When I see crimes being committed I cannot sit back and allow it especially when those crimes are directed at me. Educating and inspiring is my way to salvation and ever lasting life.  ? ❤ 

Thank you Zzeff Aanson your post on Facebook inspired this blog

“God gave men free will… yes but what about the will of the abused child where is his or her free will…”

The sad reality is that we have not had “free will” on earth for eons. Are people really interested in restoring the “Will”? It may require some reading. If your life depended on IT would you take the time to know the truth? And would you be willing to take massive action.



I have started a Claim with the Taxpayers Ombudsman of Canada. I do not appreciate being made an accessory to the raping, torture, murder and thievery of my fellow man by way of my tax dollars being spent on war. Besides it is all fraud anyway.

The bankers and tax collectors ie the Crown has done a really good job of targeting me. I am on a fixed income and cannot take to being involved with the system of commerce the way it is. For those that would like to offer financial assistance to help me get this done I would be most appreciative. Know that I am working towards freedom for ALL of mankind and could use some assistance with my documents. .

You can make a donation through paypal with my email:    lornalynneborgeson@yahoo.com

It is most unfortunate that there have been those that have known the rules of the game and used the rules of the game in their favor. Now it is time to level the playing field. The game has been rigged from the start. Much like an adult playing a game with a three-year-old and never telling the three year old the rules of the game or how the game works to make sure you as the adult comes out on top. When the game is played this way we all loose at life as can be seen in our present reality.

Perhaps, the situation we find ourselves in is the fact that source could not project onto itself that which it did not already know. Now that we know what we know is it not time to self correct and evolve?

To change the reality, it will take the inhabitants of earth to realize how they have been deceived by and held to invalid contracting. To be successful at life it will take the inhabitants to learn the rules of the game.  So, few realize that they have mastered death and have never really lived.

It matters not what has been created previously from our lack of awareness and ignorance. For a contract to be valid it must be presented in full disclosure and signed by two willing participants. Anything created from deception, false truths, and down right lies is not a valid contract.

It is time for the masses to realize that protesting and complaining does no good. People must be aware how they have been robbed of their birth right. People need to take the steps to restore their standing as source energy. We must reject all claims that we were not born with our feet on the ground.

We must do the frequency work and we must resolve all false contractual agreements. The so called “Elites” are nothing more then glorified pirates. All that has been stolen from us in deception must be returned. When a thief is caught they must give up the goods.

To self correct from the situation we find ourselves in we must, if we choose to, want to evolve. So many are oblivious to what is happening concerned only with their comfy little world. It is an odd situation. People can see that those working in Government are corrupt yet they still carry on not willing to look at themselves or the reality they are co-creating.


Man’s identity has been strategically distilled out of us by those that would choose to control and manipulate others. I really do not have anything against the octopus yet it is a good analogy to describe the deity that controls the earth realm. He is much like an octopus with his tentacles in all areas of life sucking the life out of life itself.

Man’s identity has been strategically distilled out of us by those that would choose to control and manipulate others. He who shall not be named the one that has had a strangle hold over the earth realm controlling by way of fear has a good understanding of how the subconscious, conscious and supper conscious minds works. He knows how easy it is to hypnotize man and has used this information to his advantage. He has the ability to go into mans mind and see what drives him/her and manipulate the psyche.

the demiurge

According to those the created contracts and laws of man the death of the sovereign happened when our mother signed our birth certificate. According to word magic spells this signing somehow made us a STILL BORN or DEAD and made our mother the INFORMANT.  Transferring all the functions, duties, powers, authorities, rights, privileges and dignities belonging to the Crown to the Sovereign’s successor, the Parliament of England. Act of Settlement 1700 (12 and 13 Will 3 c 2).


No automatic alt text available.

Those that created the “ALL CAPITAL NAME” are liable for all debt incurred by this “CORPORATE FICTION”. If it pleases you to know more you can find more information by following this link:  https://doveyou.wordpress.com/2018/05/16/mastering-the-matrix/


Man has made to believe in a less version of him/her self . It is up to us to stop giving our power away to a higher or in the case of earthlings a lesser power.  As soon as we become aware of the deception it no longer has power over us. When we are aware of “something” this “something” no longer has power over us we empower ourselves to IT. Emotional and spiritual maturity is very much needed at this juncture.

