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According to a growing number of reports, thousands of children are simply disappearing from the UK Care System (the equivalent of the “Foster Care” system in the U.S.) every year, and what is said to be happening to them is too awful to contemplate.

On May 7, 2018, an article published in The Independent, titled Hundreds more children ‘farmed out’ to care homes miles from where they live despite pledge to cut number, reported that the number of children in the UK who were being sent to residential homes hundreds of miles away from where they live had risen by 64 percent. 

The Independent reported that, last year alone, over 9,000 of the children who had been sent away to these homes had gone missing. She stated that:

There has also been a surge in the number of sent-away children going missing from their care homes, with the number of incidents more than doubling – from 4,380 in 2015 to 9,190 in 2017.

What is even more worrying is the fact that, according to their report, Labour M.P. Ann Coffey has stated that she will be arguing in a parliamentary debate that:

…vulnerable children who are sent far away from where they grew up are more likely to be targeted by pedophiles and drugs gangs.

According to The Independent, Coffey had stated that:

The government promised to curb the growing practice of farming out children to homes that are sometimes 100 miles from where they live.

Shockingly, the rise has not stopped at all, but has got worse. Despite the pledge, record numbers of children are being sent away to places where they are more vulnerable to exploitation.

Coffey, who is the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults, stated that: 

These children are running away at a faster rate and are being targeted and preyed upon by pedophiles and criminals who know they are vulnerable.

The farming out of children to areas where they have no friends or family circles or local social workers has created a perfect storm where it is increasingly difficult to protect children.

If she is correct, and there is no one to protect these children, what exactly is happening to them?

Maggie Tuttle Believes She Knows the Answer

Maggie Tuttle Image 1

Maggie Tuttle, children’s campaigner and founder of the action group, Children Screaming to be Heard

Maggie Tuttle, children’s campaigner and founder of the action group, Children Screaming to be Heard, has been concerned about the thousands of children who have gone missing from the UK Care System for many years. 

In an interview, she told Health Impact News that she has evidence to prove that many of the children are being deliberately sent to residential homes hundreds of miles away, so that they lose contact with everyone that they know.

She told us that this makes the children vulnerable and therefore easier to be targeted for prostitution.

She told Health Impact News that to understand the true extent of what is happening, readers need to understand the history behind it. She stated that:

The lost children go back long before the work houses that were organised in 1576. Then in 1619, immigration of the poor kids started and again in 1834 the poor houses were organised. Then in 1929, these were shut down.

There were also the Duplessis orphans, which were healthy children, living in sanctuaries, who were hastily diagnosed as mentally incompetent, psychotic patients.  

So the British children have always been slaves for untold years and of course untold thousands of kids sold off to Australia, Canada and many other countries, after World War II as can be read in this link, tens of thousands of more stolen children sent abroad.

The earliest recorded British child migrants left Britain for Virginia in 1618, but most of them were sent in the late 19th and the 20th centuries.

Exact figures are hard to come by, but it seems that between 130,000 and 150,000 children – usually orphaned, abandoned, illegitimate, or just poor – were sent to live in foster homes and institutions in the colonies: mostly Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

In the last big post war wave, which ended in 1970, at least 3,000 children were sent to Australia.

For a range of reasons, British officials wanted to reduce the costs to the state of looking after destitute children. There were also labor shortages in the colonies, and the imperial authorities were keen to populate them with “good white stock.”

“If we do not supply from our own stock, we are leaving ourselves all the more exposed to the menace of the teeming millions of our neighboring Asiatic races,” said the Archbishop of Perth, welcoming child migrants to Australia in 1938. 

Many of the organisations that ran child migration, however, did so for benevolent purposes; to provide children with a better life in the colonies. In 1870, Dr Thomas Barnardo spoke of rescuing children from “abominable filth” and “atmospheric impurity.”

When we asked her how the children were being removed from their families, she stated:

Boys and girls, mostly between the ages of seven and ten, but some as young as two, were shipped overseas by charitable and religious organisations including the Fairbridge Society, Barnardo’s, the Church of England and various Catholic groups.

The consent of a parent or guardian was sought in some, but by no means all, cases.

Many children were removed without their parents’ knowledge, and told they were going to a “land of milk and honey,” to enable them to make a new start, it was seen as being advantageous to cut family ties: some children, wrongly told they were orphans, were separated from siblings and deprived of basic details about their identities.

Birth certificates were often shortened to omit details of parents. As a result, many migrants regard themselves as having been “stolen.”

We asked her if this practice is still happening today. She replied that, to her knowledge:

The so called 10,000 kids, in 2018, that have gone missing are now being trafficked from care by Government bodies and their self-made army known as the Social Services, who also control the nation and as we know thousands of kids are stolen from care for the pedophiles.

She continued:

Therefore, it is easy for Governments to say kids are running away from care…what rubbish…yes, some do run away, but I will say again, kids from care are being trafficked and used for the Pedophiles.

For details of Ms. Tuttle’s tireless efforts to protect the thousands of children in government care, please read her website titled Children Screaming to be Heard, where you will find hundreds of documents to support her claims.

Retired CID Officer Bullied Out of His Job for Exposing the Truth

Jon Wedgger photo 2

Whistle-blower and retired CID officer, Jon Wedger

We continued our investigation by getting in touch with whistle-blower and retired Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer, Jon Wedger, who has a background working in the vice squad and in child abuse cases, and who had recently stated to the Daily Star that:

I investigated a pimp known as Foxy, who sold a 14-year-old girl called, Zoe, for sex and got her hooked on crack cocaine.

We asked Wedger to describe some of his experiences and he told us that:

Whilst working on the child abuse team in the early 2000s, I was shocked to discover that no one took responsibility when a child went missing from the care system.

