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TZ here; As we move forward on our journey towards the goal of peace on earth we become more and more aware of the necessity of our finding and establishing that PEACE within ourselves.
Each step that we take in the right direction in the anchoring of peace in our daily lives ~ could be something as simple as deciding to never again raise our voice in anger ~ we find that the Divine ~ Source ~ One takes literally millions of steps towards us. The following discussion is from a recent episode of An Hour with An Angel link below;

SB: Lord, you say a little help from your friends. There is this equation between the steps that we take and the Divine response. Is there not?

AAM: It is exponential. You know, there is this thing that we are always talking about, this quality called free will. So we do not interfere. And think of this as Divine Source One. So we allow you, and you allow you and we assist you for every little step you take. And so yes, say you take a step forward – now for you it is going to feel substantial – and we want it, we desire it. Not expectation, desire. We want you to take that step, to know the Divine Authority of taking that step. But say you take a step and it is a foot long. The Divine comes millions of miles toward you. It is that big.”

Archangel Michael literally infuses us with His Peace while we listen to this radio show and so I can warmly recommend listening to the show for anyone who desires to ‘download’ some extra peace at this time of great change. You can be sure that AM will know that you are listening in.

The Lightworkers and Love holders on Gaia are anchoring peace on Gaia now and one way that we can be a part of this is by building truly harmonious relationships, especially with those who are close to us. Michael says,

 “Now, what you are doing is you are anchoring peace. And we know this is a difficult conversation but you will also note we are having more expansive, difficult conversations of late.

So let me say what you are doing is you are anchoring the peace, the knowingness, the truth of who you are in that substantial, natural self in physicality, not so you can leave, but so that you can stay. Those who are not anchoring the divine qualities, who are literally saying “No, thanks. I’m not interested” can’t stay. They will not have enough substantiality, materiality, wisdom to hold the vibration to be able to physically exist on Nova Earth. So this is a very important part of what you are doing. And what we are doing with you and even as I am speaking, I anchor this blossom of peace, this granite of love within you.

AM: Do you feel it?

SB: I certainly feel peaceful. That’s for sure.

AM: Then I am doing my job.

SB: (laughing) Wow! God knows how many thousands of people you’re affecting right now.

AM: This is my joy. When all is done, when peace within you exhibits on the outside, which is not just no war but truly harmonious relationships and ways of being and behavior, then I will invite you to come and listen to our music. (2) More importantly you will hear our music and you will see me painting the sky. (Archangel Michael told us 4-5 years ago that it is He who paints the so called Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis)


Archangel Michael has important things to remind us of right now as we grow closer to change on Gaia. We all have intentions, deeply held beliefs and thoughts about where we would like to be, what we would like to experience in our lives beyond the veil. He points out that this ‘setting of our intention’ is the beginning of the conjoining process of creating … where sacred partnership begins. Recently Divine Mother also asked us to continue dreaming and co-creating the new with Her and when Steve Beckow asked Archangel Michael “How do we do this?… in our morning meditation? How do we work with this Divine process?”

Michael’s answer is very clear and noteworthy now for all Lightworkers and all Love holders on this planet. Archangel Michael warns us that we seem to have a habit of putting the work of global meditations or intentions or projects before our own needs and the needs of our close relationships right now, He says;

and this is a flashing yellow caution light for Lightworkers and Love-holders.”

“So please heed what I have to say.

Global intentions, collective intentions are beautiful and sacred and holy and when you come together in global intention miracles happen. We have seen this. And you will certainly see more of it. But do not ever think, feel or believe, my family and friends, that somehow global intentions are more important, more valid, more worthy than the personal whispers of your heart. That is why I have started today by talking about the peace within you and the anchoring of that ‘truly knowing’ within you.

So, when you are setting intentions, we do recommend every morning. There needs to be time. And if you think you do not have the time, you are deceiving yourself, you are fooling yourself and you are robbing yourself. You take the time, whether it is an hour or ten minutes or five minutes, to set your intention, not only for the planet and the galaxy and the universe, your family, but also for your sweet self – for your day, for what you are working on…….

And then we would love to see you take action and to again express intention at a mid-point in your day… and you would say, you know, at twelve o’clock or one o’clock or two o’clock or whatever the middle of your day is, take a few moments, not only to visit with us, not only to visit with your intentions – to check in. How is it going? But to check in with your sacred self, because sometimes there is need for a little reset or an expansion.

