Whether you believe in the term “soulmate” or not, there’s no doubt that some people tend to be more right for us than others. While no one’s perfect, this person comes pretty close to perfect for you

Whether you believe in the term “soulmate” or not, there’s no doubt that some people tend to be more right for us than others. While no one’s perfect, this person comes pretty close to perfect for you. They celebrate with you during the good times, they pick you up when life gets bad, and they cheer you on during the ugly. However, they’re more than just “there for you.” You two are compatible. You get along really well and you want the same things. You could see yourself spending every day for the rest of your life with this person and you wonder sometimes why it took so long to meet them. We’ve got news for you: It happened for a reason, just like everything. If you think in your heart that the person you’re with is your soulmate, you’re probably right. If you’re not positive or need a little more assurance, read below to find out 15 signs you’ve already met your soulmate.

15-You Don’t Have Wondering Eyes

Let’s face it: Even if we’re in happy, healthy relationships, we sometimes wonder what it would be like to be with other people. Of course, we don’t cheat, but perhaps we daydream about our co-workers or fantasize about a random stranger we found attractive at a coffee shop. However, since you’ve met your soulmate, you’ve found your little daydreams and fantasies have disappeared. All of a sudden, he’s become “enough” for you and you don’t feel the need to entertain yourself with thoughts of other men. Sure, you may think about what it might be like to be with someone else (that’s completely normal and actually healthy), but you’d never truly want to act on it or wish that you could. Why? You know deep down in your heart that the best for you is right in front of you. You don’t need to look any further, your search is over.

14-You Couldn’t Help But Be Together

He was going through a really difficult time in his life. You had just moved to a new town and didn’t know anyone. Both of you had decided that you were going to take time and focus on your own wants and needs for a little while instead of jumping into a relationship. Then, you met each other. Whether it was by chance or whether a friend introduced the two of you, you instantly connected. Of course, neither of you wanted to fall into a new relationship. In fact, you actually promised yourself your wouldn’t. However, you couldn’t help it. From “hello,” you knew that no matter what, you were going to be with this person- even if it went against all that you stood for at the time. It was as if there was a magnet pulling you together that was stronger than any force you’d ever felt in your life.

13-You Compliment Each Other’s Weaknesses

After you started dating, you started figuring things out about each other that were deeper than surface level. And, we’re talking more than just being “hangry” or getting moody whenever it’s the time of the month for you. We’re talking serious personality flaws or struggles that you’ve dealt with your whole entire life. For example, maybe he’s extremely neurotic. Or, perhaps you lack motivation and run away in fear every time you’re faced with a hard obstacle. Either way, you compliment each other’s weaknesses. If he’s neurotic, most likely, you’re calmer and able to lighten the mood whenever he’s freaking out. If you lack motivation, he pushes you in the right direction and helps boost your confidence so you can face whatever’s in your way. Together, you’re an unstoppable team and the more you get to know each other, the stronger you get.

12-You’re Honest From The Start

In your past, you were someone who tended to play games with guys. After you met them, you weren’t in any rush to reach out to them or even answer their texts. Even if you did start dating them, it took months for you to open up to your previous boyfriends. For one reason or another, you’ve always had a really hard time trusting other men and you thought that would never change. However, with your soulmate, it was completely different from the very start. The second you met him, you believed everything he said. He didn’t ever feel the need to put on some “show” for you or make himself out to be someone he wasn’t and you felt the same way. In fact, you never even thought about playing games with him. If he texted you, you answered. If he asked you a serious question, you were truthful in your response. You told him things you had never told anyone in your life when you hardly knew him.

11-You’re In Tune

It seems like the two of you always know what’s on the other person’s mind, even if neither of you says it out loud. If he’s had a bad day, you can tell the second he walks through the door that something’s wrong. In fact, you can probably tell by the way he texted you earlier in the day. If you’re at a party and someone says or does something you both think is hysterical,  all you have to do is make eye contact with him to know that he also thinks the same way but doesn’t want the person talking to know how he truly feels. If he’s feeling awkward or uncomfortable at a party, he doesn’t have to tell you, you can see it on his face. If you’re feeling self-conscious, for some reason, he always gives you the sweetest compliment. You’re constantly observing each other, looking for clues into the other’s minds. That being said, though, you don’t assume things about one another. You let him tell you or show you what’s going on and he gives you the same respect in return.

