Calming Music for Intensive Times

One of our readers just posted a comment which reads as follows

“December is a big month in astrology as there are a lot of changes and shifts taking place. These changes and shifts are really going to help shower us with a new energy and a new outlook for the year ahead. The last Full Moon for 2017, falls in the air sign of Gemini on December 3, the same day that Mercury goes retrograde. This Full Moon is also a Super Moon, which means its energy is going to be amplified…it seems that this Full Moon may be helping to bring things to the surface… If there is a truth that needs to come to the surface, this Full Moon is definitely going to be a trigger…In fact, there is a lot of positive energy surrounding this Full Moon and it seems that it really is going to be helping us to step into our fullest potential…The Gemini Super Full Moon is all about connecting with the truth and that includes the truth of who you really are”…

I will add a little info here to explain what Mercury affects in our lives: It affects our ability to speak, listen and understand. Lots of areas where communication is affected like post {letters etc.}, telephones, shipping, flying. Internet is strongly connected with Mercury, as also everything to do with buying and selling, agreements, contracts, documents.

As Mercury rules Gemini and the Full Moon is in Gemini in two days on the 3rd Dec, it would not be strange that communications of all kinds could be problematic if we are not awake and aware. But we can’t stop living and lose important time because a planet is going retrograde {Mercury does this 18% of our lives!}.

The worst thing that can happen is delays and irritation. It does not create catastrophes. We can travel and live as usual but with an acceptance that things might not go perfectly smoothly. Is there ever really anything that goes wrong? We learn through every experience, that is how we develop and grow. We can experience many wonderful things as in my underlined info above in this time of the three weeks up to the Christmas. Cobra has suggested we will see positive and negative surprises soon! Let’s try to remain calm and send out loving vibrations and maybe listen to music like this to calm our spirits.

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