TZ here; I warmly recommend repeated listenings of this beautiful brilliant talk given by Bentinho Massaro. It will support you in knowing who you truly are. It has lots of advice about how you can be certain that you are following your true calling / mission. It will help you to find your joy. He gives clear understanding / insight as to how and why ‘they’ gain control over us which they do when we focus on opposition. At 44 minutes in he reminds us that “the less you see opposition the less you can be messed with”. Enjoy!




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  1. Thank you for sharing this video, a treasure box with clear and shining gems, as I receive it.
    What a great term: “Eclipse of Disclosure”. To me, that’s all there’s to it, to see disclosure happen on all levels, on planet Earth as well as in space.

    Without the need for blame-games, devastation and death. While knowing that I’m not my body, that doesn’t mean I ignore my body. Not at all. My body talks to me in many ways, telling me of physical needs, like the need for food, water, the longing for touch, a good conversation, the warmth of the sun, the magic of a proper dark night under the brilliance of the stars or walking with the wind in my face.

    What about being aware of all 4 directions, a 360 degree awareness of your physical presence? When in densely populated areas? It’s an inner bodyguard, a great tool to expand physical presence and awareness of influences coming at you. We tend to go fast forward with our attention, also due to the trend to be glued to a rectangular screen, while walking in a city, at home and in bus or train.

    That’s a state of being that distracts one from paying attention to what the physical senses are offering as messages, signs, wake up calls. I’m walking in circles, always returning to this truth, for me: The greatest tools to find answers are within me, body, heart and soul in a triangular service.

    My physical senses are great way-showers, telling me where I’m at and how I’m doing. They’re asking me all of the time “How are you doing?” or “Hey, we’re here to show you things” and it’s my choice to prick my ears and listen to their voices, be alert to their gentle nudges. The practice of “Know thyself” enjoyed as a playful work of art.


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