When you go to the middle of the day and reset, it gives you a chance to expand what just happened, so that the rest of your day is not simply in time out or not being fully present and aware, but expanding that energy of that intention – of being seen, of having harmonious conversations, of being a team player.

……. And then at the end of the day, and particularly – we will take ‘thank you’ whenever we get it – but particularly at the end of the day.”

Sacred Self = Natural Self = Truth of Who You Are.

Michael suggests that we allow ourselves a space without electronic equipment at the end of the day.

“And it is important, dear ones, to turn off your electronic computers etc. from time to time to really be in the silence and the still point and the spaciousness – to really feel the energy waves, particularly the Mother’s Tsunami – so that you can differentiate what is the collective, what is yours, what is ours, without any other interference.”

“But back to (getting back to the discussion about the natural/sacred self) the natural self, you take action – can I make it this simple: that is pleasing, that is joyful, that is pleasurable, that is fulfilling to you. And in that, it is because of that alignment, it is pleasurable, and enjoyable and loving and kind to everyone. That is how peace outside, without, occurs. It is you expressing that peace, that true knowing. So you don’t do things for yourself that you know are harmful. You don’t attach or reattach to old patterns or paradigms of behavior that you know are going to hurt. It is not that the knowing and the wisdom isn’t there, it is. And it is already ignited in you. It may not have been 10 years ago, but it most certainly is now.

So when you do something, when you feel that you are in step, when you reattach even for a moment and you know – that’s not me, I’m not behaving like who I truly am – then correct. That is why we suggest that reset during the middle of the day. And when you misstep, do not just apologize to the person that you may or may not have offended, or to us or to Source. Apologize to your sacred self and then with clear determination, not just determination, clear – the clarity of the Mother, continue on.”


We all long for that feeling of peace within and around us. Peace begins like everything else does from within. About a week ago Steve Beckow wrote how surprised he was to have had a strong experience of peace and how it was a feeling of being extremely heavy like stone – granite and not in the least an airy – fairy feeling of being lighter than normal. Yes, Archangel Michael agreed that that is what Peace / Divine Love feels like. It feels like granite, a substantial feeling, a grounded feeling, very earthly. This is the way that we will experience part of our ascension journey – we will all experience this granite like grounded feeling of peace within as we are ascending IN these physical bodies. Michael says;

AAM: “This day, this night, this afternoon, I have given you – I have activated peace within you. Receive it, sweet ones. I do this on behalf of our beloved Sacred Divine Mother. And, I do this on behalf of each of you. Treasure this and allow this granite to blossom. Go with peace and go with my Love. Farewell.”

Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Peace is Love

Transcript of this show;

First posted on PFC 26th May 2017 at 1850 PM CEST

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  1. Thanks Therese and thanks Michael. It’s getting easier and easier now. Amazing how strong one becomes by truthness to oneself:) Blessings to our new world.

    We earthlings must grapple with many choices, about information given us from early childhood on.
    We’re told that a benevolent God has placed us here. This choice was ours to make, so we could gain experiences to enhance our ability to ascend.

    I find it so very difficult to comprehend a ‘loving’ God creating the pain, and suffering that goes on every second of every day. Disease, famine, one creature eating another to survive, wars, earthquakes, biting insects, greed, lust, hate, poison venom, poison foods, children being sacraficed, and eaten, being ruled by a bunch of psychopaths, no freedom, chemtrails, our foods being poisoned, Inventions and discoveries in free-energy, and medicine shelved.
    There were religions created to pit one against the other. An individual was allowed to accumulate vast amounts of wealth, allowing them to take control of society. I could go on, and on, but you get the idea.

    Then, we have the Archons. These beings, (fallen Angels) or whatever they are, have tricked us into accepting these trials. Don’t get me wrong, the planet, or plain, whatever your belief, is beautiful. The problem is the life-forms-especially the Reptoids.

    We find we must incarnate for about 1.2 million years, so they can suck the life from us each time we return. They tricked us in the same way the corporations here on Earth took our Republic away, and rule us with ‘Maritime-law’.

    Then there are those that claim no God exists.

    Who or what do we trust?


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