10-Your Chemistry Is Undeniable

From the second you met him, there was a “spark.” Of course, in your past, you’ve experienced a “spark” with other men, but it was different with him. It was almost overwhelming. Both of you were extremely drawn to each other for some reason that’s you can’t seem to put into words. Whenever you’re together, the “spark” is still there. You have a hard time keeping your hands and your eyes off of each other. You truly believe he’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met and he knows you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Even if you’ve been in a relationship with him for a long time, you still get butterflies when he kisses you. If the “spark” changes, it’s only because it’s growing. Like your relationship, it’s alive. You’re constantly being complimented about how “cute” of a couple you are and your friends tell you how beautiful your children would be. Everyone around you can tell just how passionate you are about each other. You couldn’t hide it even if you tried.

9-There’s No Such Thing As “Too Proud” When It Comes To You Two

You’re madly in love with each other. There’s a lot of passion surrounding your guy’s relationship. Sometimes when you argue, things get out of control. You say things you don’t mean and he says things he doesn’t mean. You bruise his ego and he hurts your feelings. However, when it comes to making up and solving whatever issue you’re dealing with, both of you are able to put your pride away. You’re never “too good” to admit when you’ve made a mistake and he’s never “too proud” to forgive you. You truly believe that deep down in his heart, he’s sorry. You never have to compromise your self-esteem for his sake and he never has to do the same for yours. At the end of the day, both of you understand that your relationship is way more important than any petty fight you might be having, therefore, both of you are always willing to work it out.

8-You Want The Same Things

Even though you might not be the same people or have the exact same aspirations in life, you do have similar ideas when it comes to how you want to live your lives. Perhaps both of you want to have children or maybe you want to live in the same state. You talk about where you want your life to head and you can see yourselves accomplishing everything you want to do together. You don’t have to sacrifice what you want for his sake and he doesn’t have to sacrifice what he wants for your sake. If you disagree on certain aspects of the future, you talk it through. As a team, you decide what the best option is for both of you together. On top of that, you’re willing to compromise. Of course, when it comes to major aspects of your future (like having children or the career you want), you tend to agree. However, on smaller issues (like how you should vacation or spend your savings), you’re always able to meet in the middle.

7-Everything’s On The Table

When it comes to communicating with your soulmate, you never feel like you have to hide your true emotions or opinions. You’d never sacrifice your belief system to make him happy and he’d never change his in order to please you. If you’re going through something (like a loss of a parent, or starting a new job), you’re able to share whatever you’re going through with him and he does the same in return. There’s nothing the two of you can’t discuss, even if you think it may offend or upset one another. You always feel safe around him, therefore, you’re always able to be completely honest. Additionally, you always make an effort to listen to one another. You’re genuinely interested in what the other has to say and would never intentionally brush them off. You offer guidance when you can and moral support if needed. You approach most discussions with patience, an open mind, and a loving heart.

6-You Have A Similar Sense Of Humor

Let’s face it: Life can get really hard sometimes, even if you’re happily in love with your soulmate. For example, you might lose a pet one day, then find out you need to replace your $10,000 air conditioner the next, and the week after, you get laid off from your job. Of course, you’d be stressed out. However, your partner always makes it better and you do the same for him. Why? Because you both have a great sense of humor. You’re able to laugh about all the shi**y things that happen to you two and always use humor to lighten even the worst situations. Chances are if you have a dry sense of humor, he does too. If not, your humor compliments his and vice versa. On top of that, your relationship is filled with laughter. Not a day goes by when the two of you don’t laugh. You find similar things funny and aren’t afraid to joke around. Instead of taking life so seriously, both you and your soulmate make frequent attempts to put a smile on one another’s faces.