To evolve individually and collectively we must understand and inner-stand how energy and creationism works, we must open space to have a direct experience of our multidimensional self.

There is no power greater then Source. ALL ARE SOURCE ENERGY! Separating ourselves from our source of life is the foundation of violence and the source of all suffering. It is scientifically impossible to separate the energy from the thought from that which is made manifest. Life is a flowing experience.

We are all multi-dimensional expressions of the ALL THAT IS and WILL EVER BE! We are ALL THAT IS and WILL EVER BE expressing as a focal point of awareness in order to experience our-self in physicality. Without form there is only source and what is the fun in that. The way to everlasting life and an upgrade to the biology is to allow consciousness to evolve. There is nothing more that separation and the creation of opposing forces can show us really.

There is so much more available to experience if we would just evolve out of the psychology of belief. The world we are seeing play out is the result of living from our mental projections moving into and living by the hearts intelligence would see a completely different world very quickly. It is most unfortunate that so many are attached to their imbalanced emotional body unaware that they are preventing their own evolution by not moving into vibrational harmony with their core essence.

Psychopathy has become a pandemic as we have not taken the time to inner-stand and understand violence and how violence corrupts the emotional body. Emotional and spiritual ineptness does affect how one thinks.

What is it that we are forgiving? How much are we willing to forgive really? Does forgiveness really restore us to love? The people that hurt us are victims of their own abuses. They know not what they do. They have not had the emotional and/or psychological will to change their behavior. Often we are unaware of the entity attachments, parasites, and/or Archon energy influencing us.  It was just brought to my attention that my cravings are actually coming from my parasitic infections this could be coming from yeast, molds, fungus, ect. I have been working very hard to find the right formula to rid my body matrix of such influence.

Mankind is caught up in a mental prison of our own making. The psychology of belief and our quantum entanglements affects our biology. This is the side effect of living from our mental projections. It is clear that forgiveness does not cause us to move into the heart. A heart-based society would see huge changes. It is up to each and every individual to chose to live from their hearts knowing rather then from the psychology of belief.

All energy is expressed in frequency, vibration, and density this includes our emotions. The words we use do have a resonant frequency that is either conducive to life or it is destructive to life. Thoughts do effect matter. This was demonstrated with Emoto’s  water experiments. Through the 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Read more here:



How can I show others that there is another way of being when they are attached to the reality the way it is?

Occult Secrets of Grammar

We live in a “yes” body and we live in a “yes” Universe. What ever we are declaring we will see.

It would serve us to look back at what we think, what we articulate, what we write to paper and write the following after it “your wish is my command”.  When we are aware of how thoughts create reality, we can be more diligent and speak only of what we want. We can stop complaining and begin to make claims. When we read something and can see the magic spell in it we can cancel this spell with our loving intention to do so.

As we are one with all things when we “cast off” or “let go” where does this energy that we are “casting off” and/or “letting go” go to?

There are those that have understood word magic and have used these Occult (Hidden) Practices to exert their will.  Those that are well versed in “Black Magic” are very diligent in their practice. It would serve us to be-able to counter act in order to live by our own will. To do this we must be just as diligent in our awareness as to the word spells being cast upon us everyday through articles that we read and absorb into our subconscious mind (the unconscious program) and have the tools to collapse these word spells using counter measures. There are implants and tags that have been strategically placed in our field. The following video discusses how we can recognise them. We are the ones that must be the captain and commander of our own energy. We can use frequencies to rid our body matrix of these implants and tags, it is in our awareness that we can stop using words and phrases that do not serve our highest purpose for being.

Starseed and Royalty Survival, How to Recognize Implants and Tags

It is well known that the frequency of music affects our electromagnetic field.  The frequency of music has been influence by those that control the music industry.

