which charged Crystal implants with electrical/mental programming.  This was when human mind control began.  It was also the beginning of all belief systems.
The 2 main Belief System Programs Are:
1 – The belief that separation exists between man and source.  This was “The Fall” from Eden or paradise.  This separates us from our consciousness and higher consciousness.
2 – The belief that there is separation between male and female polarities. This is reflected in separation on a psychological and physical level.  Each of us is a soul in a human body, which used both polarities to grow in consciousness.  Women have different psychological programming than men do.  We just use these bodies to grow in consciousness.  These two belief systems create most of our problems.
Many Pleiadians and Sirians came to Atlantis to help heal the separation.
16,000 years ago
THIRD ATLANTIS:16,000 years ago there was a task force called The Order of the Star.  144,000 beings /volunteers came forth to heal separation and integrate the darkness into the light.  They keep re-incarnating wherever they can assist and are represented by figures such as Buddha, Christ, The Templars, and the Light Workers. When we liberate the planet, we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis, a paradise on Earth.  We will create a new Atlantis with the Cities of Light and advanced technologies that were present during the time of Buddha, Jesus, and The Templars.  The New Atlantis will arrive at the time of first contact.
25,000 years ago the Dark forces took the surface population hostage and a quarantine was used as a tool to prevent the progress of The Light and the Earth.  Light Forces had to be very careful with any sort of contact.  The Star Seeds on Earth have been in favor of intervention of off-worlders, but the dark forces threatened nuclear war to prevent this.  Now a critical mass is wishing for first contact. Some have had contact but can’t remember it because it could put them in danger.  At the time of The Event, we will have our memories return.
Part of the Galactic Codex is to follow the wishes of the people, so they wish to bring about the contact but need to know we will be safe. There are physical ships above the Conference site on a space platform about 9 miles above the building right now.  We need to realize that our Star Brothers and Sisters have always been here.
There is a great deal of free world disinformation.  We are all for intervention and for first contact to happen.  In order for this to happen we need to recognize the following:
1) a critical mass must be reached and actually has
2) we have the divine right for this contact
3) it is part of the Galactic Codex.
The hesitation is that first contact can be dangerous for the surface population because it makes the cabal nervous and we must remain safe.


At one point, inter-dimensional travel had been possible within galaxies everywhere. There is a loose union of positive civilizations that birthed The Galactic Federation.  These Positive Races have accepted love as reality and resisted the spread of war.  They grew beyond war, conflict, duality, polarity, and wish to share this creed with other beings.
There are about 200,000 species in this galaxy, around 70% of them are humanoid.
The Ashtar Command is within the Galactic Federation, acting as a task force to liberate Planet Earth. The fleet quadrant of the GF is placed in strategic positions around the Earth. There are millions of ships around planet Earth. Some of them are 5-10 feet in diameter, with the largest ships being thousands of miles in diameter, ready to take action when the time is right.
Around 1994-’95, The Light was very close to a breakthrough. Star Seeds began to awaken, but the key people to make the right decisions did not.  There was a strong spin campaign of disinformation against the Ashtar Command.  Dark forces invaded (1996 – the third Archon invasion) and took contactees of The Ashtar Command underground.  They erased their memories with mind programming, so the contact was lost with the Ashtar Command. As light returns, people who had contact before are now getting more contact –  a new contact system has started and is stronger.
The Pleiadians have the closest ties to the earth and the human race.  They have similar features like the human race and many belong to the Ashtar Command. They have contacted humanity and the Earth population many times. Some of the old prophets and spiritual leaders were contacted and given knowledge and wisdom by the Pleiadians.  Semjase, an emissary of Light, contacted Fred Bell.  See his book entitled “The Promise” (cleanest representation of Pleiades).  Semjase provided information on Pleiadian healing technology.  Her purpose was for first contact.  The tachyon chamber was brought to Cobra through the Pleiadians.
Sirians are playful and joyful.  They can show up as humans, dolphins (joy) and whales (balance water), anchoring joy for the planet.  Whales are caretakers of the waters, balancing the feminine, energy grid and the tectonic plates.  They are all very aware beings.  The land is the masculine whereas the water is feminine.
Andromedans, Arcturians and other races are helping to liberate the planet.
About 70 beings took a cycle of Earth incarnations and managed to free themselves from the veil.  They came to their true self, liberating themselves.
Sananda was two beings; Christ who incarnated as Krishna, became enlightened, and then the disciple Jesus. Jesus has constant telepathy with Christ, bringing unconditional love to the planet. Jesus and Christ are like brothers.  He was Sirian, and had constant contact with them.
  1. His role is to bring abundance and freedom to humanity. In the 18th century his aim was to renew the Mystery Schools that had been started in Egypt. He reformed the mystery schools.  He founded Freemasonry.
  2. He gathered a lot of wealth, gold, and jewelry throughout his lifetimes.  He also wished to bring abundance by setting up a Trust, which has been gathering interest and is worth about $10 trillion, to bring money to the Light Workers at this time.  There are two parts of The Saint Germain Trust:
  1. The original set up and creation of this trust was by St Germain.
  2. There are other monies from large accounts blessed and protected by St Germain, but currently blocked by Rothchilds. Lightworkers will receive money when the blocks are broken.
He brings healing of the physical and energy bodies to humanity. He is behind all of the medical projects and new medicine – western and holistic medicine.  The Cabal infiltrated this community, keeping everyone out of balance.  The Rockefeller Foundation has kept everyone as a ‘working slave’, which by itself creates imbalance. He aims for healing the personality and the connection with the soul.  No one needs to be ill.  We will be balanced very soon.  It is available right now.
He works with leaders, politicians, and decision makers.  He searches for those with potential and influence over the mass media, military, government, etc. to help liberation and does so through telepathic impression.
His last reincarnation was 25,000 years ago, escaping before the quarantine.  He promised Cobra he would return in order to do the following:
  • transform consciousness
  • assist with ascension for humanity
  • bring about first contact
  • train people in telepathy
  • take communication grid back for the Light.  In fact, in 1977 – a voice from space took over an English TV station, transmitted a message in order to do a test.
  • take over the mass media and get the message out to humanity.  This must be completed with other aspects of the plan.
  • develop  the personal computer and internet, protecting it with the Resistance.
  • stabilize the Earth Grid and tectonic plates.
  • stabilize and prevent polarity shifts so earth changes are not so drastic with his ships.
  • prevent nuclear war – his ships block nuclear weapons. A joint project took place from 11.11.11 – 1.12, blocking the Rothschild faction’s access to nuclear weapons.  It ended in February of this year, where 99% of the weapons were blocked.  Jesuit nukes were taken down in June 2012, but there are still some chemical and bio-weapons. This was a big victory, as any existing bombs available to start a war were unable to be detonated.
She is the twin soul of Ashtar (also known as Ishtar, Astarti, Aphrodite, Ash, Venus, Isis etc).  She brings Goddess energy back to Mother Earth, bringing more receptivity and love.
25,000 years ago, the vast majority of The Light Forces retreated underground and developed Cities of Light, connected by tunnels, trains, what is known as the Agarthan network.  They maintained the balance of light on Earth, helping to stabilize it without interfering with the surface population.  The surface populations were under enslavement that was too dangerous for the Agarthans to come to the surface.  Various people found an entrance to the Agarthans – Mayans, Hopis, Anastazis , Incas, Templars, Aztecs, etc. Much of the Inca gold went underground as well as the Templar gold.
