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This is a GoFundMe plea from a poor women in Los Angeles, we felt guided to post it here.

If it should resonate with you and you are in a place to assist, even a dollar given in kind is a blessing worth a thousand thank you’s from someone so in need. For love is the answer and every type of love needs to be protected.

GoFundMe Page

“The outpouring of support for one good samaritan, Johnny Bobbitt, is amazing. But can we spread the good now? Johnny has his plan in place and with a job, could be safe for life. I stopped a man from beating a puppy the 2nd day I could walk, and was the neighborhood animal rescuer by the time I was 8. I first helped a homeless, alcoholic veteran when I was 5. I tearfully begged my parents for more work around the house so I could earn more allowance and give more charity to military veterans sleeping in the street–we were a military family and @ 5 I had already learned to THANK veterans for their service!

Over the course of a lifetime I have stopped–as a woman alone on the dark highway–and repaired the vehicles of men stranded with broken engines. I once repaired a stranger’s huge truck engine at 4 AM in the dark with a nail file (rotor and points had corrosion). The man was very grateful but strongly advised me to not help strangers in the dark anymore. I kept doing it.

Been helping stray animals and stray people all my life–NOW I NEED HELP. In February 2016 a crazed roommate tried to hurt my pets and when I stood between him and them, he fractured my skull in too many places to count. Then in September of 2016 I was so severely injured in my legs and back that I CAN NO LONGER WALK or even stand up. I am 60, and I already had heart problems and multiple sclerosis when these injuries cost me my ability to walk. I NEED A WHEELCHAIR, AND I NEED A HOME!

As a freelance writer who has been essentially rendered without a real home by these events (I moved about 6 times in 2016), I have not been able to keep up financially, and now

2. A WHEELCHAIR VAN I can drive with my HANDS,

If you all can help me get back to wellness, for it’s possible surgery may be able to help me walk again, I’m not sure–I PROMISE YOU I WILL START SOMETHING so wonderful that it can help the whole planet.

WWW.PLANETPEACE.LOVE describes the education, mediation, advocacy and celebration components of my plan.


I ask for this immense blessing…in the Very Name of Love. Nancy Love LA, California”

GoFundMe Page

Of course not everyone can even afford to spare a dollar, if this is your situation, please support Nancy with your good will intention, prayers and blessings of abundance and love. Thank you!

We are all one being, let’s protect Love and generate peace for all.

Your Tax Free Donations Are Appreciated and Help Fund our Volunteer Website

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It sounds like Ms. Love is a good person who has helped people and animals all her life, and now it’s time for others to help her. I don’t have much these days, but I still gave $10. If we all do that, it will surely help her out. Please give from your heart. Her direct Go Fund Page is:

  2. Devon: Actions speaks louder than words, harsh unkindness is the least she needs right now. Instead of helping a kind soul who was in need of help after being injured by criminals, You throwed a stone to her and tried to justify that you are not cruel…..

    What a joke! Take some kind actions so negative karma will not fall upon you.

    We all have chances in life to help others and receive others’ help. Life’s wheel of fortune always turns.

  3. Devon: You have such a cold, limited “compassion” that you dropped a stone to well upon a kind woman who was hurt by those criminals at her most critical time for help.

    You judge her, yet not help her claiming it was her fault. How cruel is a heart and how skewed your perception to reason or justify to yourself “not to help”!

    Put yourself in other people’s shoes; Do unto others what you want others do unto you.
    Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.

    I always know: “Build good karma in your life so you will not be subject to life’s negativity unto you.”

  4. My Cousin was in a Wheelchair, it never stopped her she went on to Become A Gold Medalist for Archery for New Zealand, and she wasn’t young then either, My Heart truly does go out for you in your plight, I too Have Been Homeless in the Past and lived on the Street as a Single Female in my middle 40s…Let Me Tell You I Really Met some Angels and that is what kept me going, Apart from Our Lord The Holy Of Holys I Felt and saw Them everywhere, and Humanity was alive,well,and Truly Compassionate, I now when I can help the Homeless, even if its just a sandwich, a Blanket, a Smile, and A Prayer, and that is what I will do for you,,,Pray with All My Heart, That You May Find a Comforting Place for you n your Pets and that you will Not have to Go Without In Jesus name Amen. The Angel Gabrielle…Namaste..