There are artists that have perfect pitch. One  such artist is Yanni his music can help to resonate out of our field this Archon influence.  Personally I  like to play Yanni as well as a recording of dolphin sounds. I have found playing and listen to both recordings together to be very beneficial.

As my delightful new friend Fox Xie Inariusagi stated this morning, which I wholeheartedly agree with,  “It should be mandatory for all music to be returned to 432hz. Sonic warfare on nature by humans is not cool. Music at 432 harmonizes with nature, A 440 does not, the new standard that some jerk implemented.

Basically, much of the music since that change occurred has had a slightly toxic effect on the nervous systems of living beings who received it”


Below I have shared a couple of techniques to free ourselves from this influence and clean up our field.


Most importantly It would serve us to learn the art of transmutation, transcendence, to allow for the transfiguration. Rather then just “cast off”, “release”, and/or “let go” we would be better off to also transcend and transmute to evolve to clear out own individual matrix and the greater matrix known as our reality.  Then we can open to allow ourselves to evolve into higher states of Consciousness and higher states of Awareness that will afford us the ability to move into Unified Mind also known as Christ Consciousness.

Become aware of your grounding cord that runs from the umbilicus into the central sun and use this as the releasing column. Sending all that is not in harmony with your original template into this column and into the Central Sun to be transcended and transmuted.


We are pure light and pure love!


Fear and the lack of spiritual awareness has kept mankind in a perpetual loop of discontent.

Image may contain: text

How many of us accept what we see as reality not knowing that our awareness and our mental projections have a direct impact on what we see and how we perceive it to be.

Our state of consciousness and conscious awareness determines our biology. So many are unaware that the biology of the body has been affected by our belief systems. Yup, the psychology of belief has trapped us in a mental prison of our own making and influence the very nature of our cellular make up. Is it not time to move into seeing how the game can change for the better when we are living from our hearts knowing?

I have come to realize through my multitude of awakenings that it is important at this time to Integrate all previous incarnations by shinning a flash light of understanding into the story releasing the attachment the mind has to this story. When we are no longer attached to the linear mind we can then express from consciousness. Does starting fresh in the now sound appealing?

It was during a life review  in 2000 that I came to realize how the subconscious, conscious, and super conscious mind work in relationship to the conditioned mind.

Expressing from our mental project has limited the bodies expression. There is nothing in the body that cannot be regenerated. Anita Moorjani is living proof. In the following ted talk she speak of how she dissolved cancer tumors and regenerated her organs in 5 weeks.

“So much more exists then what we believe, so much more exists then what we have experienced it is just beyond our flash light”.

We must come to the awareness that we are manipulated to focus on the atrocities that have played out believing we cannot self correct. We are the matrix folks, we are the technology. We have been expressing in a very limited understanding of ourselves subject to group think. We make the game far more exciting when we understand and inner-stand how the game works.)

While we are coming to realize how we have been duped and manipulated it would be a good idea to take the steps to hold the men and women accountable for their actions while we continue playing on in fun and in joy!!

In the video below Anita shares with us the 5 biggest lessons she came to realize during her NDE (near death experience).

1. Number 1 the most important thing that I learned, the most important thing we have here to focus our awareness on is LOVE this is number 1. When I say LOVE it is very easy for me to say we need to love other people but one of the things I learnt is that one of the reasons I got cancer is because I did not love myself. That’s hugely important When we love ourselves we value ourselves, when we value ourselves we teach people how to treat us. When you love yourself you find no need to control or bully other people nor do you allow other people to control and bully you. So loving yourself is as important as loving every body else. The more you love yourself the more love you have to give other people.

2. Number 2 the next biggest lesson I learnt was to live life fearlessly. Most of us are brought up on a diet of fear. We are taught to fear everything. I used to fear everything. I used to fear cancer, I used to fear eating the wrong foods. I used to fear displeasing people. I feared just about everything. I feared failing. Most of us are brought up fearing everything. People think that fear keeps you safe, that’s not true, LOVE keeps you safe. When you love yourself and when you love other people you will make sure you keep yourself safe and that you keep other people out of dangers way. Love keeps you much safer then fear does.