In 1975 a Lightworker who was an intelligence officer, hid in the NY subway, where homeless mole beings lived.  They knew where secret entrances were and showed Archangel Michael  underground tunnels of the NY subway system.  A main operations headquarters was created hundreds of feet below NY.  This Lightworker contacted and met with the Agarthan network and Andromedans for technology.  Re-established a base, contacted the military and planned a military coup but later changed the mass arrests to a lawful and legal operation.  Some of the military are still aware of this plan and its beginnings.
From 1975-1995, this was a time of active resistance operations.  This movement brought the internet forward from the military and universities and connected it to a global communication network.  Technology was brought to the Earth through computers, the internet, allowing military and people to be trained immediately.
In 1996 a strong invasion by the dark forces occurred.  Reptilians went below and tried to destroy the underground movement.  The Resistance requested help from Planet X.  Planet X sent reinforcements.  This planet orbits our sun beyond Pluto. Their civilization had lived underground in Planet X.  An uprising by Planet X was possible because they were less brainwashed and they were in control until 1999.  It took them only 3 weeks to liberate the planet. 70 million of them came to Earth via teleport and cleaned out reptilian bases.  They have been in existence for over 500 million years.
In 1996, 1999, and 2003, all military bases were cleared of reptilians. Dulce, Area 51, all black projects, all advanced and exotic technologies including scalar weaponry, UFO’s and clones were also cleared.  Unfortunately, this progress cost the Resistance HUGE losses.  After 2004-5, cloning factories were closed and no reptilians were left. There are at least 100 billion galaxies.  Andromeda and 10-15 other planets were also cleared during this time.
Once The Event occurs, The Resistant Movement will be able to be more visible and will confirm Cobra’s work.
When we reach a certain vibration, we can enter and exit a body at will like Ashtar.  But at a some point, you don’t need to be born.  You can begin playing with matter.
From 1945-2010, The WHO Organization/Rothschild vaccinations included microchips for programming the human race and shutting down psychic abilities.  From June 2012 on these are no longer effective.
The Earth is a diverse bio ecological system and considered prime property because of this.
When tunnels collapse, they create sinkholes and this creates strange sounds.
There is life on Venus but not on the physical plane.  HAARP closed down but not completely.
Chips were implanted after WWII, between 1945 and 2010. Vaccines have biochips in them.  Between 1945 – 2010 we all got chipped.  DO NOT GET VACCINATED.  It is designed to shut down psychic abilities and the conscious mind.
95% of the white underground sex slave trade has been brought to an end.
A large group of incarnated Czechoslovakians and Archons are trying to stop the awakening.  There is a large conglomeration there.
The Cabal created an energy vortex on the etheric plane. There has been counter resistance activity there.  There is quite a bit of disinformation on the internet, so watch out for fake websites reporting HAARP activity when it no longer is in operation.
A small nuclear bomb was put in the nuclear plant at Fukushima.
Some chemtrails are not real.  Not as dangerous as people think.  Fluoridation is more serious, shutting down the brain.   They have poisoned the air to shut down the brain.
Venus – Thor – came through a portal before he came to earth.  He is not a physical being.
All Positive Light Groups are considered The White Knights.


  • Positive Military – Russia, China, US – provide logistics and personnel
  • Templars – in 13th century Jerusalem, under the Solomon Temple, found the life of Jesus.  The Catholic Church paid the Templars to keep quiet initially, but later started the tortures, arrests, and deaths of The Templars because they threatened the existing mind programming done by the church.  In one day all of the Cabal will be arrested like they did to The Templars. Those negative Templars surviving formed the Illuminati. One went to Austria to fight the Cabal, another to Scotland to form freemasonry.
  • White Dragon Society – consists of old ancient Chinese families that have expertise in banking and are in control of huge wealth.  They are a “mixed group” fighting to bring in the new financial system.  The Rothchild’s cut their power off and want China back (which is not best for everyone)  They are fighting for a new financial system
  • Brotherhood of the Star – an occult of very advanced beings, bringing higher ideals and projecting telepathic ideals and impressions to those who are ready (only about 50 people doing this now).  There are 500 actual members.  (see Cobra post    http://2012portal.blogspot.com/search?q=brotherhood+of+the+star  )
  • Order of the Star – Formed in Atlantis, they are here to transform all darkness and heal humanity.  There are 144,000 beings.  Some of us belong to The Order of the Star.  They are here to transform, assist with The Event, and heal humanity.  There will be a big need for healing after “The Event”.
  • Light Workers – they are the backbone of this movement, meditating, and invoking the Light.  They are a transformational source for the planet
  • Silver Legion – dedicated to the light but affected and influenced by Archons.  They are mostly silent..
After the Event, a great need for healers will be necessary.  Lightworkers will be the backbone of our transformation.
–        Jesuit Faction – mostly located in the Vatican implementing mind control via religious indoctrination
–        Rothschild Faction – financiers for Jesuits
–        Rockefeller Faction – US based money controllers, who dominate oil, pharmaceuticals, AMA, technology, and science.  After WWII, the Nazis came over to the US maing up much of this faction (1,000-2,000 people – all to be removed after the Event)
These are the Black Nobility Families in The Vatican but their energy fields are not human.  They incarnated into human bodies with no aura. Most dark factions are in the Vatican, as are the Archons. They hide in the astral plane and use reptilians to press our ‘weak’ spots. They hinder spiritual development of humanity. Use WHITE LIGHTANDASK GUIDES FOR HELP if experience negative moods
These reptiles are minions of the Archons to create conflict. They work on the physical, astral and etheric planes.
These are amoeba or octopus-like free floating beings in astral space.
There were 3 main Archon invasions:
1)         Kurgan Invasion – 5000 years ago – 5000-6000 years ago, there was a Russian portal that opened up where savage nomadic tribes invaded the peaceful society there.  They were allergic to the goddess presence.  This is the origin of the goddess suppression.  Russia became the land where they incarnated into a society of warriors and damaged goddess energy.
2)        Khazar Invastion – time of the Roman Empire – Again from the Russian stargate, reptilian ‘barbarians’ invaded Rome. Constantine the Great was an Archon – brought in mind programs and ordered the military and religions to follow his decrees.  He ordered all bishops to spread this message of programming.  He invited barbarian tribes to destroy anything that was of The Light.  The Dark Ages followed for hundreds of years due to this historical event.  Theodosius the Great, controlled by the Archons, was the Emperor from 379-395.  He was the last Emperor, destroying the mystery schools, the library at Alexandria and the Vatican, ending the Roman Empire.
3)         The third invasion was in 1996 – there was an upsurge in the Light at that time, and Dark Forces came to counter this via a portal in the Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda area.  There were 12 subterranean warhead explosions in this area which enabled millions to teleport into Africa, causing war and genocide in those areas. Most of the area is cleared of reptilians now.


A layer around the surface of the planet used by the Archons to keep us in quarantine/the veil.  It is an actual structure in space time where tiny black holes are created.  The Reptilians hide in these tiny black holes of the Veil.  It is an anomaly in the space/time continuum, which affects propulsion of space ships, making it difficult for them to approach. This is why so many UFO crashes have occurred here.  It is now being cleared.   Above this is the wonderful love energy.
It is 15-20 miles on the other side of the veil.
