It’s interesting that 15,000 scientists have just signed a new warning letter that explains humanity is committing suicide by destroying planet Earth with toxic chemicals, resource depletion, deforestation, ocean life depletion and more. This follows my own designation of humanity as a “suicide cult” that seems sure to destroy itself through the mass chemical poisoning of the planet.

But it’s not just the planet that’s collapsing — the fisheries collapse of the West Coast has now reached “catastrophic” levels — it’s also the fact that humans are so incredibly stupid, they deliberately poison their own food supply with toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, GMOs and hormone disruptors like atrazine, a “gender-bender” chemical that feminizes males. (Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and Bayer are the mass murderers of our planet, all in the name of “science”…)

“A prophetic ‘warning to humanity’ giving notice of perils facing the Earth has been issued by more than 15,000 scientists from around the world,” writes the UK Daily Mail. Suddenly the entire scientific community sounds like Natural News, doesn’t it? We’ve been warning about collapse for years, and now 15,000+ scientists have just repeated what we’ve been reporting for a over a decade.

Humanity has unleashed a “mass extinction event”

“In the second warning letter to the globe, more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries said humans had ‘unleashed a mass extinction event, the sixth in roughly 540 million years, wherein many current life forms could be annihilated or at least committed to extinction by the end of this century’,” writes the UK Daily Mail.

What do these scientists propose as solutions to these problems? All the usual globalist agendas, unfortunately: Depopulation, turning everyone into vegetarians and insect eaters, reproduction “licensing” to forbid people from having children, banning combustion engines, criminalizing carbon dioxide and so on.

Yes, the Orwellian science agenda to exterminate roughly 90 percent of the existing global population is a very real thing. They’re starting with Africa, too, since that’s where the population growth is the most rapid. I’m one of the leading scientists blowing the whistle, in fact, on the science agenda to exterminate blacks. (See video below.)

Murdering humanity through the food supply

What the entire “scientific” establishment is largely ignoring, however, is the agricultural poisoning of our food supply with toxic pesticides, herbicides and self-replicating GMOs.

In these podcasts, I expose how the “suicide cult” of humanity is deliberately poisoning the global food supply, leading to extermination.


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  1. There is a grave injustice in pointing the finger at “humanity” when the source of this agenda is an invader off-world predator species that has millions of years of history of doing just this through hidden enslavement and mind control technology to entire galactic civilizations. This Anti-Human Agenda by Negative Aliens (called Nazis and Fascists) is an ancient nonstop war against the christic “human” family. Awareness of the true source of who, what, how and why this reality is under wholesale destruction is paramount to turn it around.

  2. The cabal is deliberately doing it– while
    keeping the masses ignorant and dumbed down through media and poor public education. Humanity should not be blamed for what a powerful few are doing to all of us. Those who can help, should help others. Try to educate. Be loving, in order to set a different example.

  3. In addition to the dangers posed by toxic junk “food”, GMO’s etc, the entire planetary eco-system is under threat from the insane global chem-trailing programme, which involves spraying the stratosphere with a toxic cocktail of aluminium, barium, lithium, strontium 90 and other poisons.Scientists worldwide have detected the presence of these chemtrail poisons in the rivers, in the air we all breathe, and in the soil. Every life-form on the planet is at risk from this madness. It’s time that the demonic psychopaths in control of the chemtrailing programme were arrested and locked up permanently.

  4. Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta и Bayer are mass killers of our planet, everything happens to reduce the population of the planet. This thesis is the basis for “bad food and bad ecology” by whom? The shadow government. It works for Reptiloids and other negative alien groups.

  5. If there are more than you and me it is not humanity, It is insane power hungry individuals who are affraid we as a species will figure out they have no real control and start to share what is all of ours and they as a species that I can not call humans in a human body wish to keep and profit from. Humanity has to come to this realization before change truly occurs. They have been strategic about getting us to fight each other ,so they do not have to have the confrontation, so while we fight each other they just slowly get rid of us or our minds, eitherway they win if we stay divided,there is no question about its climax if as a species we do not counter this stradegy.


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