He stated that:

Although the child was reported as missing, when it came to accountability for the care of that child, everyone passed the buck. It always became someone else’s responsibility to follow up [with] what had happened to that child.

He explained that while working in Haringey, one of the largest boroughs in London, he had asked his officer in charge, how many children’s homes were in the borough.

At first, he appeared evasive, but eventually he was informed that there were 26 homes in total. Wedger asked him whether or not there was a problem with prostitution in any of the homes, and he was informed that no problems had been reported.

However, he soon discovered that this was far from the truth. He told Health Impact News:

I obtained a list of the homes and rang each and every one of them. I asked them whether or not they had any problems with prostitution. At first, I was given the names a few youngsters who were regularly going missing from the care homes and who were known to be involved in prostitution.

Wedger explained that, sadly, these names were only the tip of the iceberg, because, over the next three days, he was given the names of fifty youngsters who were known to be regularly involved in prostitution.

He told Health Impact News that:

Not only was I given the names and details of the fifty children who were regularly going missing, I was provided with the registration numbers of the cars that were picking them up, which I later discovered were attached to several local brothels.

We asked him whether or not these children were being paid for their services and he told us:

Yes, they are being paid. Most of them are becoming addicted to cocaine and heroin whilst they are in care and are being paid to fund their habit.

He continued:

I was shocked to discover that when I reported my findings to my superiors, I was met with a wall of silence. No one was the slightest bit interested in the fact that children from the UK care system were regularly being used for prostitution!

Officer Threatened for Exposing Child Trafficking

Wedger told us that he had expected to be supported by his colleagues, and that he had expected them to be as outraged by the atrocities happening in the UK care system as he was. However, instead of the support that he had expected, he found himself bullied out of his job by his co-workers for exposing the cover up.

In April 2018, during the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuseconference, Wedger explained that when he exposed the truth to his superior, he was told that the inquiry had been shut down because they no longer had funding.

He stated that he was later told by a Scotland Yard detective that:

When you investigate any crime, and you do well in it, you get praised, but when you look into child abuse cases, the opposite happens. You have to be very careful.

Wedger said that he had expected to be praised for what he had found out, and each day a new child would be found and the situation was just spiraling. He stated that he brought the matter before a very high ranking officer who told him:

If you ever expose what you have found out, you will lose your home, your children and your job…you must shut the f’ up. You will be thrown to the wolves; you have no idea who and what you are dealing with. I am warning you now, you must back away.

To listen to his talk, please click on the video below:

Children Have Disappeared Out of the Care System and Nothing is Being Done

Another angry campaigner, who wanted to remain anonymous to protect her family, told Health Impact News that:

There seems to be an agenda in the UK government, running with every party that takes power, to compromise children. This has been going on for decades, and whenever people speak out about it, they are shut down whatever way the puppet string pullers see fit. 

Over 160 MPs demanded that child abuse was looked into, an enquiry began initially with Dame Butler Sloss, followed by Fiona Wolf, both not trusted by the public they had to step down.

Next was NZ Judge Dame Lowell Goddard, she stepped down under mysterious circumstances, defamed by the press, the public has not had a good reason for her leaving even until this day. 

In conclusion, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse appears to be yet another failed attempt at exposing the level of this massive problem in the UK.

More children being taken into care, more children disappearing in the care system and nothing really constructive being done about it.

We will look back in these times as heinously shameful with the betrayal of our young still happening and so many authoritative bodies complicit.

She also told us that:

Sex rings are popular in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that’s why HRC and BC love foreign donors so much. They get paid in children as well as money. Dig deep and you can find it. It will sicken you.

One of the cases that she gave us, to highlight how children are being snatched from loving parents needlessly and put into care, is the case of a pregnant woman who was sedated and had her baby forcibly removed by caesarean section prior to the child being taken into care.

The Telegraph, who wrote about the story, stated that:

Mid-Essex NHS Trust obtained a Court of Protection order against the woman that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and her child to be taken from her womb. Essex social services obtained an interim care order as soon as the baby was born.

According to the report, the reason that was given for taking this child into care, was the fact that prior to the baby being born, the woman had had a mental breakdown. They stated that:

The baby girl, now 15-months-old, is still in the care of social services, who are refusing to give her back to the mother, even though she claims to have made a full recovery.

Our informant explained to us that the buying and selling of children in the UK is a lucrative business and social services will do anything to take children into care. 

From our research, this certainly appears to be true.

Conclusion: Children in Government Care Need to be Protected from Sex Trafficking

It is clear that something needs to be done to protect these children. The UK care system was designed to protect vulnerable children, and yet, instead of the love and protection that these children so desperately need, they are becoming addicted to drugs and are being sexually abused.

From our interviews, it is clear that those professionals who have tried to expose the truth have not only been bullied, but they have had their careers destroyed because of their actions. Why is the UK government failing in their duty to protect these children and allowing this atrocity to continue?

We would like to thank Jon Wedger, Maggie Tuttle and everyone who was willing to speak to Health Impact News about what is happening to the UK’s most vulnerable children.


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  1. And it is going to be a lot worst after Brexit when the Uk will be a vassal to their great friend USA. After the European Court for Human Rights is out of the way.

  2. Thanks.
    So we are ruled by the worst cowards we can imagine, that can only think of their very own little need and don’t care about the pain they cause to innocent children. At least so it seems.
    I once said to someone: it must start as a small thing. The information I had the last years suggests this. Do something wrong, not so innocent, be photographed in that situation and than blackmailed.

    Come on peadofiles! Stop this horrific situation, for the children and yourselves. Be brave, come out, undergo your punishments by fair courts of justice so you can look yourselves straight in your eyes and help end this nightmare. I think I understand your problems. So will fair judges. With love from me for a better world.


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