Once the veil is removed, purity and harmony will be experienced and we will anchor this. True liberty is a natural state.  We will be able to feel the tachyon energy from space, (enabling us to be more balanced) and maintain our true reality of peace and happiness, creating paradise.  Billions of Reptilians and Archons etc. will be sent to the Central Sun where they may be born again with a soul, a connection to Source.  These beings have lost their connection with Source and can not be repaired.
Zeta Reticuli lost contact with their emotions.  They were neutral at the ’47 Roswell Crash.  In 2001-2002 they crossed over to the Light.
There is a strong denial program running that everything is ok but it really isn’t.


The Plan has always been around and been carried out every second.
This is a portal, an energetic black hole caused by the space/time continuum anomaly. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON.  It is an expanding dot of light, taking place right now and we are entering the brilliant light.
The Plan is to manifest Paradise on Earth. We have gone through the stages.  The matrix is inside the quarantine, and is a computer program with artificial intelligence.  There is a way to hack the matrix, crack the computer code. A flash of light is the mission, the ignition, the merkaba, it is what we have been trained for when it comes.  It will take place when each of us, as a shining light, flash together, and carry out our part of the Plan.
The surface of the Earth is inside a ‘sandwich’, feeling pressure, intensity, increased light, which brings up anything needing to be transmuted.
This compression consists of:
1)         Light above the planet
2)        Light from within, under the surface of the planet
3)         Positive pressure from the Light increases the intensity of what we all feel.
4)        Light from the planet surface
5)        Agarthans – our underground allies provide pressure from below the Earth’s surface
All those that are not of the light have to be transformed.  When the pressure becomes so strong, The Event will take place. Things will go faster and faster up and until the breakthrough.  This enables the strong and bright  lights to meet and the Plan is able to happen.  Then The EVENT will take place.
This is a spiritual flash of DIVINE ENERGY from Source, the Galactic Central Sun, through the solar system to Planet Earth. All galactic positive races will receive a signal from The Galactic Central Sun and then transmit to others. The Pleaidians will have all the conditions on The Cabal (including intel), and tell the Resistance and surface operatives in all areas at that moment. Once the Resistance Movement receives that signal, it is relayed to the underground, to the operatives within the financial network, the political network, etc.  They will be given an offer to cooperate within a short timeframe.  Those contacted will be given detailed instructions of what to do.  They will be asked ‘Do you wish to cooperate with the Plan?” There will be a global message broadcast through different media channels to announce The Event. Dark forces will be removed for crimes against humanity – their actions must be balanced.  This will all occur within 15 minutes.  There is no such thing as the green light.  Everyone will be surprised.  (see Cobra website post about the Masterplan http://2012portal.blogspot.ca/search?updated-max=2012-10-13T12:19:00-07:00&max-results=7&start=14&by-date=false)
There will be an “Event Flash” from the Central Sun. This will not only be a communication but a wave of Energy ( Quote from American Kabuki site … not from conference notes is “The Event will be a special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity, it will calm humanity in the light of love energy – it’s an energy not seen before on earth, the banking system will stop, accounts and currencies reset, and arrests will be made…” Cobra 11/26/2012)
1)         We will feel a strong energy first.
2)        Once the operation starts, there will be announcements within the media within a couple of hours.
3)         They will take over the satellite and TV networks.
4)        The messages will then be broadcast.
5)        Light Forces will confuse any Cabal still remaining.
6)        The higher-ups will be given evidence about The Event.
7)         Anyone who has personal issues will be left out of the mission.
8)        The Event will be spread through blogs first and THEN through TV.
9)        Those with a soul contract agreed to do this certain mission.
10)    The initial group alerted will be people in big/important positions.
11)     Afterwards, anyone can get contacted.  They will decide what we are to do according to our actions.  We each have our own role.  We need to be effective.  THE WEAKEST PART OF THE CHAIN DETERMINES THE TIMING.
12)    Since we are hearing this, we are more likely to get contacted.


The first Renaissance was over 500 years ago and changed human history with the introduction  and invention of the printing press.  This allowed access to books and reading, the communication of ideas which shaped the western world. Beings were received as Beings of Light.  It was called The Project of the Brotherhood of the Star. ( see cobra site http://2012portal.blogspot.com/search?q=operation+dreamland   )
The second Renaissance is going to happen soon.  The Light Forces will communicate ideas, take new spiritual awakenings to the masses. They will gather contacts within a larger population.
After 12.21.12, there will be a press conference with the mass media and Hollywood.  Funding and contacts are needed to pull this off – please let Cobra know if you have any contacts that are open to this media blitz.
We are in preparation for a planetary transformation and new financial system and need to prepare the masses for these transitions.


Half of our jobs currently finance personal accounts of the Cabal. The system is a computer program only, not a real system.  The ‘Windows’ system has been used by the Cabal to track money on the planet.  In June, our forces broke into the banking system and tested out a virus in the computer system.  It crashed the whole system.  The virus is already there and ready to bring down the system at any time. Only a code is needed to activate this action.  This is a back door to control all financial transactions.
1)         Resistance will activate the virus
2)        Mainframe computers at banks will shut down
3)         No money will be accessible
4)        Credit cards will not work
5)        Banks will be closed
After The Event, get food and water asap.
We will need to use cash, silver or gold coins to make transactions in order to ensure we can obtain what we need.  
A Few Important Considerations:
–        Food and water for 3 to 7 days (remember stores may just accept cash/silver, not dollars)
–        A full tank of gas for cars because it will probably be unavailable for a few days (so have enough gas for one week)
–        Need hard cash to buy any necessities
–        Some stores will remain closed and never open back up
–        There will be more requests for gold and silver coins
–        We will keep our currency but it will be reevaluated
–        Dinars will not work
The financial system is all about trust.  People will panic because their money is not accessible.  There will be a short period of confusion for a few days.  After RESET, paper money (FRNS) will still be useful, but eventually people will lose trust in paper (FRNS).  When the new system comes online, Nazi and Japanese gold will be given back to humanity.  This has been taken to deep underground caves in February 2012.  The Cabal has gold plated tungsten bars to replace it! They have no real gold now.  We will finally have a gold backed system.  The goal is January 1st for the financial system to be gold backed.  All humanity is to have prosperity.
Some more notations:
–        All currencies will still be alive
–        There will be an re-evaluation after the Event
–        There will be transparency accounting with banks that reopen.
–        Interest will stop.
–        Fractional banking will cease.
–        The IRS will be dismantled immediately.
–        All Banks with strong ties to The Cabal will be bankrupt.
–        The Federal Reserve will be dismantled immediately.
–        All debts will not be forgiven, meaning if you used credit cards to buy goods thinking your debts were forgiven, that will not be acceptable.
–        Food, shelter, and technology will be available for everyone.
–        No gold will be traded on the open market.
–        There will be no more homeless people.
–        There will be no more stock market.
–        Money in bank accounts will be frozen from reset to the new bank system.  If funds were acquired legally, then the money will be kept.
–        The Cabal’s money is illegal and will be seized.
First, the money released will be for humanitarian purposes.  Task groups will be formed.  The Ground Crew of the Resistance Movement will be guided and watched.
The 2nd phase is when population will be reduced; people will choose to leave or be guided to leave.
Banks like Chase will go bankrupt.
Every human being was having their birth certificate traded (as a straw man).   All business agreements that are legal will hold.  Police forces will be restructured.  Everyone will be much more positive.
