TZ here; I’m in the process of reading David’s latest update regarding the latest MSM (Main stream media} disclosure of the truth. Because of the ongoing battle between Light and Dark forces being at a very sensitive, critical stage we are not receiving another update from Cobra until the beginning of the new year. My feeling when I read David’s update is that its reliable to the extent of 85-90 %. David is hoping that this is spread as quickly as possible as far as possible because the hackers will do anything to stop this information. He speaks about Tom Delonges space project and here I will mention what Cobra said regarding this project on October 12th, 2017.

A large segment of the Chimera group has been removed from the planet in the last week and the remaining members are beginning to realize that their defeat is possible. One of their plans now is to allow limited Disclosure and limited space travel for humanity, allow the mass arrests of the Cabal, but hide any traces that would lead to them, leave the planet and hide somewhere in the Kuiper belt. Needless to say, this plan will not be successful.

They are now trying to control the Disclosure process through the following project, behind the scenes, without some members of the project even being aware of that:


Tom DeLonge, the leader of the project, is cooperating with John Podesta, and we all know what that means.


Back to David’s update and these lines here are referring to information that Wernher Von Braun confessed on his deathbed

“By that time, he knew the Deep State had the reverse-engineered craft in place that could make an “alien invasion” seem fully believable — and utterly devastating.

In light of what we now know from a group we call the Alliance, (more on that below,) it seems very unlikely that this “Alien 9/11” could ever actually occur.

{TZ here; Cobra has said on many occasions that ‘they’ no longer have the capabilities to fake an alien invasion. The most they could do would be a display something like the ‘Norway Spiral’.}

At this point, disclosure seems to be more of a tool to try to distract the public… as we build toward an epic exposure of the darkness within the Deep State.

The arrests and indictments are working their way up to some of the very highest-level people — who have been sitting on these UFO secrets for 70 years.

We are all aware that David has enormous in-depth information about the secret space programs and in this update, he mentions 10 of his key insiders and the types of information that they have revealed to him. Fascinating stuff!

Each one of these insiders has shared vast amounts of intel with me — often enough to fill entire books without ever getting boring.”

TZ here; I have not yet finished reading this update and there are more of them on the way says David

Here is the link to David’s article:

Source; https://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1223-targeted-arrests

Therese Zumi


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  2. 40% credibility man i guess nobody can live up to peoples standards 100% unless people taking shots at cobra and wilcock are cyber trolls

    i followed them for a while now they never make predictions that are made in stone i believe they know alot more then there willing to speak off but none of the less they are not infallible no human is

  3. I agree…Wilcock is no more privy to US Deep State info than Cobra is…I would say even less… and on the contrary Cobra is not making a big paycheck doing what he does but the same can’t be said for Goode and Wilcock….they are not bad guys just opportunists…and I think their credibility is far less than 80% how about 40%…

  4. Merry Christmas

    You guys need to think this through more thoroughly

    David Wilcock tried to sell you a story last January that Antarctica is ‘new atlantis’ and OOPS turns out that’s where lots of exotic weapons and dark guys were/are

    he tried to tell you Q anon is Trump and he is posting on 4chan from AF1 – OH MY


    He takes you for a ride and drops you off in the wrong spot – time and time again, yet we still go back for more

    secret indictment written by ACTUAL light forces would be kept ACTUALLY secret

    this needs to become obvious to all of you – mandatory


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