3. The 3rd. thing that is so important is humor and laughter and joy. We are born knowing this stuff. We are born knowing that it is important to laugh because that’s what kids do all the time. We are born knowing love and fearlessness but it gets conditioned out of us as we grow up. Laughter is so important and humor and finding your joy in life. It’s more important then any other spiritual activity that you can think of. If we had more laughter in fact even if our politicians learnt to laugh we would have a very different world. And is if we had more laughter you would have less people with illness, you would need less hospitals and you would need less prisons as well.

4. The 4th think I learned is that life is a gift, it really is. Most of us live our lives as if life is a chore but it shouldn’t be that way. And it is unfortunate that only when we loose something that we value do we realize the true value of IT. And it took me loosing my life to realize the value of my life. And I don’t want other people to make the same mistake which is why I am standing here sharing my message. Because I don’t want people to realize when it is too late the value of their life. And your life is a gift even the challenges that come to you are a gift. When I had cancer that was the biggest challenge I could ever have. But today when I look back on it I feel it was the biggest gift that I could have ever had. People think that the cancer and even I thought the cancer was killing me but actually I was killing myself before I got cancer. THE CANCER SAVED MY LIFE. All your challenges are gifts. In the end you will always find that your challenges are a gift. And if you are in a challenge and it does not feel like a gift yet it means you have not got to the end yet.

5. The 5th and final thing is which is so important that I learned is that the most important thing for you is to always be yourself. Be as you as you can be. Shine your light as brightly as you can embrace your uniqueness. Just realize who, get to know who you are love yourself unconditionally and just be yourself.


We do not have to hold onto the old story. To make change we must be willing to change the narrative. What are people not getting? Unity Consciousness would see our outer reality shift very quickly.


Who in their right mind would block out the life giving force of the sun and our internal sun for a paycheck? Who in their right mind would continue to allow life to be sucked out of life itself?


My free will to express as my Christed Self ie Unified Mind is being interfered with when everyone is held to lower states of consciousness and lower states of awareness. Those stuck in the notion that we must express in duality are holding back the evolution of consciousness and prohibiting the evolution of the bodies biology into its unlimited potential.

Highly evolved beings would not allow for others to be harmed.  When you are seeing crimes being perpetrated on your fellow man would you now do everything within your power to put an end to it?


The reality we are perceiving is the result of expressing from our mental projections, the psychology of belief is interfering with our ability to express from our hearts knowing.

To express in a higher state of consciousness and conscious awareness we must be willing to see  that our present state of consciousness is limiting our expression.  Perhaps, it is time for us to work together to correct that which has corrupted the human genome. It would be most beneficial if we were unified in our efforts to bring truth and Restorative Justice to earth.

People are unaware they are their own Anti-Christ when their emotional body is corrupted with anger, fear, resentment, jealousy, ect. The Christ is a state of being, it is our natural state of being.

It is clear that it’s hard for others to love us when they hate themselves. Why do they hate themselves? So, many people are unaware that their thoughts are not always their own. They are not aware that they are influenced by the entity attachment also what is being called Archon energy.

I came to realize I am the one that must do the work no one is going to do it for me. It is up to me to remove all victim mentality and make a stand. It is up to me to resolve this influence within myself. It is up to me to be Unconditional in my love and I shall love them for in loving them I am loving myself. I shall love them until they can love themselves. This does not mean I must tolerate their behavior. We must all be held accountable for our behavior. Those that incapable of self correcting must be removed from the general population to allow the psyche of mankind to heal from their traumas.

These so called “evil” spirit need to be guided back to the light. It is the one that knows the truth thereby knowing their light that can use this light to show others the way home. They must be held accountable for the choices they have and are making. It is made clear that to condemn them I am only condemning myself.

To be “Unconditionally Loving” is to live without condition this can only be accomplished by living from our center through the hearts intelligence.  As each decides to do the frequency work we raise all of collective unconscious.

Image may contain: night and text

That which has NOT been created from love must be shown what love is. All that has been created from our forgetting, all that has not been created from love, must be dismantled to allow life to flourish.