After the RESET, banks will re-open.  Outcomes are presented as part of the original NESARA document.  This was prevented from happening by The Cabal induced 9/11 event in 2001.
The Light Workers/Warriors will be the richest on the planet.
More Details to The Changes:
–        The only tax will be 14% on new items purchased.
–        Humanitarianism will reign.
–        New technology will be released but electricity grids will be kept going.
–        Everyone will receive $100,000 from collateral accounts.
–        Debts up to $100,000 will be forgiven.  If over that amount, it will be analyzed.  Real outstanding debt will be taken from that amount or if not enough, you will be advised to   go into bankruptcy.
–        All countries debts will be forgiven.
–        Mortgages will be cancelled out.
–        Retirement accounts will be preserved.
–        Social security/retirement/health care will be changed; free health insurance will be provided for a new, advanced medical system.
–        The average work week will be 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
–        Production costs will decrease.
–        All legal contracts will be respected.
–        The police force will be restructured for protection, not money collectors.
–        Common law will be respected – not distorted.
–        Most credit card debt will be cancelled.
–        Speculation will not be tolerated, and you can not rack up you credit cards now, expecting them to be cancelled out later without being on the hook.  Pleiadians will be tracking us.
–        There will be new elections for Congress within 4 months of RESET.
–        Monsanto, the corrupt part of Microsoft, will be bankrupt immediately.
–        Most prisoners will be released and receive psychological counseling and training because they were forced to do things due to life conditions.  Many will be released because they are innocent.
–       CIAoperated drug trade will cease, and drastic restructuring will be needed.
–        When we are all fully ‘healed,’ we will stop eating meat (animals will be appreciated for what they are).
–        There will still be bankruptcies.
–        We won’t be able to have factories in China any longer.
–        Companies will keep operating.
–        Companies will buy back shares and give investors back their money.
–        Most of Congress will be threatened or disbanded.
–        Congress will close at reset.
–        New elections will be arranged within 4 months.  There will be more local goings-on and less of a hierarchy.
–        The Resistance will help and advise.
–        The electrical grid will be in tact, however when The Cabal goes down, we may have darkness.
We can help by being calm and explaining what is happening.  Give out information and intel.
During the first phase, just ensuring there is enough for everyone to eat and survive on will go a long ways.
During the second phase, once the vibration has increased, we will be able to travel to other planets if we wish.
The Eastern Alliance is pressuring the Rothchilds to surrender.
Lemurians are keeping the vision of a paradise on Earth.
Our education systems are based on a Jesuit program from the 17th century. The Renaissance wanted school for all, so Rockefellers updated the Jesuit program with mind control. The new educational program will be based on true spiritual ideals after the RESET.
–        Many free energy technologies are available now but suppressed by The Cabal and will be made available to the masses once cabal gone.
–        Factories will quickly pop up asap for energy machines, which will provide the following:
  • cheap energy for everyone
  • virtually free production of energy itself
  • ability to produce any physical object very cheaply
  • cheap energy for heating, propulsion
  • production of food will require less effort
  • cheaper food as cheaper energy and fuel is available
  • people will be more into spiritual growth – creative potential, as not worried about surviving
  • realize an abundant universe
  • will change engines to free energy in existing cars first
  • levitating cars will come next
  • car computers will come next to prevent crashes
  • all transportation will become extremely safe
  • all pollution will be cleared – chemical waste, air pollution/chemtrails, water purification
  • all ecosystems will be healed immediately
  • nuclear power stations will be shut down and used for free energy generators on existing networks
  • replicators will be available after first contact – money will become obsolete as we will be able to replicate everything
  • GMO foods will be reversed.
  • natural/original seeds will be introduced immediately to replace existing seeds, but will take about 1 year to introduce
  • rare earth minerals will be readily available
  • old companies will be redirected to new industries
  • inhuman treatment of animals will stop at the time of The Event
  • time will change with expansion of consciousness


1)                        Release of classified documents on ET races will occur at THE EVENT.  95% of the existing files will be providing physical evidence of ET’s, so people know they have always existed. Although a shock to see this evidence, they will know they are part of a cosmic family.  The NASA will be restructured.  All UFO crashes will be given to the public.
2)                       After disclosure, there will be preparations for first contact. Some individuals will be contacted physically and provide land for spaceship landings. They will be introduced to the ETs and be able to speak to the mass media about contact.
3)                        Those that are contacted will have enough spiritual consciousness.  They will also have enough land for spaceships to land – approximately 100’ x 100’ flat land or 30 yards.  Have to really want it and be able to speak to the mass media about their experience.  Some have already been selected.
4)                       The first political contact between ETs and masses will be a representative of the government (5-7 people) meeting with them at the UN (by then a world governing body).  There will be a spaceship docking on land next to UN building, and Pleiadian representatives will meet with governmental representatives in televised introductions. Earth will be invited to join the Galactic Federation.
5)                       Humanity will be under spiritual guidance under the Galactic Federation.
6)                       Certain areas will be created for Islands/Cities of Light to be made around the planet, to prepare the rest of humanity for heightened frequency.
7)                        The true and complete human history is to be revealed, along with spiritual teachings, disinformation, and complete spiritual understandings.  (This all happens after The Event )  25,000 years ago, Agarthans from Atlantis moved into Telos in Mount Shasta, northern California. Strong Ashtar Command presence is there, and Ascended Masters appear there as well – already in 5D.
8)                       Of the Illuminati, 50% will move to the Light
9)                       Once the mind control is removed from Obama, he will work for The Light.  He has been mind controlled all his life, just like every other president.
10)                   California is a leading place at this time with a huge Galactic Federation accumulation of Light Workers and ships.
11)                    Antarctica is now a Galactic Federation base.
12)                   3D people will move to other planets
13)                    5D comes into place on Earth, with more support now to have this happen
Planetary Light Body Activation
25,000 years ago, The Cabal took control of the ley lines and earth’s grid, creating the Veil, a grid around the planet.
We are taking back the grid of the planet now, claiming the vortices back to The Light via activations in Austin, New York, Sedona, Laguna Beach (note Jerusalem, Middle East, Africa, China, and London still mixed energies).  This brings less Archon energy.  When the energy grid is complete, this allows for the activation of the Event Flash!  Good activation areas are Laguna Beach and Sedona.  Bad/mixed areas are Jerusalem, Rome, Central Africa, China, and a mixture in London (this is just a few)
Healing the Grid
In the last 25,000 years, we have been inside a black hole space time anomaly.  It was known that we would exit the black hole at this time.  When we travel out of the black hole, this is what The Event really is.  It will be like a tiny spot of light and continue to get bigger and bigger.  It is actually taking place right now.  We have forgotten what real light is.  It is stronger, more intense, more brilliant.  It is amazing.
–        The Cabal controlled humanity by building megalithic temples on grid lines to disturb the grid, only later to destroy them to disrupt the grid even more.
–        16,000 years ago, Catholics destroyed the goddess temples and built their churches on top to stifle energy points.
–        Archons built cell phone towers near churches.
–        Tachyon energy will bring light back into the grid.
Technology will help to heal the Grid.  During the cosmic cycles, the stargate of 2012 enables a breakthrough for The Light. The Window of Opportunity was from 5/22/12-6/5/12 but it did not provide a breakthrough since key people made mistakes or didn’t come through.  The door of 11:11 opened last week as a window of opportunity.  This is where we start building the new world.
