The Coming of The Christ Consciousness – I, Pet Goat II –

5 thoughts on “The Coming of The Christ Consciousness – I, Pet Goat II –”

  1. Christ Consciousness is the crystal-clear awareness of who we are – children of the God/dess who are learning to master ourselves and our powerful divine energies through experience – out purpose and destiny.

  2. There was a lot of chatter about this a year or so ago. The guy whose name is attached to making it couldn’t even describe where this came from…which has led many to believe his voracity. It is an odd wash of symbolism meant to either deceive or uncover…not sure which?

  3. The collective unconscious of a large group of people serves as food for some beings. Do you know who these beings are? They are parasitic entities of great power. There are civilizations in our universe who have “flourished” in this way. They connect and align themselves to these beings and in return the parasite provides for them. It gives them power and everything they need as long as they feed it. For those who understand, these great parasites come from the so called universe B.

    • For anyone who is familiar with Qabalistic traditions, on the Tree of life, the pillar of Daath is the 11th sephiroth. This is the gate to Universe B. The astrological correspondence assigned to Daath is the star Sirius.

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