  5. To be… or not to be… that is no longer the question. The deep wisdom that is passed on through Thay, in the company of love without chanting the word, but living it, is that no manifestation has a start or end. Buddha is made of non-buddha elements, humans are made of non-human elements: the water, the air, the earth, the fire. The seed of a sunflower becomes a sunflower plant, its flower and the seeds in the heart of the sunflower. And so we are present, before conception.

    “Dans la nature rien ne se crée, rien ne se perd, tout change.
    In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.”
    ― Antoine Lavoisier, Traité élémentaire de chimie

    “Pantha Rhei” Heraclitus “all things are in flux”
    We are our parents becoming who we are when we grow and become different from who we were yesterday. And yet we are who we were the day before as well. We choose to act, based on who we were yesterday or we choose to act, based on who we are in the present moment. No birth… no death and yet… each moment an old motivation can cease to exist and a new motivation can be birthed.

    To be present in that freedom is an expanding experience as well as a centering awareness, for I am the Devon SeaMoor within my physical boundaries and at the same time I’m made of non-Devon SeaMoor elements, present all around my physical boundaries. Once I perceive all that as perfect as it is, in this moment, while growing and evolving, there’s a sense of balance and peace.

    As above so below, as within so without. We don’t need to boldly go where no one has gone before, except going on a journey within. To me, that’s the only way to prepare for change and see the reflection of that journey in the world…out there, manifested. Including possibly also life forms from outer space, other dimensions, etc.

    As far as “they” (out there in space) are our parents, they become who we are when we grow and become different from who we were yesterday. Looking at outer space and the living beings in it, in that way, we’re able to expand and center both, which, to me, is practical and a valuable help to ground ourselves while physically and spiritually moving through the many transitions that are coming our way. Safe journey!

  6. I wonder if the strategy of PFC begins to show its components here. I wonder if it’s the case that the publisher of this article is fooled easily, or that there’s a deliberate agenda in publishing articles that promote “love and light” without substance, ignoring the use of common sense. Xmas vibes of a folding plastic tree, glowing in the dark.

    This woman’s life-story is an example of how she, in her role as heroin and drama-queen, chooses to be caught in the drama-triangle. I’m fully on the same page with Harald Kautz Vella, that we tend to choose 3 attitudes in life: hero/savior, perpetrator or victim. The triangle that holds all edges in place and all edges keeping the triangle in form. No escape, unless one begins to observe, understand and stops one’s motivation. Or in worst case scenario, the person’s live comes to an end, the body is worn out.

    This woman has had great success in sabotaging her life, her physical body. She hasn’t paid attention to the truck-driver’s advise to not help strangers, working in the dark. Despite this warning, she drew violence toward herself. Can you see how this woman created the perfect lifestyle, ending up as the perfect victim, so that she now feels she has a reason to ask for help? Read her text again:
    “For God’s sake, help me now!” She seems to be so far at the end of her tether, that we’re not given a chance to say “No”

    For her sake, by sending her money you may prevent her from seeing her delusion, thinking she needs to be dependent on other people’s help, while she’s far overdone her compulsive helping of others.
    To me, her story shows that she’s a compulsive helper. Now she’s got a chance to help herself!
    By taking response-ability for her life. I doubt she knows what that is, for she may have no clue of what that ability is.

    I hope she will find the affinity in her heart for herself, one day and restore that ability to respond to what the world shows to her, in an autonomous way. By free choice. So far, she’s lived up to what she thinks the world expects from her, losing her life almost, in the practice of it. I’m not a cold-hearted person, this woman should at least be offered food and warmth, so that she can feel human again. From there, a human angel may show her a different way of living with herself.


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