We are inside a super wave right now – a quantum fluctuating black hole. Every 25,000 years, there is a galactic pulse where the sun emits energy.  This cycle started in 1975, continues to 2025, and is experienced in all planetary systems.  The Cabal cannot control the galaxies, so the Pulse favors the Light. It is like a galactic tsunami.  The Galactic Federation ships provide a powerful, yet gentle process more in line with Goddess energy so that the galactic pulse is not so damaging. We need to channel goddess energy to decrease the brutality of the tsunami.  It can trigger pole shifts but ETs are calming down the sun right now.  The Resistance can act only when we are prepared.
  • Planet X is not coming, it is orbiting the sun.  Nibiru is disinformation.  Nothing is going to come close to our orbit.  The Galactic super wave will bring in The Light.  We are inside the wave right now.  Without galactic ships, this super wave could be destructive, but the ships are stabilizing the frequencies of the sun.
  • Healing modalities will become more efficient based on true spiritual principles.  And it will be just the beginning.
  • The Ark of the Covenant has been hidden and transported into the Resistance Movement’s location.  Now The Cabal no longer have it.  It is an ancient replicator.
  • Bill Wood may still have a role in all of this .  We will see.  Don’t know for sure.
  • There may be social events after disclosure and The Event only in isolated cases.  The military and police forces will be taken care of.  The military will help out in a positive way now.
  • FEMA camps will be erased and gone.
  • YHWH was not a genetic engineer, but an old Archon.
  • Some Elohim are good, some are not so good.
  • YHWH can describe 2 different entities, one good, one not so good.  He could be a speaking space commander.
  • The Cabal are confined to operte on planet Earth.  They are currently confined to the US or Europe and can not move freely about.
  • Negative thoughts attract those dark  entities and provoke the suppressed negative thoughts.
  • The magnetic polar shift and the galactic pulse trigger the magnetic shift.  That is not dangerous.  They are 2 different events.  The galactic pulse triggers electromagnetic shift, causing the compass to point elsewhere, not the north like it does now.
  • The Galactic Federation is in communication with Gaia.  After the Even, most of the movies will be very positive.  There will be no more horror movies.  Actually, from 1995-2008 new movies were produced by The Resistance influence.
  • Ocean’s will not boil.  No sun will turn to blood.   The Galactic Federation is taking care of things.
  • Food will change.  There will be no more GMO foods.  Animals will be treated differently.  We will have better nutritional food.  Poor eating patterns will change.  Less meat will be eaten.  There will be less GMO foods and more balanced diets.
  • Some of the crystal skulls are real and some are from Atlantis.  Many are replicas.  Their purpose is to be a lens for energy for consciousness.  Some of the crystal skulls are not real however.  They act as lenses for higher energies.
  • Many are mind-controlled in the royal family.  Apparently not all of them are reptiles.
  • Didn’t invite Semjasi because it would be too dangerous for our group.  The Cabal would go crazy.  They would release chemicals.
  • There is only one sun.
  • The moon will continue to be there.
  • Yes, the moon is real and yes, we did visit the moon.
  • The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.  Local central sun is different – Alcyone is a sun.
  • After first contact, it will open for us to visit other planets and slowly expand out into the Universe.
  • The Spear of Aesculapius was wanted by The Nazi’s.
  • The Galactic Federation has The Holy Grail.  This chalice was made of 144,000 facets of polished moldavite.  It activates the 144,000 Light Beings.  Each facet contains a code for a star seed and when the light hits the facet, the star seed is activated.
  • Each human being has a unique set of skills for the planetary liberation.  Each person had been born equal with unique capabilities.  You are given missions because you have the right skills to compete the job, not because you are special.
  • Buddha’s  role is to be a transmitter of cosmic energies between the galactic central sun and ascended masters.
  • Some souls connected to The Holy Grail are  aware, others will awaken. More are awakening during and after The Event from The Holy Grail.
  • I use 11 dimensional models which is aligned to string theories.
  • Purify and balance yourself.  Use pure water.  Don’t wait for The Event.  Start now.
  • The 144,000  is a complex mandala, and each personal will have their own role.
  • The location of The Holy Grail is  undisclosed.
  • When you ascend, you go beyond the incarnation cycle.  The Archons introduced the incarnations.  Everything beyond the 3rd dimension doesn’t have a body.  For those who stay, they will live to maybe 120 yrs.  There are no limits to maintain your body.  Basically, when you ascend beyond the incarnation wheel, you don’t have a body. You project consciousness into a hologram at that point.  When you reach a certain level of consciousness, there is no limit of how long you can live.
  • There is a planet being prepared in the Pleiadian society for folks going to the other 3rd dimensional reality.  It will be a perfect 3rd dimensional existence.
  • There will be many choices to stay or go when in the 3rd dimension.  Everything becomes free choice.
  • Just drink lots of pure water. Vortexed, tachonized, filtered, and enhanced water is the best to drink.  Best pH for water is 7-neutral.
  • Monatomic gold is very beneficial and a very old technology.  Monatomic gold helps us to be super conductive for spiritual forces.
  • Colloidal silver helps us to eliminate toxins.
  • Would not recommend alkalinized water.  A pH around 7 is good and neutral water is better.
  • Organite therapy is mostly not helpful.
  • May 17th and Nov 17th are the Pleiadian alignments each year. It re-boots 2 times a year.  Each year this is an opportunity for the incarnate Pleiadians to align with their home planet.
  • Most of the Annunaki were cleared a long time ago.
  • Sananda was incarnated as Christ, long ago and ascended.  Jesus was born years later and Christ was his teacher while he was doing his mission.  He was merging his consciousness with Christ.  Now both of them are working together as soul brothers to spread the message of Unconditional Love.
  • There are dinosaur sightings.
  • There were some reptilian entities entering and exiting the Congo portal.  The portal is now closed but there are a few reptilian’s left that are hiding in the jungles.
  • There are a few Draconians and Reptilians left in the political system in human bodies.
  • Billy Meier’s was a Pleiadian contactee.  He’s an incarnated Pleiadian and he had contact before.
  • Cobra doesn’t agree with some of the Daniel papers so use discernment.
  • The WWII black hole over Europe with the Nazi’s and all of the killing is being cleared.
  • Chemtrails are being cleared every day
  • A small segment of The Cabal are Annunaki’s and they are being cleared.
  • Angels are here to anchor angelic light and it’s good to connect with them. They help us connect.
  • The clearing process purifies the astral and etheric planes.
  • During The Galactic Wars there was clearing of Andromeda Galaxy.  Negative beings were cleared out and came to this galaxy and planted Archons here.  Most high Jesuits were from Andromeda.
  • You can be contacted is you have a genuine true to self demeanor and you have a desire for contact.
  • All chemtrail planes are based on earth – not OFF earth.
  • We are all awakening to the Jesus consciousness every day.
  • The galactics that turned to the dark were innocent beings who wanted to try something new and they were tricked.
  • Go on Cobra’s blog for the who’s who.
  • Darkness is NOT necessary.
  • About 50% of the people have closed their hearts to protect themselves.  When conditions improve, their hearts will open again.
  • It’s a gradual process for the old grid to continue with it’s disintegration daily.
  • Gnostic texts are the closest to the truth before the Archon invasion.  They give a good description of what happened.  The chief Archon is the fallen angel.
  • The Essenes were one of many groups who had access to part of the gnostic teachings, but not all of it.
