The following piece of information is extremely important to those who are advanced enough to actually understand it. To many, it will not be easy to digest and most will refuse to believe it.

However, to some of you, the following information is exactly what you’ve been waiting for – possibly for aeons.

In my periodic introspection sessions I always end up to the same conclusion: the souls of the human species are trapped in a dimension of control (i.e. what we call “reality“) and the afterlife is merely a short break before being recycled back into the chaos.

(Similar to how wounded soldiers are sent to the hospital for treatment, before being sent to the front line once again).

Whether you resonate with the information or not, please read it in its entirety.

Excerpt from Level Four Paper Fifteen 
by Wes Penre via In5D

I can understand if it may sound scary to choose not to go to the Light because many of us are afraid of the unknown. Whereas, the Light feels “safe” because we’ve gone there so many times, and “everybody else” who went there seems to have done just fine.

However, remember that you are being multidimensional every single night you go to sleep and dream. This is a taste of what is awaiting after we die — except, after we die, we are in charge of our “dreams” and can create consciously what we create unconsciously during REM sleep.

However, this only gives a partial picture, so let’s get a little bit more into detail about what I have learned recently on the details about escaping the Afterlife Trap (AIF) once and for all.

David Icke talks about the Matrix of Control and the projection of a fake reality from within our solar system:

Those who have come to the point in their awareness level that they are reading this don’t have to worry about getting “stuck” in the ether and become a “lost soul.” The reader of this material is far beyond that because you know too much.

Instead, when you die, you will most probably be approached by your guide of guides as usual, and he or she wants to help you “cross over,” and if you allow this, it will lead you through the Tunnel.

In some cases, there are no guides in the beginning, and the Tunnel will open up in front of you, but at a distance.

Normally, souls feel the attraction and gravitation from the Tunnel and start moving toward it, consciously or unconsciously — like a leaf being sucked in by a vacuum cleaner.

Here, I believe, it’s a good idea to put up a list, in order to easier absorb the information I’m about to give you:

1. Instead of letting yourself be “hypnotized” by its attraction, turn and look in the opposite direction (you will have 360° vision, and you can still concentrate on looking in a certain direction) and move away from the Tunnel (you do this by “thinking” yourself as moving — it’s all about thoughts and intention in this dimension).

Remember, you, as a soul of Fire, are far stronger than the centrifugal force that pulls you toward the Tunnel. Don’t try to fight it — that’s not the way to do it. Instead, think yourself away from it!

The Tunnel with the Light on the other side of it is a sophisticated hologram, and all you need to do is to think yourself in another direction, and the Tunnel will fade away.

2. Soon you will see the Grid as a fuzzy “barrier” in front of you, or above you (there are no ups and downs or left and right in space). You will also see that it has holes in it — like a Swiss cheese. Move through one of these holes.

3. You will now see the Universe the way it is, i.e. you will now be truly interdimensional. This means you will see a much larger universe than you are used to.

This is possible because you are outside the Grid, and you’re not in a programmed body — you are meeting the Universe as a pure spirit of Fires with an Avatar, which is your mind.

When astronauts are allowed outside the Grid, they are still restricted by their bodies and will remain in 3-D, but on a slightly higher vibration because the Earth is tilted and the Grid is no longer doing its work on these astronauts.

What you experience outside the Grid, as a discarnate spirit, can be quite overwhelming and impressive.

Probably for the first time, you see the Universe as it really is, with the KHAA and everything. When you read this, you are still limited with your five senses, but a good idea is to prepare yourself mentally for what is out there. It’s not at all going to be a negative experience, just very different!

You will also see the Space War that is going on in the solar system, and you will notice the soldiers fighting in other dimensions, which you now are going to have access to. In order to prepare, a recommended reading is my free e-book, “Beyond 2012 — a Handbook for the New Era.” There are of course other materials that you can use as well—these papers will also do the job.

4. As a Fire riding an Avatar, you are now free to go more or less anywhere in the Universe. I talked earlier about “Universities” — that certain star systems work as universities do here on Earth.

You may go there and explore what they have to offer, to see if it interests you, but the more appropriate or easier way would be to first know what you want to do or what you want to learn.

Let’s say you want to learn about how to build interdimensional space crafts. Then you think yourself to a university that teaches that, and you will nanotravel there as fast as you think it. As I see it, you need to concentrate on that thought, so it becomes dominant over your other thoughts at that moment — that’s all you need to do.

