Project Peace & Love: Coming Soon! May 28th – June 4th, 8 Minutes of Love at 8PM With the Divine Mother

Project Peace & Love

During our ongoing 8 minutes at 8 PM meditation {your local time} — starting Sunday, May 28th, in concert with the recent escalation of the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love — we will be encouraging everyone to join the Mother at the bottom of the ocean to allow Her Tsunami to wash through us again and again.

“I wish to meet you in meditation at the bottom of the ocean, the life-blood of my sweet Gaia. I wish to expand you and all of you, not merely here and there but all of you. I call to you, come join me, allow my gift, my essence to wash through you and then wash through you again and again and again.” (1)

The Mother would like us to stand, just as we do with Archangel Michael — holding on to something, such as the back of a chair — during our 8 minutes at 8 PM.

The Mother says She wants to hear “the song of your soul again”!

“My beloved ones, you are born from Source. You are born as kernels of Light, of kernels of Love from my very being, from my core and you never have been and you never will be anything less than that. In fact, sweet Angels of Light, your vision of self, yes, even those who have been diligent and work with the wisdom vision, your vision of self is myopic. It is limited and I am coming to wash away that illusion that you may see and be and fly with me as a Collective, as a whole.”

“Now how do I do this? I do this through the Tsunami of Love that you may be cleansed, penetrated, stable, anchored, flying, that you may jump across the waves and dance and sing for I wish to hear your song, the song of your soul again.” (2)

Come join us in the deepest part of the Ocean of Love.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this Therese. This retiring Mother Superior likes to be washed by Gaia’s ocean bottom tsunami of love, directed by Divine Mother. Each night at 8 pm for 8 days, 8 minutes focus. Great timing, for I shall have finished hanging the curtains and removing an ants-nest in my plantbox outside my window, first floor!! It’s qiute an adventurous journey, settling in Devon UK. In a home called “Avalon”.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  2. Would you dear ones Please send these meditation notifications out much closer to the actual date of the meditations​, bye the time​ the day arrives, the emails that you sent are so far down the Gmail list I don’t even remember that they are there.

    • This one starts in two days from now? – i was informed by another reader that the date said – in the text – 28th June instead of May 28th so maybe thats what you meant? I have now corrected that 2nd misprint which is still in the original. TZ
      This one is 8 nights in a row at 8PM TZ

  3. Beautiful, should read: MAY 28th?
    Project Peace & Love
    During our ongoing 8 minutes at 8 PM meditation {your local time} — starting Sunday, June 28th, …


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