  • It will be gradual process entering the 5D, but when we are there, we will know it.  When The Event happens, there will be no question.  When real change happens, it will be extremely evident.
  • There will always be choices whether to go to the 3rd or 5th dimension.  It is impossible to go back and Cobra can’t speak about any cut-off points. 
The year 2012 is a code-a time of completion, like an alarm clock.  Each lifetime we develop talents and made a plan for each incarnation to prepare for this time right now – to assist in the planetary liberation process.  We will all be creating a planetary mandala at The Event.  We are getting prepared for the final activation.
When we were a child, we had a dream but it wasn’t a dream.  The cabal knew about the dream and blocked us from manifesting the dream.
  • Remember what you want to become!  There has been strong programming convincing you that you can not achieve your goals.  You can, but you must continue with your own mission. It is not an easy path, but it leads us to the planetary liberation.  Start involving yourself in the “manifestation process” IMAGINE IT – FEEL IT –  RECEIVE IT!
Three steps are involved in manifesting:
1)         Your decision – an act of your free will.  We make decisions all of the time.  When we don’t make a decision, it is a decision as well.  The consequence of past decisions is what you decided beforehand.  Decisions immediately trigger the process of manifestation.  An electrical current flows through the dimensions in response to your decision.  For example, a house is already becoming manifested before it becomes concrete.  When you stop and give up, the manifestation ceases.
Experience teaches you patience.  You need to be completely devoted to your goal. The cabal’s dedication to their end goal is so strong that it goes back countless generations.  They are very patient to see their goals take place.  Our decision and dedication need to be stronger than The Cabal’s.  Unfortunately, The Light didn’t make a strong enough decision.  We all gave up early.  We need to be stronger and more committed as this is the key to planetary liberation process.  Dedicate time each day to return to your core purpose.  Know that unbelievable obstacles occur as well.  What is the STRENGTH of your decision?  You have to find the answer, each day as to what you are to be doing.  You will know very clearly what you are to do here.  It will take you out of your comfort zone.  Miracles as well as obstacles. The Dark will get concerned too.   Jesuit’s have maybe 20 people. The Rothchild’s have about 10 active people.  With us 80 people, we can have a strong decision.  The strength of our decision will determine the strength of our manifestation.  Whatever you want to have; health, wealth, a loving relationship.  It is the STRENGTH of what you want that matters because there are so many conflicting inner dialogues.  Talk to parts of yourself.  Unify and sharpen your focus.
Each of you has a key.  Embrace the totality of who you are as a whole being.  Do not deny any part of yourself.  Integrate them.  The more integrated you are, the more powerful your decisions will be.  You will have your focus.  You will be dedicated.  You will have passion for that.   People make decisions that are not theirs.  Go inside and learn what is Your decision?  Are you living their life or The Cabal’s life.  LIVE YOUR LIFE.  Programming influences you.  It is spiritual physics  that we need to follow.  Understand it intellectually, emotionally and in your soul.  Now we are needing to manifest THE EVENT – for the whole planet.  You are not infringing on free will.  You are choosing , or showing the way for many.  You are the ones.  The owner of synchronized fields is much stronger.
Why don’t we decide the future of this planet right now?  The strength of our decision will determine the success of our mission and operation!!!  Don’t deny any part of your need to decide.
Oct 21st was our day of decision. Our decision to bring about The Event.
Aug 17, 1987 was the Harmonic Convergence and our 1st breakthrough.
Jan 1, 1992  was the activation of the first gate of 11:11. 
On May 21, 2012 the reboot of the grid activation took place and 40-50% of the archons were cleared.  We must reach 144,000!  Let’s just do this once more.
  • Light does no create obstacles and it won’t prevent you from reaching your goals.  It only gives you warnings if a decision you have made is not for your highest good.
  • 12.12.12 is a portal opening and important stargate So The Event could happen before 12.21.
  • There are a lot of reptilian energies still left on the etheric and astral planes so you have to protect yourself.  Protect yourself with The White Light.
  • The Jesuits used sophisticated mind programming through universities and schools to fill you with guilt, fear, separation, etc.  The Archons are working directly with The Jesuits.
  • The Galactic Codex is the standard mode of operation by the Galactic Federation throughout The Universe.
  • Cobra’s knowledge comes from physical experience with Pleiadians.  He has had physical experience with The Resistance.  He has had contact and communication with Semjasi.  He has a network of information agents around the planet.  He has his own spiritual experiences of course.  Cobra also has a connection with his soul and has certain ways of communicating with Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, etc.  since he has been doing this for 20-30 yrs.
  • He listens to the exact information of when to do this where to do it. He is protected.
2)        Your Passion – Visualizing, imagining, feeling your decision in your body is important for manifestation.  This is because this is a living example of your decision.
3)         Your Physical Action – Physical steps need to be taken in the direction of your decision.  It takes 20 times longer to manifest without this step.
*  Join the Light Forces!  Make a decision that you are one!  If you want to be one of the chosen, then choose yourself.  When you do constructive things for The Light, others will see you.  The Movement is monitoring  and you will be contacted if you do something for the Light.  Get active.  Pick one of your talents and bring it to perfection.  If you don’t know – search within today.  Ask those questions.  The universe will provide answers.  This is a self training process.
We need to deprogram the masses since The Cabal spreads lies constantly.  We spread the truth but mind programming automatically dissolves this.  Words create reality.  It is easy to de-program us.  Simply start spreading the truth – as much as you understand it.  The mind program dissolves automatically.  This is not about preaching or converting others, but about reaching out to others who are reading.  Do not try to make them ready.  Saturate internet with this.
Let’s get thousands of blogs saying the same or similar things.  Google ‘how to create a blog’.  When you awaken – 1) get information, and 2) spread it around.  We have to reach the masses.  WE have the answers.  WE need to break through.  We have been waiting long enough.  Get information and spread it around to friends and family.  We are always online so spread it through e-mails and blogging or create your own blog.  And, of course through local radio, newspaper, and TV since they are less controlled than big main stream media.
The Occupy Movement has helped from the standpoint that it has gotten the masses attention but we need contacts in the big mainstream media.
Operation Dreamland involves breaking through to the media with this message.  We need to create a press conference using Hollywood contacts.
We need to discuss science with manufacturing regarding energy devices.  We need more inventors working with free energy devices.
We need organizationally skilled people to assist projects such as Fix The World. What can you contribute?  Go beyond the intel.  There will be many projects that will need help especially after “the Event”.  It will be very intense, but it will be worthwhile.  We can coordinate and manifest.
When we reach 1) critical mass 2) receive funding, and 3) receive support, we can not be prevented from achieving our goals.  Make it an active manifestation of all intel received!
  • Getting free energy out  to the public will be easier after the “event”.  Yes, it will be easier.  The sky is the limit.
  • Foster Gamble of THRIVE had one interview with Cobra.  It was very good.
  • So many are concentrated on the physical aspects of the calcification of the pineal gland.
  • John of God is a  Lightworker.
  • Yes, we will stay connected as group because that is part of the program.
  • Yes, it is important – to receive you more light
  • On December 21, emotions and everything will be more amplifies and intense – the compression is happening.  After the breakthrough, there will be a big release.
  • Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ soul mate.
  • Yes, they were married and they had kids
  • All of us in this room are connected to the Pleiades.
  • After Christ ascended, he left the planet.
  • Jesus did not go to India.  Someone else did.
  • You know you are a Pleiadian when you have a strong yearning to go home.
