Everything is changing, have you noticed?

A few months ago, I freed myself from society, I’ve released myself from the attachments I had and fear that locked me to the system. And since then, I started seeing the world from a different perspective. The perspective that everything is changing and most of us have not even realized that.

Why is the world changing?

In this post I’ll list the reasons that lead me to believe this.

1. No one can stand the employment model anymore

Each one is reaching their own limit. People who work in big corporations can’t handle their jobs. The lack of purpose starts to knock on the door of everyone, as a desperate scream coming from the heart.

People want to escape. They want to leave everything behind. Look how many people are trying to become entrepreneurs; how many people are going on sabbaticals; how many people are depressed in their jobs; how many people are in burnout.

How many people are depressed in their jobs; how many people are in burnout?

2. The entrepreneurship model is also changing

A few years ago, with the explosion of the startups – thousands of entrepreneurs ran to their garages to create their billion dollar ideas. The glory was to get funded by an investor. Investor’s money in the hand was just like winning the World Cup.

But what happens after you get funded?

You become an employee again. You have involved people who are not aligned with your dream, that don’t give a damn about the purpose and everything turns into money. The financial return starts to be the main driver.

Many people are suffering with this. Brilliant startups start to fall because the model of chasing money never ends.
We need a new model of entrepreneurship. And there are already many good people doing this.

The rise of collaboration

3. The rise of collaboration

Many people have already realized that it makes no sense to go alone. Many people awaken to the craziness of the mentality of “going on your own”.

Stop, take a step back and think. Isn’t it absurd that we, 7 billion people living in the same planet get so separated from each other? What sense does it make, you and the thousands (or millions) of people living in the same city, turning your back to each other? Every time I get myself thinking about that, I get kind of depressed.

But fortunately, things are changing. All the movements of sharing and collaborative economy are pointing towards this direction. The rise of collaboration, sharing, helping, giving hands, getting united.

It is beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes.

4. We are finally starting to understand what the internet is

The internet is an incredibly spectacular thing and only now, after so many years are we are understanding it’s power.

With the internet, the world opens, the barriers fall, separation ends, union starts, collaboration explodes, help emerges.

Some nations make revolutions happen with the internet, such as the Arab Spring. In Brazil we are just starting to use better this magnificent tool.

The internet is taking down mass control. There is no more television, no more are there just a few newspapers printing the news they want us to read. You can follow whatever you want, you relate to whoever you want. You can explore whatever you want, whenever you want.

With the internet, the small starts to get a voice. The anonymous become known. The world gets united. And the system may fall.

Sorry for the inconvenience
Sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to change the world

5. The fall of exaggerated consumption

For many years we have been manipulated, stimulated to consume as maniacs. To buy everything that was launched in the market. To have the newest car, the latest iPhone, the best brands, lots of clothes, lots of shoes, lots of lots, lots of everything.

But many people have already understood that it makes no sense at all. Movements such as the lowsumerism, slow life and slow food start to show us that we have organized ourselves in the most absurd  way possible.

Each time less people use cars, less people buy a lot, each time more people trade clothes, donate, buy old things, share goods, share cars, apartments, offices – we contribute to this movement.

We need nothing of what they told us we needed.

And this consciousness can break any corporation that depends on exaggerated consumption.

Organic eating
Waking up and eating healthy, organic food

6. Healthy and organic eating

We were so crazy that we accepted eating just about any kind of garbage. It only needed to taste good in our mouth, that was enough.
We were so disconnected, that they started to add poison in our food and we didn’t say anything.

But then some guys started to wake up and give strength to the movements of healthy eating and organic consumption.

And this is going to be huge.

But what does that have to do with economy and work? Everything!

The production of food is the basis of our society. The food industry is one of the most important in the world. If consciousness changes, our eating habits also change, and consumption changes, and then the big corporations must follow these changes.

The small farmer is starting to have strength again. Also people who are planting their own food, and that changes the whole economy.

With only the rational mind we cannot understand everything that happens here

7.  The awakening of spirituality

How many friends you have that practice yoga? What about meditation?

How many used to do it ten years ago?

For many years spirituality was a something for the esoteric people. Or those weird people into mysticism.

But fortunately, this is also changing. We got to the limit of our rationality. We could see that with only the rational mind we cannot understand everything that happens here. There is something more happening, and I know you want to understand.

You want to understand how things work here. How life operates, what happens after death, what is this energy thing that people talk about so much, what is quantum physics, how can thoughts become things and create our reality, what are coincidences and synchronicities, why does meditation work, how is it possible to cure with the hands and what about these alternative therapies that medicine does not approve of, but work?

Companies are promoting meditation to their employees. Schools are teaching meditation to kids.

Unschooling kids
Changing the teaching model

8. Unschooling movements

Who created the current teaching model? Who chose the classes you had to take? Who chose the lessons we learned in history classes? Why didn’t they teach us the truth about other ancient civilizations?

Why should the kids obey rules? Why should they watch everything in silence? Why should they wear uniform or take a test to prove what they have learned?

We created a model that forms followers of the system; that prepare people to become ordinary human beings.

But fortunately there are many people working to change that. Movements like unschooling, hackschooling, homeschooling are growing.

Everything is not normal

Maybe you have never thought of any of this and you are shocked with the points I have listed here. But all these things are happening. Silently, people are awakening and realizing how crazy it is to live in this society. Look at all these movements and try to think that everything is normal. I don’t think it is. There is something extraordinary happening.

FEATURE IMAGE: Still from a video of Om the Dome in Austin Texas, by Jefe Greenheart

Source: https://upliftconnect.com/there-is-something-extraordinary-happening-in-the-world/

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  1. Actually, the reasons for the change

    Are much larger, and are not mentioned

    In this article.

    You’ve mentioned the (early) results

    Of this change.

  2. I see what you see, and it also brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. However, I also see how corporations are trying to morph themselves in order to be part of the shift & lure us from the other side too. One has to be very keen to be able to identify signs of deception in each new trend (i.e. organic trends, yoga/mindfulness trends, non-profits/voluntarism movements, etc).

  3. excellent ongoing works mr.morgan…..and a pleasure to meet you the other day fine sir…..namaste…..victory of the light in light to light be light sacred light…..

    randy noel…..


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