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“Now it is of the utmost importance for all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to invoke and anchor the Light as much as humanly possible, although I am fully aware that we are tested beyond limits. Here is a very good and effective example of how to do this:”

Archangels and Devas Blog – Raising Your Vibration Through the Pillar of Pure White Light – Merging with the I Am Presence at the Throne of the I Am That I Am – 11-2-13

My Brethren of Light, I Am Michael.

As you traverse on the path to Enlightenment, you may find that hardships and obstacles are placed on your path to test you. This will make you stronger and bring you wisdom. When you pass these tests, you evolve further. The obstacles are like rotten eggs. The fear of facing the obstacle is like the smell of a rotten egg. You can get rid of the smell when you get rid of the egg. The anticipation of how and what you do, the fear and anxiety of facing the obstacle brings you down and lowers your Light. Problems and obstacles serve by distracting humankind from the Light. Yet, through the distractions, they make you stronger. By your efforts to remove them, you gain momentum and become more determined to pursue Light. The more Light you hold, the greater your ability to cope with future distractions and obstacles. As you evolve spiritually, you become worthy of greater Light and with it comes the ability to conquer all obstacles.

When you are able to see the obstacle as a mere distraction and the distraction as a means to delay you, then you can see to it that you are neither distracted nor delayed. To achieve this task, I will teach you to call the Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. The purpose of this pillar is to raise your vibrational frequency to help you feel connected to the Source. Then, you are not easily distracted or affected by problems and obstacles. Obstacles can only have an adverse impact on you when you allow them to. You allow them to have such an impact because you feel lonely, left out, fearful and at a loss to cope.

When the Pillar is fully formed and you reside inside of it permanently, you can remain detached from the fear of failure and the feeling of loneliness, separation and rejection. When you are inside the Pillar of Light, you connect to the Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am, God in Form. This is the individualized presence of God which has taken form and resides at the thirteenth dimension of reality. Through your Twelfth Chakra you are able to connect with this dimension and experience the perfected presence of the I Am That I Am, by merging and uniting with the presence.

This is perhaps the most important step in returning to the perfection of our Original Divine Plan. The Divine Plan as originally intended by God was to allow you to remain connected to God and to the Pure White Light at all times and in all circumstances. Then there could be no fear of separation or loneliness. The Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am, also known as the I Am Presence or simply the I Am, is also called the Magical, Luminous, Glorious, Victorious Presence.

To change the energy in you and around you and to raise your own vibration to Higher Light; every morning as you arise, call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to form around you. Enter into the Light and move to unite with the Presence of the I Am. Do this again at night before you fall asleep.

Meditation to Receive and Hold Pure Light and Unite with the I Am Presence

I now offer you a procedure to raise your vibration to Higher Light and to stay protected in the Pure White Light of the I Am at all times. Now take a deep breath and sit or lay down in a comfortable position to begin this meditational exercise.

Say this invocation,

“I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and to form around me. I call upon the Presence of the I Am That I Am. I ask the Presence of the I Am That I Am to join and merge with me.“

You may have difficulty feeling a change or a shift in your own energy field at first. It is important that you persevere and continue to ask for the Pillar of Light to surround you. Sometimes your vibration has become so slow that the Presence of the I Am That I Am cannot reach you. This is because there is a certain level of energy vibration below which it will not extend. Therefore, you will have to raise your own vibration to a frequency which will reach up to the Presence. The Pillar of Light will raise the vibration around you. As you stand inside of it, the lower vibrations dissolve and you begin to gather more Light and Energy.

Ask for the Pillar of Light, Cylinder of Light, Tunnel of Light; it matters not how you say it; what is important is to surround yourself in Light and allow it to heighten your vibration. Visualize the Presence waiting for you at the top of this Pillar, Cylinder or Tunnel. Imagine it to be there. Let your heart convince your mind that it is there. At that point, begin to move the energy upward through your Crown Chakra at the top of your head.

Move up inside this Pillar of Light in the direction of Higher Light. There are chakras above your head (chakras eight through twelve). Visualize that the energy moves up to your Eighth Chakra, pauses to energize that chakra and moves up to the Ninth. Repeat for the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Chakras. In this way, energy moves chakra by chakra to reach up to the Twelfth Chakra in the thirteenth dimension of reality to the Throne of the I Am That I Am. There you shall meet with the Presence of the I Am. The I Am Presence, which is the essence of God manifested in form, is seated at the Throne of I Am That I Am.

Now visualize yourself approaching to meet the Presence of the I Am, merge, and unite with it. The Presence has an ethereal body emanating Pure Light. Light is shimmering down from every direction. Pause and meditate for a while as you bathe in the energy of the I Am Presence.

Each time you practice this, you will be able to absorb a higher level of Light until you can begin to imbue and embody the Light of the Presence of the I Am That I Am. Then you may be invited to sit upon the Throne of the I Am That I Am and fully absorb the Light. When you find yourself fully merged with the Presence, you may request it to come back down with you into your body. Do this for three rounds.

Round 1: You meet, merge and unite with the I Am Presence. Bring back the Presence and imbue your body with the Presence from the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your feet, all the way to the core of Mother Earth.

Round 2: Move up again inside the Pillar of White Light into the Presence of the I Am That I Am; mixing, merging and uniting in Oneness. Pull that energy vibration down and bring it into every chakra of your body and being, down to the bottom of your feet and from your feet into the core of Mother Earth.