I have talked to a few humans who are able to nanotravel — one of them gained the ability after a serious car accident. He said that we have nothing to worry about — once we’re free from our bodies, we know automatically how to do this.

In the beginning, not only will we be stunned but also impressed. We will think it’s fun and probably want to play around with it. The fear and anxiety we may have while in our bodies are gone once we enter the spirit world.

Once you’re at a university, you will meet with star beings who will ask you what you wish to do. If your aura and your chakras are open like a book, they will already know because you communicate telepathically, but if it’s closed — either because of fear, or intentionally, to protect your thoughts — they will not know.

Once they are told, they will advise you whether you qualify or not. If you don’t, you can ask them where you should go first to eventually qualify for their dimension of learning.

If you want to go to Orion, you think yourself there and you will stand before the “Gates of the Orion Empire,” and a similar procedure will take place.

You may want to tell them that you are a human soul, and you may most likely qualify to get into the higher dimensions of the KHAA, but once “inside,” you will find out which University level you qualify for, depending on your current knowledge as a spirit, what you want to do, and your personality.

5. You may instead just want to travel around in the Universe as a Soul/Avatar and explore before you decide to find a new “home.” You will notice that you can think yourself anywhere and you will get there, but also you can create your own environment as you wish — similar to what Q did in Star Trek.

You may want to have fun with that for a while, too, before you do anything else. Remember that you can’t really get lost because if you don’t know where you are, you can think yourself to be anywhere — even back in the solar system, if you wish.

6. You will most certainly also meet with other beings as you think yourself away. You can tell them you’re not interested (in a polite manner), or you can join them. First, however, feel out their energies and trust your intuition!

If you are still uncertain, ask where they come from and why they want your company. Always shield yourself with a golden aura by thinking it up around yourself, and make sure not to have any holes in it. You will find out for yourself that it works!

Remember that just because your creators happen to be Orions, it doesn’t mean you have to go there if you don’t want to.

No one will hold that against you, and you can always go there later, whenever you want to. You may even choose to join a group of beings you like and co-create an interdimensional reality — either in space, on a planet, in a star, or in a nebula.

The options are endless, only limited by your own creativity. You will notice that the Universe bends to your will, thoughts, and intentions.

Any of this sounds much better than to be recycled into slavery again, doesn’t it? We have the Fire of the Mother Goddess, so we are privileged that way –more so than other star races out there.

Those out there who have access to the KHAA (just like you will) can also create without technology, but as a human soul, you automatically have access to the KHAA and to the Orion Empire, unless you’ve done things that are excessively harmful to the Empire, your fellow man, or other star races.

Other star races will have to “earn” their way into Orion, while you can come in without any prerequisites, except for the ones I just mentioned.

What you do miss out on (perhaps only temporary, but still) is the loss of your human body, in case you decide not to reincarnate on Earth again. In an upcoming paper, I will discuss more about the incredible vessel we call the human body, what it is capable of, and what it can do for you as a Fire/Avatar.

Once that is explained and you want to continue going back to Earth in the next incarnation to inhabit one of these vessels again — this time with a higher level of knowledge — you can.

You don’t have to go into the Tunnel in order to do that. You can reincarnate on Gaia without “help” from the AIF, but you would still have amnesia.

However, you would operate on a higher level here on Earth than you’ve done so far and, with time, you will expand your awareness and your consciousness even more. If you choose this path, you will help rebuilding the Library, and the reward will be a body I will be talking about later.

The choice is yours, and there is no right or wrong choices here — it’s entirely up to you. The only thing I advise everybody to do is to avoid the Tunnel and the Light!

Conclusion – Let’s organize!

Believers or not, I thank you all for reaching this far!

Now, to those of you who are ready to escape the Matrix of Control, please organize before proceeding with the “prison break.”

Share this information with your closest friends (i.e. soul friends) and organize meeting points on the “other side. “Time” will “pass” differently once you escape the prison of your human vehicle, so you shouldn’t worry about being alone for “too long.”

Giving the nanotravel capabilities, you will be reunited with your soul friends as soon as they make it to the other side as well.

Be careful not to rush into another incarnation, regardless of the location (the “Orion Empire” thing is not something I resonate with).

Personally, I’ll not be wandering around for long, before deciding to do something about those still enslaved in Earth’s Matrix of Control.