5-Everyday Is An Adventure

 Before you met him, you had a healthy thirst for life and he did too. You wanted to experience a plethora of different things and travel the world. After you met him, your thirst for life multiplied and his did too. Why? Because now, instead of wanting to experience things alone, you want to experience things together which makes it all the more special and fun. You encourage each other to get out of your comfort zone and try things you’d never thought you’d try. If you take a day trip to a town an hour away, you create memories that will last a lifetime. With him, everything is more fun. Even if you’re simply sitting on the couch and watching a movie or just going out with friends to a bar, you both realize that it’s a big part of your adventure together. You don’t take any moment with him for granted and he cherishes every second of his time next to you. You look forward to waking up every day because you know if he’s by your side, it’ll be a great day.

4-You’ve Never Felt This Way Before

You’ve been in love many times in your life. With past lovers, you thought perhaps they could “be the one” for you and he did too. However, since you’ve met each other, you’ve realized just how wrong you were. He changed everything for you and taught you the true meaning of love. You feel things that you’ve never felt before and he does too. Nothing compares to the love you guy’s share together and you know that nothing ever will. Everyday, you’re surprised by the new feelings that you’re experiencing. You never knew how great love can be until you met him. As corny as it sounds, you even start to understand romance novels or poems that had very little meaning to you before. You love him in ways you never knew were possible and because of his love for you, you feel loved in ways you never knew were possible.

3-Your Arguments Don’t Lead To Break Ups

As we stated earlier, it’s completely normal for you and your soulmate to argue. In fact, you may even argue every day if you’re both passionate, opinionated people. However, the reason you’re able to argue so frequently is because you’re comfortable being who you truly are in front of each other. Why? Because you know that he completely accepts you as you come and you completely accept him as he comes. Therefore, both of you trust that just because you may be in an argument doesn’t mean that the two of you are going to break up. Of course, you never argue just because you’re in the mood to fight. You simply argue because it’s important that you both communicate what’s going on. You don’t make ultimatums or threaten to leave one another. You know that’d never happen and you’d never want that to happen. You know in your heart that you can get through anything and he does too.

2-You Respect Each Other’s Needs

Sometimes, when we get really comfortable in relationships, we become completely dependent on our partners. However, with your soulmate, this isn’t the case. Sure, you depend on each other the way teammates depend on their other teammates, but you never expect your soulmate to solve your problems for you. Of course, he pays you the same respect in return. If you need space, he gives it to you. If he needs to talk things out, you’re there to listen. You communicate what you need and why you need it and then, do your best to help. On top of that, you make an effort to listen without taking what he says personally. For example, if he says he needs alone time, you know that it’s because of something he’s going through, not because of something you did (unless he tells you otherwise). You support each other in every way you can and only want what’s best for one another.

1-You Met At The Right Time

The old saying always remains true: Everything happens for a reason. Even if you didn’t expect your soulmate to come into your life or even feel that you were ready to jump into a relationship, you couldn’t help yourself and neither could he. Why? Because whether you were conscious of it or not, you two were ready for each other. You know now that all the terrible things you endured in previously relationships were blessings in disguise. They prepared you for your future with him. He knows that when he met you, the timing was perfect as he was mature enough to be the man he always wanted to be for you. You’d been waiting for each other your whole lives and appreciate the fact that you found each other at the time that you did.

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  1. I am so blessed to have met my soulmate. It was at one of the worst times but we got through it and so much more in just a few short months of meeting. I know in my heart of hearts I’ve found my forever. I have never felt this deep connection or intense love for any other man and I have been married and engaged in the past. Over a year later, I still smile everyday when I think of him and he still gives me butterflies! <3

  2. Thank God you’re real ! You gave me (DJB) the man I’ve been waiting for throughout my life. He’s my life, my everything ! He’s my diamond forever. I offer you our life together, until death do we part.

  3. This article is all true and I know it from experience. It is amazing to read my very thoughts in this article! Thank God I’m not alone and others have had and will have the same experiences.


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