I have to say that some years ago I decided that from now on my blogging would be focused on information about the Event and the Disclosure process that I ‘knew’ to be the truth, along with advice to help our Ascension process from reliable channeled information. I felt that I had posted so much info pertaining to the madness, chaos, deceit, lies and manipulation and decided then to leave that informing to others. I had devoted a page on my website to truth about vaccinations and posted many articles about this on PFC and my blog and felt ‘enough of that’.

However, just the very thought that a child close to me might be vaccinated shortly due to peer pressure brings out a deep anger within me that I must do something about. I have consciously fought this practice of vaccinating ever since the truth was revealed to me in 1988-89. I had my own alternative practice from 1987 – 2002 where I spread the information I knew about to parents of small children. Some years ago, when 6-700 {65% teenagers} in Sweden contracted the disease ‘Narcolepsy’ proven to be a ‘side effect’ of the swine-flu vaccine, I was thanked by a neighbor on behalf of her three sons who had wondered “why were we never vaccinated at all” after a close friend of theirs got narcolepsy. All over this planet there are maimed and lamed children after vaccination programs like the one for polio in places like India. It makes me so sick to think on this subject.

The vaccination ideas were created according to Cobra in the Nazi concentration camps during WW2. Just one example of evidence I know to be true is that sometime in the 80-90’s Finland carried out the biggest ever polio vaccine operation ever in any other European country. Later when a polio epidemic arrived the worse cases of polio were to be found in Finland in the vaccinated population!! Do you really think that the multinational pharmaceutical companies want this type of info to spread? Did you hear about the doctors in the USA murdered for speaking out? I just went to the PFC search engine and put in the words ‘doctors murdered vaccinations’ and found more than a dozen articles posted about these truths by most of the people collaborating here on PFC. https://prepareforchange.net/?s=Doctors+murdered+Vaccinations

By the way did you know that many of the war veterans from the so-called Gulf Wars came home in wheelchairs without having been in action? That their problems arose from vaccinations prior to their postings? I just went out now to see what I could find on this and here is one link I found but there are many more if you’re interested. http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2017/04/the-anthrax-vaccine-and-gulf-war-illness/ .

Did you know the extremely sad truth that 85-90% of autism is related to vaccinations? This is all a part of the elite plan of ‘Eugenics’ to weaken the entire human population. At this point I wondered should I mention Bill Gates deep involvement in eugenics and his slip of the tongue some years back when explaining how the overpopulation problem could be balanced by among other things vaccinations! I decided last night I should mention him as I read through Benjamin Fulford’s weekly update when he spoke about Gates like this “Microsoft founder Bill “Vaccinate Them” Gates”.  The amount of human suffering in the wake of this mans ‘work’ is undeniably enormous. You know I could go on and on and on, but I’ve done enough of that. If you do not know what vaccines contain then I suggest you go to a site called Vac. Truth and find out. So, I did not post this article to convince the already convinced readers. I posted this to ask you as a Lightworker to join me now in a special decree to Source to bring out this truth to humanity NOW:

We could decree something like this:

I {your name here} declare and decree and command in the presence of the Council of Love {name if you wish any or all Guides – Light Beings}

that I wish that the truth about vaccinations be revealed now to the human population on Gaia.

This is the will of Source {– your name –} and so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

Please assist me in spreading this appeal to as many as you can. Namaste.

Therese Zumi – Wednesday 22nd November 2017



First published on PFC 24th November 2017 at 1525 PM CET


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  1. Thank you! I have been looking for a like minded group that could pull together a positive decree. I have been doing this exact thing myself. But I would like to add one more thought to the request for exposure…and that is protection for the public crusaders that are trying to expose the lies about vaccines. Austin Bennett in California is running against Senator Pan (the man that got SB277 passed for mandatory vaccines) and is trying expose the pharmaceutical lies. He needs all the support and protection he can get because he is heading up against a dangerous machine.

    “That the truth be revealed to all people on Gaia, and that protection be given to the truth sayers”

    God bless you!

    • aho Namasté greetings from the tip of afrika we decree to prime source our desire to have the full disclosure regarding the vaccines and we give grateand thanks that across Gaia aria this disclosure takes place in every density and dimension across all digital and msm and so it is and so note it be and it is done gratitude and thanks weareone weareall wearetan onepeopleism onelovexpressed www.theearthplan.com

      in service to truth and light through love the first vibration

  2. Thank you, Therese, your anger matches mine, I think. Recently, I’ve sent an informative video about this issue, to a favorite niece of mine, in Holland. She and her husband decided to vaccinate their first born daughter, for the husband’s grandfather suffered from polio. Their argument was “Better prevention than risking polio” To that I had nothing to say, just hoping for the best. So far so good.