Reincarnating here in order to raise mankind’s level of awareness (i.e. awakening) may sound like a good idea (maybe some of those reading this have done just that), but isn’t there something more we can do from the “other side,” as free & infinite beings?

What’s your take on all this?

Introduction and conclusion by Alexander Light,; | Read “Secrets to the Universe From Beyond This Realm!” by Wes Penre and visit


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  1. let me first state that what im about to say is intended for you to chew up digest and s**t back out at me. in my search for the way to escape death and all its corresponding illusions im straining to find anything more than flying through the next dimension after leaving this body and skirting the tunnel and being able to watch the battle take place (would also infer that we still have not escaped death or we would not be fighting) so where my thoughts tend to hang out is with the notion that its a simulation inside of a simulation this new place may feel like heaven compared to this hell but i still do not accept this next level as reality either. two bodies one of flesh and one of light and both need to be destroyed to set the spirit free, perhaps in the way stars implode we are able to focus our will after death inside of ourselves and implode creating a “black hole” a point of infinite depth a tear in the cage and a means of escape for a misused spirit

  2. It is marvellous, thank you very very much. Having read this wonderful article, I am now full of joy and expectancy.
    All the bests

  3. Thank you! This about not going into the light really feels like truth to me. What I strugle a bit with is all the terms of the universe /galaxis and so on due to the fact that earth is flat and stationary. I belive we are trapped here in this domed prison/asylum and it is guarded by a warden who resycle our souls and wipe our memories if we go into the light. Again I thank you for helping me on my search for the truth on this matter, I will keep looking for the truth.

  4. What Donald Stewart commented: YES! Also, Kryon has mentioned that we of the one Free Will planet create energy for all of this universe by VOLUNTARILY incarnating with access to a lot of knowledge in our DNA blocked, including knowledge of God’s existence, that we are each a numbered part of God and together, we make up the total of the one Soul (Oversoul, if you wish) which is God. That is how, “We are One,” is true. The blocks allow our free will to choose to raise or lower our vibration (choose darkness or Light). Reincarnation is not enslavement, but a part of the voluntary process. Now, we are in the transitional period to an end to short, mostly miserable lifetimes under karmic control. We can reject karma and “partner with God” to build a life of fulfillment that pushes us and all of Earth into more Light. It is possible NOW to live until we choose to drop one body and return as a child, but not like the kids we were in the 20th century. The DNA blocks are coming undone.

  5. Holy guacamole! I will be avoiding that light that pervasively has been taught for us to follow. I would also be avoiding religious figures and family members who will entice you toward that tunnel with the light at its end. Remember Capt. Janeway from a Star Trek episode? (“You are not my father”). I have read all the books mentioned here (and much more), and I have read 15 of the 17 books written by Dolores Cannon, and spent a few thousand dollars traveling to Arkansas to see her. I consider Cobra as one very good source of information (Portal 2012). Everyone needs to read, read, and read, because just when you think you know everything, you do not. I read at least five hours of every day and I certainly don’t.

  6. I’ve heard others talk about “avoiding the light” after passing from the body. Simon Parkes, Cosmic Awareness Communications, etc. “warn” us about this. However, Light is all there is! LIGHT IS THE BASIC SUBSTANCE of the universe! “Nothing is that is not Light,” writes Dr. Walter Russell, a self realized illuminate and close friend of Nikola Tesla.

    Visible incandescent light is not what I am speaking of, but rather the absolutely still magnetic white Light is the absolute Source of all things visible (and invisible.) Dr. Walter , known as “the man who tapped the secrets of the universe,” and his equally illumined wife, Lao, fully explain the universal Light in their teachings.

    Russell’s ground breaking book, “The Secret of Light” is a must read for those who demand a simple explanation of universal mechanics. Lao Russell’s best selling book, “God Will Work With You, But Not For You,” gives to the world the “living philosophy” to use the new scientific paradigm wisely and productively. Together, Walter and Lao Russell founded The University of Science and Philosophy in 1948 in order to give this new knowledge to the world. The world has not been ready for it until now.

    Jesus told his disciples: “I have many things to tell you, but ye cannot bear them now.” My question upon reading this passage was, when will they be able to “bear them?” Of course, the people of Jesus’ day had no comprehension of electricity or advanced scientific principals. However, if we can comprehend RADAR and the WAVE, then we are ready to take the next step into advanced understanding of the Creator’s ways and processes.