  • Planetary liberation meditation are important weekly meditations that build a strong resonance field.  We are calling them every Sunday until the liberation happens.
Alexandra created and downloaded a formula entitled ‘The Activator’ for  all Lightworkers on the path of discovery and contributing their part to The Event .  You can get more details on its description at the following webpage: http://galacticconnection.com/my-background/october-2012-essence-for-the-times .  Basically, she realized that it’s purpose exactly paralleled Cobra’s call to action for the group.  She was very moved by this – and received a message from Saint Germain that this was exactly what it was created for!
  • The Galactics and Resistance are healing the timelines right now.  No negative stuff will occur after 12.21.12. Healing the timelines is a mathematical formula which describes the complexity of the situation of the timelines that are possible.  All the negative timelines converge to zero.  After Dec 21st, there is zero possibility of negative timeline.  We will be in zero point.  This is the time to return and anchor feminine energy.  Cobra has been involved in Pleiadian project of healing the timelines.  We need to heal key moments in history but we also need to heal the entire chain of cause and effect from that time and space by finding the original signature imprint and akashic records.  For example, the burning of The Alexandrian Library still needs to be healed, as the original event is not all that was negatively affected.  It had a devastating effect on our world.  The Congo Invasion in 1996…if you heal those ripples in space and time – you can heal those time lines and have 1 positive time line available.  Luckily, The Light Forces are healing the timelines.  All timelines are converging into one timeline.  All of us are going back home.  All of us are eventually returning back to Source.
  • It was known a long time ago that the negative timelines would be erased, but someone has to actually do it.
  • If you go back to the key moments and heal them, you can dissolve all of your personal negative timelines.
  • Billy Meier was a good contact in the beginning, but not later, so Cobra does not agree with his predictions.
  • Other light forces, the Pleiadians, and Cobra will be healing the time lines.
  • We are going back to the ONE
The return of the goddess is here.  The energy is very strong.  One woman capable of transmitting this energy can topple a war.  It represents pure love, receptivity, compassion, and is beyond manipulation and denial.  Go beyond the games of personality, manipulation, and denial.  This is crucial to the planetary liberation process.  The Cabal has been successful because of their severe suppression of the goddess.  It is a very pure feminine energy – stronger than any energy in the Universe.  Yet women have been traumatized forever.
AS we remove Archons, it will be very natural to embrace the Goddess.  It will become paradise again.  When you have Goddess energy – in every human being – it manifests perfect living, love, balance, etc.  Abundance was all around them.  They didn’t have to work hard because they were in balance.  We will not work 9-5 any longer.  We will only be working 3-5 hours maximum in the future and spend the rest of our time in joy, manifestation, or spiritual advancement.
It is time to bring that forth to achieve balance.  June 2004 was the first Venus transit – started 8 years of return of the Goddess energy.  June of 2012 was the 8th year of completion of the goddess cycle.  The Cabal have experienced something always going wrong with their plans ever since.  That is why we couldn’t go to war with Israel.  Goddess energy is now here and is accessible.  Old civilizations were connected with the goddess.  They lived in peace and harmony because of it.  It returns us to balance.  They did not know war.  Archeological evidence shows no weapons revealed.  (But with the first Archon invasion, weapons were brought.)  This is our collective memory of paradise.  We were shown several stone statues.  When we remove Archons from power, this will be our natural state.  In Egypt, we will go deeper with Goddess presence and increase the goddess energy.
Spontaneity creates perfect living conditions, a perfect environment, and a perfect presence.
We are opening up goddess vortices.
Goddess energy is angelic presence, goes through our bodies, anchors in the physical plane, and is the key to liberation.  You will be able to feel that Goddess Vortex in your body.  It is the energy that dissolves the matrix.  Archons are allergic to Goddess energy.  This is why the Catholic church was suppressing women.  The non-physical Archons are very allergic to this.  Every time any woman channels that Goddess energy, thousands of reptiles are removed forever. The Archons lose it and can’t stand this energy.  With it comes beauty, sexuality, etc.  A goddess vortex unifies polarities through the star gate.  Invoke energies and a star gate in the eye of the vortex.  It will unify and heal.
1000’s of reptiles have been removed already but there are non-physical archons still around.  We need to open channels and auric openings to receive the goddess energy.  We need to transform all vortex points in the body.
The diagram reveals an hourglass with the top representing Spirit (+), the impulse of creative thought and moves clockwise.  It counts down 0 to 3 = representing the earth.
The bottom of the hourglass represents Matter (-), the synthesis of past experiences and moves counterclockwise.  It counts down 5 to 8 = representing the sky.
Where the two meet is where polarities switch and the point of transformation occurs. Number 4 is at this point, otherwise known as zero point.
  • Goddess energy was embedded deeper into the earth in June of this year.
  • All the violent rapes and oppression of women, mind programming, and mind control in underground bases has created negative force fields throughout the world.  Archons and The Cabal tried to grab and control Goddess energy this way.
  • Everyone can connect with goddess energy.  Men need to be connected inside and outside.
  • Electrons are part of matter
  • The best way to shut down Archons it to:The Cabal do ritualistic orgies because their sexual energies are blocked. They remember from Atlantis when this was regular but their flow of energy gets blocked and the chakras are not balanced.  Rituals are done to channel energies to manifest their goals. Sacrifices are the same concept – to manifest their goals.
    • visualize pillars of light
    • call on Beings of Light
    • proclaim to remove negativity
    • get out of closed environments
    • go out into nature for 2-4 hours.
    • take a shower
    • direct attention to something else – such as talking with another person
    • use tachyon devices because they stabilize you
    • let everyone know you are under attack
  • Tantra is a great way to unify sexual energy with the heart.  One of the negative mind control programs is separating sex from the heart.  It mis-matches our energies.  Need to integrate men’s sexuality, allow it and experience it, but men need to integrate their hearts.  When both do this they can meet in sexual energy and in heart.  Men experience through sex while women experience through the heart.
  • We can use the energetic purified gold to attract more abundance for everyone.
  • Gold was used by The Jesuits to control the souls of babies through the baptismal ritual.  The Resistance Movement healed the gold and no longer connected it to the souls.
  • The little grandmothers are putting crystals on the vortexes to heal the earth and Help activate the energy grid of the light.  Crystals placed on vortex points will clear energies.
  • This is not a cycle that we are going back to Source because it will never never happen again.  We learned the lesson.  We will never return to reincarnation again.
  • Cats and dogs will not become ascended master and their energies will be balanced and they will be very happy.
  • The mineral kingdom will become vegetable, the vegetable kingdom will become animal, etc.
  • Evolution goes forward, never backwards in reincarnation.  Never go back.
  • Moving into the goddess energy is the 5th golden age.  We don’t remember because there were so many in the past.
  • This golden age will last forever because we are ending duality.
  • There was a part of Archon’s who re-arranged circumstances so twin flames could not come together.  Major Archons are now removed, so the twin souls will be able to come together more often.  There were people who died when they met they met their twin.  We must be ready.  Some have died severe deaths when they met their Twin Soul.  You must be totally prepared as The Twin Soul can be too much for the physical body.
  • Alice Bailey’s information on “the path to higher evolution” soul choices or I AM choices is old information.  There are many more choices back to ascension, leading us back to source now.
  • Twin Flames merge into one being after the 8th initiation.  It is too high of a vibration for us here.