Round 3: Go back up the same way, and after you have merged with the I Am Presence, ask your questions. When you are complete with your questions, listen for any answers. Remaining answers will come at the time they are needed. To replenish your body, bring the united and merged essence of the I Am That I Am down into your body.

Practical uses for this exercise: When you are in the middle of a meeting, a group conversation, with a client, a patient, a family member or a child and you feel as though your words are not penetrating, or you are losing your focus, excuse yourself for a moment to compose yourself. Go to the restroom, if that is the only way you can have privacy. Have a precious moment of Oneness to regroup and practice the above exercises. It will take you a few minutes at first to go through the steps. It may take a while for you to feel the impact. As you practice and become familiar with the steps, you will feel the change faster. You can reach a place where the impact becomes instantaneous.

To return to Oneness and free yourself from the separation, you must first merge and unite with that aspect of God which has form, the Presence of the I Am That I Am. The Luminous Presence of God in form may appear to you like a human being. It may seem androgynous, or appear as male or female. That is your personal, individual experience. If you do not actually see the being, you may get flashes of Light or sensations in your body of calmness and peace. You may feel a warm, fuzzy feeling as though you have come back to a loving home.

The Presence of the I Am That I Am is your Divine Right. The Presence of the I Am That I Am holds the essence of Oneness. You will return to the I Am in order to know and remember this Oneness. The journey of God-Unity and the Ultimate attainment of Enlightenment is through this Presence.

In the Luminous Presence of the I Am,

I am your brother Michael. So it is.

Excerpts from Path to Enlightenment Book I, The Pillar of Light – pp 48-60 – See more at: http://www.nasrinsafai.com/angels/archangel-michael/


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  1. Thanks therese, the world needs this now, and especially the Light workers. Cobra gave us this invocation in it s simplified form st the conference and I included it in my conference notes (approved by Cobra) they have even been published here on PFC

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Its been a tuff past 10 years+ for me all in a grand scheme of things, only to show me now is the time to blossom over petty things and grow my flower of life! Even learned my purpose, but feel the plauge of loneliness creeping at my back door… I feel that sacred love when ever I feel alone, only to remind me there is someone out there who sends me there love… your post has opened my eyes to never let go these sacred values which i learned in my spiritual journey through buddhism, only to reach trial after trial! It almost makes you forget, the pain that is… But I learned through my warriors heart to laugh at all my challenges for it is these that make us stronger and who we are! There for i hold all my sufferings in the greatest value… thank you for your kind words of wisdom!

  3. It’s impossible to do that in bad life situations. What LF has done to improve people’s living conditions? It’s pointless.

    • this is why in buddhism they teach meditation so rigorously so it becomes second nature… they say a true meditation master finds there meditaions even in the moments where it matters the most, like in the tragic moments of our lifes… and to carry a light heart even in moments of war and chaos! look at the worlds most famous kung fu masters, humble… even in battle

    • Thank you for being so honest, ornithology. I’m sorry to see you in this distress. Is it for yourself or for humanity that you feel it’s impossible? I imagine, with your chosen name here, that you may look at birds on wings and think, why am I not free to fly too?

      I know the feeling to not feel up to invoking the I am that I am presence. It takes enthousiasm and plucking up of courage, to do that in the most dire straights. I’m getting better at it, with practice, but don’t want to engage in a mental manner. Mostly, in spontaneous moments, it’s popping up in my attention, when I feel that connection already, sort of. That’s enthousiasm I think. It begins to increase.

      As human beings living in 2017, we’re in a pickle, as they say in the UK. I like that expression, for a pickle can contract your mouth in its sharpness of spices. We’re here on planet Earth, born with a veil over our memories and a DNA that is mostly sleeping. How to make chocolate of all this? Waking up is a tough job and a blessing when confidence is strengthened.

      For a moment, imagine, ornithology, that you have come with a determination to be present in this time of transformation. Sometimes, when enthousiasm is absent, it’s better to focus on and first sort out practical and emotional turmoil, before invoking the I am that I am presence. Sometimes it’s helpful to do just that when in such turmoil. You might want to give it a try. Complications are never welcome when turmoil is present, simplifying priorities has a calming effect.

      When I walk around in the home or outside in nature, I can feel the enthousiasm at times to invoke this presence. In my thoughts I now often wish people “Peace be with you” and I sing it into the air, to planet Earth, the whole way round. Invoking your I am presence could help you to find clarity, specially when you aks questions.

      At other moments I’m more like “Oh well… hmm, let’s leave it on its throne. I’m distracted and don’t want to feel as if I HAVE to do it”. My mind can still be a jitterbug and rebel, it’s not all the time peace…. ehh.. a piece of cake 🙂

      Peace be with you and planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

      • Hi Marion, I so loved your comments above, and was wondering if you are in the UK and if so where abouts. I am in Colchester, Essex. If not, its still good to be able to communicate online. Still it would be wonderful to meet with like minded people nearer to home. Namaste, Janice.

        • Thank you janictaylorjaytee, I’m in Devon UK. We can communicate in coeo, if you choose to be present overthere. Otherwise, find my contactdata in my WordPress account. Click on my name… sim salabim 🙂

      • Marian…I couldn’t have said it any better. Your experience is exactly what I’ve been experiencing for several years now. Thank you for being so clear and sharing,


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