    As a childminder, I’ve asked mothers about when they noticed a change in their child, meaning the symptoms of autism or “angel syndrome” which is related to autism. The name of that disturbing dis-ease, refers to the often angelic face of the patients. Once I’ve taken care of a girl of 5 with angel syndrome, during 2 days a week, 3 hours a day. She is, or was, a beautiful soul and she often brought out a smile in people, also outside the home while riding in her buggy. She was very lively, expressive.
    When she laughed, her eyes became so sparkly! She also kicked and hit people, even biting them, which was very difficult to handle for she was very strong. It seemed that biting in people gave her a sense of “close encounters of the skin-deep kind”

    She could hurt you terribly, when you stopped paying attention to her presence. She lived with her two siblings and her parents, going to a special care center all days of the week, until 15 pm. In the end, the father, who was terribly frustrated, by his difficult domestic life with his only daughter disabled, put an end to my work in his home, by calling me on the first day of his summer- holiday, announcing that I was going to be replaced by a cheaper childminder and that I had to complete my 2 months before leaving.

    All in a business-like tone. I recalled that he didn’t show much enthousiasm during the interview and that his wife had decided to take me as a childminder, due to my experience with “difficult” children. I even invited him to speak up, by saying “Am I right that you find it hard to give up the privacy of your home?” after which he nodded “YES!” I should’ve taken that as a clue to clear the sky, so that we knew to be on the same page or not.

    No fiber in my body planned to return to this man’s house, of course. I told him quite frankly that I was pissed off and that no hair on my head planned to continue to work for him and that I was going to return the keys next day. I hung up on him, furious. I’ve never heard from this family again, not even from the mother!

    Alas, back to the subject of vaccinations. After my question about the time their children began to show disturbing symptoms, the mothers always confirmed what is being said about the symptoms beginning to show after a bombardment of vaccines. Two mothers confirmed that symptoms showed after 2 or 6 weeks after. In my position as a childminder, I couldn’t go further by informing the mothers about the relationship between their child’s disability and the vaccinations, risking their distress, anger and showing me the door. I’ve made sure that all the documentaries about this subject were shared with those interested in it.

    Once, during a psychic reading training, our group was asked to take a look at a two year old boy, in a picture, which was lying on the floor, in the center of our circle of about 15 people. We were told that the boy had begun to show much distress, unpredictable behavior and tantrums. After the birth of his sister.
    Some of the group suggested jealousy. At the end of the session, I felt brave enough to share my impression of this boy beginning to enter an autistic condition. The assistant, sitting next to me, turned to me and nodded. She confirmed that this was the case, making clear to us that the answer to the question had been given previously. She’s a homeopath and also in touch with mainstream doctors.

    Afterwards, she bent over to me and whispered in my ear “The highest medical authorities in Holland know of this cause and effect, but they keep silent. They simply don’t know what to do about it” Of course, all hell breaks loose when this truth is disclosed. There’s an expression, going like this “Hell knows no greater fury than a woman scorned”. Well, I think that goes for parents too, who are left in the dark about this, seeing their child’s life destroyed.

    I’ve sat beside the bed of a two year old boy, the days after he was vaccinated, during his afternoon nap. Fortunately, the parents were absent, so that I could watch over him, during the day, while awake and asleep. I prayed for his health and fortunately he made it without showing any form of distress. It was special to see him sleep in peace and wake up. A warm body, sleep-drunk on his legs first and later running around in high spirits. I’m retired now, in a way I’m relieved not having to endure more of this, while I’m not in a position to say a word of warning. The distress of pondering such a possibility is huge, for many parents. Specially after their child is already vaccinated. I’m confident that this truth will come out one day and that the medical industry will be exposed to the bone.

  3. i Elga Konietzny declare and decree in the presence of the highest council of the God world to all beings
    of Love and Light that the truth of the vaccinations now be revealed to the human population on Mother Earth,,,i give Gratitude and Thanks,,
    and so it is,,and so it is,,and it is done,,,

  4. aho Namasté greetings Family of light,
    I DahMah declareand decree and with gratitude and thanks request of the council of Mother Ava Bella Kronos, Jeshua Ben Kronos and Sophia Bella Kronos and all on world and off world sacred beings of truth love and light
    that we wish the truth about vaccination s revealed and disclosed now to the human population on Gaia.

    This is the will of DahMah and our light family,
    and so it is and so it is and it is done
    gratitude and thanks love
    Derek Fenner


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