We have many more choices available to us after our ascension.  All choices lead back to Source.  With the end of the Mayan calendar we are already in spiral time.  We are in a spiral consciousness.  Our bodies need to get caught up.  This is a touch of the 5th dimension.  With the galactic heart, our heart beats faster.  It is an alignment with the galactic heart – our true self.  This brings about different sleep patterns, eating patterns, the heart racing, dizziness, a feeling as if the floor is disappearing from underneath us.  We are connecting more with the galactic heartbeat. Everything will still continue to accelerate.  You can help other people as they start going through this.  When you have fast heart beats – slow down, meditate, and think of your breath. The experience of the goddess energy is the same as the goddess dance; it is a spiral consciousness.  The key to goddess energy is SURRENDER.
Between 2014-2012, there was an 8 year cycle of return from the goddess.  The wake-up of goddess within.  Isis’ mission is to ground the goddess energy.  It is very very important. We have been disconnected from Source and have become ungrounded.  It is very important to connect with Mother Earth to attain a sense of groundingness. Gaia is a feminine planet.  Saturn has more masculine energy.  Gaia is feminine.  We have been disconnected from the heart of mother earth.  Grounding helps relieve fear, provide stability, safety, and grounding. It brings a column of light with an open heart through our DNA.  It is important to be connected with Source and we then connect to our heart/unconditional love.  The code for everyone is in our bodies, in our DNA.  The only way The Cabal can reach us is through fear.  This dance is to help us go back into our power, our emotions and our love.  This is our right.  We need to connect back to our emotions. Because of the programming from generation to generation, for a millennium, and because of this we have forgotten what our rights are.  We will also balance our chakra’s, especially the rights that our kundalini energy can arise and we can become eings of Light.  Also our energetic centers are changing color and vibration and having higher vibrations and frequencies.
Our chakras are receiving a higher frequency now.
ChakraAssociated ColorAssociated ElementWhen it DevelopsWhen UndevelopedAffirmationNotations
Base ChakraRedEarth(Foundation)While developing in mother’s womb and In 1styearIf you aren’t desired, you will have difficulty grounding.I Have a Right To Be Here. It is my home.Be aware of each step you take & bring light to the planet.
Sacral ChakraOrangeWater(Emotions)In 2nd year when you get the fact that you are separate from your mom.Told you are not allowed to feel.I Have a Right To Feel My EmotionsWhen feel emotions, feel your body and feel alive.
Solar Plexus ChakraYellowSun(Fire)In 3rd year when you want to explore more and do things.Told not to do things and get blocked about what is right to do.I Have a Right To Act and Be an Inner Warrior.Gives you direction and energy to do things.
Heart ChakraGreen(Air)In 4th year when we learn to share our love with our relations.Learn to love through conditions that cause us to grieve and close our hearts.I Have the Right to Breathe.  I Have the Right to Love and be Loved.Forgiveness relieves and liberates us.
Throat ChakraBlue(Sound)In the 5th year we begin to express who we are through speaking, singing, etc.Told to speak when you are spoken to.  Learn constraints on what you can express.I Have a Right to Express Myself.Expression through language and expression.
3rd Eye ChakraIndigoLightIn the 6th year we begin to act according to the truth.Begin closing the 3rd eye because of fictions, manipulations, and BS.I Have the Right to See the Truth and Light.Our consciousness is through the 3rd eye.
Crown ChakraWhiteEtherIn the 7th year leave the mother’s aura and connect directly to Source.We are told that what we know is untrue. We are programmed and begin to close crown.I Have a Right to be Conscious.We need to think with our own thoughts, & merge with our I AM.
(2) Be fluid like water.  Water takes whatever shape you give it.  Then let the emotions go.  They come in like the ocean, then are released retracting waves.
(3) Need to act with Creator – co-create.  be careful not to burn others with your fire.  Gain warmth, strength.  Wake up the inner warrior.
(4) Need to release our pain.  Need courage to forgive.
(6) The Indigo children can’t be bullshitted.
(7) We have a right to do it our way.  We need to surrender our will to the divine will and allow it merge together.  Remember who you are.
Gayatri Mantra
Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life,
Remover of pain and sorrow,
The Bestower of happiness,
Oh!  Creator of the Universe,
May we receive thy supreme sin-destroying light,
May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.
Rainbow children have all the colors and make up for 1% of the children.  They have all 12 strands of DNA.
You have the activated Diamond children.
Turn the spiral energy around to ground.
This will take us all home!
Can not give birth to the child without surrendering.
Chakra’s are now going around our body.  The diamond of the unseen (base chakra) is coming down to be a crystal.  From the hips down is a white crystal.  Orange in middle.  Our Solar Plexus becomes a golden color with this new crystallization Green heart is becoming more pink and more unconditional.. The throat chakra is going from blue to more Indigo energies.  Crystal children have come to heal us all.  The crown chakra is more opal.  Third eye is going from Indigo to golden/transparent pure energy.  Crown is more crystal.  Rainbow children their colors are rainbow.  Now there are a few diamond children.  They will help us in this transition.  We heal deep patterns with love (pink essence).
When she was a girl, she was always dancing.  It was very natural.  Different Goddess’ entered her body and give her different energies.  The left isfeminine, the right is masculine.  You turn into the spiral.  The Galactic Federation came and showed Isis the Milky Way and the double light spiral.  When I first met Cobra he said “I will take you home”.
Change yourself is the public message given to us.  We all have our own beauty and shape.  We dance to accept ourselves as we are, then our body starts to change.  Aealthy feminine aspect is that we don’t compete.  We don’t be jealous.  You live up to your potential and you cooperate and support each other.  Respect each other.  Through dance, you support yourself and each other.  Dance of liberation is a dance of joy.  The new society is with the goddess energy to respect and support each other.  What is very important is that whoever has contact with Source is not jealous.  Look at another person with adoration.  Learn to adore.  Adore nature, adore the ocean.  Take the time to learn to adore.  Adore another being.  See the spark of God and Goddess.  We will also dance for that.  Have compassion for another being.  If you heal your weakest points, you become soft, you become the tenderness.  Experience the tenderness or the extreme power and passion.  Learn again the passion and the compassion that lives within you.  The joy of light and celebration.    (Dancing)
Goddess – Surrender to the light.  Goddess dances can be danced anywhere.  The ocean is the emotion of the planet.  Hug a tree.  Dance with the leaves or the air.  She is everywhere, embracing everywhere, dancing everywhere.  Awaken inner Tarzan or Jane.  Gentle, strong, and respectful men that respect life and women.  Your inner man gives you support to your family.  Be a strong woman.  Stand up to your suppression.  It is important to balance male and female energies.  Say your truth with Love.  Don’t bother with the ego.  Don’t fight.  Stay in your presence of who you are.  Speak your truth.  Feel it with love.  Connect with the eyes of another person.  And surrender.  You are great.
Cobra was told not to plan anything after 12-21-12.  The focus of the next conference would be how to change our world.  This would be after “The Event”.
Press Conference is planned for early next year if “the Event” doesn’t happen.  If we can get to the mass media, we have WON.
Hawaii Goddess Pele to prepare a workshop on Hawaii.  Goddess mysteries.  Hilo side of big island.  Dolphins.  We will share, have joy & Love.  When time is right.  Egypt:  who is going?  make your decision and you will manifest that.
We would like to spread the message of the goddess energy.  We would like to make a CD.  Need recording studio.

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