To return to our natural state we need to resolve the quantum entanglements that allowed it to get into our field in the first place. What contractual agreement have we unwittingly made to allow them in our field? Now that we are aware we can cancel these agreements and show the entities the way back to the Central Sun. The English Language was designed to entrap us and pollute our field. When someone says thank you and we reply with “you’re welcome”.  What exactly are we saying? It would serve us all to be aware of what we are inviting into our field.

“From the Lord God/Goddess of my being from the I AM THAT I AM, from the Soul’s well-being I cancel, revoke, rebuke, transcend and transmute all contracts and or agreements seen and unseen with any and all lower density entities feeding off my energy. By the power of 3x3x3 I invoke the 3-fold flame to burn off any and all remnants of this energy. I then surround myself in a golden white shield of diamond, platinum, silver and sealed in Guan-Yin’s Gold Shield of protection!! I am a walking tuning fork of transformation! So Be IT!!”

As I have not yet been able to master my awareness as to what word spells I am casting throughout the day I do an incantation before going to sleep at night.  I say the following “From the Lord God/Goddess of my being, from the I AM THAT I AM, from the Soul’s well-being I cancel, revoke, rebuke, transcend and transmute all curses all spells all black magic that I might have unwittingly cast upon myself and others today! So be it!!” then I watch the wave spin through and resolve any quantum entanglements.

The following was a post that I published on facebook on April 19, 2018. If it is of benefit you can find the post by following this link:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2077538168940623&set=a.530794373615018.134525.100000533804597&type=3&theater&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1527426586716088

I am grateful for


It is clear that there are so many that do not yet fully grasp what being a sovereign really means.

Anyone indoctrinated into the Luciferian/Satanic Religions of today in which they have given over their power to a higher power or lesser power are not true sovereigns as they have bound their spirit to the lower astral entity they invoke for favors. Their power comes from deception and their ability to influence others to their agenda. Their influence on others is coming to an end as we awaken our hearts to our remembering.

The term “Sovereign” means a self realize being. To be a Sovereign Claimant the being must be Enlightened in the knowing of themselves as source energy. A “Sovereign” is a self realized being expressing in the knowing of themselves as an individualized expression of the All THAT IS expressing as a focal point of consciousness and conscious awareness. A truly Sovereign Being has realized that they are Source and an expression of Source. A “Sovereign Being” has realized that they are one with everything thus would have Declared a State of Harmlessness and such would do no harm. A Sovereign Being knows and lives by the “Right Use Of Will”.

All words are word spells. We are either blessing ourselves and each other or we are cursing. Ourselves and each other.

An unfettered heart and clear mind is the path to “Sovereignty” and path to “Self Mastery”


“From the Lord God/Goddess of my being from the I AM That I AM, from the Souls well being i cancel cure, delete and make void all curses, all spells, all black magic that I or other have unwittingly cast upon self and others today. SO BE IT!”

“May the truth be known, and may all be restored to unity, cooperation, and love and may the abundance of heaven be for ALL for ever more. SO BE IT!”

“I am the heir, benefactor, and beneficiary of creation, forever grateful for the breath of life”.

“I love myself in my forgetting that I was LOVE and an expression of this LOVE”.

“I love myself in my remembering that I am LOVE and an expression of this LOVE”.

“From now on I shall make a conscious and conscientious choice to live in a State Of Harmlessness”.

“From now on I shall make the conscious and conscientious choice to speak only of what I want!!”

“From now on I shall make the conscious and conscientious choice to do everything from my love of life!”

“From now on I will not accept anything less then the truth which is found with in my infinite heart”.

“I command all that is not of my original template of love to be sent into the Central Sun for transcendence and transmutation back into truth”.

“Until I fully remember and experience self realization I surrender all miss understanding, shame, blame, and/or guilt to the higher self”

“I accept the integration to be the greatest grandest expression of my Avatar Self as a sovereign expression of my Divinity” SO BE IT”

? I woke up this morning with the thought ❤ “there’s a new sheriff in town ?

