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At this point in time I believe that most people who have been following various blogs informing about the time of transition on Gaia will have clarity regarding what we here on PFC call The Event. If you have done your homework then you will know without a shadow of a doubt that this so-called ‘Event’ includes a myriad of changes and indeed changes for everyone physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I believe that people following the story of the removal of the power that has been in the hands of our captors/controllers, generally referred to as the cabal, are also very much aware that we are all changing from within. We are all being prepared from within for a time on Gaia that is so much much more than an end to poverty, war and corruption. Cobra explained very early on his blog that the time of The Event would be the true beginning of the time of Ascension on Gaia.

We have become very clear now about the power of global meditations to change things. We are finally all becoming aware of the power we have as true sovereign divine beings to affect change on every level. With great power comes great responsibility. We are now in Divine Mothers rinsing process. We are being brought to a point in our development where we absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt that anything that is NOT of Love is not going to get us anywhere. All our old programming, ways of being due to residues of old trauma, ways of being that have been giving us a sense of control in our life, all of this is leaving us fast. What’s left is – our naked truth of who we truly are – our vulnerability – a growing sense of not having any need whatsoever to BE in any situation anything other than our self ~ our true selves.

Like Mary Magdalene mentioned recently it’s time to pull the plug on any feelings in any chakra that are not feelings of peace – calm. This can be done easily by inviting in the support of those Spiritual Beings, Archangels that you feel closest to. Healing will bring on tiredness – allow for that. It’s time to truly let go of anything that does not serve us.

Many of us have been feeling that place of inner emptiness and a concern over why, however it has been made clear to us that that empty space is exactly where Mother / Goddess wants us to be and to fill that space with Light. Whenever we find ourselves with any concern as we go about our daily lives, whether personal or a concern over others and what they are going through, either within our close circle of family or friends or globally, take a pause, breathe some relaxing breaths and connect to the Light from above and below just like we do in our meditations and let that Light take care of these concerns.

What lies ahead for us after The Event? What is our passion in life? What kind of project would we like to be involved in? Maybe it’s time to get some clarity on that? My own entire focus these past 5 -7 years has been to spread the truth as I feel/know it to be, to as many as possible so that this time of transition would be calmer, more easily assimilated. I’m not clear as to what lies ahead for me after our transition. I’m asking for guidance on that and as I believe that we get what we ask for I have no doubt that this guidance will come when it’s time to focus on that.

Recently on the In-light radio show ‘An Hour with an Angel’ Divine Mother spoke about the massive heart opening event that is on its way. To my mind that massive heart opening event is what we are being prepared for now. I believe that this event will coincide with what we know as The Event. People who have had a taste of this experience explain how they feel like their physical heart is exploding and the then ensuing torrent of energy that flows through them and leaves them existing only in an indescribable loving calm space where nothing else exists.

Cosmic Love and Light is beginning to reach us here on Gaia in the form of Tachyon energy because there are now huge cracks in the veil. This is going to increase as we move forward in the coming days and weeks. Isn’t it better that it happened this way? We all wanted The Event to come NOW! We have impatiently wondered how much longer can this take? But when you think about it, isn’t it much better that we have had time to be prepared to truly be the Enormous Beings of Light that we are.

We are now beginning to understand who WE ARE? Isn’t it better that we know now that we can BE those calm islands of peace all over this planet when the day arrives and the media everywhere is informing the entire planet about the arrests of cabal members and the closing down of the old corrupt financial system. That same day people everywhere will be feeling this torrent of Love Energy raining down on them.

Archangel Michael

Recently on An Hour with an Angel Archangel Michael prepared us further for this time of the mass heart opening event approaching us at the speed of Love.

He suggests that we regularly connect with the ‘higher ground’ within whenever there is anything of concern around us. This was partly in answer to a question from Steve B as to how we can best manoeuvre the massive energy influx right now. Michael asks us if we have ever tried to ride/surf a tsunami wave? reminding us that its not possible as we would get pulled into the undercurrents, instead we seek ‘higher ground’ within.

Our responsibility at this time is always to choose a path which uses clarity and kind consideration which automatically is there when we act from that place of ‘higher ground’ within our heart. This is a time for many of us when we are taking these first steps of being in our divine authority. It’s a difficult time for us because it’s not so easy for us to communicate with others what on earth is going on with us! It’s a time when we feel a need to act in some way and then we need time to contemplate. This can be followed by a refinement of our being in some way as insights come as to how we were earlier limited by our programmed controlled reactions. Then we need more contemplation.

He says, “you’re bringing refined balance to the forefront with this expansion”.

Our Diverse Roles on Nova Gaia

So how do we proceed during this time of change? Michael reminds us that our guidance is always there. Then He reminds us of something very important namely “Mother wants you to do what you want to do”. He explains that we are being entirely cleared of any sense of bondage and limitation.

He discusses what people might be choosing to devote their time to (both now and further along), suggesting that someone might be happiest baking cookies and enjoying sharing that joy with family and friends. Others might prefer to sit in or work in the garden and someone else might want to take care of homeless people. He insists that one choice is not better than another – the important thing is following our passion.

Michael makes it very clear in this conversation that when we ever find ourselves thinking thoughts something like ‘well I really ought to do X Y Z because that would be a good thing to do to support Nova Gaia’ then we are going in the wrong direction. Get rid of these should(s). They are not of truth. That mentality belongs to the old 3D world. Truth is what we feel passionate about doing, what we will enjoy doing, that which makes our hearts sing.

