Heavy Lifting

Welcome to the next phase, powerful ones!  Some of you may be riding the wave like a body surfer yelling, “WOO HOO” at the top of your lungs.  Some may be chugging along like ‘the little train that could’, however, most of you noticed this energy is requiring quite a bit of heavy lifting on your part. (Smiling) The very deepest parts of you are undergoing a major retro-fitting and, to put it very plainly, this is hard work!

The Universe could go through all the things you have heard before; keep breathing, ground out, stay centered…just as you have been doing.  There is one thing that needs to be added to that list; it is time to re-think who you are and where, exactly, you will be fitting in to the new existence being created now.  This will not demand that you focus every thought of every moment of the day on it, thank goodness!  It is asking you to be consciously aware of the signs The Universe is sending your way.  These signs will give you options and choices you may not have thought of before.  As always, you are supported and loved throughout the process.  You have made excellent progress so far…keep up the good work! Creator

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