    I became a student of the Russell’s teachings in 1974, after an experience of being taken int “the Light,” which is a purely ecstatic condition, and answered for me the question of why St. Paul was “blinded on the road to Damascus! When I came back into my body, the cosmic light still had sway over my physical senses. I had to feel my way along the walls in order to get to the bathroom. It took me several days to reintegrate into the physical realm, and I continued for several days with residual ecstasy from the experience.

    One should actually seek the Light, rather than turn away from it. One commenter mentioned the work of Dr. Michael Newton. I highly recommend his books as well as those of Walter and Lao Russell.

    Yes, we are being manipulated and controlled by a system which knows not the true Light for themselves. If the controllers actually had this cosmic understanding, they would work WITH the Universal Law, with Love as their basis of behavior.

    Please visit The University of Science and Philosophy website –

  7. Ciao Edward,
    ho studiato per 30 anni scientology e raggiunto i livelli più alti dei procedimenti. Ho disconnesso molti anni fa dopo essermi accorto che la stessa è passata nelli mani del lato oscuro. Quello che dici su “Uscire dal sistema di reincarnazione” Ron Hubbard lo aveva scoperto già negli anni ’60/70. Lo spiega in alcune conferenze e bollettini tecnici. Nel dizionario tecnico c’è questa definizione: BETWEEN LIVES AREA -the experiences of thetan (spiritual being) during time between the loss of the body and the assumption of another. At death the theta being leavesthe body and goes to the between lives area. Here he “report in ” is given a stong forgetter implant and is them shot down to a body just befor it is born. At least that is the way the old invaderin the area was opereting.
    Dal momento che seguo da anni “Portal 2012” e COBRA parla spesso di Implant, come Ron Hubbard ma con parole diverse, vorrei sapere cosa ne pensi. Scusa se scrivo in italiano, purtroppo non conosco l’Inglese.
    Grazie per il lavoro che stai facendo è molto aprezzato.
    G. Bonzani

  8. Awesome. i intuitively feel all this is right. Sounds exciting.
    But what is the KHAA?

    I have heard that they are of the dark side, reptilians, etc.

    My hit is that we are from all over the universe???

    • “KHAA, The: The Mother Universe, also called the Void, which is the 96% of the Universe science can’t explain. This is the Home Universe of the Mother Goddess through which you travel when you enter a stargate after have ‘shrunk’ yourself into nano size. This is the fastest and easiest way to travel between stars, galaxies and universes.”

  9. Salaam, namastey dear Edward , thank you, so much for this love . So be it . So it is . I AM. Victory to the light in all love and peace .

  10. Please join this group in order to spread awareness on human trafficking and paedophilia

    Share this group all over the internet,add your friends,we are motivated by horrors like this

  11. Having read a number of books by Michael Newton, Brian Weiss and others, about life after death, ‘life’ between lives, soul families and soul contracts, etc. as told by people who have been hypnotically regressed, this excerpt by Wes Penre is rather ‘light on’, there being no explanation as to why a newly passed spirit should avoid the tunnel and the light, who ‘they’ are, and what the ‘trap’ is about.

    At this stage, I have not yet read his eBook “Beyond 2012 A Handbook for the New Era’ which probably explains everything. I’m guessing that ‘they’ are other entities who want to enslave humans, and that the trap is reincarnating back to Earth. This somehow flies in the face of what I have read, in that we, as evolving souls, choose our circumstances (parents, country, era, culture, etc) in which to incarnate so as to further experience and learn the lessons needed.

    There certainly is a lot to understand about who and what we actually are and how we, as souls, fit into the scheme of things. Dolores Cannon’s books and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) have opened up so much more knowledge. QHHT Practitioners, such as Alba Weinman and Suzanne Spooner, who post some of their therapy sessions on YouTube, divulge an amazing array of reincarnated spirits from all parts of the Universe, their reasons for being here, and the tales of past lives they have lived, not all of them as human beings.

    The understanding and healing that is possible, through suggestion by the skilful QHHT practitioner (especially Alba Weinman), speaking to the Higher Self of the regressed client, or going back and forth speaking to the Higher Self of another Being to resolve, eg. conflict, is simply amazing. All psychiatrists should be taught QHHT and also learn Aurelio Meijia’s form of Hypnotherapy as practised by Alba Weinman, and they would be of much greater help to their patients!


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