When we are in our ‘higher ground’ we are having a conversation with our heart and with our hara (area of our solar plexus chakra from which action begins) but He suggests that we “start with your heart and key into your Higher Self – key into that divine will and knowing within you.” To find our way forward we need to combine focusing on what we truly desire and allow ourselves to be guided by the Co of Heaven even if we think that it is our intuition we are following. Whatever the plans /project might be we will then plan meticulously what we need to do to make this a reality. Ask ourselves “what makes sense – then hold and feel it”. He asks us “does this make you feel excited, joyful, peaceful” and if the answer is yes then we dive into our hara and move into action. He reminds us that we should “move with divine will because divine will and our own will is the same – there is no difference.” Michael says that this question of divine will or ego / own will is one that we have been “stumbling on for eons”“what is divine will – it’s what you love – it’s your sacred mission.”

I recall a recent message from Yeshua via Pamela Kribbe which takes up this question of our ego very clearly “…..This view itself is a false image of what the ego is. In its true form, the ego is a focal point, a prism, for your essential I-ness, your unique power. It needs to be there and is a very special and irreplaceable part of creation, like a puzzle piece that makes you part of the larger whole.

Embrace that power! Say “yes” to it. Respond with joy to who you are; you are irreplaceable. And when you stand up in your true strength, you need not transcend your ego, your personality, and leave it behind; you need not deny anything in yourself. On the contrary, you become who you truly are….

We Are Not Dreaming Big Enough

Michael discusses with us how in becoming aware of our true greatness we will learn that nothing is unforgivable. Our ‘small self’ might have deemed something as unforgivable our ‘larger self’ knows better. He reminds us that we are going to learn about real evil doers and we are going to have to be big enough to find that forgiveness/love in our heart.

“Mother never looks at any individual and says, ‘you are beyond saving’ – ‘we don’t love you’ – that is not the way of love. Do we see the atrocities that are committed by ego and forgetfulness of the divine self? Yes, we most certainly do and often we intercede but often the human beings are ahead of us, but we never – The Mother never rejects and casts out. Those beings are the neediest and we use that term in the real sense not of co-dependency but of need, they are the neediest and they require that helping hand”.

 “Your physical body is like the seed in a giant plum”

While discussing with Steve how ‘big’ we really are and whether we can imagine ourselves spreading out into the multiverse Michael reminds us that “some of us have been planets, some of you carry planets, some of you have been mountain ranges and oceans.” He discusses ways we would use 100,000$ in our mission BUT in alignment with our will. He says “should is limitation and it does not align with the expansion of free will and divine will ( which is the expansion we are talking about ) is kind and loving not controlling – it’s not filled with requirements – its meticulous and particular not only to the plan but to the individual group or community and so on.”   

Archangel Michael encourages us to dream bigger. Steve B asked Him if he was dreaming too big if he decided to give every single Canadian 100,000$. Steve was informed that maybe he would find himself wondering how he could give that amount of money to someone who was in prison for raping 12 little girls. Yet the answer to that ‘problem’ would be that the money could be placed in a trust which would be available to this person when he had successfully completed a rehabilitation process – ‘a renewal of himself’.

Steve asked Michael “is there such a thing as too big” and he replied “No – too big is when you permanently lose your sense of self – know your part of everything – but if you lose yourself then you lose the will to create and build Nova Earth.” Michael explained how during this ascension process we will learn to expand our being out into the entire universe (scary thought until we actually get there) and then back to yourself. Some of you will have already experienced this expansion.

Steve expressed that we might need a survival manual with advice on how to make judgements etc as we move forward / transit and this was Michaels reply;

“what makes you think that as you ‘arrive’ through that ‘doorway’ of life altering events that you do not have absolute clarity about where you are – North, South, East, West – about how to proceed and what you wanna do. Do not make the assumption – and we understand that this is a complete walk of trust – that in fact you will be adrift.”

He goes on to explain that there will be challenges but that we have “innately within ourselves and with the partnership of the Council of Love the necessary GPS as it were to move forward.” “you most certainly do”

Things Will Be Easier than We Imagine

“Things are going to be easier not harder because what you are doing at the same time in all of these expansions is that we are opening ourselves to more support in every regard from the Kingdoms, the Agarthans, from your Star Family – from Us”

Your survival manual is that conversation “do I think that what I’m about to do is right what we would call ‘wrong’ would be ‘spinning your wheels and doing things that are not necessary – not productive and certainly not satisfying. You have that internal knowing and you also have the consultancy with all of us.”  

As I write these words I am reminded of a promise that Archangel Michael gave when he discussed this emotional time approaching us and reminded us that the angelic community would be present everywhere assisting us with whatever we happen to be experiencing in the days of the coming transition.

Finally, Michael reminds us that “there is a tendency – a false urgency to ‘act’ because you think you need to act, rather than to consider and then act.

Allow this expansion now – that sense of our big self to be ever present not barring you to acting but as a partnership to acting.”

His final words:

“On behalf of the Mother and the entire Council, on behalf of the Co of heaven You are doing an amazing work. Let go of pressure. Expansion of your will – moving into action – the full, assumption of your divine authority is not born from feelings of stress or pressure or ‘I’d better get going’ – ‘what am I going to do’.

Let the calm, as if it is a new dawn of a perfect peaceful day in a meadow watching the clouds drift by, let that sense of calm pervade your being and allow the change knowing that you are in perfect alignment with the will of the Mother the will of your Sacred Self – you are doing wonderfully – keep going We are with you! 

AHWAA: Archangel Michael On Expanding Our Freewill and Dreaming Bigger

This is part of a channelled interview between a reader and Archangel Michael that might lend more peace if you have any doubts whatsoever that the ‘sabre rattling’ we see in the media will not lead to planetary nuclear war.

AAM: There Will be No Nuclear War … Period

Therese Zumi

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