❤ Thank you Phonetic Phoenix for the inspiration this morning ❤

❤ Thank you to all my family members and Soul Family that has/have been a beautiful solid rock of loving presence and source of inspiration for me. ❤

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The following post was published on Facebook on May 23, 2018

We are born into a state of consciousness. We are born into a program. On Saturday I was helping out my daughter at her kiosk at the Penticton Market. A young lady came up to pick up a pocket stone to join the Rose Quartz she already carried with her. During our conservation it turned out she is pregnant. Our conversation included the fact that the emotional state of the mother is passed on to the baby she carries. The young women had previously had a miscarriage. Her fear of another miscarriage was impacting the baby. It was impacting her ability to bond with and develop a deep and loving relationship with her baby. Together we did a quick clearing to resolve this fear. It is so important at this time that we make peace with our emotional attachments to previous traumas.

Breaking free is not easy as we are attached to that which we are seeing as our outer reality. The system that has evolved as a result of our lack of conscious awareness has allowed for our mental projections to enslave us.

Know that prophecy is always self fulfilling when it is planned centuries in advance by those that have controlled the narrative.

Religion as well as debt and bankruptcy has been a way to keep us in a perpetual loop of discontent controlling our ability to recognize ourselves as creator. We are all source energy.

Money is not evil yet we make it so as a result of greed. When we see ourselves as separate from life the alter ego is created which has become self serving and selfish. Money is made out of nothing and the same individuals that create IT also control the flow and lack thereof IT through fraudulent taxation and fraudulent banking practices. Yes, bankers or better yet, the lawyers for the bankers know that they are getting away with fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment.

We are in a perpetual loop of discontent as those in Government support this fraud. They support violence against the people thus controlling consciousness which in turn controls our reality. It is an artificial intelligence that controls what we think, how we think, and what we do everyday. We are allowing ourselves to be controlled by group think. Proverbs 23:7 King James Version (KJV)
7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

The matrix, our reality, would change very quickly if everyone would choose to live from their hearts knowing. We have allowed the psychology of belief to interfere with our knowing of ourselves. The only way out is in. Self realization is the way to our salvation.

How can we evolve consciousness if we are attached to the way we perceive reality? Our state of consciousness does impact how we perceive our outer reality. Our state of consciousness and our conscious awareness has a direct impact on our biology.

Anita Moorajani is living proof that once we shift our awareness of ourselves we can evolve our body very quickly. In the following Ted Talk Anita talks about how she dissolved cancer tumors and regenerated her body in 5 weeks.

Dying to be me! Anita Moorjani at TEDxBayArea



Who is willing to join me in creating a new timeline by changing the narrative?

It would do the world a world of good to realize that we are each a frequency generators. Exposing the truth is not negative. Emotional and spiritual maturity is needed at this juncture if we wish to support a new reality. We support the agenda (remain in duality and prevent the evolution of consciousness) when we hold on to programmed thoughts. We are the ones preventing the union with the Higher-self when we are being manipulated by the corrupt emotional body. When we are not emotionally and spiritually mature to remain in our hearts when we read that which has been created from separation consciousness we are our own worse enemy. We are the ones that must remain tuned into the frequencies of our higher self to move into vibration alignment..atonement is being one wilth life.

Can we remain centered in our hearts as the light of truth is revealing the darker side of humanity?

It would serve us all to remain calm and level headed as the truth is being revealed to the masses?

Poverty breeds crime so why are we allowing ourselves to be manipulated to support poverty?

Why are we supporting the war on mans intelligence?

It is now coming out that Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice by the “Global Elite” has been hidden in plan sight.

Why are we ignoring the fact that Government agencies have been strategically created to control the drug trade and human trafficking with the support of the Babylonian Court System?

The mafia does control our politicians and they control those working in Government positions and they support the creation of street gangs?

We are the ones allowing ourselves to be an accessory to the raping, torture, murder, and thievery of our fellow man when our tax dollars are used to support war.

Remaining centered in our love while exposing the matrix of lies while bringing in new codes is the way to shift our reality. Please watch the following video which reveals some new commands to bring forth a new reality.

Victory to the light, victory to our love of life!!


The following is a comprehensive guide to living healthy!.



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